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Sunday, November 30, 2008
village haters

hye guys.
juz now i checked YouTube Live and it was freakin' fun!
i wanna be in there.
but i culdn't.

today i will go to my village.
and then i'll make a performance.
i dont want to.
but,since my dad ask me for it.

i dunno wats wrong.
oooh!now i know!
its bcoz of my voice!
my voice is frekin' sux.
and if you hear my singing,you will faint.
bcoz its very very very sux.

im very sad.
dun hav any confidence.
i dont wanna go to my village!!
its freakin' boring there!!!
i mean i dont have friends and sometimes my cousins just ignore me!
and when they do that,that makes me hates them!

arghhhhhh..!i dun wanna go to my village!
anybody!help me!i'll be very very bored when i get there.
trust me.
if i come back home from village,
im sure i wuld type rants on boringness in village.

untill you couldn't imagine!
and if you culd imagine,its way more worse than ur imagination!!!!!!

i hate my village on my father's side..coz its EXTREMELY boring over there!

but i like my village on my mother's side cuz its fun over there!
the cousin is good,kind and they NEVER ignore me since im born..

i dun wanna go to my village!
dad!why did u ask me to go to there!?
i hate there!
i wuld rather spend most of my holiday to stay at home rather than going there!
except if im home alone..
well you know..
i dont like being home alone.
i admit it ok!its scary!!!

ok bye now..

HATE IT! >:(

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

enough already..
i dun wanna make best friends anymore!
except pen pals,friends & close friends..
and i wont believe in 'Friends Forever'!!

im enough with that betraying stuff!
always getting betrayed..
always getting stabbed on the back..
if i could choose between Family or Best Friends,i wuld choose Family!..

i hate that girl eventhough i know that i shuldn't hate her..
ok...maybe tomorrow i culd forgive her..
juz wait n see untill i cool down myself..

eventough she apologize,i wont be bestfriends with anyone again..
only friends or close friends..hohoho..

is this called 'bestfriends fight'?
no..this is called 'no more best friends'..

ok..better i go practice for tomorrow!!hohoho!!

im too excited..thts why i publish 3 posts in 1 day..
ByE!!muahhhhxx.. =P

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tomorrow is the day!
my father said that we must wear blue clothes cause its Sunggip Family's theme colour..
while the others are purple,white etc.
well i dun really like blue colour so i dun have any blue clothes..

=.= im.....dead......
nvermind..HOHOHO..later i go ask father to buy some.. xP..

i havent practice my vocal yet.
cuz i dun have any confidence..
what if people will laugh at my voice??? =(...

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tomorrow is the 30th November which the day that i wuld make performance!!
shuld it be "yahoo" or "oh no..im nervous"?
i dunno larh..

i feel half happy and half nervous..
wat to do wat to do wat to do..
what am i doing??
i shuld practice~!
but the guitarist is not here..
wait untill afternoon..

boring lor..
how bout i play Pastry Passion which is my fav. game!
hahahhahaaahh!!yeah and after that i Karaoke and then i eat..
and then listening songs,read mangas and the bully my brother..
ahahahhahahahahaha!!today must be my fun day!
bcoz im HOME ALONEE!!
now i know this is the greatness of being home alone!

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Friday, November 28, 2008

another boring life..
juz now i chat with my long-lost friend..
awwww..i miss them~~..
would the rest still remember me?
well..i guess of course they will remember who always bullies them..HAHAHA!
im still practicing for that performance..
arghh..very hard owh..nvermind..juz try.. =P..
k la..bye bloG a.k.a short diary lol..xF

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Thursday, November 27, 2008
me cheek hurts..

Oh no..
my cheek hurts..
if i open my mouth to eat,it hurts..
if i want to sing,it hurts...
good bye foods & songs.. *sob* *sob*

mybe i laugh too much bha ne..
tula jd mcm ne..

-no mood owh-

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im super sad!

SAD Pictures, Images and Photos

i feel very sad today..
i know why but i couldn't fix it anymore..
nvm..juz wait untill they feel bored..
BUT!im still sad..................!!!!
someone help me to fix this matter....

im so stupid!!yeah stupid feo...
if i didnt start in the begining,this matter is not tht big.
but,nvm ..hohohoho..yeah im strong & i dun care..*trying to act tough*

im dying..................

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

owh no...lately i've become more careless and my eyes are having probs..
for example,i couldn't read very well..coudn't type very well..
adoiii..what happened to my fast-typing-hand???
now i need to type slowly so my spelling is right..

im dying..its like i've become more like Ueto Aya from '1 Litre of Tears'
haha..jk..i hope i dun have any disease same as her's..

hurmm..i feel very dizzy..
i hope its not MIGRAIn..
and my neck hurts!!!!

i culdn't stand it!even my back hurts!!(+_+)*dying*

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home alone

HeY!!Good NewS GuyS!!

Firstly,we got the guitar juz now and we are doing pretty good!
Hahhhahah~very fun! ^_^

Secondly,juz now i realize that starting next year,im a Junior High School!
i feel very nervous but,at the same time,i feel very sad & happy..

The happy thing is,im growing up!(eventough i dun like it very much)
and the sad thing is,starting next year,i'll be home alone..
bcoz my sis and both of my parents go to their school on the morning..
but i must go to the school in the Afternoon!

yeah!i admit it that im scared home alone..
maybe theres something that will disturb me..
like invisible things..you know..GHOST..

Hahhaah!but im not really scared coz i could pray to God..
but im scared..
what if im in the toilet and something disturb me..
like pulling my hair..
making scary sounds..
run infront of me..
wearing white clothes..
with blood on it..
argh!!with juz thinking i couldn't stay home alone!

oh no..!help me!my sis said that if u're home alone is great!
well i dun find any greatness at staying home alone..
morning untill afternoon..
and also i will be pick up by School Bus..
well im not very used to it..
coz,usually my parents are the one who will pick me up..

nvermind..mybe i'll get used to it..with that invisible thing..


yet,i dun wan to be home alone!!help!!

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that song Pictures, Images and Photos

herm...so complicated..
i want to pick 2 or 3 songs for me to sing..
and its so complicated..haha..
its like i wanna sing them all!!..

1.Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven
2.Britney Spears - Lucky
3.Britney Spears - Sometimes
4.Rihanna - Unfaithful
5.Beyonce - Irreplaceable
6.Josh Verdes - Save me
7.Katy Perry - Hot n Cold
8.Britney Spears - Womanizer
9.Rihanna - Take a Bow

See..I told ya already..
actually theres more~..
but i dun wanna write here cuz 'mnyamak jer'..hehe..

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

music Pictures, Images and Photos

....i still havent done any preparations yet..
for the performance..~
cuz our guitar is at my uncle's hand right now..
but nvermind~..my father told us that he will borrow from our uncle..
and that uncle said "Okay.Take it tomorrow at my home.=D"..

and ofcourse im happy..
oh no..my voice..
i bet if i sing,all of the audience will faint..

but nvermind la ba kn..

Biar sumbang asalkan menyumbang.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

ok..another boring day..
right now i already start practicing for my concert! ^_^
hohohoho..!!i couldnt wait!!!6 days left!!!!argh!
i must try harder~wakakakkaakka~!
cuz maybe after that concert,i will be famous..=P
aww..silly me..thtz just my dream lar..haha..

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

All Things Kawaii Pictures, Images and Photos

again i couldnt go to Kingdom Hall..
nvermind..i must go next week!
ok today the big pipe of water broke..
so..i guess whole Keningau dont have water..
eh..i also dunno..Maybe only at here..
and this day is pretty boring.
my father told me to do a concert on 30 Nov..
its for our Family Day..
i said to my sister(oji@lowong) that i want to try something new..
like to make concert..i sing and she play guitar..
i know my voice is pretty sux!
but you can do if you can do and you can try if you try..
hehehehehehe..so im going to try anyway..
i mean im not that stupid enough to not take this chance!
i will spread my wings!
i will see how much my talent could be..
i think you wont understand what im saying right now..
ok..better practice now!~


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Friday, November 21, 2008

cute shoes Pictures, Images and Photos

Hi...Long time no see,my dear blog ^_^
yeah i've been away for finding out way to bcome a boy..
i know it impossible..should i give up or carry on with dis dream?
nver mind..i will give up..but let me try a little and think about it again..
tomorrow is the final decision..

ok now i want to cry..bcoz i miss my friends..
as i hear this graduation song,i feel like crying..

next year,they're not here anymore..
most of them will transfer to the other school..
and i feel very sad.."Jan la pigi~~"..
should i tell them that?

yeah i already told them that..
but the still want to transfer school..
but nvermind!!^_^
as long i have my bestfriends & close friends & friends!!!

Where's the GOOD in GOOD-BYE?

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Im way too shy!..why?

iCE CREAM Pictures, Images and PhotosiCE CREAM Pictures, Images and Photos

well..right now i have new layouts..
cute right?hohahahaha!!xx XD
and my wish to become a boy still not complete yet..
im still finding a way..

actually..i hate tlking with STRANGERS,people who i really RARE talking to or Not-my-family person..
its juz..i dunno what to talk.
and suddenly,i become shy!
i try to not to but i feel very shy..
untill i make a 'FORCE SMILE'..
i feel like im a hypocrite right now..
but i dont want to!
so,i solve this matter that i WONT talk to any strangers..

if you wanna say im not friendly,what i can do?
its juz me and you cant chge it!
it took a lot time to recover..

but i guess i culd talk a little with them..

-end of my sentence of the day-

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
i want to be a Japanese boy!!!

hey guys.
my name is feo.
and im a GIRL..
i dunno why.
but i think i want to be a Japanese boy.
i also wrote some songs about it.

dont tell me that its impossible.
bcoz i know that we could transgender.
but come on..
i WONT do that sh!t thingy!

SO..my impossible wish right now is I WANNA BE A JAPANESE BOY..!


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Monday, November 17, 2008

Cute Pictures, Images and Photos

Well..my 2nd sister had already go back to Labuan..
before she left,she stole some of my things..
arghhh!!including my sandals..

Who the hell she is?????
and then,i couldnt play 24/7 anymore..
coz my 2nd Sis had already bring it back to labuan too..
arghhh damn boring..

and then,this computer that im using right now,balik2 kna pok oleh c 'OM'..
Hahahahahahh!!maybe you know who she is and maybe you dont know..
well..what can we do..
kalo muka dia bgitu,apa bole buat kn..suda la goritom..mcm belon lg tu..
qwahahahhahaahaha!!im a BAD GIRL..!!

k la bye..tingu la ..5 ari akan dtg baru sa online ni..
sbab dr awal pagi lg c 'OM' p rebut ni computer..
mcm placur itam..bukan mcm tapi mmg..

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Saturday, November 15, 2008
Holiday...schoolsick???how come???

ermmm.....recently i was very happy that its holiday~!
but..juz now..when i think about it,i feel like wanting to go to school..

is it school sick?but,how come??

well...i miss school very much!
i know its fun to go school..
hey!dont touch me!
i knowit already..yeah i miss school..

so its true what others saying..
"when its not holiday,we dont want to go to school..but when its holiday we want to go to school"..

what a stupid teenagers life..
and sometimes it bcome sad & happy..

i want to get 5As!!!!oh ya..!!
dont you ever remind me of it anymore!
dont remind me that im 4A 1B!!this is the last time i w ill talk about it!

arghhh!!i feel like to kill myself right now!!
not bcoz of depression from my parents..
but its bcoz of the depression from me..

and also,dont remind me about i couldnt go toMRSM juz bcoz my Science is B..

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Friday, November 14, 2008

finally..i already graduated...HOHOHOHOHOHO!!..
it was very very very fun!!
tanoshikata desu!!omoshiroi desu!!
wakaru ka nani atashi kinkosuten desu?
mochiro anata zen zen wakatenai desu ne~..wahahahah!!
dakara,itta deshou..Nippon wa sukio desu!
totemo suki~hohohohohoho..~
later,i will post the sashiin(photos) back when i was graduating..
ok?hhehehehehehe..matte te kara ne?..jaaa ne~matta ashita!

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Tak mungkin!!tak akan!!*tgh brsedih*

dont give a damn Pictures, Images and Photos

i got 4A 1B in UPSR..
the B is Science..
well its a lil hard!!!i almost got A for it!!
and i go apply for MRSM..
so i go to MARA Office..
and then,they said "oooo..kalau ada antara Sns&Maths yg dpt B,
terus kna tolak tu permohonan owh..

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Thursday, November 13, 2008
my JaPan FrenZ..~

hey guyz..know what..
recently,theres a visitor that visits our school(Srk.St Francis Xavier)..
they're from Japan
and fortunately i love japan so i was very excited!
we talked for hours and i was excited!
they're very friendly and we took many pics too!and here they are..
sorry but the pics are too big so i could only giv you the url..

1st pic : http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x160/kaoru96/?action=view&current=japanfrenz.jpg
well..on the left is Yoshiko,in the middle is Keiko and on the right is Nana..
they are very friendly eventough Keiko is a quiet girl..hahaa..

2nd pic : http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x160/kaoru96/?action=view&current=japanfriends.jpg
on the left is Nana and on the right is Yoshiko which is very friendly!!

well theres a lot more but im in a hurry now to give you that much..
hahahaha..most of Japanese people are very friendly..
thats why i luv to be in Japan..
Dakara sa~Nippon wa suki desu!
jaa~~matta ne!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
I ♥ Yuto!!!


i ♥ ♥ ♥ Yuto damn very much..

dont be jealous..~!


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Photobucket Photobucket

yeah i found new websites again..
check it out : www.apple-town.org
it have a very cute graphics!!!

my sisters are stupid.
they're from mental illness wad..
they are paranoid..
becareful with them..

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

aduh..boring nyaaaa..
hey!i found new websites that can make you know ur trueself..
hehehehe..and here it is..


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YouTube (true ghost story)

and here it is..the ghost story that i told you about..

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

tell me what???????

arghhhhh!shited..!!wanna know what happened?
recently we juz made a video about ghost story(based on true story)
well..its very fun bcoz many people said that it looks real..
so,at first i was very fun and enjoyed watching it..
but..recently..i found my mistakes in that videos..
first mistake is,i shouldnt said "TELL ME WHAT????" so loud..
2nd is,i should express my feelings more..
3rd is,my face looks awful in that video bcoz they asked me to be SERIOUS..!
and i REALLy hate it right now..
i asked my 2nd sister to remove it from YouTube..
but shes so stupid that she dont want to remove it..
"aikyaaaaaa..ngam la ba tu!Lembu!"..sial ko kimpis sa bilang..
trus c 'Lowong'(ojie) pula balik2 teriak2 sbb dia malu yg kawan dia nmpak tu video..
bodo btul sa bilang..
and now c 'kimpis' ijik2 sa knun..arghhhhh!!!
TELLME WHAT??????????TELL ME WHAT????????

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Saturday, November 8, 2008
forgive and forget..

Forgive & Forget

nvm that thing..
im not mad at 'her' anymore..
anyway.,my sis juz come back home from Labuan..
hahhhhahah!!so i can play her laptop for 24/7..hahaha
juz joking but im serious..
well its such a beautiful morning..
but,unfortunately,im gonna stay at home bcoz theres 'Bible Study' today..
hhehehehe..the more the aunt teach me about God,the more i wanna learn!!heheh!!
its really interesting!
so,for non-muslim,you must read Bible everyday..haha..
if you wanna say that im 'ALIM'..,
well i will say,"yes im 'ALIM'..thanks..so what?..wanna join me?.."

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008
now i remember..

now i remember that the Bible says to forgive others..
so,our God in Heaven also will forgive our sins..
so,i guess i'll juz let it go and forgive 'her'..
i mean my mother..

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Monday, November 3, 2008
beautiful morning!

its such a beautiful morning ^_^..
so,i guess i will go to school..
i dont know what i will do at there..
maybe showing off that we got No.1 in marching xD

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

theres always a thing that you really dream about...
untill one day..you realize that its only a dream..
when you never hav a slightest idea about it..
but it happens to the way..
that you really HATE!!

im in despair right now..
nvm..the world is ver wide~!

i must hav gotten crazy...am i??
yeah i think sooooooo!!!
i wanna scream..
scream very loud..
i wanna screamm..very much..
untill i could die with screaming..
what im trying to prove right now?
im in despair..hahahahaha..
stupid me..

i wanna scream..
let me hear you scream 'HOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!'
alright..now let me hear you scream 'HEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEE HEE!!'
arghh thats it!!

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new blog..for me..

ok now i managed to make a blog for me..
releasing my tension and all..

i found new Britney's song..
the title is : Womanizer
i guess its a song for her ex-husband(Kevin)

Hahahaha..poor Britney..
its very boring right now..
nothing to do..
let me juz 'bsantai'..


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