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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Today My Day.

Going to buy my aunt some presents now.

Im still blurry and sleepy.

I wanna be in my bed right now.

In the beginning
I tried to warn you
You play with fire
Its gonna burn you
And here we are now
Same situation
You never listen
You never listen to me

Everybodys lied somebody before
Everybodys been lied by somebody before

You can change but you always come back for more

You COULD fight it,victims of love
You COULD decide it,victims of love

Kay la.
Im going now.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Tomorrow is Boring day EVER!!

i cant wait to go to my village tomorrow.

1.What am I doing there?
: attending my aunt's wedding day.
: celebrating New Year.
: meets my cousins and new peeps.

2.What are you gonna do at there?
: eat anything that I saw.
: sit down on the couch doing nothing.

(it must be really BORING.)

3.If its boring,then why u must go there?
: its better than staying at home during New Year.
: its safe from getting babbling at home from Umbaga.
: i must attend my beloved aunt's ceremony.

4.Why do you feel its very boring at there?
: because,i dun have anything to do at there.

(if i feel very bored,i might get crazy)

5.Then,be crazy la.So u'll not get bored.
: er..=_=" i have my own manner & pride.

(no need to be crazy.im already crazy enough.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It must be very boring tomorrow.
I hope I could play this laptop at there.

And then I'll lock myself in a room.
Oops.Before that I'll borrow some movies.
After that,I'll watch movies alone.

Then it'll not be super boring.

dont dream la!
wake up!
tomorrow must be the most boring day ever!

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Take Care.

things will not always be the same as you think.
nvm lor..~

i have no soul anymore..

- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -

im gonna release my tention with laughing very hard.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tomorrow i might not be here.
So,Take Care!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

it was my defeat.
go die.

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Strange Things Happened in My Life (Part 1)

Strange Things Happened in My Life (Part 1)

I have my bestfriend named Anna L.
Shes 12 years old.
So do I.Oh yeah.I forgot to tell you.
My name is Feodora G.My friends calls me Feo.
Its my nickname anyway.
Well,I got this story to share with you.


Anna called me.

"Hello.I'm Anna.Can I talk to Feo for a second?".
"Yeah.I'm here~."
"Oh Feo!I have a plan.How about we go to shopping at 10:00 PM today?"
"Sure!Why not!This is cool!"
"Okay.So i'll go to your house later and we'll go shopping together."
"Okay then.Thats a great idea!"
"Oops.My mother is calling me.I got to go now.See ya'!"
"See ya'!"..

At that time,I thought shopping on 10:00 PM was very cool!
Well,cause i've never done it before.

And then,theres something tickled my feet!
Oh no!It was a cockroach!
Without thinking,I throw my cell phone on that cockroach.


The cockroach was dead.Yuck!
Oh my Gosh!
My cell phone was broken!
Gotta ask father to buy me a new one later.

Finally it was 10:00 PM.
Anna went to my house.
My mother drived us to the mall.
"Feo,Anna,Be sure to call me if u've done!Come back home before 12 AM,okay?
Oh ya.Heres some money.Okay I need to go now.Take care."

Suddenly,our stomachs were growling.
"Haha!" Anna giggled. "I know u're hungry.Then,lets go to the new cafe that I saw in the magazine earlier.I guess it's name was...Big...aha!Big Burgers Cafe!"
"Nice idea!Lets get going now.",I replied.

We walked down to a street.And then we saw a narrow road.
"It must be a shortcut to that Big Burgers Cafe."I talked to myself.
We walked through that narrow road and we passed by a few food stalls.
Untill we arrived to this empty road.Its very creepy here.
Finally,we saw a big signboard of 'Big Burgers Cafe'.
Behind it,we saw it's cafe.Yeah."We finally made it."
As we were walking to that cafe,I felt something had bumped my left shoulder.

How I wish that I would never go to that cafe.
How I wish I was not feeling hungry earlier.

I stopped for a while and I asked Anna,"Hey,did you bumped my left shoulder?".
Anna replied,"Of course no!Im on your right shoulder.Can't you see?"
"But I swear something had bumped me just now!" I said.
"Come on.Maybe its just your imagination."
"Believe me!I felt it just now!".
"Stop imagining things.Ugh..Im hungry~..Lets go into that cafe now.."
"Fine.But you must believe me!"
"Okay!Okay I believe you.Are you satisfied now?If you do,lets go now!Please.."

So,we walked to our destination.

-To Be Continued on Part 2-

This story was originally made by me,
Feodora Grace L.
No copy-cats allowed here!
So,don't claim this story is yours.
Thank you.

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I miss you like crazy!

tomorrow is 30th December already..

so guys.
i guess im not here on 30th & 31st Dec.
cuz i need to go back to my village.
i hope i'll have fun there.

last year's New Year was very not fun at all.
its very boring.

i hope this year will not be same like last year.

yeah it wont.

i dunno wat im talking about right now.
im gonna miss my blog.

(singing "I Miss You Like Crazy"!
dedicating this song to my blog..)

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New Mail Message.

i recieve new mail message from that stalker.

i dun wanna open tht mail.
i'll ignore it >:)
but my curiousity fill me in to open that mail.
dont get bribed.!
i'll try my best to ignore that mail.

ok i'll try some dance to forget tht thing..

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

errrr..tell me whats going on right now..
tell me fast..

omg..im in a drama right now..
eventhough i hate drama..

tell me whats happening??

WTH Bleach Ichigo Pictures, Images and Photos


so embarassing.
i hope new year is coming faster.

faster faster faster..
and here it is!

(what a pointless thing i say!)

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K.K Dance Revolution.

finally i already upload this video about a group of men whos performing Hip Hop Dance at Dance Revolution on 26/12/2008!

More coming soon!!

Later i'll upload more!

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Midnight Girl

yeah im a Midnight Girl.
i often online on the midnight.
(not always la.hhe.)

if you say "Feodora the greatest in the world" out loud three times,
i'll surely come to you.

around my eyes there are two big round circles already.

but i still cannot sleep nih.

thts why i said im a midnight girl.

im chatting with this guy.

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What kind of blogger am I??

ok i do this quiz at www.blogthings.com

i took this quiz at there and then my result is :

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.

If it happens, you blog it. And you make it as entertaining as possible.

You may be guilty of over-sharing a bit on your blog, but you can't help it.

Your life is truly an open book. Or in this case, an open blog!

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Hahaha!Love this pic.!

Im happy today~!
Look at this picture.
My husbands made this just for me. =)

Its up to you to believe or not!
this picture makes me happy!hahaha!


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Craps about my personal life Part 1.

i've been talking/ranting alot of craps about my life.
and now its time for me to rants/talk about me.

Craps about my personal life.

lets start with this topic.
i totally ignored this person for 3 months already.
lets call him Ray(not his real name).
im talking crap about him bcoz hes C-R-E-E-P!
he scared me so much.
eventhough i ignored him for such a long time,
he'll never give up.
hes more like a stalker.

he stalks about my life & my privacy.
he even BRIBE my sis which is LOWONG to give him my private pictures.
Lowong is also stupid one.
how come she 'bersuhabat' with him??
okay shes a CRAP too.

he SMS me all the time.
he calls me all the time.
thats why i must Turn Off my phone.

"and then.yeah it worked.
i've lost contact with him" is what i think.
but actually he still have some tricks!

he SMS Lowong and ask Lowong how do I do and anything that is CRAP.
Lowong is also very very stupid.She told him la knun.
Juz bcoz he give her some 'manfaat'.
I already told Lowong to ignored him.

And then I thought at that time,
it was OK already.
but actually its K.O.

He still have some tricks.
He message me on my Friendster.
And yeah.I ignored it.

After that,he has some trick again.
He SMS my bestfriends.
Luckily,I already told my friends to ignore him.
Screw you Ray!

Hes a pervert too!
Thats one of the reason why I hate him DAMN DAMN so MUCH!

Ignoring You Pictures, Images and Photos

Let me foward you his messages.

22/12/2008 :
"hehe..hye~..p rmah nnti x'mas....hehe.."

(omg.he even invite me to his house.
i wont ever goes to his house or even talk to him!)

27/12/2008 :
"pa kbr lo.lma kta tda sms kan..khekhek..
tkr gmbr lgi ka..arap2 sa pndah tonton dpan..hehe..."

(ok pndah la jauh2 d ulu2.tp asalkan jgn pndah p SFX!
teda juga sa tnya ko mo pndah atau tda.)

okay im totally ignoring him right now.

P/S to Ray : If you realise that im talking about you,
then leave Feo alone!
Ko x sedar ka yg ko tu CREEP????

raven_feathers Pictures, Images and Photos

(yeah after this im gonna block him in my Fster! >:D )

Don't play with fire.Its gonna burn you. - Feodora G.

(Translation : Don't play fire with Feo.
Shes gonna make you burned up.)

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World of Angriness

my anger is controlling me right now
i feel like screaming every minutes every seconds
i hate this unpeaceful world

my lil bro is a spoiled kid
he screams like a dinasour whos looking for food
he keeps screaming and crying
he keeps disturbing me
he wants anything that i wants
he adds my angriness.
but i kept it in my heart and be patient.

also,got this one woman named Umbaga
everytime she comes back home,
she'll babbling around
she'll go to the kitchen and look if its in a mess or not
if its in a mess,she'll babbling for 5 hours
if its not in a mess,she'll keep finding our mistakes
she does the house chores eventhough nobody 'kuli' her.
i hope she'll be an intelligent or kind Umbaga.
but the fact is,shes NOT.
she loves to scream.
she thought,if she scream,she'll 'menyedarkan' us.
my ears cant stand it anymore.
i feels like my head is exploding itself.
this Umbaga adds my angriness too.
i keep my patience and i kept what i want to say in my heart.
i'll try to not to explode.

this two person makes my head exploding.
like a volcano almost reaching its limits.

angriness is killing me.
this world is full of angriness that we must control.

and the hot weather RUINS my mood very much.
i feel like punching.
dont talk to me.
shut up sh!tty you sh!t go die you A**h*le
go eat ur sh!t leave me alone.

im going to release my tention right now.
bye sh!tty head!

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally,the neighbourhoods are playing the fireworks a few k/mtres from our house.
yeah i admit it tht the fireworks are sOoOoOoOoO beautiful!

Fireworks. Pictures, Images and Photos

im talking in my heart "more more more fireworks!!"..

>:) cant wait for New Year!
whats my resolution??

i better think of it right now.

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Fire Works

the neighbourhoods are so noisy.
i feel like i want to punch their faces!

they do fireworks near our house.
its so NOISY!!!!!
my ears become hurts!
they need to stop right now.

Fireworks! Pictures, Images and Photos

they dont even care about others who wants peacefulness.

its not like im trying to stop them from entertaining themselves.
but if they still insists to play the fireworks,
why dont they play it near their houses??

Furthermore,that fireworks are VERY noisy.
its like a BOMB!

why dont they have any tolerance at all?

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k bye

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Dancing Journey Part 1

My Journey of Learning How to Dance Part 1

I saw this video from YouTube that could teach me how to do waving.
I learn learn learn learn from 12.38 P.M untill 3.26 P.M..
whoa..3 hours..
i also learn how to moonwalk.

im a beginner so the way i dance is very not cool

but im trying to make it looks cool

adoiiii my back hurts..
my hands hurts..
my arms hurts..
my legs hurts..


i'll get used to it later
thts why i must go stretching..

i wanna to go to bath la.
tomorrow i continue practicing..

oh yeah.
its time for me to relax and enjoy~~

Sky is beautiful!!
Lets enjoy glaring at the sky!!

hEARt iN Sky Pictures, Images and Photos

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

beginner is juz a beginner..

just now i learned how to waving.
of course im not really good at it cuz im just a beginner.

i'll improve it! >:D

go go go FeO!

my hands hurts..


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I got Bible Study today.
Dunno why im so lazy lazy..
i feels like i want to go back to my bed..

lazy Pictures, Images and Photos

I'll do it anymay!!


going to bath now.

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Boring Day!!


Yesterday i slept on 10:40+++ P.M
and then i woke up at 10:00 A.M.


i could feel the aura tht today is not going to be a beautiful day.
Today is a Boring Day!!

My boring life Pictures, Images and Photos

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Friday, December 26, 2008
xD poppin'

we juz come back from this 'Dance Revolution'.
whoaa..so many talented dancer there..
im so jealous of them coz they could dance..
i also want to learn poppin'..!

i want to learn poppin' like this girl..!!

Juz now i saw a group of men from Kota Kinabalu poppin'..
whoaa so cool & mantap!
whoooooaaaa is what i can say..
kalo sa rajin,nnt sa upload! xD

meadow Pictures, Images and Photos

Dancing Oh yeahhh!!! xD

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Tagged again!!

Name 20 people you can think of right now . Don't read the questions until you've named the 20 people. At the end of this , choose 5 people to do this.

Cray Friends Pictures, Images and Photos


How did you meet [14]?
hurm..forgot already..

What will you do if u never met [1]?
i will miss her super-duper funny&dummy jokes and her crazy actions.. =(

What if [9] and [20] dated?

Will [6] and [17] date?
i dont think so..they're not lesbian!

Describe [3].
Hurm..wat arh..shes beautiful &pretty..sama lembut..

When is the last time you spoke to [13]?
we last spoke on graduation day i guess its around October..
but i chat with him juz now.

What is [2] favourite band/singer?
i dont know..Britney Spears maybe..~

Would you ever date [4]?
erm.hahahaa maybe yes..~ =D

Would you ever date [1]?alreadyIs [19] single?
I wont ever date [1] and [19] is single..

What's [10] last name?

Would you ever be in a relationship with [11]?
ONLY AS FRIEND..im not lesbian!!

School of [3]?
SFX (saint francis xavier)

Where does [6] live?'
Kampung Muhibbah or Flat Guru..i guess.. =_="

What's your favourite thing of [5]?
his accent,the way he shuffle & break-dance,his voice when hes singing,his jokes~haha!

Have you ever seen [2] naked?
NO.and i wont see!

friends rock Pictures, Images and Photos

ok i tag everyone who want to do this stuff..(+_+")

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finish cleaning the room
so hot
then i go to shower for hours..haha..
so refreshing

its very relaxing Pictures, Images and Photos

then i go to eating here ~ eating there
and then i drink something cold
refreshing xD


now its my turn to relax =D

Relaxing at Home: Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Pictures, Images and Photos

Such a beautiful day. =)

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Beautiful Morning

Ohayou minna-san!
Such a Beautiful Morning~~
Ooooh oOooohh~~!

Beautiful Morning means its gonna be a Beautiful Day!
im looking foward to a beautiful day!

An Anime good morning. Pictures, Images and Photos

Is this really gonna be a beautiful day?
Cuz my sis asked me to clean this messy room right now..
going now..bye..

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Thursday, December 25, 2008
bright up!

snowman Pictures, Images and Photos

Xmas this year is plain boring.

Both of my parents are lazy to go back to village.

I could imagine how fun it is to go back to my village right now.
Eating there~eating here~

I'll wait for New Year! =D

So,bright up!
Genki genki!

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-


no life Pictures, Images and Photos

I think my mood of fantasy is here.
Im gonna watch some fairy tail movie.
Maybe i'll be not bored anymore.

And this is wat i'll do 'sepanjang' my holidays.

its 1 week 4 days left.
and then i must go to my F*ckin' Boring School..

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-


Somone's Boring Me... Pictures, Images and Photos
its boring.
Plus,its really hot here!
No mood.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-


The previous post makes me want to post more about Nakajima Yuto!!


It might getting a lil bit boring~

Trust me.

Hey! Say! JUMP is a J-pop group under Johnny & Associates, made up of ten members.
Hey! Say! JUMP is considered an expansion of the original Hey! Say! 7.
The name Hey! Say! refers to the fact that all the members were born in the Heisei period and JUMP is an acronym for Johnny's Ultra Music Power.

Names of their members are :
Hey!Say!BEST :
Yabu Kota
Takaki Yuya
Inoo Kei
Yaotome Hikaru
Arioka Daiki

Hey!Say!JUMP :
Nakajima Yuto
Yamada Ryosuke
Okamoto Keito
Chinen Yuuri
Morimoto Ryutaro

HSJ Pictures, Images and Photos
(Top from left : Okamoto Keito,Morimoto Ryutaro,Chinen Yuri,Yamada Ryosuke & Nakajima Yuto)
(Bottom from left : Yabu Kota,Yaotome Hikaru,Inoo Kei,Takaki Yuya & Arioka Daiki)

Each of them have their own specialities and charms!

Everyday H!S!Jump is growing into an adult group.
Even their songs are always in the top chart of Japan Music.

Their 2nd Official Debut Single album is Ultra Music Power.
This album was released on 14 November 2007.
Which is the 1st album they made since they team up.
Their oricon chart is :
  • Oricon weekly peak: #1
  • Oricon monthly peak: #3
  • Certification: Platinum
This was also an opening song for Volleyball World Cup in Japan.
Yeah.The meanings and the songs suits it very much.

This is the song :

And then they released the album named Dreams Come True on 21 May 2008.
Whoa..Their chart is :
  • Oricon weekly peak: #1
  • Oricon monthly peak: #2
  • Certification: Platinum

The song is very touching.
Here it is :

After that,they released the 4th album named Bouken Rider/Your Seed on 23 July 2008.
This song got a little 'chinese-kungfu-song-a-like'.
This is the song when i think they've grown up a little.
Their chart is :
  • Oricon weekly peak: #1
  • Oricon monthly peak: #4
  • Certification: Gold
Here it is :

Syok kan~~.. =D my favourite!!

Then 5th album was released on 22 October 2008.
That album named Mayonaka no Shadow Boy.
My favourite all the time!!
Very cool!
They've grown up to a manly group!
Their chart is :
  • Oricon weekly peak: #1
  • Oricon monthly peak: #3
  • Certification: Platinum

Here it is my most fav song! :

hebat kannn?? =D
besaaaa..boypren sa pnya group juga bha tue~~ (knun la..wakakak!!)

adoii..cant stand it! xD *stupid me..~~*

i stored 350++ pics of Nakajima Yuto in my computer.
250++ of Yamada Ryousuke
And 100++ for Hey!Say!JUMP

whoaawhoaawhoaaa..i share you a little saja la..

okamoto keito Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Okamoto Keito
Age : 15 years old

yuto loves me~ Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Nakajima Yuto
Age : 15 years old
Bestfriend : Yamada Ryosuke
(i only share this pic of Yuto with you guy >:P )

Ryosuke Yamada Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Yamada Ryosuke
Age : 15 years old
Bestfriend : Nakajima Yuto

chinen yuri Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Chinen Yuuri
Age : 15 years old (eventhough he looks like 12 years old.)

morimoto ryutaro Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Morimoto Ryutaro
Age : 13 years old.(i think hes the same height as Yuuri)

kei inoo Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Inoo Kei
Age : 18 years old..whoa..still look cute!!

Hikaru yaotome Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Yaotome Hikaru (like a famous artist's name)
Age : 18 years old..whoa..still looks 16-17 yrs old..

daiki arioka Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Arioka Daiki
Age : 17 years old..(looks like 16 or 15 to me!!)

Yuya Takaki Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Takaki Yuya (mature guy!!)
Age : 18 years old..~

yabu kota Pictures, Images and Photos
Name : Yabu Kota
Age : 18 years old..(he looks like 20 yrs old to me..no offence..)

Okay thats all!!
Its really worth my time!!

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-