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Saturday, May 30, 2009

yesterday i enjoyed with my friends.
we went to KFC and done something crazy at there. haha!

[actually theres me and Anne in this pic on the left side. but i make it blurr cuz my face was eating at that time and it was damn ugly.]

[this is my besfriend, Edora a hyperactive girl~ they captured this pic while Edora was saying "Ayaamm~~~~!!" shes cute. >,<]

[hahahahahaha! CUTE! i love this pic. im sorry Edora & Vell, for uploading this picture. hehe!]

Credits for capturing pictures : Bea, Miming, Azwan
Credits for editing pictures : FeO.

Photos at Home~

i gained some weight from 44 kg to 45 kg.


[after :D]

[i l0ve you~ ^^]

[getting a lil bit messed up]

[Boys Before Flowers videos. from Episode 1 until Episode ?? ..]

Credits for capturing pictures : FeO.
Credits for editing pictures : FeO.

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Friday, May 29, 2009
to my dear long-lost-friends!

guys! guys! guysss!
i just came back from home and i wanna tell you this thing!
good thing!
hahahaha! i met my LONG-LOST-FRIEND just now at school!
xD his name is 'Danesh' and i was the one who bullied him very much in the past.
back when we're Year 1 untill year 3.
and i also got a little thing to be angry.

why some of my friends need to be RACIST?!
i mean even though hes an Indian boy, that doesn't mean that you cannot be friend with him!

he came to our school and i saw him from a long distance and i quickly realised that it was him.!
oh my gosh.
and then i screamed to him, "DANESHHH!!!!!!!".
i was too excited that i didn't care oredi about the students who heard me screamed.
its been a long time we havent met!
3 or 4 years oredi. huhuhuhu
and i was the only one who get over exicted.
my friends seems to be 'normal' bcoz they were being racist!
just because his skin is black, that doesn't mean that hes not human!
he is HUMAN!
so my dear fellow friends, come on.. dont be racist. its not good you know.

MDY : eeee..bikin kyak oh c Danesh kn.. sbb hitam..
Me : ih! kwn sa juga ba tu..! racist juga ko ne..
MDY : hehe nda bha.. jan marah bha..
Me : nda lar. manada sa marah. =_=

yeah lemme tell you a story about this boy named Danesh.
when i was in Year 1, i bullied him. [well, kids~]
Year 2, i became friend with him but im the big boss.
Year 3, starts to bully him again.
Year 4, he transferred to 'Semenanjung' oredi without telling us maybe bcoz he ran out of time.

huhuhuhuhu. wheres the rest of my long-lost-friends?!
miss them...!! T,T

To my dear long-lost-friends,
I miss you all so if you read this, I hope that we'll meet again. I promise that I wont bully you just like when I was in primary school. >,<
Regards, Feo.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009
random things. xD

la la la la la~!
its Thursday~ tomorrow Friday~
and the next day of tomorrow is HOLIDAY for 2 weeks.
'time travels so fast'
thats what we say.

im planning on what to do for my 2 weeks holiday.
hey! i suppose to study first. ~,~
aish still have no mo0d to study.
my m0od suddenly gone blank.

my bestfwenz asked me to go to KFC with them tomorrow.
i wanna g0. it must be fun!
but i guess i have to ask permission from 'Tu Benda' first.

damn g0od! haha!
[suddenly laugh.]
just now got Maths Paper 1 and it was easy!
i used my calculator and it all damn fine! xD
[some of it were fine]
but i cant guarantee that i could get 'A' for it.
cuz, please remember that we need to
'Expect the Unexpected'.
always. :D

more and more and more and more unknown number called my phone number.
i wonder who gave my phone number to them.

Unknown Person : Hello~
Me : hello. sepa ne?
Unknown Person : erkkkkk...c Aaron.. c Feodora kar ne?
Me : ntah. ko skul mana?
Unknown Person : aaaaaar...SMK 2.
Me : panipu la ko sna. *Off Phone*

[I might be RUDE if u're being RUDE to me first.]

btw, i found this from nowhere.

so damn sweet! xD

today is 28th May and my monthsary was forgotten.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
300th post!! :D

finally~ this is the 300th post!
that means, i need to say something meaningful.

On Monday,
the exam paper was hard. especially the History.
damn 60 questions.

Yesterday on Tuesday,
damn.so damn the Science paper 1 & 2.

And Today, got Geografi & Seni. *sigh*

this computer keep stucking.
stupid computer. ~,~

yesterday night. i blown up.
i said watever i wanna say.
yeah thx to my friend, 'XiaO' for making me realise that sometimes i need to say things sincerely even though it could hurt someone.

Yesterday i slept at 11 PM.
and today i suddenly woke up at 6.42 A.M.
what a mixed dream i had just now.
i was hiking with Scout 04.
and bad thing, 'Chipsmore' which is the person i dislikes in the real life,
appeared in my dream!
Scout 04 team also hate her so we left her alone in the jungle.
[we were hiking at that time]
suddenly we arrived to a Hotel.
and there was a school party which everyone in my school were there.
and i found the person that i admire. xD
so i went to ask him to dance.
[ladies 1st! xD ]
and when i was trying to approach him,
someone pushed me. well yeah its a boy.
[appear from nowhere]
and i fell down. =_="
my friend was holding her laugh and i was like "duh".
so i stand up and trying to approach one more time
and there it goes.. *po0ff!*
i woke up accidentally. =_=

i wanna get that dream back!!
i tried to sleep but im not sleepy!

damn its 8.01 A.M.
i haven't study yet.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

just took some pictures yesterday~

[click to enlarge. closer view is nice ^_^ trust me]


[stupid lowong for capturing this kind of pic.]


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Monday, May 25, 2009
sweaty hands & pinching stomach.

today i woke up almost at 9 A.M.
my alarm supposed to woke me up on 8.30 A.M to study.
but its battery is empty so it was dead.
now i woke up but i didnt study.
eventhough yesterday i already told myself to study for the History.
and now i think im gonna postpone it at school.
im so lame. i didnt kept my promise to myself.

anyway, i wonder why im COURAGEless nowadays?
my courage is melting down!
what has happened to me?!
its like im afraid to do everything.
okeh i hate this but everytime im thinking of something,
my stomach starts to pinching itself.
and my hands got to be sweaty.
argh i hate this symptoms.
it hurts a lot!
stop it stomach & hands!

i hate her. stup*d b*tch always get jealous of me.

ugh i didnt study and now im gonna make a banner for this blog.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009
im a photograph maniac!

finally! i got my USB cable back! hahaha!
[dont ask me how i get it back. :P ]

anyway, im sad for my poor laptopie~

[my laptopie is sleeping on my bed helplessly. :( ]

however, tomorrow im gonna distributes these survey papers to all of my friend.
since i wanna collect them up for my own use. >:D

[the survey papers. theres a lot more.]

hohoho. neway, thanks for the kawaii prezzies. xD

FeO RocK the WorLd!!

haha im a photograph maniac!
gonna upload more pixxa ~! >:D

p/s : shut the hell up la u Umaga. always releasing ur stress to ur children. f*ckin' lame.

*point 4th finger*

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i made a song. :D

hey guys! finally i've made my own song!
im planning to make the melody with guitar & piano/keyboard.
[since my uncles borrowed the guitar & keyboard]
so only practice with bass guitar. =| lame.
i want to upload my song but the USB cable is missing!
but i promise that if i've already found that USB cable, i'll upload it right away.
heres the lyrics i made myself.
this song entitled, "Mixed Feelings".

2 dropped words~

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day on the library.

im telling you this bcoz i cant bear it anymore.

Last 2 months, which March,
i went to the Library.
and then i went to the counter to keep my bag.
[cannot bring in bags to the library.]
so theres these two fugly security that are 'sundal' or you can say 'miang' or accurately, 'gete'.
unluckily, they were guarding the counter at that time.
they were trying to talk to me but i just walked away.
so, after finish studying at the library,
i went back to the counter to take my bag back.
and guess what happened??
that two fugly security recorded me with their ugly phones!
they also capture my picture while im taking the bag and walked out of the library.
[since im all ALONE!!]
oh ya. before i walked out from the library, i pulled out a 'bengis' face to them.

this isn't a normal thing!
[for me]
[by capturing my photo without any permission]
yah i dont like it!
i wonder what will they do with my picture.
maybe they'll 'bomoh' that pic.
[hope not]
or maybe they'll upload that pic somewhere on the website.
argh!!!!they could do anything with it!

so i kept on going to the library and i didnt met the two fugly security.
suddenly on the next day, yah i saw them.
so i ran quickly. im thinking that maybe that time they'll do something really bad.
dangerous. better get away from them.
or if im angry, i'll tell the cops. *knun.*

so last week, i went to the library to return the books that i've borrowed for 3 months.
suddenly i saw one of the two fugly security.
and he was smiling when he saw me.
[i mean. a BAD smile. a criminal's SMILE!]
so again i pulled out a 'bengis' face at him.

damn Library.
[well. its not the library fault anyway~ :P ]

hire a GOOD security and FIRE the BAD security!!

Peace Out Hometown!

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Saturday, May 23, 2009
my back is hurt~

okeyh im mad just now but now im alright~
sorry for the bad words.
i dont mean to let it all out.

i've done the worst Malay Essay ever just now. [exam]
im out of ideas so i just do it repeatedly.
i mean, "To Beat About The Bushes".
erk. nvermind if u dun understand.

argh my back starts to hurt~

next Monday, i got to attend the exam which have English & History.


-have no time to online-

oh ya. forgot to tell you that next Monday,
my father gonna send that laptopy to a shop so it would be fixed.
:D good news.
haha! da da~

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Friday, May 22, 2009
study study,.

"Humans didn't planned to fail,
but they FAILED to plan."

tomorrow EXAM.
i still have no apetite to study.
~_~ especially today.

LIFE can be CRUEL.

for this week, at class i didnt study.
just playing Tic Tac Toe, S.O.S and do survey.
wonder if i could survive in this Class War of Exam.

dammit! wheres my USB cable?
darn..cant upload pixx..
who the hell stole that cable?

damn owh.
this is a bad OMEN!
that USB cable is trying to tell me that today is gonna be BAD.

anyway. i got to study hard!!

benkyo benkyo!!!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009
Updating pixxa!

morning! its 9.14 AM!
i updated an old pic~
here it goes~


[un-edited pixx (January 2009) ]


[using Photobucket only (March 2009) ]


[using Photoscape already (May 2009) ]

got some improvement leh?

oh yar.. 1 day left untill the exam.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009
my Email Capsules.

Have you ever heard of www.bored.com?
And their 'Email Capsules'?

'Email Capsules' works like.. erm how to say this.
okay. Example, you leave the message on 2007 and you'll ask that web to send that message back again on 2009.
understand oredi?
watever la. =D

okay i just received my Email Capsule from the young Feo.
she wrote this letter when she was in year 5.[2007].
the letter says,

" Dear Future Version of Me, now u r form 1..u must study hard^^remember Erika Sawajiri and Ogura Yuko always^^ and ur favourite anime..dear feo,i hope ur mind is changed..now u must always active to Kingdom Hall..and Bible studying...i hope u can become so smart and very intelligent..i know that u dont have 5A..but u still hav a change to become so smart..and the way to become smart is hard studying that is my way of ninja ^^ Byebye~ From:The 11 yrs old Feo..
Written at Mon Jun 04, 2007. "

and the 2nd one is,

" Dear Future Version of Me, dun forget to check www.crunchyroll.com,www.littlix.com often!!and of coz www.habbo.com.my!!!Must check and dont forget when study,put Hey Say JUMP in ur heart always =) chge ur attitude but u must bully ppl!!! hehehe ok la my dear feo ku syg!!always luv yuto ok??its NAKAJIMA YUTO ur husband ^^ great if u remember so........dunno la hehehehehe ok la !! buhbye!!
Written at Sat Dec 22, 2007 "

hahahaha~ the young me >,<
so cute larh~ LOL!
but yet so childish.
i knew im still childish this year but still, i have some improvements. :)

2 years ago, i was an anime freak! O_O
i also loves to study Bible and go to pray.
but what happen with me now??
all bcoz of too busy. =_="

Me : maaaa..! ada camping bhaa nnt time 30hb May. sa ikut??
Ma : eeeeeeehh.. tingu la bah dulu keputusan peperiksaan ko.

what does she supposed to mean by that?? O.o

*tok tok tok*
Prefect : Pengumuman! Pada Sabtu ini, iaitu 23hb May, ada Peperiksaan Semester 1. Jadi diminta kepada smua plajar untk membwa peralatan tulis & kertas kajang. sekian, thx.

need to remember that in my mind. o[e_e]o

2 dropped words~

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

aha! just now i edited a pic~
and here it goess~ xD
jeng jeng jengg!!

[click for a closer view. fyi, closer view is more beautiful :) ]

hoh today i felt not tired.
yesterday all of my bestfriends were absent.
haha so silly.
[nsib bek sa ne alim :P ]

argh! exammmmm!
teachers keep telling us to prepare for the upcoming exam~
duh =_="

please gimme back my beloved keyboard & guitar~~
father! go take them all back to home at once!
lol. =_="


bored bored bored!

shut up -,-
i havent yet back.
[just come back from school]
[7.29 PM oredi]
[still didnt bath]
[still wearing school's uniform]

i wanna go bath~
then study...yeah..
then.. EAT! haha >:)

oh ya. fyi, got camping for lencana scout and hiking on 30 May 2009.
wanna go or not?

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Monday, May 18, 2009
the nature is calling!@

im sad.
today supposed to be my lucky day.
sad. sad. sad :(

oh ya. yesterday i went to the library to return that books.
and they 'denda' me to pay RM9.20.
[its been 3 months you know]
yarh. hoping that they'll bankcrupt soon.

i got no m00d oh.
padahal this morning i woke up at 8AM cuz im happy.
suddenly.. *po0ff!* no mood oredi.
its like something is going to happen.
i didnt feel like smiling.

so firstly, i want to apologize to my friends that today i cant be kind.
i cant help it.

the nature is calling!!!

before that, i want to say that every human had done this kind of thing.
so no big deal.
if a human didnt defecate , they'll faint or die.

Believe It Or Not.

0 dropped words~

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Sunday, May 17, 2009
another day, another story, another fact, another history

its been a while~ haaaa~
i cant blogging for the past days bcoz of this PC was being 'booked' by a black ant.
and i cant even stand a chance against it!
duh watever~

this PC is so so very very LAME!
but i dont have any option but to play this PC.
bcoz that laptop was vandalized by us.

im planning to play at Cyber Cafe later.
but no one's gonna send us ~_~
both of my parents were out
[fmi, they go to dating]

FMI = For My Information

new words! lol lame =_='

i need to work harder somehow.
bcoz our exam is actually on 23rd May.

Form 1 & Form 2 : starts on 23rd May.
Form 3 : starts on 25th May.
Form 4 & 5 : starts on 18th May.

No Pain,
No Gain.

i've studied way too LITTLE i guess.
i still got plenty of time.
i love to study last-minute.
~_~ lame.

arghhh! i need to get Top 3 or Top 5!
i need to! for my own satisfaction.

i need to empty my mind~
be NERD~ [O.o]

well got this girl named 'Elma' [not real name]
shes the same age of mine but not the same class of mine.
shes trying to kill herself bcoz she said that shes too stress!
hahahahahaahhaha! LOL!

Elma : byebye kwn2.. sya rasa sya x layak hidup lagi..
*trying to jump from the 2nd floor*
Teacher : Elma! jgn mau begaya sana. masuk kelas *walks away*

haha! i think she got some mental illness.
i supposed to be SYMPATHY and not LAUGH.
hahaha! i cant hold it! so funny~!
trying to suicide like that??

well watever~
i wanna play at Cyber Cafe oredi.
MaaaAaAaAa~~!! PaAAaaaaAaA~~!!
send meeeeeee!~

wait a minute.
now im afraid.
bcoz..i havent return that library book for almost 3 months!
[i've told u that already,right?]
i want to return it..but.. im scared.
bcoz its been 3 months la bha! x pndi pikir btul.


Sometimes we HATE this LIFE,
Sometimes it bcoz we cant ACCEPT the FACT.

0 dropped words~

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Thursday, May 14, 2009
im going nuts!

0kay~ if u wanna go to there just to meet 'your friend',
i dont care.
if you wanna go there just to do something that could make you proud of urself,
i don even care.
if you wanna go to there just to make fool of yourself,
i dont even care at all.

why im like this??
why why why??
i could be so SENSITIVE in this kind of situation.
i might be NEGATIVE-minded.
arghhhhhh! shoooh! shoooh! you DEVIL mind!

i felt like theres a 'butterflies in my stomach'.
urgh! my English teacher told me that it means 'Nervous'.
why am i nervous? no. i think this is not the same case like nervous.
oh no my hands are sweating.
why why why?

im afraid to accept the fact.
the fact that 'The Past is Coming Around and Around'.
and it would strike you when u're weak.
it'll strike ur fatal point.

argh! my mind is controlling me!
i started to think every situation as a NEGATIVE situation.
i said to this person, "U're so SENSITIVE oh kn."
but... actually im the one whos SENSITIVE.
darn darn darn.
gross gross gross.
disgusting disgusting disgusting.

feO!st0p fo0ling around, you're beautiFOOL!
exam is on the corner and i need to concentrate on it.
suddenly i remembered this Good Charlotte's song,

" Stop your messing around boy
Better think of your future
Better make some good plans boy

Said every one of my teachers Look out better play it safe you'll never know what hard times will come your way
We say where we're coming from
We've already seen the worst that life can bring

Now we get expect it everywhere that we go
All the things that they say
Yeah we already know
I just wanna live
Don't really care about the things that they say

Don't really care about what happens to me

I just wanna live
I just wanna live
just wanna live.. "

thankx GC!
now i dont feel guilty anymore.
but yeah i do feel that im WRONG.
haha! but i just wanna live!
i dont really care~

okeyh feo
now ready and go to school.
at there, u'll need to ask the teachers about what kind of question will come out in exam.

my Malay Essay is SUX! last exam, i got 6A 1D. gosh!
its a good thing that i didnt fail.
the 'D' one is my Malay Essay.
darn. im a Malaysian so why need to study Malay?
LOL bonus question~
lala la la
go ready! the school bus is going to pick you up at 10.45 A.M.
and when u've already arrive at school,
u'll need to accept the FACT.

urgh. are there any suggestion how to run away from all of these?

im turning into a bad gurl.

a criminal-face-look-alike? -,-'

faking a good girl personality.

my name.
Feodora G. that means Feodora Gila.
wakkakaka! just kidding!
[palis. lol]

guess what that 'G.' stands for~

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
biatches~ go away from me the fire~

okay okay.
how to start this.
tomorrow i dont feel like going to school.
coz theres Geography subject and i liked History wayyyyy more better than Geography.

but i cant miss the free show that is going to happen at school tomorrow.
haha! im gonna watch a 'catfight'.
haha i wonder why they are so 'tripping' like a biatch.
and yes, no doubt about it, they're biatches.

okay last week, i saw 'Lowong' at school.
and i point out my middle finger at her coz i thought it was a 'greeting'.
'Lowong' also point her middle finger to me.

Person 1 : tu ari sa nampak ko buat jari tengah sma c 'lowong'.
Me : oh iyaa. knpa jua?
Person 1 : knpa ko buat bgitu?
Me : klaw kmi,itu sbenarnya adalah sbagai 'greetings' sja. mcm sbagai isyarat 'hello'.
Person 1 : *burst into laughing.* , *rofl* , *laugh very much*

i wonder why that 'Person 1' laughed very hard when i told this?
why why why why? cant think of any answer!!
whats wrong with that kind of 'greeting'??
argh cant find the answer.
well watever!

okay continue to my story about that biatches,
one of this friend say something to me. and it looked something like this :

Biatch 1 : eh! mana suda boy ko?
Me : huh? ntah. *blurr*
Biatch 1 : sepa suda tu nama dia?
Me : erk..
Biatch 1 : kmu..... -got something she said but i forgot already-
Me : ...???
Biatch-wanna-be : feodora, jgn ctaw dia! dia mo rebut tu~ jaga2...
Biatch 1 : hehheheheh! ko ni kan~~ *laugh knun*
Me : =_=|| wth???

tlmpau b!tch juga..
datz one of the reason why i hate biatches.
try la rebut klaw dpt.
muka nda layak pun blagak mo merebut knun.
feo! dont be so bad arh!

okay i knew that this is so0o0o very last year.
but, have you watched the "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" ?
well i think that the movie is so0o interesting eventhough i havent watched it yet.
my big sissy told me so.
so im gonna watch it~ buhbyeeee fellas!

2 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
again and again and again~

10.48 PM already.
mom told me to baby-sit my lil bro tomorrow.
again i will be alone in this house tomorrow.
[again, im repeating the same damn thing]

im so sad that i havent return the books that i borrowed from the library.
how long has it been? almost 2-3 months.

damn my back is hurt.
i think the reason why is bcoz, i played PC way too much.
and almost everyday. [actually everyday.]

i told a friend of mine that i couldnt live without computer & internet.
i said to him my quotes, "No Computer No Life. No Life No Computer".

and guess what?
he laughed. he LOL-ed. he laughed so hard untill he cant control it.
gosh i wonder why. ~_~

anyway i put away my blog link from my friendster.
i also dunno why. i guess i gonna put it back later.

wonder why some of my friends cant believe that i've played computer since i was a little kid.
[5 years old]
damn. they even laugh at me. =_=" dumbass.

yepz i cant live without computer.
computer is part of my life.


gonna make this campaign later.

ok. dada~ gonna update facebook,friendster,twitter,tagged and watsoever~

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

crying mode.

an anime that can make you CRY or even LAUGH.

this is a sad piano song from Japan.

this is a theme song from the movie, "The Myth".wonderful!

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

the day today.

my parents asked me to not go to school today cuz there'll be no one to baby-sit my lil bro.
and furthermore, he had a fever.
so i decided for not going to school.
but since today is my bestfriend's bday, i thought that i need to go to school.
[for cake's sake. :P]
at 9.35 AM, my father came back home.
so i asked my father and he said , "pigi ja."
and then yeah.
when i went to school, its not a normal b-day party....
its a VERY VERY normal.
no surprise. no anything.
its just so very normal.
so i felt bored. dammit. why did i went to school just now?

and then tomorrow my mother asked me to not go to school once again.
[to baby-sit my lil bro]
ugh.! i hate being home alone with my lil bro.

but tomorrow got SCIENCE class! i cant miss that class since the exam is next week!
urgh urgh urgh!
gonna talk to my mom. =_="

i hate this kind of life.
why i just cant relax and study?

new day,
new problems.

never mind. talk about the other thing,
finally i REwatch 'Bokura Ga Ita' for the 3 times already.
haha! yeah its so touching and i admit it that the 1st time i watch that anime,
i felt like crying and yeah i CRIED.
dont get me wrong. its just a normal emotion for an OTAKU.
:P *knun la*

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Sunday, May 10, 2009
i feel like shitting on your head

-in bad mood mode-

beware. dont read if u dun wan.

congratulations ^_^
today is the WTF day.

9.00 AM - playing PC. but this fvcking PC hangs all the time. *smash pc*

12.30 PM - wanting to go to Kingdomhall but something keeps on the way.
so i ended up with baby-sitting my stubborn lil bro.

4.00 PM - wanting to watch television but lil bro 'kacau2' me. *punch his butt*

5.50 PM - playing PC but this fvckin' mouse isn't working very well.

6.00 PM - want to eat something but... UGH! bvllsh*t!

6.40 PM - 'that thing' keeps asking me the same damn thing. stop it lar

tomorrow - wanting to go to school but something keeps stucking on the way.
need to baby-sit that stubborn kid tomorrow so i cant go to school.

need to do something to release this anger
before something bad happen.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009
pix pix

spending the time.

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Full Moon

wow! it's a FULL MOON!
it makes me remember about that anime,
"Full Moon Wo Sagashite".
fyi, im an otaku. for now, im taking a break.
(but not when it's holiday ^_^)
btw, yeah the full Moon today is very beautiful.
im watching it right now outside my window~

it makes me think..
what if i go to the Moon.
i wonder if i'll found something rare at there..
like.. ALIENS? Humanoids? UFO?
could you see the moon's surface from the Earth?
of course? did you notice that the surface got something on it?
i mean..like sand? or watsoever..
if it's not sand, then wat is it?

now im interested in solar system.
*research research research research*

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im into this UNEXPECTED plan!
just wait n see.

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i hate caterpillars! i hate ugly animals!

i deleted the previous post just to tell you the true and full detailed story.
*stomach growling*
wait. eat comes first. haha!

One day, on 8/May/2009,
it was all started when i was going for a walk with a friend of mine.
it was around 1.15 PM.
we took a rest under a tree that nearby the church.
we sat under that tree and decided to sit at there untill the school bell rings.
[well every Friday, our school started at 1.35 PM]
after that, i felt something was biting my neck near the right ear.
i have no idea whats biting my neck at that time.
and then i touched it with my right hand and planning to throw it away.
but something strange happened..
there it goes! that thing VANISHED! out from my sight!
so i just kept my thought that it was just a leaf fell down from that tree.
and it was not a big deal.
then on 1.30 PM, the school bell didnt ring.
we went to school and i directly went to my classroom.
[fyi, our school is near the church]
it was Mathematic class and it took 3 periods.
luckily, the teacher asked us to do our own work bcoz she was so busy.
[well, shes a Disciplinary Teacher and also our Classroom Teacher]
and yes! im free for 3 periods a.k.a 1 hour and half!
so i slept on my table.
after a few minutes had passed,
my friend Brayn, called my name.
so i woke up.

Brayn : feo. feo.. feo..! oi feo!
Me : apa?
Brayn : teda la. tidur la ko balik.

yeps. he always do that kind of thing.
called a person and end up with saying "nothing~ haha!"
and then i began to continue sleeping.
again i woke up.
bcoz they were so noisy and i thought that i have slept much enough.
yepz all of my friends seems so busy doing their own works such as talking, walking, laughing and watsoever.
so, i unaccidentally looked at my friend, Juvenille.
and i was so SHOCKED that she SCREAMED loudly!

Juv : FEO!!!!!d kepala kau!! ada ulat bulu!!!!
Me : *stoned* HARH??!! d mana????? tlung siaaaaa..!!

and yeah all of my friends stopped doing their works to see what happened.
i closed my eyes cuz im afraid that it would get into my eyes.
and then Fadli used a 'manilla card' to took that 'thing' away from me.
but that 'thing' was so 'degil' and wont get off from my head!
so Stefanus held it with his bare hand and ARGH!!!
that 'thing' had landed safely on my right arm!

Me : *stoned with closed eyes*
Stefanus : nah feo. teda suda tu feo. =] *snyum jahat*

but when i look on my right arm,
that 'thing' was so disgusting! gross!
it's not a normal caterpillar!
i tell you. it's not a normal one!
both of its eyes were ROUND, SHINY, BIG and RED!!!!
it was looking at me!!
its body was LONG!!!and THIN!!
it got too many FUR on its NECK!!
so yeah..it was my first time seeing that kind of caterpillar.
so.. i SCREAMED. *not that really loud. Volume : 7/10*
and i felt like wanting to CRY. coz it was TOO GROSS!
and then i was in TRAUMA untill today!

Nixie : haha! c feo ratu ulat bulu! *joking*
Me : haha celaka.. *no mood*

untill now, im quite sensitive if i feel something is tickling me.
cuz it would remind me of that 'thing'.
owh yea. my friend killed it. i dunno who. maybe Stefanus.
haha! thats a good news to me.

Ingky : ih feo, ko x takut ka klaw ada anak dia hinggap d badan ko..tp ko x sedar..
Me : aiya..!jan kc takut lai baa.. wuuuu
Elsa : yg mana 1 ne tu ulat bulu?
Me : yg merah2 bhaa..ada oren lg wrna dia..suda dorg bunuh..
Elsa : yg c Angelica p pigang2 td tu?
Me : iyaaa!
Elsa : yg bulat mata dia tu trus warna merah??
Me : iyaaaa!itu la tu!!! trus badan dia ada oren2..
Elsa : cute pun tu ulat bulu!
Me : ko bilang CUTE? aishhhh *speechless bcoz of too shocked*.

yepz. this is my WORST EXPERIENCE ever!

Ashrul : ada tumbuh biji2 d sluruh badan ko..pastu ko rasa gatal2 tu..
Me : arh..ya bhaa.. bole mati ka tu klaw kna hinggap oleh ulat bulu????
Ashrul : nda taw. tp adik sa prnah kena..pastu mo taru tu ubat ntah apa tu..yg untuk cacar..

i SWORE i wont get near any tree anymore!

Harry : hahahaa~ apa mcm tu ulat bulu??
Me : bla bl abl blablabablalb!! (ulang balik crita ttg stuktur badan tu ulat)

ugh! so.. i had SLEPT with an UGLY-THING-CATERPILLAR on a table!
so............the thing that i held when i was under that tree that near that church,
is.......THAT FUGLY THING???

Juvenille : okeh suda ko?
Me : yaaa..tp msih dlm trauma..
Juvenille : isk3..ksian. hahaha
Ray : feo! ada lg d kepala kau!
Me : la la la~ sa tumbuk ko Ray.
Ray : iya butul!
Juvenille : jan ko pcya dia..tipu ja tu..

urghghghghghh! i'll put this story on my 'Feo's World History' book!
urgh! freak!
i hate animals that have BIGGER eyes than it's body! i hate when it got RED EYES.
so BEWARE caterpillars! im gonna kill you!

Nixie : ahhaha! time c fadli mo buka tu ulat bulu, merah ni muka c feo. merah habis.
Juvenille : haha iya..merah btul ne.. mcm muka merah yg rasa malu tu..
(did u understand what she said? well i understand)

i swore i'll hate that type of animals. i hope it will EXTINCT.
anyway, im gonna research about caterpillars more.
maybe i'll die. i hope NO.

0oops. it took me 1 hour to finish this post.
a long journey.
a painful experiece.
an awful thing,
an unforgetable knowledge.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

okay guys
today is 4th May 2009 already.
and guess what?
the exam for Semester 1 is coming.

yepz i hope i got a colourful result~

drama, they said they HATE it..
but they CREATE it..

you know what!?

well nothing

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argh~ finally~
after changing this blog's skin for almost 30 times,
i finally got the most simple one..
and here it is..
but wait..
still not satisfy with this layout..
gonna change back later if i got some time..

my mother's father, which is my grandpa is visiting us right now.
and yeah hes gonna live with us. =P

hurm..still wondering..
wheres grandma?
0o0ops my school bus is coming.
talk to ya later~ dada~

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Sunday, May 3, 2009
upgrading my blog.


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Friday, May 1, 2009
yesterday,today & tomorrow

No Use.

yesterday is the PAST for today.
today is the past for T0M0RR0W.
and tomorrow will be the FUTURE for today.

So if you want a better future,
do many great things today.

Yesterday , Past.
Today , History.
Tomorrow , Future.

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Tenacious D ROXXX!!

lol! hahahahahaha!
if you like these videos, u better watch the movie The Pick Of Destiny.

the beggining part :

and the coolest part ever :


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