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Monday, July 27, 2009
my life turns more worse day by day.

im trying to solve my problems one by one.
but i know that everytime im free from troubles,
troubles will chase after me.
and that always happen to me.
im tired.

my simple life?
i'd rather it to be called "My Troublesome Life".

i guess i'll need to go to exercise for forgetting all of these messy thoughts?

is it like this??..

okay actually that way of exercising was cool.

Life Goes On..


im guilty.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009
D'Masiv disappoints me a lot!

Are you a fan of D'masiv?
well if you are, i wanna apologize if this post is offensive.
i just wanna spread the things that i believe.
just want you guys to know that i have no intention to offence you all.

now it's up to you to decide whether you want the truth or not.

make the comparisons carefully.


it's you to decide

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Friday, July 24, 2009
good night darlingssss~~~

tomorrow i need to go to school before 8 AM and i feel really lazy to sleep early for tomorrow.
i guess i'll sleep around 12.00 AM - 1.00 AM.

i need to go to school because there's "Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan" tomorrow.
and i got the award for "Anugerah Matapelajaran Terbaik".

lazy to go ohhh~~~
i also dun have any transport.


tomorrow - worst day
tonight - worst night

by the way,

this is a gift from my bestfriend.
cute, right?
that's my lucky chain~

this is the nose clipper.
i wont tell you the function.

my friendster.
85 years old?
nahh~ that's a fake one.
if you believe that im 85 yrs old, then u must be really stupid.

these peoples are my featured friends!
you must be lucky to be one of my featured friends.

okay my backbone is hurt already.
going to drink some coffee now~

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Thursday, July 23, 2009
the past is the problem, the future cant solve it.

yeah i know that the past is the past.
but. memory still memory.

i wanna scream.
but i know i cant since it's 10.41 PM oredi.

i can't accept it eventhough it's only the PAST.
but yeah. every past leave scars.
a bad one or a good one.

i keep on convincing myself that it doesn't matter anymore.
but my heart keeps convincing me that it still matters!

so if you wanna talk to me about your past,
please dont.
[this message is for certain person only]

okay dont talk about it.
dont remember about it.
dont recall it.
haha yeah


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009
chance to change~

yeah they're trying to search my mistakes.
even the smallest one.

they'll find some reasons to scold me.

sadist life, huh?

"I Need To Face This World Alone."

oh God please give me wisdom.
so i could answer what they say about me.
(or more likely, what 'she' said about me)

"Life Without Lies Are Wonderful."

everybody deserves a second chance.
chance to change.
then why they're not giving it to me?

in my mind,
i've been thinking lots of stuff already.

just now my elder sis came to me from the toilet and said..,

Kika : Feo.. cuba kau pigi tingu ada benda pelik di tandas...
*wearing towel unproperly*

-to be continued...-

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
some rants. some thoughts. some thinking.

yesterday i went to school and then i called mother to pick me up because im feeling sick.
my head was very very super-duper dizzy at that time.
it was MIGRAINE.

so i went to the clinic but the doctor wasn't in.
so mother decided to wait the doctor and she went to eat at the restaurant nearby.
but unfortunately, i have no apetite to eat.
then i went to take some rest at my car.
but i felt really SICK. so i opened the car's door and vomitted.

so mother finished eating and she brought me to the other clinic.
then the doctor check me up and gave me some medicines.
[and to mention you, that doctor was friendly.]

[my medicines]

thanks to all of my friends who concerns about me.
i really appreciate it.
[oh please help me do my homeworks.]

so yesterday night, i wrote an apology letter for my absence.
i hope my classroom-teacher will accept it since my mother forgot to bring along the letter from the doctor.

i need to drink those "Orange+Salt" solution.

just now i read this bulletin at Friendster.
i got tired of people who wrote on their bulletins like "Im single~", "Im taken~", "I love my bf/gf", "You cheated me!", "We've broke up", or "She/He grab my bf/gf away!"

well, FYI, nobody wants to know that.
[except for some people]

No Offence!

dont you feel SICK for listening those kind of bulletins?
well you may say, "Then, dont read or look at those bulletins."
but i cant help it. there are plenty of them!
okay i'll try for not reading/looking at those stuffs anymore.
only if i could.

and also,
when you hate somebody, why dont you say it to her/him face-to-face instead of talking on their backs?
ooooh yesss~ you know how it feels to be backstabbed.
and you know how it hurts people so much when you scatter something bad and untrue about them.

Stop Backstabbing.

so that's it.
i need to excuse myself.
thanks for reading my blog for the readers who read and read and their friends who read this not-really-nice-but-my-thoughts blog.


♥ ♥ ♥


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Sunday, July 19, 2009
today is a winding road~

today is good.
then, what about tomorrow?
the opposite one?
or still the same?

suspense......... :O

just now i went to the town with my elder sister and yeah it was very tiring.
then we went to the ice-cream shop.
too bad i didn't bring my camera.
then we walked around the town and finally we went back home.

so when i arrived at home, i remembered about my puppies.
argh!! there are 8 of them and most of them are black in colour except for this one puppy who's brown in colour~
haha yeah i gave them name.

his/her name is Gegi! :D
a shy one!

his/her name is Oli! xD
love to sleep!

[actually i dont know which of them are Oli or Gegi or watever coz all of them are same. hard to make comparisons.]

[Lowong's sandal is the victim!]
his/her name is Loloi! xD he's/she's my favourite puppy!
nahh~ all of them are! :D :D

[i feel weird that i dont even know what the gender of my puppies.]

okay change the subject,
i've been eating lots of chocolate muffins lately.

it's delicious you know! :D
[ i know you want some. :P ]

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Saturday, July 18, 2009
freaking hilarious!! hahahha!

u must watch this.


[click on that URL]


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Sum41 - Pieces

wonderful! :D :D :D

I tried to be perfect
But nothing was worth it
I don’t believe it makes me real
I thought it’d be easy
But no one believes me
I meant all the things I said

If you believe it’s in my soul
I’d say all the words that I know
Just to see if it would show
That I’m trying to let you know
That I’m better off on my own

This place is so empty
My thoughts are so tempting
I don’t know how it got so bad
Sometimes it’s so crazy
That nothing can save me
But it’s the only thing that I have

If you believe it’s in my soul
I’d say all the words that I know
Just to see if it would show
That I’m trying to let you know
That I’m better off on my own

On my own

I tried to be perfect
It just wasn’t worth it
Nothing could ever be so wrong
It’s hard to believe me
It never gets easy
I guess I knew that all along

If you believe it’s in my soul
I’d say all the words that I know
Just to see if it would show
That I’m trying to let you know
That I’m better off on my own


i just love it.

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Friday, July 17, 2009
Readiness Is What We Are

this is my school.

[i took this picture from Teacher Lydia's photo album and i edited it a little bit]

[this one i took from Bea's photo album]

i already put the credits right?
so dont say that im a copy-cat person.

going to school now.
da daaa~

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Thursday, July 16, 2009
:D about me~

You Need Friends to Be Happy
You are a friendly, social person. You seek out connections and relationships.
Being close to others is very important to you, and you don't like discord.

You feel great when you're cooperating and working with others. You enjoy belonging to a group.
Nothing makes you feel worse that feeling alone or alienated. You want to be liked by those around you.

You Are 44% Happy
You're definitely a happy person, even though you have your down moments.
You tend to get the most out of life, though there's always some more happiness to be squeezed.

You Are 72% Creative
You are beyond creative. You are a true artist - even if it's not in the conventional sense of the word.
You love creating for its own sake, and you find yourself quite inspired at times.

Your Brain is 60% Female, 40% Male
Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female
You are both sensitive and savvy
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

Your Inner Gender is Male
You are rational, matter of fact, and quite dominant.
You like to get things done, without any emotional messiness.
You truly don't understand most women. And you definitely feel more comfortable around men.
No doubt about it. You're a guy - at least on the inside.

You Couldn't and Wouldn't Cheat on Someone
Cheating is totally out of the question for you. There's no way you'd do it.
You take commitment very seriously. You would never go back on your word.

And as far as cheaters go, you don't want anything to do with them.
You believe that people should be trustworthy in all aspects of their lives. Simple as that.

Taken from www.blogthings.com

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foods are stupid.

you see, everybody loves to eat delicious food.
nobody would want eat untasty food unless they have no other option.

it's not a bad behaviour but it's a human apetite.

i feel like smashing my head onto the wall when i have the mood to eat but the food served doesn't suit my taste.

stupid life.


i'm so picky.
human does.


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
a girl in a weird life turns into a girl in a negative life?

i've been thinking about this lately,
why wouldn't i start changing all of my bad attitudes?

i've been too far from the true mission untill i forget about it.
i abandoned it.
i guess that bad thing happened to me for reminding me or for making me realised that im still in this unpeaceful world that is full of wickedness.

but if i do change my attitudes,
would it be just the same like before?
i mean, would it be like happy life out of troubles?

i dont know.

school is the first source that makes me feel unpeaceful.
everyday is a trouble.

forget about the problems,
i've been attracted to this game at Facebook lately.
Bloodlines, Fashion Wars , Mafia Wars & FarmVille.

is there any way for me to get away from this guiltiness??


[i found this cute icon somewhere. argh! so kawaii!]

omg! i started to notice this..
everytime i'm thinking of something,
it'll always be like this..

my lil bro's finger is bleeding.
i wonder why...

3 dropped words~

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Monday, July 13, 2009
where's the energetic me? darn this life!

why im so soggy lately?
maybe it's because i've been thinking too much stuffs.

long thinking but comes up with no solution.

i need to throw away all of my bad behaviours and comes up with a new and a good one.
my mistake, im so naive for not thinking about this from the beginning.

so here we are again,
staring at the end of what we make and who we are.
never knowing when one of us will walk the other way.

*taking a sip of coffee*

one day i wanna be a scientist so i could invent a new thing that is,
"Time-Travel Machine"!!
[nah~ dont be so absurd!]

i wont let this burden bring me down.
thanks Lenka for those meaningful words!

i cannot waste my time here anymore~
need to get ready for school.

i hope something new&good will happen today.

surely it'll turn out into a bad thing!
darn my life!

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, July 12, 2009
when u see my face, i hope it gives you HELL :)

i havent washed my shoes.
cuz im lackluster for going to school.

hope it gives you hell~

btw, i got the 6th place for the Exam Semester 1.

one more up then i could be the Top 5#!

still feeling guilty..

recently, im studying bible routinely.
and that makes me feel GOOD.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, July 10, 2009
my life turns more worse day by day

just when i think that everything's gonna be alright,
it will NOT gonna be alright at all.

somebody said to me yesterday that im a NEGATIVE-minded person.
hey! you don't even know what i was thinking so how could you say that?

maybe everything that im saying is different from what i'm thinking.
[o0ops..do u understand that?]

trouble keeps on searching me.
cant it leave me alone?

i mean, cant EVERYBODY leave me alone??

get away from me bastards!
cant you get enough from shaming me?

now what do you want from me?
do you think by doing that, you could awake me from my mistakes?
i've REALISED my mistakes earlier than you!

then, what're you going to do now?
seems like you cant get enough from torturing my mind, huh?

let us get this OVER and i want to start a new life.
is that even hard for you to let me be?

humans are NOT perfect.

but 'THEY' keeps on expecting more from us.

i guess they're the reason why the students becomes bad.

[Excuse my manner. But im saying my own opinion. Blogger's right!]

because they dont even give the students any chance to CHANGE!
they keep on torturing,torturing and torturing.

they're hunger of unpeacefulness.

they cant get enough.
they wont let me go.
no they wont.

you wanna piece of me?

okay im calming myself down.
it's a NO JOKE.

everyone gets on my nerves.
everybody is.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Thursday, July 9, 2009
im not your princess, this is not a fairytale..

this is a song that suits my mood right now.

today my Classrom-Teacher will scold me because of what i've done yesterday.
eventhough actually im not the one to blame, but i still will take my responsibility.

" Teacher : Feodora, You're a good student. But you're good at lying too! "

yeah. that sentence keeps on spinning around in my head.

so i guess the words for today is,
"Whatever Happens, Happens."

that means, just go on with the flow.
if you knew that the teacher is going to scold you, let it happen.
if you knew that in the teachers' eyes, you're a bad student, let it happen.

let it be?

i'll start a new life tomorrow.
new attitude.
new thinking.


0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
help me tomorrow.

tomorrow what shall i do?
i need to face the fact that my reputation will go DOWN.

it's my own fault?
im guilty.
i should run away from all of these at the beginning.

but i was too NAIVE.

"Stupid Girl, I Should Have Known."

Help me.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, July 6, 2009
who says that love story doesn't have a sad part?

today i've escaped PJK Class.
[i didn't bring clothes anyway]

so i ran to the Dewan Ilmu and be one of the spectators for the audition that was being held at there.
the audition was up for the Teacher's Day.
and many people were trying their best for it.

got this one girl who they say have a same face like me.
hey! i am more better than her.
and FYI, much much much much much more better than her in every single way.
and that's it.

while they're having fun, i'm hiding myself like a spy from my PJK teacher.
i think he's a wizard.
when you see he's infront of you, then turn your back for 1 minute then turn back again and he'll be on your back.
haha! confuse for what am i saying?


i need to go to school on 8th August 2009!
i must~

could anybody or just anyone throw my boredom away??

"Sorry Doesn't Mean Anything If You Don't Do Anything That Could Show You're Sorry."

2 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, July 4, 2009
random stuffs, random thinking, random minds

yesterday, which is Friday,
i and my besties were walking together down to the town.
and look! what we've found here.

a cute purple bracelet.
we bought a similar one for ourselves.
it symbolizes our friendship.~

what shall i say right now?
today my eldest sis will come back home from West Malaysia and in my mind, im thinking this..
"ohh..yess...i shall play her laptop and ruin it since my laptop is in a critical condition right now."
[okay. stop being so ridiculous!]

"Father : Kamu jgn dlu tidur arh. Tunggu c nanak."

yah. who wants to sleep early anyway.

आईएम बोर्ड। हाहा इ जुस्त फौंद थिस ...
हे दीद यू उन्देर्स्तंद वहत आईएम सयिंग राईट नो??
एअस आईएम बोर्ड॥ सो इ'ल दो थिस।
माय बेक इस हर्ट

okeh. enough with playing that.

i ♥ milk.
it makes me feel that i've grown taller by drinking it.

2 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, July 3, 2009
feeling calm. :)

i need to feel calm for today and tomorrow too.
well. make it everyday.
listening to Honey & Clover - Waltz and Plain White T's - Hate~

tomorrow as usual, got Bible Study.

have you ever read Mayan's & Aztecs' Horibble Histories?
if you haven't, i really recommend you to read it.
so amusing when the Mayans cut off the people's head only for their false faith.
( No offence )

okay back to the other subject,
our school got a 'song request station' which the songs that have been requested will be on the air.
furthermore, you could dedicate a song for anyone.
and i just got one message and song from Kitty and that was good.
(what kind of respond is that ouwh~)

my english is bad.

6 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-


okay now don't make me feel guilty.

what shall i do now?
i guess i'll just make a new one.
and...fake mom's signature??

i dont have any idea.

i guess i'll continue on searching.



0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Thursday, July 2, 2009
Ramblings, Rants & Pictures.

So today is the day that I decide to take my day off.
Well it's because both of my school unifoms were washed with 'nila'.

(Nila : Something that makes your school uniform turns into blue)

But my school uniforms were ruined!
(Honestly. Mother really can't to that 'nila' thing)

1st uniform :

[click the pic to enlarge]

Do you saw that blue patch on the left & right side?
That's what we called 'nila'.

Blue patch. :(

2nd uniform :

[click the pic to enlarge]

Right side.

It's totally ruined!

Left side.


Seriously. Are you expecting me to wear these ruined uniforms?
I need to buy a new one today in order to go to school tomorrow.
I won't wear these kind of uniforms, okay?
FYI, there are more than 5 blue patches on those uniforms.
(Including the back & the front)

W.I.T.H (Why In The Hell) that the letter for my absence is using my name?
(Mother made that letter. NOT me.)
Isn't it supposed to use mother or father's name?

I mean, this kind of thing :

And also the letter :

Why my name??
What if the teacher accuse me for escaping the school?
Hey! I got some good reasons for absent today bah.
"Scared if you're wrong, Brave if you're right".

I missed my favourite English Class today.

Shall I absent for tomorrow too?
Answer : If my uniforms are still ruined.

I found this old pic lar.

This pic was taken by me since last year.
[FYI, that's an unknown person that we saw from behind. We thought he was handsome so we took this pic. But when he turned his face..... erk..... cannot say.. I almost burst into laughing.]

The young me! :D
This picture was taken at the car when we(one family) went to our village.
2008! Year 6!
(At that time, they thought that I'm not Year 6 but Form 6)

So guys~
Thats all for today.
What a long post huh?
(Is this even called 'long'?)

So~ It's 2.01 PM oredi~

5 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Smile. It Hides Everything. =)

"So here we are again

Staring at the end of what we made and who we are
Never knowing when
One of us will break apart and walk the other way

Love, I don't know what to say
Love, I don't know how to stay
When you won't let me be the person that I am

There's nothing to say anymore
So I'll leave before I fall apart right back into your arms
The writing's on the wall, you gave nothing and I gave it all
But I want something better and I won't let this burden bring me down."

Those are the parts that I like in "Lenka - Bring Me Down" lyrics.

It's how my life is going around.

There must be Sad Time, Happy Time, Cry Time, Laugh Time, Angry Time & etc...

The lesson that I've learn today is, do not postpone things or make someone wait for a long time.

It might hurts you when you hurts somebody.

I need to fix this situation or let it be?

Nobody can help me.
I need to help myself.
That's it.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
i apology for bad things i've done today.

This picture was taken long time ago.
Aha! Serves you right!
Now I make my copyright even more bigger than before.

[Just imagine that there's no a big copyright at my photos so you could see the picture clearly, okay. Imagine.]

The copyright ruins my photo.
I don't care.

This picture looks even more better without that copyright oh.
Imagine baaaaaaaaaaa~~

Oh yea~
FYI, that 2nd copycat girl already deleted my picture from her pictures and that makes me happy.

thanks for those who helped me.

BTW, school is not fine.
I wonder why I started to think that some of the people surroundings are "S-T-U-P-I-D".
I even ignore my friends.
That's not the usual me.
What happen?
Im getting bored. Yah.
Need to do something new.

P/S : To my friends, don't make me feels bored if you don't want to get scolded.

[What a cruel message I gave here. =| I'm turning into a bad person. I'll change it soon.]

I make myself bad.
It's me who make it bad.

But I cant fake my true self.
What can I do?
I won't wear a THICK mask like most of the people out there.


2 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-