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Monday, August 31, 2009
my mother's mom. =) and start ramblings.

so my mom had been away for 2-3 days because her uncle died.
[not being rude for saying that fact.]
and she already came back home just now and guess who she brought home?
it's my Grandma.
well, when i saw them both, they have really some similarities!
haha. they're both have the similar face, attitude(i guess) and maybe the way they talk.
[and also dont forget their similarities at height & weight]
okay im not mocking but it's the fact!

well, i dont really know much about my mother's mom.
but when i was a little kid, i've heard many story about her.
[not hearing. but eavesdropping. haha!]
but i cant tell you what i heard about her at that time due to family privacy.
and watever, that Umaga my mother started to scream at us[which she claims that she was talking and not screaming] from the beginning when she came back home.
and she asked almost 100 times at us about father.
and the most miserable is, it's the same question.
it sounded like this, "Have your father said anything about me before he left?".
and we're already tired to answer that same question over and over again.
well watever it is, that's a good thing that my Grandma came over here to live with us[i dunno how long but at least untill Hari Raya.]

and now i realised that im not that close with my mother's mom. well, i guess im a little close with my father's mom and im not shy if im infront of her. but infront of my mother's mom, i dunno why i feel shy. and im quite uncomfortable with it.
and i feel that each of my steps are being watched.
SNAP it! maybe that's just my stupid illusion.
watever it is, i know that i'll get used to it soon.

and you know, i am TOO IMPRUDENT untill i forgot to wash my school shoes!
okay i know u're feeling gross.
let me admit that i have ever worn shoes that i havent washed for 3 WEEKS!
imagine. and sometimes i also didnt washed my socks.
and watever im lazy to go to school and it saddens me when i know that i NEED to go to school.
no hesitation!

this year is a nightmare for me.
what about next year?

and when it comes to this matter, it really frightens me.
yeah since i havent put 110% of my efforts into it.
i know i'll get Top 10[hopefully].

just now i was browsing my old things.
i was reading, i was looking and i was watching.
and that saddens me too.
i was so stupid in the past but yet so CUTE! HAHAH lol jk.

well almost everyone was thinking that they're so stupid when they're young.

yet, im YOUNG too!
so am i going to do something stupid?
hell yeah! not stupid but CRAZY~

tomorrow i wont sacrifice my whole pride for not washing my two-weeks-not-washed-shoes.
so now im going to wash 'em up!

[please keep it a secret about my shoes thingy. i wont let certain people to know about it. haha!]

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

my back hurts!

okay when i saw this thing back, i burst into LAUGH.

screw you, Kika!
i know it's you~ i can see you~
stop pretending and start admitting.
well, it's an old one anyway so i dont really care much about that.
but yeah. funny as hell.

thinking bad things.
hey!i got 4 dimples and thats a good thing!

to mention you, holiday is going to be over soon!
it's so SOON that you couldn't even notice about it!
arght. i hate going to school even though last year i NEVER absent.

what happen?

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My Kind Of Boy (Survey From Facebook)

this is a survey taken from Facebook.
although it supposed to be post in notes(at Facebook), but i post it here.
because im lazy to post at Facebook.
[doesn't make any sense at all]

so here you go. :D

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends here in facebook to answer this. Then see what happens.

if you a guy- post this as my kind of girl..
if your a girl- post it as my kind of boy..

1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
- apparently, yes. MUAHAHHA!

2. Smart?
- i dont really care but.. if can, yes. [who wants a dumbass one?]

3. Preferred age?
- older.

4. Preferred height?
- taller than me.

[where's number 5?!!]

6. How about piercings?
- yes. xD [like that Japanese style one]

7. Accepts you for who you are?
- yes.

8. Pink hair?
- then i will say, "Seems like you're copying Hide's hair". jk. erm. nope. better natural. :)

9. Mushy or no?
- cengeng? no. no cengeng2. lol.

10. Thin or fat?
- normal a.k.a medium sized.

11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?
- anything.... but not Black. hahahaha!

12. Long hair or short hair?
- not too long and not too short. [must have Japanese hairstyle]

13. Plastic or metal?
- both. -_-"

14. Smells good?
- holy yeah!

15. Smoker?
- no! what if he'll influence me to smoke?! then thats a NO.

16. Drinker?
- yes but must have the LIMITS.

17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
- no. no no no no no.

18. Muscular?
- i dont care much about that but..... at least have a normal/medium muscle.

19. Plays piano?
- sure! then we could practise together-gether. lol.

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
- sure! then he'll have to teach me . =_="

21. Plays violin?
- waw. that is one of my fav instruments. sure!

22. Sings very good?
- ..sure~ if he could. >:D

23. Vain?
- ......

24. With glasses?
- yes yes yes yes. sunglasses also can. lol.

25. With braces?
- erm erm erm erm.. i dont really care about that...

26. Shy type?
- not too shy untill i feel like i wanna blow his face.

27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
- good boy.

28. Active or passive?
- i prefer active. :D

29. Tight or bomb?
- both. ......lol?is this some kind of joke?

30. Singer or dancer?
- both. =D

31. Stunner?
- yes.

32. Hiphop?
- sure...dont really care about that. [must Japanese Hip-Hop.]

33. Earrings?
- sure. must put earrings like that Japanese style one.

34. Mr/Ms. count-my-ex-girlfriends-un
- nope.

35. Dimples?
- hahahaha sure. since i have them too.

36. Bookworm?
- balanced.

37. Mr/Ms. love letter?
- lol. no. =_= *vomit*

38. Playful?
- sure.

39. Flirt?
- nope. i prefer the cool one. muahahahha!

40. Poem writer?
- depends if he could. =)

41. Serious?
- when he knows that he needs to be serious.
[short words, depends on the situation.]

42. Campus crush?
- dont really care about that.

43. Painter?
- sure. then i'll draw and he'll paint. lol

44. Religious?
- NOT too much. >:)

45. Someone who likes to tease people?
- sure. but i dont really care about that.

46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
- arh. both la. coz me also both. hahahha.

47. Speaks 20 languages?
- try to defeat me. =_=" loL! nonsense!

48. Loyal or faithful?
- both have same meaning. =-=" so.. both.

49. Good kisser
- sure but dont really care about that anyway.

50. Loves children?
- thats a MUST. because if he dislikes/hate children, then one day maybe he'll abuse those children.
i hate abuser.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, August 29, 2009
short random picture blogging! :D

yo' guys! i haven't blogged for a while.
it's because i was making a banner for my classroom.
[nice reason, huh?]
and finally it's already finished~ hoho

so.. now i want to tell you a GOOD news!
that is, i've found the missing USB Plate! :D weehee!

[looks simple? there are many functions actually]

so, the result is, i could upload tons PICTURES from the HandyCam!

firstly, let me show you the books that i've borrowed from the Public Library.

[ click pic to enlarge]

[my award! :D]

[my laptop with Taylor Swift on it! xD]

[cute ? :D]

[i modified its eyes. look better than before, right?]

[this is the things that i stick on my back if my back is hurt.]

recently, i've been addicted to Facebook and im being unfair.
that i have no time for Blogging but i have the time for Facebook-ing.

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Friday, August 28, 2009
question of the day.

recently, i've been started to ask people if they agree with this statement,
"People who didn't have any education doesn't deserve to speak about their thoughts."

and most of them disagree about that statements.
most of them said something like this, "Well, we cant understimate people who doesn't have education because maybe they have more experience than we do."

furthermore, according to Federal Constitution Article 3, we all have freedom of speech.
non-educated or educated can speak out their thoughts.
everyone can. no discrimination.

and also, dont forget the Human Rights.

today i wont go too far with my ramblings.
so to make it short,
what i want to say about this is,
educated or non-educated doesn't make any difference at all.
[except for something la.]

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Thursday, August 27, 2009
humilating day for me

wah today got too many things to be humiliated.
do you even care to know what kind of humiliation i have?
listen[read] carefully.

firstly, at 9AM i went to the library and when i arrived at there i went to put my bag on the counter.
then, i gave my bag to the security at the counter knowing that he would help to me to put my bag into the place provided as usual. but actually now it is SELF-SERVICE. then when i think about it back, why the hell i need to gave my bag to that security? lol. because before this, the security will help us to put our bag. but now the system is different already. then just i put on a "tebal-muka" face and walks away.

and then, just now i really really really thought that today was WEDNESDAY! but actually today is THURSDAY. oh am i dreaming? i supposed to go to the library on Wednesday because my friends asked me to make a banner with them. poor them waiting patiently for me yesterday. my fault for not realising it untill i found out that today is Thursday.

after that, when i walked around the town, the bottle of water that i brought along with me was accidentally opened. and my bag became wet. super WET!

then, now i found out that my USB Plate for my HandyCam is missing! arght! where has it gone? not my fault anyway.

but, i got good parts too. because today i borrowed books from the library. interesting one,of course.
[duh~ nobody wants to read SUPER boring books! except for some dull people,maybe. no offence.]
and i also borrowed the book entitled Twilight : Eclipse.
on the bad side about this, i havent found my USB Plate that i cant upload pictures!

many things happened but my feelings wont let me tell you about it.
:P i'll just keep it in my heart.

my day is my day afterall.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
the memories

recently, for these past few days,i've been searching.
i've been researching.
i've been looking and observing for the past.
and it's quite fun.
but there are parts of memories that you want to get rid of.
the fact is, you cant travel to the past! so you cant get rid of it even though u're trying to forget about it, but something or someone might accidentally remind you of it.

imagine you've found the picture of the old you and compare it with the new you.
think about what has changed.
about your looks, personality or the way you think.
i think it's imposibble for having no change at all about the way you think.

why my body and head feels hot?
am i having a fever?
my migraine is attacking my head back?

no i wont rest untill i feel that i need to.
sometimes we need to be persistent.
well, depends on the situation.

im thinking of uploading my old pictures a.k.a my past.

[this is me when i was 12 years old. im so messy.gerenget.]

[i fell down at that time and my knee was bleeding]

[me and lowong. (kika at the back). that is me when i was 11-12 years old]

[im in the pink shirt one. this picture was taken on Dicember 2008]

[wah. my face/personality got too much difference from before, huh. but one thing that wont change, being super CRAZY.]

[me and lowong. this picture was taken on March 2009.]

[my elder sister. haha! if she saw this, im gonna be a dead meat.]

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i cant live if living is without my piano..

suddenly i miss playing piano/keyboard.
and you know, it sucks alot!
living without playing instruments that you love.
untill when i need to wait for those human to give me back my piano/keyboard?

not complaining just deserving.

just by listening them playing the piano already could make me feel envy.

[this song touch my heart so so so damn much]

[wonderful masterpiece!]

[wah..too much attraction in this melody]

there are too many of them!

please. gimme back.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009
*updated* weird thing happens to me just now.

Life is not like a DRAMA.
DRAMA is the one that similar like the LIFE.
without life, we can't have drama.

i found 5 or more white hairs on my head just now!
[and i plucked 5 of them]
this kind of genetic is not belonged to my family!
it's only me whose being weird by having white hairs at such a YOUNG age!
maybe i always think too much untill i grew up white hairs..

Weird But True..

i also realised that i really have a bad mouth.
i mean, sometimes i just say what i wanna say.
even those sentences contains some unconsidered words.

but yeah, i got to think twice before i talk once.
sometimes i want to ask something but im afraid that what im going to ask could offends the other.
asking is GOOD, but if you're asking in the wrong way then it'll be DISASTER.

so yeah in this weekend, im gonna finish all of my homeworks!


Last message :
Happy One Week Holiday!

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Friday, August 21, 2009
my ramblings have gone too far. lol

such a weird dream i had just now.
i was also dreaming about my laptop being fixed.
then i woke up at 8.30 AM.

so today is the last day of August Test and after Friday, i'll have a 1 week holiday!
what should i do during that 1 week?
i guess it'll be so boring , huh.

today got ERT,GEO & ARTS.
i knew that talking about what you will study is boring.
everything is boring! i want something new! extravagant! something nobody ever have before! something rare! something that the whole world was crazying for. in a short word, something WEIRD!
gimme something like that!

hey, have you ever wondered that how many words you've spoke for one day?
and make it an average.

LIFE as a student, is very BORING.
but if you make it to be LIVELY, then you'll have the real thing called YOUTH.
if you make it to be so DULL, then i guess you choose to regret one day for not enjoying your youth.
im still 13 years old and i still have time to enjoy.
but what about when im grown up?
then i'll have to start taking things seriously.
being a 5 years old kid is more better.
because kids doesn't need to bother about what's happening around them.

the PATH we choose,
is the path that suits with the way we're thinking.

for example, if you choose to be a SMOKER,
then your thinking is not developed enough.
because you dont even think about the consequences.
or maybe you already knew about the consequences, but you still wanna do it.
or you dont know the consequences and you dont want to know.

okay my ramblings have gone too far from the real topic.

so today im gonna go to the School Library.
hey! whats wrong with going to the School Library?
it's not like im a nerdy or something.
im just searching for books that interests me.

[to mention you, i love the Public Library. the books in there are awesome! but im not saying that my School Library is bad. it is good also..(a little)]

then i was inviting my friend to go to the School Library today.
and my friend was like "huh??aren't we supposed to go to the town??why the hell you want to go to there??"
okay i admit it that most of the books in my School Library are .. boring..
but...erm.. whats wrong with trying to read boring books, huh?

okay. some of the students aren't grateful for having a School Library.
think about the kids somewhere in Africa! i mean, some of the places doesnt have any facilitator! or maybe they dont even have any comfortable library or books but still they're trying hard to study.
[i saw it before on the television]

some of the town kids just not being grateful with what they have.

whoah.. my ramblings.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009
you have to have a darkness before the dawn come.

"LAUGH is GOOD when you're facing a tough situation."

i should be studying right now.
but i have a good purpose for not studying right now.
it's because im feeling fidgety.
i cant help it!

when you want to achieve something, you must be confident in doing it so the success rate will be higher and higher and higher.
im sure you wouldn't like to be in worry mind, right?
whats the use in worrying even though you didnt even put up some efforts or even trying?
right! the result is, you're the victim of FAILURE.

okay i really dont know what im rambling about.

today got test which is P.Moral, Sivik, History & Maths.
i need to concentrate more.

help me?
i help myself?

"SHIT HAPPENS mostly to me, so dont worry."

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Speaking Less, Working More..

love, ♥
okay i supposed to be studying right now.
because the monthly test is tomorrow.
i need to work hard for it!

but due to my laziness side, i should play Luna Online and study last-minute.
lol. i wanna target to get straight 'A' for all of the main subjects.

[vian, feO♥, anne]

[dora, anne, shima, vian]

[my dearful besties! :D ]

[viaN, me, annE]

"Less Speak, Work More."

im maintaining that motto right now.
feO dont be Lazy!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009
im not a hater, yet im not a FAKER

on this moment, now i realised that

thank you very much to that 'person' for cheering me up.
even it's just simple words, i hope it really means so much.
[even though the sentence contains some bad words.]
but still, thanks because supporting me!

i really dislikes that 'girl'.

not HATE. but DISLIKE.

1.What is your reason for disliking that 'girl' ?
- Because she always spread bad things about me and all of them aren't true! Furthermore, she's BUSYBODY. and plus, she also spread things involving my family!

okay. spread negative things about me is a little ok because i could be a little patient.
but, spreading negative@sensitive things about my family is gonna blow me up.
do you think this is just some kind of game like "Boiling Point" ??

2.But she's one of your relatives?!
- I dont care. We're not cousins! She's just the niece of my grandpa! Nothing more than that!

fyi, she ever said to her friends that last year i asked her to help me search for a boyfriend. but the fact is, it is FALSE! plus, i NEVER talked to her before and i will never ask for someone like her to help me!
that kind of gossip could ruins my REPUTATION! HELL!
to mention you, she talks to her friends about me as if im one of her CLOSE relatives.

i dislikes her attitude.

3. She always put up a good smile to you?
- Aha! that's only on Friendster! you never knew what will she do if it was in the real life. not a cyber life, of course. so now im telling you that in real life, she's spreading bad things about me.
hey there Girl!
you really hate me that much, huh?
seems like u cannot get me outta your head, huh?

4. If you hate her, why did you post about her in your blog?
- [mind you, i didn't hate her but i dislike her] . because i wanna tell everyone how much i dislikes her.

okay dont talk about her that much.
enough by telling you guys the reasons & watever.
i wont waste my time talking crap about HER.

nevertheless, i dont hate her. i just HATE her attitude.
and i dislikes her!

"Hate and Dislike are not the same."

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

wonderful movies! :)

recently i've been watching Korean Movies that made me cry.
so i recommend you to watch them too!
those movies are wonderful u know.
it could touch your heart and watever.

the first movie that i feel very sad and at the same time interesting is,


[saddening but the heroin is cute!]

the second is,


[very very touching and interesting. this movie also have its freaky parts. you must watch this! xO! ]

and the last one is,


[touching! at the same time, it could teach us about the value of YOUTH.]

go go go and spend your holy holiday by watching movies!

right now im watching My Tutor Friend II.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, August 14, 2009
the anger from the bottom of my heart.

i woke up at 6 AM.
mother straight-away told me to not go to school and stay at home because nobody could baby-sits my lil bro.
so i was asked to baby-sit him.
and I really WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!

First reason is, today have 3 periods of Mathematics! and if i dont go to school today, i'll be left behind by 3 topics!

Second reason, today is FRIDAY. so as usual, we'll start the class at 1.45 PM.

Third reason, my lil bro is so stubborn & annoying. im sure nobody wont baby-sit a kid like that.

Fourth reason, if im absent, mother would told me to write an apology letter myself as if im the one who dont want to go to school.

5th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

6th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

7th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

8th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

9th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

10th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

11th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

12th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

13th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

14th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

15th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

16th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

17th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

18th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

19th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

20th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

30th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

31th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

32th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

33th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

34th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

35th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

37th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

38th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

39th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

40th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

41th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

42th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

43th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

44th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

45th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

46th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

47th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

48th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

49th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

50th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

51th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

52th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

53th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

54th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

55th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

56th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

57th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

58th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

59th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

60th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

61th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

62th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

63th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

64th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

65th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

66th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

67th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

68th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

69th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

70th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

71th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

72th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

73th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

74th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

75th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

76th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

77th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

78th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

79th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

80th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

81th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

82th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

83th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

84th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

85th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

86th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

87th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

88th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

89th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

90th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

91th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

92th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

93th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

94th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

95th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

96th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

97th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

98th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

99th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

100th reason, I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!

does my 100 reasons satisfy you?
i dont think so!



okay that's how i release my tension.

no more cursing words!

Rumah C Umaga,
P/S 1234, 890o8,

Si Cikgu 'bla bla bla',
Sekolah Anak c Umaga,
P/S 1235, 89008,
Sabah. 21 Umaga 2009


Tidak Dapat Hadir Ke Sekolah

Berikutnya dengan perkara di atas, saya, anak si Umaga, tidak dapat pigi sekolah kerana disuruh oleh seorang Umaga.

2. Saya tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa kerana Umaga telah mengugut saya untuk tidak pergi ke sekolah. Jikalau tidak, Umaga tidak akan memberikan saya duit. Umaga juga telah mengatakan bahawa, "eeeeeh! teeda masalah tu kalau sia!". (itu kalau kau) .

3. Umaga juga menyuruh sa untuk menipu diri sendiri. Dia bilang saya sakit. Padahal tida. Dia menyuruh saya untuk menulis surat bahawa saya menimpa demam.

4. Sebarang kemusykilan amatlah dikesali. Kalau tidak puas hati, jumpa si Umaga sendiri. Telipun dia punya number, 019-535****. Kerjasama dan perhatian daripada pihak Tuan/Puan, amatlah dihargai oleh si Umaga.

Sekian, Terima kasih.

Yang benar,


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Thursday, August 13, 2009
emotional makes satisfication?

me being called as an 'emotional' person?
i dont know.

im not 'emo' but sometimes i might be 'emotional'.
[of course the 'emotional' that i mean is not like the 'GROSSy' emo one.]

im doing it only for my SATISFICATION.
no other reason.

end of story?

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Monday, August 10, 2009
i dont need you to tell me.

have you ever feel so lost?

they said that i didnt do my job at the classroom just now.
hey! i have done my job, you know!
and they said that i do the chores untidily(untidy).

but i dont care about that now.

my life is in a mess.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009
good memories shall never die forever while bad memories shall die forever.

so yesterday me and my friends went to Toboh Baru for KGT a.k.a Kajian Tempatan Geografi.
my group have 8 human beings[including me] and 1 extra.

from left to right,
[Nizam(in black and not mearing mask), Fadli(wearing blue shirt), Azwan(wearing mask) and Brayn on the right side.]

this is the boy's side.
two of them were missing!
and we were at the jungle at that time! fun, right?

Juvenill was on the right side~
girl's group.
one of us was missing!
[well, too bad Ingky wasn't allowed by her mum to join us doing KGT.]

too many things happened during KGT.
fun & weird things, of course.
im not gonna tell you all of them because im tired already.
but it was very fun being with them.
[especially during the interview with the head of the village]

yeah so much fun untill i forgot about TIME.
i went to KGT at 7.00 AM while i went back home at 6.00 PM

i cant wait for the upcoming pics!

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Friday, August 7, 2009
today is random. i could feel something bad will happen today.

well today i woke up at 8.00 AM ++.
and then i went to play this computer.
many things i wanna do with this computer but i dont have enough time left since i need to get ready at 9.45 AM or else im gonna get into trouble such as being in rush.
and when im in rush, i'll have a 'bad-hair-day'.
it'll be 2 in 1.
bad-hair-day PLUS bad-day

then i downloaded some songs for my bestfriend.
[i'll help her since she already helps me]
and look! now it's 9.27 AM. already.
well i'll leveling my Luna later this night.
you see, if im not mistaken, im Lvl.28 already.
haha going to Lvl.30~
someday i knew that i'll get bored with it.

so while i was downloading those songs just now,
i was playing Facebook.
and hahahhaa! there's this one thing that makes me go 'L-O-L'

[click pic to ENLARGE~]

funny, huh?
well,dont 'L-O-L' if you dont mean to 'L-O-L'.
i cant stop laughing you know.
[come on, man! laugh with me!]

whoever doesn't laugh with me is the one who we called 'ALIENS'.
because that 'aliens' thingy doesn't have sense of humour.
[neither good-looking]

[this is the latest photo of my character. and to mention you, i'm Lvl.28]

[this thing addicts me! wings! fly~]

[close view~ ]

[the cutest smile in the world of Luna. Lol! ]

now you know what it feels like to play in Luna.
lol. someday i'll be Lvl.100!
and i'll make sure of it.
[if im not lazy to go lvling]

so that's for today, guys~
enjoy your days with a cup of milo!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009
i feel like im a wilt flower today. =(

im a wilt flower?
if you wanna know[you must know], it's only me and Lowong at home for 3-4 days.
and i feel so ALONE... .... ?
well it's because there's no noise.
since yesterday night.
i only hear the sound of the computer and the sound of fan.

could you imagine it?
well i dont feel like im abandoned[because Mom gave me money before they went to KK].
but im bored! no one that i could bully [i always bully my lil bro when im bored].
it's 10.02 AM oredi but i still haven't prepare to go to school.


it's because the teachers are aiming me.
they're trying to search for my mistakes.
i think maybe they even wants me to do some mistakes and bringing up the 'past things' so they could scold me.
and yesterday i knew that 'he' was staring at me.
'he' was watching my steps. 'he' was searching for my mistakes.
even a slightest mistake.
'he' would report it to the other teachers so they could BLAME me.
'he' even could ask some teachers to scold me and to blacklist me.
bla bla bla.


[gosh! no more cursing words from me! ever!]

as God says, i need to forgive people.
not to hate them, but to hate their bad behaviours.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009
we pray to God not only for salvation but because we loved Him.

im getting scared now.
what im saying on my old post is coming true right now.
[click on that word 'old post' to read the post]

"and this thing happened to me.
from Stage One to the Stage Two.
from Stage Two goes to the Stage Three."

yeah that's very awful.
*taking a deep breath*

and now i guess im going to the Stage Two.
of course i wont allow it to happen!

get up, feO!

if it's gonna happen to you,
then the first thing you need to do is to AVOID it!
secondly, think about the consequences or the risks.
thirdly, think about what people surrounds you will think about it.
and lastly, think about your REPUTATION.

[i ate too many foods yesterday]

other than that,
DEJA VU also always happens in my life.
it's like the same thing happens to me over and over again.

my life has gone worse as the world also gone worse.

People are dying,
Children are crying,
We're all left praying.

*mom suddenly come back home & bring me cakes*

so tomorrow my Mom and Al are going to K.K .
and my father already at K.K right now.

so tomorrow there will be only me and Lowong at home.
scary, huh?
two daughters that aged below 17 years old are at home without any parental guidance.

dont worry~
i got a brass knuckle with me all the time.

but still,
girl could be classifies as a weak human.
and a brass knuckle couldn't guarantee a girl's welfare.

so be cautious, girls!

[even though i knew that i need to say that to myself too since the Stage Two is coming to me!]

[Al's favourite toys]

credits : feO ♥

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