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Tuesday, September 29, 2009
my short day. :)

guys, the "Feo's Patience" is already gone.
and the 'hot-tempered' personality will take over Feo's brain.

i'll be angry for something that is slightly foolish.

what's going to happen?

dont mind about today because today was just a normal day[normal like hell].
and im glad that the school period just now was short.
and next week, there are holidays[again] ! :D

i haven't finished my works.
so dont dream that i could step into my bedroom and sleep on my bed like a princess who's waiting for the prince to come and save her from doing the chores at home and also, mention about the Umaga.

Gudnaite darls!! :D

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Sunday, September 27, 2009
i'll hugs the teddy bear~ and sleep tight tonight

i gave up :)
seems like love at first sight aren't true at all.
for me, love at first sight is more likely a feeling of adore for someone at your first 'sight' or more accurate, 'glance'.
so i learned new thing, thanks [to who?]

my student life starts tomorrow and it's so LAME.
im not even sleepy right now and im not ready for tomorrow.

wondering if i could sleep tonight.
because i've already slept just now for 2 hours.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

i could be selfish when i want to.
sometimes it's good for not thinking about people's problem.

okay. when i think about it back, that was and IS awkward.
by whispering with others while looking at you, doesnt that will make you feel pissed off?
and also staring you 'from the toe to the head'.
i wont care about that anyway.

dear diary,
i found my so-called-love-at-first-sight at the hospital today.
:) *evil grins*

i'll find my song for my 'so-called-love-at-first-sight'.
okay that is GROSS.
but i'll search that kind of song anyway.
the name 'so-called-love-at-first-sight' is too long.
so lets call him 'Ichiban' !!
[ 'Ichiban' means 'number one' in Japanese Language]
i havent found his true name yet,
but i knew that soon i WILL.

[song for Ichiban] :)

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im in happy mode today :)

well, do you believe the thing "love at first sight" ?
[i dont]

for me, it's a thing that depend on us only.
not some kind of 'destiny' or 'fate'.
[mind you, i dont believe in 'destiny' nor 'fate'.]

at 12.00 PM just now, i went to the Hospital Besar Keningau to visit my grandpa.
[i hope his sickness will be cure soon]
and yeah, i found it.
well it's just a game.


not going to tell you in details!
im being sooooo ridiculous and absurd! k bye :D

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Monday, September 21, 2009
the Bunsit River?

just now we went to the Bunsit River.
yeah the water was so cold as ice untill the coldness is similar like the iceberg in Titanic.
[okay not that too cold as you can imagine la.]

i want to upload a few photos that we took just now at there.
but, unfortunately, this laptop got problem.
because i cannot open the HandyCam's image file in this laptop.
but it could at the other laptop/PC.

look foward for it. :D

i managed to update 1 photo! oh yeah! [lol =-="]

please dont mind about my 'accidentally-ugly-face'.

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eating there, eating here, how much do u weight?

the very thing that i hate in the early first morning when i want to go somewhere is, no water flow through the pipe due to drought.

fortunately, there is a tiny water flows at last.
but how can a person bath with a drop of water?


so as time goes by, the water became a small flow of water.
so i need to collect the water in a pail.
that takes a lot of time.
and watever, in advantage, i still could spend the rest of my time practicing my favourite game.

so going to practice/play now.

bye :)

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Saturday, September 19, 2009
one~ 21 guns~

i dunno what to say today.
just one thing,

dont waste your time on something that doesn't worth it.

[touching~ :D]

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Friday, September 18, 2009
my little bro is getting more annoying

thinking a song for this Blog.
i guess song that suits this blog is the song that suits my mode this month.
what is it arh?

*after thinking for almost 1 hour*

i decide that no need to change the song lah.
so what am i gonna talk about today?
random things lah.

i guess it was this morning[which is 7 AM] that i dreamed about something sad.
and it really have links to my life and it was Deja Vu.
yeah, omg~ it really makes my stomach growling.

i need to harness my holidays for good things!
i need my keyboard/piano right now.
i need to do something good right now!

get up, feo!
get up!

stop daydreaming and start doing something!

[still lazy. +_+]

[ hey, mother! look how cute your daughter is! hahaha jk.[just kidding] ]

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Thursday, September 17, 2009
Hari Raya is coming! :D

guys! i havent blogged for awhile!
it's because the time for me to play this PC is limited.
i also dunno why, dont ask me why.
[actually i spend more time on Facebook...etc.]

too many things happened!
and my attempt to flatten my stomach is a FAILURE.
reason : i cant hold my desire to eat.
no no no. im not obesity.
im still slim and slender.[haha lol]

the good news is, Hari Raya is on this Sunday! xD

and watever it is,
it's totally sucks when im stucked at home wondering what to do.
ohhh c'mon.. i need to get a life.
i need to get out of here and go somewhere extravagant.

Umaga is being unfair.
=,= wont tell you why but she is unfair.

Starting from today, I, Feodora, declares that I will be fasting to flatten my stomach. However, if I failed to flatten my stomach, I will not[i will always] be eating untill my stomach is flat enough. Deal.

and the list of things that i need to do for my school :
[ put 'X' if already done]
Print Out History Folio ( ) Print Out KGT Folio ( ) Sew ERT Skirt ( )

unfortunately, i havent done those all.

and the thing that makes me happy is,
i've captured a cool picture by myself! :D
here it is :

[caption : 'who broke the guitar?' ]

yeah that's me in the picture.
and i captured this pic all by myself. :)
i fixed the camera position by myself and i sets the 'self-timer'.
after that, i made an autonomic pose.

and for the copycaters out there, please dont have the intention to copy this picture.
just be yourself and stay original!
im sure you'll stay happy if you do your own style or watsoever.

wanting to tell you that there are some unknown people who SMS/call me.
and the main thing that pisses me off is, when i ignore their SMS/call, they would send me a message something like this >> "hey you're so arrogant la."
WTH? =,="

watever i dont really mind about that.
just telling you so that my post will be longer.
hahaha >,<".

if im still in this boring condition, my craziness might conquer my mind.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009
loooooong time no update?

well, many things occurs in my daily life.
as usual, just now i have learned something new about God during Bible Study.
i am really sure that my religion right now is the true one.

freedom of speech.
when it comes to freedom of speech, you cant just say anything that you want.
you still need to consider the other's feeling.

freedom of doings.
you could do whatever you want as long as YOU're the one who'll take the consequences/responsibilty/risk.

when it comes to my life, undeniable that i'm also unperfect.

[the making of my Banner]

[i drew the banner all by myself! amazing~]

[my banner is on the right side. the one that got Sabah Flag and Malaysia Flag and One Malaysia.]

"I'll Always Be Honest With My Own Desire"

Add me at FaceBook! :D

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Thursday, September 10, 2009
al buruk muka

as usual, i have a busy high school student life.
hard to deny, it's not hard to get through these same lifestyle if you have friends to enjoy and do fun things together with you.

just now those teachers didn't attend our classroom.
and luckily, it was for the WHOLE period!
which was from the beginning of school, untill the end of school. (12.45 PM - 5.05 PM)

and what we do during the whole period?
we were playing games. [well, some of us including me]
firstly, we play baseball.
secondly, we do vandalisme.
thirdly, we ran down to the hall and ran back to the upstairs.
after that, we do fun things together.
and many funny things happened.
haha stupid things, of course.

[Elsa : jan kmu buat bising bah!]

[ look at my banner! :D]

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Sunday, September 6, 2009
peanuts & nuts day~

i've been eating a big container of peanuts for almost 2-4 days in a row.
this is my habits since i was a little girl.
when there are peanuts or 'kuaci' infront of my eyes, i cant handle myself and i'll just eat them.

eat eat eat eat eat.

untill i forgot that my pimples are growing.
[well i dont really care about 'pimples' since they said that i dont have 'pimples'.]
and yeah my im tired of eating peanuts 24-hour. but my instinct keep tolding me to eat them.
nonsense instinct thingy!

tomorrow school and again, i forgot to wash my shoes.
[keep this secret!]

am i that messy?

no. it's just my sloth is controlling my body.
and all i can do is just to obey, obey and obey.

my August 2009 Test result!
[im planning to tell you after i got all of my test papers.but i'll complete 'below' one by one.]

i'll try 100 times more better than this test for the Second Semester.
so good bye guys. see ya'! :)

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Thursday, September 3, 2009
i need to. but i cant be selfish.

im feeling like going to school tomorrow.


because i need to.
because i knew that my classroom teacher might scold me for being absent for almost 1-3 times in one month/week[and dont forget, in a row].

why i need to be absent?

i need to baby-sit my lil bro tomorrow.

give me other reason why you cant absent?

1. Tomorrow school starts at 1.35 PM and end at 5.05 PM.

2. I want to print my KST a.k.a Kajian Sejarah Tempatan Folio tomorrow.

Absent for 2 days in a row with a SAME reason is completely RIDICULOUS!
[especially when my reason stated in my previous absent letter isn't adamant.]

think about this.
at Wednesday >> Feo is absent >> reason >> "things that cannot be evaded".
at Thursday >> Feo is present >> reason >> "things that cannot be evaded already evade."
at Friday >> Feo is absent[again!] >> reason >> "things that cannot be evaded".

isn't this is just ABSURD?

IF my classroom teacher thinks that my excuse is just a MADE-UP excuse?
then it'll be

anyone help me please?

i cant be selfish and it must goes the same for you.

okay just now there's a chicken who came out from nowhere suddenly attack my feet with his beak!
its beak is so sharp untill my feet bleed and i could saw my 'meat' inside.
i'll go and get some revenge tonight! >:)

would you like to eat a big bowl of chicken porridge?

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Eminem Dissed Mariah? Mariah Dissed Back?

:D look at these!
and keep on researching.

[read those lyrics!!]

[listen carefully]

[read that lyrics!]

[read that lyrics too!]

haha. the reason why Eminem dissed Mariah at the first place is because he wants to promote.
i think it's an honour for someone to make a song especially only for you!

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