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Monday, November 30, 2009

i got a limited time to play internet today.
i just want to tell you guys that my blogskin is updated!
well, not all. just the background and etc.
[as i promised on the previous post. i cant find that post so find on your own!]

so em.. actually i need to pee right now but im holding it just to blog.

okay im being silly.

you know what?
today is such a slut day!
i became moody all of a sudden.
[the word 'moody' reminds me of the gray.]

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Sunday, November 29, 2009
this morning? messages?

the first thing i did this morning is,
reading SMSes.

i want you to guess, what type of SMSes that i received?
foward messages.

so this morning, lemme rambling about "Foward Messages".
[well i made that name so dont worry if you cant understand what im talking about]

examples of foward messages :

" Foward : U have 20mins to tell 10 best friends that you love them, or 2010 will be ur worst year! SO I LOVE YOU EVERYDAY,EVERYTIME & 4EVER! "

" Finish the sentence ----- 'I always wanted to tell you that..........' Send it to all ur friends and see the unexpected answer... Reply me first okieyh! ;) "

" Send this message to all of your friends and see what number did they give you.
1.you're naughty
2.you're spoiled
3.you're cute
4.you're my friend and i want more than that
5.i like you
6.i love you
7.i want to hug you
8.you're kind
9.you're honest
gimme the right number! must reply!huhu "

" '23Nov-9Dis' Happy World Besfriends Day! send it to all your good friends, even me, hoping im one of them.. see how many you get back.. u r lovable if you get 6.. "
[mind you, i got this message many times already from my friends]

" -6 facts on Earth-
1st fact : you cant touch all your teeth with your tongue.
2nd fact : after reading this, all fools will try it.
3rd fact : now u smile 'coz u've become a fool
4th fact : now u want to fool your friends
5th fact : now you foward it to all fools
6th fact : 1st fact is false "
[this is so ridiculous]

so.. as far as i know, most people out there are playing this type of 'game'.
because some of them didnt want to hurt their friend's feeling just because not fowarding back.
or some might just....like to play that game.

for me, i'll foward it only to the person who foward to me first.
[get it?]
but that's wasting credits! :(
however i need to, so i did. =,="

so for me, 'foward messages' is just an unlucky stuff.
haha! please dont get offended by my words.

Oh no! the 'foward messages' keeps on 'sitting' in my Inbox Folder.
the more i talk about it, the more it'll come.


i dislike chain letters.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

i read a manga just now entitled "Koukou Debut".
it's really WONDERFUL!

[even though i havent finished reading it yet.]

but that manga reminds me of CHRISTMAS!

It's 28th November 2009!

[well... still early....]


okay bye :)

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things that i knew would happen today.

today there'll be a wedding ceremony at my village.
even i haven't gone to the ceremony yet, i already could imagine how to situation will be like.

im not trying to be bad-mouth but im just trying to say honest things.
:) peacee noo war!

Situation #1 : After you firstly arrived, they will greet you, and you'll just sit anywhere you want to like an abandoned doggy. Have nowhere to go, got nothing to do.

Situation #2 : The aunts would ask you to wash the dishes.
example, "Naahhh! Ini sumandak2 ne tagayo pedi. Pigi tulung susi2 piring."

Situation #3 : *updated* The kids that you know are so adorable! But the unknown kids from nowhere that you really don have the slightest idea who they are are so freaking annoying!

If you didn't know what their trend of hairstyle is, look at this picture :

[really looks the same as them]

Situation #4 : When elders are talking to you, they would talk in a language that....nobody understands! And they'll expect for you to understand.

Situation #5 : *updated* cute road full of dungs.

Situation #6 : When it comes to the eating part, it's the familiar food! *updated* which i really LIKE.

Situation #7 : When it comes to the cutting cake part, those unknown impatient kids would surround the cake.
And they'll scream and cry to their mommas, "Mommy! I want that! :(. "

There's this one time, it was my uncle's wedding ceremony.
So my uncle and his wife were going to cut their three level cake.

[ fyi, this is what we called "three level cake" ]

But this one freakingly unknown kid was running all the way to that cake and her shoulder hit the table. Soon after that, the cake fell down to the floor.
Feel like burning that kid's hair. =,=
You know how that feels when your wedding cakes are ruined!

ATTENTION! It's not like im criticising but i am really saying the truth. Believe me.
Dont get me wrong. I really LOVE my village. :)

Situation #8 : When the night has came, there'll be my favourite local traditional part.
That is moginum! Haha! Moginum means drinking alcohol.

Okay I got a new principle. "Drink Alcohol But Dont Drunk".
meaning : i can drink alcohol but stop drink when im finally on my limit, that is one step closer to be drunk.

Back to the topic, when that part has came, those fugly old perverts will take an advantage to flirt.
Gosh! Haven't they been satisfied with their own wives?

Situation #9 : When im already at the fun part, my parents would told me that we're going back home. Dammit.

[I bet you, this situation will surely happen]

And the last situation is,

Situation #10 : You cannot attend the wedding ceremony at the first place.
So you will be stucked at home.
[I guarantee this will happen.]

bye farts =,=

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Thursday, November 26, 2009
i dont have a fun right now.

haiya i got too many things to tell you ba.
but i feel so lazy to blog nowadays.
hey! what's happening to me?!
dont you know that im a BLOGGER-FREAK last year?

lemme tell you a story that's making me upset.
really really really upset.

two days ago, i was invited to a game match [CounterStrike] .
there were ten of us.
they're all professionals/top players and im the only one who's noob.
it was all okay untill that round.
that round when i accidentally head shot my teammate because he came out from nowhere.
so he died and he scolded me, "SIAL ko feo!"
and others said "Why you dont cover me?" and also "Jaga c4 ba" or "haiya =,=".

i was really upset at that time.

and fortunately, one of my friend back me up.
he said "Feo is a girl laa. And she's only 13 years old maa."
then the person that i shot said, "Pathetic".

so soon after that, i quickly quit from that match.
it is really upsetting you know.

so i gave up playing that game.
well, that's the past.
and now im going to continue playing!

next time, i wont accept an invitation to a game match.
'coz i feel like im a burden that they cannot bear.

soo. umm..
holiday is 'fine'.
as usual, it's so so so so so so so so BORING.
i'm stuck at home!


ARGHT! sad.
sad cause i knew that all of my plan for this holiday aren't going to work!

you guys who have a fun holiday must be so lucky.

hey watssup with the emo mode.

so umm..
i've made a video and it's only for my blog.
the video might making my 'standard' a little low.

i'll figure things out and then i'll tell you what im going to do next.
uhh buhbye now....buhbye..

currently watching East of Eden.
so.....wonderful. :)

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Friday, November 20, 2009

[from left to right : Rachel, Jacqueen, Nazurah, Angelicca, Sherly, me, Rosana, Juvenill, Judith]

i really dont like when my face is the weirdest in a photo!
well, i knew it's not that weird in 'real-life'.
but watever.

so i walked around the town yesterday and i captured some pictures.
i walked in the supermarket and went to the "Babies Section".

[they're all so cute!]

[tiny cotton-bud! arght so cute]

[look at them! :O ]

and the most popular one :


[the panties on the bottom aren't cute!]

moooove to the "Adult Section".

[if you dont know what are these thing, i'll tell you. they're the men's boxer. the saleswoman were watching me while i captured this picture. =,= not supporting. ]

[men's panties. seriously, i dunno why i took this picture.]

moooooooooove to the ugliest photo.

[i dont understand why they created such ugly clothes!!]

[omg those purse are all ugly! honestly! euuuh :( ]

soooooo. i've been spamming everyone.

babai~ :)

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Thursday, November 19, 2009
smile like nothing eve happens.

im frustrated.
haha silly me.

jump and fall~

first, to calm myself.
second, so someone would misunderstand.

get over get over get over it.
yea yea yea yea.
get over get over get over it.
yea yea yea yea.
get over get over get over it.
yea yea yea yea.
get over get over get over it.
yea yea yea yea.

from the beggining of this story.


how about we make a test for 1 day?
and see who is the survivor!

*evil laugh*

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Monday, November 16, 2009
the happiest moment might occur only once in a life time

thing to be done this holiday : whitening my face.
i started to use the Papaya Soap today.
hoping that it'll whiten my face.
[shh. keep it as a secret]

however, i managed to go to my party class today and yeah it's quite fun[as if] .
i just dont understand why we need to pay RM10 each person meanwhile we only got ONE chicken for each person?
but if we look carefully, Rm10 can buy Snack Plate which is Rm9.60 .
plus, Snack Plate got TWO chickens and other foods + a drink.
so why we only got one chicken per person?

let's count.
what i they gave me today were :

1 Chicken [Snack Plate could give 2 Chickens]
1 Cheesy Wedges RM3.80 [which i share for four people]
1 Drinks [Snack Plate also have]
French Fries [which i have a little interest to eat]

do i, i mean, do we deserve 1 chicken?
well, at first i didnt say anything because i thought it WAS okay.
but when i heard my friend was mumbling, i thinked about it back and i got a slight feeling to protest.
it's like there was a thunder aura surrounds me

after that, my other friend said to me, "Biarla. Kasi halal saja ba tu."
[translation : "Nevermind. Just let it be" ]
so i just sit back and ate that super "SATISFYING" chicken.

seriously, i dont blame anybody.

then i walked around the town untill there's a blister on my feet.
so i called my mother to pick me up.
when i get back home, i went to bath and being brought to the town to walk around again with my two sisters.
this time, i ate the KFC like hell to redeem my RM10 which i have wasted earlier.
my stomach was bloated *yawn* and ...
okay im getting bored with those stories.

let's move on with the pictures part!

[half of girls part :) ]

[ Juvenill a.k.a Jambul ]

[half of boys part]

[ Ingky & Jambul ]

[aww! look at our food and my only one chicken :( ]


[the only one cheesy wedges! :( ]

[the unlucky french fries! :( ]

[so candid!]

[wait. only their pictures? nah! you're wrong. it's time for the girls!]

seriously, there were not many of us.
[ 27 pupils - 3 pupils = 24 pupils ]

[candid! :) ]

[she was making the super sexy style of eating a BONE!]

[sherly and a girl. Seriously, that's Nazurah! :D im shocked too! but they're pretty though]

[oh no! Rachel blocked Jacqueen! :P ]

[Nazurah and Angelicca! sure, it's angelic. :D ]

after finish with the party class, i already told you that i went to KFC once again. :)

[ i shall conquer them all! HAHAHA! okay im glutton. hope i dont get fat soon!]

[the food monsters! haha joking.]

[the rainbow! eat eat eat eat untill i didnt realise it was raining. =,= ]

[yeah that's me! with my bloated stomach! haha!]

so thanks for reading my blog.
Good Night!

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quotes of the day from me. :)

do you know the difference between 'happiness' and 'peacefulness' ?

in my opinion,

happiness may be temprorary.
but peacefulness may remain forever.

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Friday, November 13, 2009
:) hope i'll have the best of most

guys! long time no update for the blog.
i've been busy because of school.
and here i am! on a big holiday!

what am i going to do with all of these holidays?

and guys!
it's my anniversary[actually i dunno when] for blogging for 1 year[only] !

so im gonna make a big update for this blog! :D
i'll change the template and watsoever.
and i'll blog everyday untill i have 1000 posts!
[if that's possible]
haha okay i knew that it's impossible.

so yesterday i escaped from the last meeting for all students&teachers at school.
'cause it's freaking boring.
i walked around the town then i went back home at 1 PM.
when i got home, mother bought a SUPER-DUPER undelicious cake.

sometimes she really cant pick the nice one, believe me.

watever, the icecream+coke part is the best.

so last Thursday, i captured some pictures of my classmates!
because it's the last day of school. :)
take a look at them~

[candid! omg~ they were busy talking untill they didnt realise that i was taking picture]

[wat are they doing? gay partner. haha! joking]

[my favourite windows~ :) ]

[i sabotaged them when they were playing this. for example, i scream loudly "SHE GOT AN 'A'!" ]

[omg omg omg my fav windows! xD ]

-oops~ im going to town. i'll be back soon and will update-

15th November 2009 :

i've cut my hair!
not really short and not really long.
i want to upload pictures but i cant right now because of some technical reasons.
but i need to so just wait a minute please.

[before cutting!]

[after the cut! ]

[lowong with me and my new hair! lol ]

maybe you'll say, "eeeuh~ that's your new hair? dont post it on the blog if your hair isn't that beautiful at all."
if you're going to say like that, well that's my history moment.
so you cant stop me from blogging on something that's so IMPORTANT for me.
lol. ok stop rambling.

tomorrow im going to KFC[Kentucky Fried Chicken] for my class party.
but the problem is, no one wants to send me to there!
:( sad sad sad sad sad sad sad.
i need to find a way.
there must be a way. yeah. there is.

is this post long enough? not enough?
okay i'll add.

actually i want to make my hair similar like this one :

but it happens to be like this :

arght. watever. haha!

so urm bye. :)
pray for me so i could go to my class party tomorrow.


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Monday, November 9, 2009

such a bad day for me.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009
i might be the UNLUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD today.

[reminder : im not emo]

from the title above, you might already knew what am i going to talk about today.
yeah i think im the unluckiest girl in the world today.

just wanting to tell you,
i never 'made-up' any story to put on my blog.
ALL of them are true and really happened in my life.

no need to tell you the details why im the unluckiest girl today because it's too long.
there's just one thing that i really want to complain about today.
it's about THIS NIGHT.

this night,
there'll be an event called "Dance Revolution" [again] that start at 7 PM untill 11 PM.
but the problem here is, i need to go there alone tonight.
why? because i have no friends to go with me!
that's what really matters right now!
why they cant go? because their parents wont allow them to go.

im really really pissed off right now.
i hate it when every thing that i had already planned didnt work to the way it should be!
i feel like SHITTING on every face that i saw.

everyone keeps on irritating me.
everyone is damn.
why they just dont help me to make my plan works right.
feel like screaming.
i feel like i want to scold someone.
oh i need to eat an ice-cream to calm my mind.
i want to go to bath.

arght im being childish right now.
im in my "period" right now.
maybe that's the thing that makes me hot-tempered.

leave my plan alone.
let it work!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009
let's get hyper in the early morning!

today's paper that im gonna take is Geography and Art!
i supposed to study Geo right now because the question consist all chapters.
>,< [at least let me play games first]

yesterday Science-Paper-Two's question is so ridiculous!
it asked "What's the importance of nitrogen?"
and i was like what the hell?i haven't revise about that!
i finally found the answer from the Google

"Nitrogen is a big part of Earth’s atmosphere. In fact, nitrogen makes up 78 percent of our air. Nitrogen is extremely important in living things. It forms the building blocks of proteins. We need proteins because they make up our skin and hair. Proteins also help us digest food. We get our nitrogen from plants, and plants get it from bacteria in the soil. Our atmosphere provides life with the nitrogen it needs."

well the other class had already knew the answers!
they cheated.
some from our class saw that there are two sheets of paper on their hands.
unfair unfair unfair unfair!
because they didnt share those answers with me!



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