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Thursday, December 31, 2009
time time time time time.

i just came back from Ranau!
we stay at there for one day and one night.
the real reason of us going to Ranau was to attend my cousin's wedding day.
so we cant go to the Poring Hot Spring, Kundasang, etc. etc. etc.
so saddening~

and we arrived home today at 10:11 PM.

[Side Story : I've been holing back my poop since 01:00 PM!
Keep this as a secret, okay?
I can't find a 'nice' place to poop!
I really really really wont do my pooping thingy at other people's house.
Even if I'm invited.
Can you imagine how will you wash your butt in a toilet that you are not familiar with?!
Imagine if you need a towel, tissue or watever but it's not your house?!
Imagine if your poops are too big that it could not be flushed and caused troubles?!
You'll be ashamed. So I hold my poop untill i get back home.]

right now is 12:40 AM.
i've been calculating time too much already.
you all already knew that the holiday will end soon.
so enjoy your holiday as much as you can!

tomorrow-plan-to-be is, going to Tambunan again for New Year 2010.
i hope it'll be fun.

but what if it would be sucks? what if it would be boring?
[ahhh here it comes my negative-mind side]

i need to sleep early! but i cant!
because i ate Maggie Tom Yam[my favourite] just now!

i hope i'll not get fat.!

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010 Pictures, Images and Photos

thinking about holidays, what are the new things that i did during holidays?
i guess, NOTHING!

i want something new that i could bring back to school.
i mean something like new personalities, new face, new smile, etc etc etc..

26th [today]
4th [SCHOOL!]

i got one week and two days left!
that's the time that i need to use to do something that could give me more benefits.
but just what is it?
what are the new 'something' that i could bring back to the year of 2010?!

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Friday, December 25, 2009
white christmas ♥

So well ,um, today, I might go to my village at Kampung Patau, Tambunan.
I’m hoping that I’ll find my favourite biscuits!

[Chocolate Almond Cookies!]

OMFG! I really freakingly love this one the most! !
It's even more delicious than that Chocolate Almond Biscuit!
I knew that I could only found this ♥biscuit on Hari Raya.
T,T Just where I could buy this ♥biscuit?!

Just by looking at these pictures, it already makes my saliva flow down to my throat.
OMG! I think I’m gaining more fats.
Yesterday, I ate Kentucky Fried Chicked[KFC] for two times!

Could you imagine how much fats that I have gained?
Staying at home makes me fat.


Reason :
1. Nothing to do at home » Playing computer from morning untill midnight.
2. No exercise » Only sit infront of computer for hours.
3. Playing computer » Watching movies/Facebook-ing.
4. Watching movies/Facebook-ing » While eating snacks.
5. Snacks » That contains fats! FATS!

27th of December!
Dont make me forget about that.

I really insists to go to my village that badly. :)
See ya'!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009
im not getting old-fashioned!

Happy Aliens!

i just made a tumblr.

i choose the name “Happy Aliens” because i need something happy.
nobody wants ‘sad’. or do you?
happy commonly combined with something like “Happy People”, “Happy Humans”, “Happy World”, “Happy Life”, erm or “Happy Dog”.
so i wanted something extravagant.
i thought about something that i havent heard before.
so i thought about aliens.
there it goes.

Happy + Aliens = Happy Aliens.


visit/follow my tumblr!


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i know im still young. but whats wrong with sharing?

i've abandoned my blog for a few days.
>,< have i?

so today im gonna blog about LOVE.
well.. not the love that we supposed to give to families, friends, God, etc. but this :

the reason why i never blogged about LOVE was because i thought it was fairly disgusting!
and i wont turn into a CORNY person.
okay, im not offending. sorry if im offending.

but honestly, for them to say "I love him/her so much!" with dozens of times is so irritating.
[honestly, i saw most of the girls do that but not me]

and also, for example, they'll post up on their bulletins[mostly Friendster], shoutouts, or comments something about,
"I love him so much!", "I cant live without him", "He's taken!", "Im taken!", "She stole him away from me!", "Dont steal!", "Kiss me!", "Hug me before my boyfriend came back!", etc etc etc etc.

GOSH! stop that freakingly annoying girlish childish bulletins!
you're not gonna marry him because you're still too young!
so stop dreaming about it and stop telling others about it even though nobody wants to know.

but still, im gonna blog about LOVE.
and of course, without that 'irritating words'.
you're not gonna leave me behind! :D

well, im thinking about blogging about this on my 'so-called-anniversary-day'.
but i knew that i would be super busy at that time untill i would forget about blogging.
hah. as if.
so i've finally made-up my mind to blog this for my 'so-called-anniversary-day'!
nice idea! :D

okay! start the drama!
i'll try to sound more romantic as possible.
in ONE....



It was a sunny and windy day. That was the first time for me to feel the Sun was refreshing.
I forgot the date but I still remember the warmth of November.
I sat there for hours while drinking a cup of tea. With my dearful Yahoo!Messenger.
Suddenly, a message popped-out. It was a friend of mine.
Let's call him Mr.O.
He tried to introduce me with his bestfriend by asking me to add his bestfriend's Yahoo!Messenger.

Even though I'm still in a relationship with Mr.ATL at that time.
It was a brilliant day that I never thought I would add that given Yahoo!ID.
And I never believed that I would really be friend with this guy.

On the next day, I was with my Yahoo!Messenger again.
He was online and he said "Hi" to me. So, we chatted.
I really thought that he was annoying.
Sometimes, he invited me to view his webcam.

His face was normal. Nothing attractive at all.
After a few days later, we started to know each other a little bit.
I started to know his name, age, school, and etc.
Let's call him Mr.B .

I even researched something and I found out that he's in love with my cousin.
I dont even care.

Let's call my cousin, Mrs.Hoe

It was a fresh new month. I need to do something more useful.
I started to ignore my beloved one which was Mr.ATL.
Mr.ATL SMSed me and invited me to go to his house during Christmas.
I never cared about that.
I always online my Yahoo!Messenger because there was nothing else I could do at home.
Not too long after that, Mr.B online too and he started a topic with me, we chatted.
I learned that this type of guy was the one who flirts with too many girls.
I felt disgusted at him.


Mr.O said to me, "Mr.B said to me that he like your eyes."
I dont really care. I was like, 'Duh~'.

I was researching untill I found out that Mr.O commented on Mr.B's Friendster Profile.
It was something like this, "It seems like Feo loves you."
At that point, I knew that he was lying to me when he said in the conversation above.
I was pissed off with him. I kept silent.

Mr.B believed what Mr.O said!
So I was like, what the hell?!

P/S : I broke up with Mr.ATL.

27th DECEMBER 2008
Mr.B online. He invited me to view his webcam.
He was just finished doing a show. He's a dancer.
So at 11.00PM ++, he asked me.

Mr.B : Am I handsome?
Me : Erk.. Erm.. Yeah.. Kinda..
Mr.B : Really?
Me : Erk. Yeah.. You're somewhat handsome.
Mr.B : So do you like me?
Me : What.... theee....
Mr.B : Do you like me?
Me : Why did you ask me that question?
Mr.B : Because Mr.O said that you like me.
Me : Mr.O said that you like my eyes.
Mr.B : Yeah. He said that to me too..
Me : So he manipulates us, huh. Damnit.
Mr.B : So.. Honestly, do you like me?

Believe me. Lowong[which is my sister] pushed me away and she typed "Yes."
I cant do anything. The rice already turned to porridge.
I saw his face on the webcam. He was covering his mouth with both of his hands, half-smile and half-laugh.

Mr.B : ♥.♥ You want to couple with me?

First reason, I was bored. Second reason, I was planning to take it all easy and we're not gonna stay longer in that relationship. Third reason, I was still too young. Fourth reason, I hate a "pervert-flirty-guy" so I'll hurt his feelings. Fifth reason, I thought this was just a temporary game.

So I said, "Yes".

I honestly cant remember the rest of it. Believe me.
I could easily forgot things. Even how important it is.


It was a fine morning. As usual, I online my Yahoo!Messenger.
Around 12.05 PM, Mr.B online.
It looked like he told his friends about that night on 27th.

Mr.B : Hi. Im Mr.B's friend. Is that true that you and him are couple?

I really really forgot this part! >,< style="font-weight: bold;"> WARGHT! But I did remember that I admitted about it to his friends.
Well, did I? I think he's still in love with Mrs.Hoe.

It was the first January. The first time I thought about him us.
[Here comes the corny part!]
It was all weird the we haven't exchanged our phone numbers.
I thought it was NORMAL because I was only kidding with that relationship.

Damnit! It was the Marathon Day!
I hate running/jogging infront of my friends. =_=
Mr.B was running along with me!
I told him to go ahead and not to run along with me.
I was so ashamed that the way I ran was extremely weird and funny.
The sentence that I can't forget is when he asked me,
"Are you alright?".

HAHA! It was damn hilarious that he asked me the same thing for dozens of time.
My friend even make fun of me about that. =_=

Damnit! My phone was borrowed by my sister at that time.
I was like, this is the depth of hell !!

I had my phone back. I SMSed him.
Why in the hell would a girl SMS a guy first?!
So the he would be informed.


Nothing happened in our love story.
My birthday was coming. But I cant celebrate it for some reason.
I'll tell you the reason later.

14th FEBRUARY 2009
Valentines Day! :D
He and his team made a perfomance at our school!
He gave me a necklace with my initial and his initial on it.
And he gave me a bracelet.

I gave him a little sweet teddy bear.

26th FEBRUARY 2009
It was my birthday.
I was not celebrating it but my BelovedBestFriends still suprised me and bought me a cake. :D
Mr.B gave me a teddy bear.

Now maybe some of you would knew who is Mr.B.

March 2009
I think this was the date where I went to Camping Scout.
It was so ashaming that Mr.B was the AJK.
And he chose to be the AJK of my team.
At that time, I was in the depth of hell, again.
I thought that he purposely chose my team.
I was ashamed.
I was grubby.
I even fell during the camping!
Ashamed. Im still ashamed untill now.

April 2009

25th APRIL 2009
My elder sister SMSed to Mr.B using my phone without me knowing.
She SMSed, "I want to break up with you."
I tried to stop her but it was too late~
Mr.B misunderstood. He was super sad that I felt pity for him.
I wanted to tell him the true story, but I was too stupid that I let it be.
And there was this one girl trying to take advantage!

[Focus on the one that I tagged as "lala".]

This girl arh.. she have no shame at all woer.

1st. She was busybody-ing with someone that are not even her close friends!

2nd. She accused me without knowing the true story at all!
"Maybe she already have boy".
Hey girl, wtf?! You better fix your English Grammar first before you accuse me.

3rd. She was flirting with someone who dont even know what her name is.
"Im a girl want be your prenz"
Oh pleaase~ How thick is your face? 5 inches?

4th. She was flirting with Mr.B

5th. She was convincing him to just let the 'break-up' thingy.

Hermph. Many girls taking advantage.

He cried. I was shocked.
I explained things to him and we're back to normal.

MAY 2009
I felt that I didnt know lots about him.
I asked him, "I want to know lots more stuff about you."
So he told me about his families.
And his favourites colour,clothes,bla bla bla..etc.

JUNE 2009
Not close enough. Must research more.

JULY 2009

We've got into a worse troubles!
I felt regret.
Wishing to turn back time

*emo mode*

Next month was his birthday.
What should I gave him?
I decide I'll gave him a keychain.


His birthday.
His basketball competition.
His birthday and Mrs.Hoe's birthday are on the same month!

Me : Hey! Are you Mrs.Hoe's mother? If yes, then why would you have to born her on August?! Why?! You want to die,huh?! I'll go back to past and kill you when you're pregnant.

I was kidding. Im not that childish.

Escape from schools together.
Run to the beach.
[Keningau have beach liao?]
Okay dont ruin my story.

We ran to the beach.
The twilight was so beautiful.
We walked along the sea shore.

Going out for a walk with him! :D
Aik. Since when I'm close with him?


22nd DECEMBER 2009
The anniversary is coming!

Mr.B : When will we go out again?
Me : 27th! HEHE! :D
Mr.B : Waaa 27th.. Hurmm..

He sounds disapproving.
Maybe he'll be with his family for vacation/holiday/christmas.
Or he have forgotten the anniversary day.
So I said something like this,

Me : I was just kidding about that.. Hehe..
Mr.B : Ooooh.. hehehehehe..

No anniversary.
He's so unromantic larh!

Im not being corny!

haa thinking about deleting this post. :)

Mr.B reads my blog. all of it.
my face was reddish and im ashamed.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
a ruined morning.

imagine that you've just woken up from a sweet dream.
and you thought the rest of your day would be fine.
as you walk with a proud smile in the middle of the morning,
someone suddenly scold at you.
[the sound of broken mirror]

what would you feel?

that Umaga, which is my mother, nagged at me so suddenly!
she said something like this, "Kua.. Mekirayou! Apa kau buat begitu! Buat keraja bah! Mau senang lenang saja. Bagus sa pigi jalan2 kalau begini!"
and i was like......... what the hell is wrong with this woman?
i did not dare to reply her words so she would drive me to the town.
if you're telling me to go to the bus stop, then it's absolutely NO.
back to the subject, usually if i wanted to go to the town, she wont drive me.
why? because i oppose her words.

Usual Morning :
Umaga : Bangun2 trus main computer! Ntah kenapa tida pigi buat karaja! Mewah2 saja!
Me : Org men computer pun salah ka? Sa taw buat juga ba.
Umaga : Kua! Bagus lagi sa pigi jalan2!!
Me : Pigi la. Pigi seja. Lama2 pun tiapa.

*she was pissed off already and she was going to threaten me*

Umaga : Aik! Jangan kau minta saya duit lagi. Melawan saja ko taw!
Me : Ish mengugut.
Umaga : Ko tingu arh. Kalau ko susah, saya juga ko pigi cari.
Me : Ntah la. Pigi la jalan.
Umaga : *babble* *babble* *babble*

*after 10 minutes*

Me : Ikut~ Sa pun maw p kadai~
Umaga : Kuaa! jangan ikut saya! masing2! melawan saja ko taw. ko buat keraja d rumah. buat mcm pa yg sa buat. jangan tau enjoy2 saja!


that's my usual morning.
but this morning was different.

Today's Morning :
Umaga : Bangun2 trus main computer! Ntah kenapa tida pigi buat karaja! Mewah2 saja!
Me : ........
Umaga : Saya mau jalan ni! Bagus lagi saya jalan daripada saya d rumah.
Me : .........
Umaga : Pigi tutup lampu garage!
Me : .......... *tutup*
Umaga : Endeh! Buat keraaja! Jangan tau mau jalan saja!


so conclusion is.... she still wont drive me to the town.
i admit it that she rarely bring me to the town.
unless she's in a super good mood or i forced.

gimme a solution.
i really need a driver who'll drive me.

i want to go. i need to. i must.

no matter if i cry untill the tears become to blood,
she wont ever bring me today to my destination.

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Monday, December 14, 2009
it was........

it was all weird and awkward.
i was in the living room alone.
my sister was still sleeping upstairs.
it was raining.
i was closing all of the lamps because it was getting into daylight.
it was a morning mist even though actually it was not.
i slept on the sofa and read my SMSes.
all of my SMSes were weird.
i suddenly remembered about playing computer.

then i woke up from my dream.

ahh. i woke up at 7.28 AM
still sleepy.

but it's a weird dream.
you'll never know what it feels like untill you had dreamed the same thing.
just because of internet, i managed to fight my sleepiness?!

ahh im sleepy. going to Facebook now.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009
never exactly on the same page.

everything just happened in one GULP.
understand what i mean?

it's like a dream and when you realise that it's not a dream, then you'll be feeling so so AWKWARD.
it's so harsh that you cant deny reality.

you only realised that it's a reality when you think about it back.
but you cannot stand back.
you need to move foward for a living.

im not really good in avoiding thinking back.

ok shut up.

sometimes i wondered if i was seeing the same thing through my eyes that the rest of the world was seeing through theirs.
maybe there is a glitch in my brain.

but the cause didnt matter.
all that matter is the effect.

and tomorrow would be just the beginning.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009
:D one day vacation!

i just came back from my one day vacation at Ranau yesterday night!
haha saddening. one day only.

however, it was so much fun!
relaxing. enjoying. exciting. holiday-ing.

before we went to Ranau, we went to Tambunan first because my mother said that she was hungry.

and then i saw two big statues.

i ran to those statues and i took some pictures.
and that was the time when i saw gross thing.
it was disgusting when they do their 'lovey-dovey' thingy beside me!

[im being open-minded so i dont really care much about the lesbos but it was unacceptable when they do 'lovey-dovey' things on public.]

[on our way to Ranau]
we stopped at the 'siring' road to buy durians! they're cheap!

[it's the climb! dont be stupid. it's the cliff]

[ha! busted!]

[Al said, "Oji! Tuna ada tandas! Pigi la kencing!"]

[please dont mind about my bloated stomach and my face]

we arrived at Ranau on 12.00++ PM.
the first thing we do is, erm we went to the fish ponds because my mother wanted to buy fishes.
[that's ... awkward =,=" ]
after that, we went to my grandmother's house, which is my mother's house.
my grandmother asked us to sleep at there for one night but my father refused because he need to attend a meeting tomorrow after that day.
next, we went to the Poring Hot Spring.
it was so much fun.
there's this one water coaster which was very addictive to play with.
at the first time, i was feeling nervous to rode it.
but my sister, Lowong pushed me then i fell down on the water coaster.
it was so so damning fun!
so i rode it many times. haha! more than 10 times oo.
[p/s : i cant SWIM!]

after that, we went to the hospital to visit my mother's uncle.
then we went to the restaurant to eat.
next, we went to our aunt's house because she asked us to go to her house.
when we arrived at her house, it was like 6.00 or 7.00 PM already.
so when it's nearly 9 PM, we decided to leave.

then we went to the Fun Fair!
lol! the amount of customer who came to there was VERY VERY SUPER-DOOPER SMALL!
and i was like, what the hell?why there's no many people?is the fun fair closing oredi?
however, it was fun too.

[the cars! i want to ride one!]

[small population of people]

i wanted to ride the wheel and the car but mother said, "No need la! We got no time. We need to go back home immediately."

[T^T huhuhuhu]
[okay enough! i hate that 'huhuhuh' thingy]

so i was kinda sad and then father asked me to sing at the stage!
okay it was not really humiliating to sing on the stage because there's no much people.

after a while, we decide to go back home.
we arrived home at 12.00 AM.
i was so damn tired at that time.

so tomorrow i got to decide whether to go to Kota Kinabalu or not.
should i go?
think i should~

im tired. T^T
it worth it.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009
this is a boring post. come on and waste your time.

yesterday i slept almost at 2 AM!
and i woke up early at 6 AM!
believe or not? i only slept for 4 hours!
okay that's common, i guess.
it's a boring post anyway, so im gonna say watever crossed on my mind.

well, i've been playing this computer for such a long time already.
from 6.00 AM untill right now, 6.00 PM.
12 hours! how about playing this computer for 12 hours more?
haha~ nah, u've got to be kidding me.
my mom would nag at me.

i cant get along with some adults[30 years above].
because....... okay for example,

41 years old Aunt : next week, we're going to Melaka for vacation.
Me : oooh wahh.
[im not sure which expression to give. so i gave the 'impressed' one.]
41 years old Aunt : last month we went to Johor. Johor is nice you know.
Me : ermm... wahh hehe.. so what did you guys do at there?
[thinking of what respond i should make]
41 years old Aunt : on a vacation, of course. =,="
Me : ..... well..okay......
41 years old Aunt : im sure Melaka is nice.
Me : em yeah. me too..
41 years old Aunt : yeah it's nice..it's nice..
Me : ...yeah .... hehe .............. . . . . .... . . .
[totally out of words!]

change the topic!
a friend of mine was chatting with me just now.
and he gave me these links about whats going to happen in year 2012.


and i was like, "I dont believe in this."
i mean, sure, maybe something bad might happen in year 2012.
but im sure, year 2012 is not the end of the world.
God is so so so so so powerful untill he could stop this world from being 'crushed'!
because He's the creator. He knows lots of things that we dont know.
so humans, just please shut up!

im sorry if this offends you but i already told you that i will say watever crossed on my mind.

Bible says that this world would be crushed by fires! or meteors! or watever that's superhot.
and obviously not by water!

im going to do some research now!


me >> unsatisfied girl.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009
it's like drinking a glass of milk.

this is the 2nd time that my parents thought that i am my sis, Lowong.
they thought Lowong was the one who played the computer.
but actually, it is ME.
and i was like, "Come on! Cant you see my face?".

even when my mother was infront of me earlier, she still said
"Lowong! Go to eat. I already cook. Eken ke sengkedehen id komputer[dusun]."
[translation : dont obsessed with computer that much]
i wanted to say that i am FEO.
but my stomach is feeling gloomy[im hungry] that makes me cant say anything.

okay good. my mother still think that i am Lowong right now.
she said earlier, "Lowong! Who is on the gate?"
and finally.. after sometime she's embarrassed because of talking to wrong person.
then she cover up by saying, "Hey feo! go to eat".
ha! so where's your ugly Lowong?

lemme tell you about yesterday, 02/12/2009.
well nothing extraordinary and i dunno what to say about it.

yesterday : not my day of playing computer.
today : i conquer the computer.

Feo stop dreaming la!
wake up wake up wake up!
i need to do some good things.

it's like a dream. -,-
i want new experiences!

i need to get a life~

so i took some quiz from BlogThings
and look what i got.
[the purple words are the words that i agree]

Your Strength: Courage. Your Weakness: Arrogance.

You have an extreme amount of willpower. You are an naturally tough and self-reliant person.
You are very independent, and you have many original thoughts. You are good at taking initiative and leading others.

Understandably, you are also very stubborn. You have a big ego and always insist on doing things your way.
It is sometimes hard to see where you are wrong. You don't appreciate criticism, and you are susceptible to false pride.

Your Soul Is Connected to the Winter

[i love winter!]

You approach life with a zen-like calm that other people envy. Nothing rattles you.
You are smart, thoughtful, and very serious. You don't stress out, but you don't take much lightly.

You like to keep to yourself, and you've been called shy - even if you don't consider yourself that way.
You prefer a cozy, quiet life filled with ideas, books, and maybe a few friends.

You Are Realistic Fiction

You are an outgoing person and very interested in others. You have many relationships that are important to you.
You are always willing to lend an ear to a friend with a problem. And you're even pretty good at giving advice!

Some may accuse you of loving drama, but you just seem to find yourself in the middle of it.
You are a true people person. You find the lives of others to be fascinating. You're up for hearing anyone's life story.

You Need Expression

You're the type of person who has a lot to express, and you need many outlets.
You love to create - whether you're writing a novel or just putting together an amazing outfit.

You are a deep thinker. You understand the world well, and you are in touch with your emotions.
And you don't like to keep your insights to yourself. You love sharing what you know with the world, even if it's in a very abstract way.

You Are Weird

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?
But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

♥ thats it.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-