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Saturday, January 23, 2010
another mind sharing

after thinking sometime,
i realised that i have nothing left to say.

the truth sometimes may be harsh.
but we need to accept the fact. or else, we'll be retarded.

once again, i have options.
and i cant choose, so i'll leave the options behind and start living.
options to choose. please give me the best option.

that path i choose right now seems nice but actually there's a slightest mistake.
or even a big mistake that we'll never realise.

i dont want to be part of this cruel world.
humans are selfish, greed, materialistic and lust!

they just cant seem to realise that the end will come soon..
so soon..

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Friday, January 22, 2010
i ♥ liar game!

I wanted to watch the movie Liar Game Season 2 so badly.
But that web took time to load it.
Im addicted to Liar Game.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
not in a good mood. this flu is torturing me all day long!

Which is not good.

Going too school then achoo!
At a silent and peaceful class then achoo!
Running then achoo achoo achoo!
I also have a sore throat!
Freak, isn't it?

I guess I need lots of tissue today.

Tomorrow is the Sports Day for our school!
Omigosh-What am I going to do?
I havent train myself very well.
Plus, my teacher added my name on the "List Of Runner 4x400 Meter".
I cant hold my breath very good!
Even running for 100 meter already makes my stomach burst into pieces.
But this is 400 meter!
Im gonna lose! Totally and surely.
And of course, it'll be embarassing.

Just how can I cure this FLU?!
It's torturing me night and day. Like my nose is being 'cucuk2'.

this Facebook is also stressing me out!
I hate how I need to accept gifts one by one.
It's torturing me[again]! Sometimes, I ignored those useless gifts.
Haha! =,= you deserve that bastard.

My sister uninstalled my Counter Strike 1.6!
Need to install it back today.

Eh! Now I realised. I got lots of improvement in this game! :O
Look at the name "feo". Thats me. Erm..
Wah. It's true that 'practice makes perfect'! :D
HOHOHOHO! going to practice now :p
bla bla bla bla bla~

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Thursday, January 14, 2010
marathon day, again!

Tomorrow is the Marathon Day!
Which starts at 7.00 AM ++ and I need to keep that in my mind~ :P
Many benefits from marathon. But got disadvantages too~

First benefit, could make you looks more skinny.
Second benefit, sweating. Sweating is good.
Third benefit, exercise. Could keep your body fit.


First disadvantage, could make your face blacker than usual.
Secondly, sweating is smelly!
Thirdly, you cant run.
Next, your shoes would covered by muds!

I decided to go! >,<
It wont be fun but I'll try to make it fun.

Just now I brought my mom to 'take' my Report Card from my Classroom Teacher 2009.
And all of it were sucks! I mean, 'are' sucks.
I hate the fact that my mom has something on her mind and I cant read her mind.
I cant read everyone's mind. That's what making it more sucks!

Today at 2.oo PM, there'll be a meeting to choose people that can run.
I must go.

ENd! 10.19 AM! :D ♥

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You know that I dont know what to talk about.
I got lots of homework to do but I prefer blogging.

My thigh still damn hurts! That's because of my training yesterday.
It's been a very long time I didnt run.
I hope I wont get choosen for the 100M & 4x400M.

I really dont know what to do in the middle of morning.
My elder sister's feet is 'injured' and Im afraid that I could get the infection.
So let me show you her feet :

[At picture : Looks like normal. At real life : So freaking not normal.]

[This hurts damn much.]

That type of disease is very itchy you know.

Im hungry >,<. I wanna eat.
Bye hahaha~
End! 9.21 AM ♥

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Feo's guide on how to make homemade chocolates!

Seriously, It's not like I dont want to blog everyday or watsoever.
It's just everytime I blog, there'll be a 'ruiner' which keeps me away from blogging.
So sometimes I forgot the things that I want to blog about.

Lately, I've some experiments to do.
Which involves my brain and my imaginary friend.
[I was just kidding. I DONT have an imaginary friend. It's creepy!]
Firstly, I think about how to do this and that first.
After that, I'll start the experiment.

My Latest Experiment : Making Your Own Chocolate.

My homemade chocolate were so delicious untill my sister[Lowong], followed my recipes and she even posted it on her blog.
So i'll just tell you the steps, ok? :D

Firstly, heat up a bar of a chocolate untill it melts.

And then, put some ALMONDs into the chocolate.
If you dont want to put almonds, then it's okay.
But I prefer MORE almonds! :D
[I love peanuts]

Secondly, put the chocolate in a cupcake.
[At first I wanted to use a 'shape-creater' to make the chocolate become a heart shape. But since this is my first experiment of chocolate, I just use anything that I have.]

Thirdly, put some toppings.
[I used almonds because I love almonds! :D]

You could also make initials on it using almonds.

[Oh man! This looks like a "F*CK". So let's change]

[This is better :D hahahaha!]

Lastly, put those chocolates in a refrigerator. :D

And then, FINISH! hehe.

So what do you think about my homemade chocolate?
It's very simple and delicious! >,<

wuuu~ my bite :P

Im going to make more chocolates for Valentines Day!
Haha! Ok... I guess I cant celebrate Valentines Day :(


Guys! The 'Merentas Desa' is going to be held on this Friday!
What The Freaking Hell!
Im so excited! :D
[Usually when Im excited over something, something bad will happen]
I'll just deal with it. Trouble is my friend =,=.

End! 8.44AM! :D

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Friday, January 8, 2010
Read this post! Interesting :)


The training for our school's Sports Day is starting from today untill 20th++!
Let's flashback about the post that I post during training last year.

Haha. Wait. I found this just now. Click Here!
And I like the fact that I dont miss them anymore. In fact, I hate some of them now.
Why? Because they're dumb! Haha Joking! I got some other good reasons that you no need to know.

Back to the topic, here's my post about training last year. Click Here!
As you can see, I was running away from my training.
And this time, I am not running away.
I register to join the sport 'Running 4x100 m and 4x200 m'.
=,=" Can I actually run?....

Click Here!
Of course, like last year, Im still going to training with Ingky and Vian!
:D :D :D

erk.. I read all of my post on January 2009 and it all fills with EMOTION!
Click Here! and also Here!

Im being a good girl this week. :)
When I think about it back, I want to cancel my '4x2oo meter'.
Why? Because I dont want to embarass myself that I know I cant hold up too much.
I have my own limits! So, yeah Im gonna cancel it. :)

Last year, Im a 'newbie'.
But this year, Im gonna be different! :D
Im gonna smile a lot! [huh =,= i am??]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
*20 minutes later*

And there's this one 'Chicky Shitty Girly Group' that accused me as a criminal!
They said that Im the one who hurt their beloved friend. And I was like, What the F*ck is that?!
They SMS my besties something like this,

"Aie.Ko jgn mcm2 bh. Ko pkir sy brani d tlepon jax kar. Sy lw sy mw bule bh mw antak kpala kmuranq. Jgn trep. Ckp sama c feo."


The first thing that I wanna say is, please fix your Bahasa Malaysia before SMSing. :)
I can hardly understand what you're trying to talk about.

Secondly, please dont ruin my beloved name >> "Feo".
My name contains more dignity than yours. So please watch out :)

Thirdly, I am not the criminal. Either my besties.
In other words, YOUR friend are the criminal! :)

Next, I am not a 10 years old child anymore. I am grown up. I am 14!
The PMR is coming! Do something better that could give you benefits!

Lastly, the person who accuse someone is not forgiven untill the person politely ask for forgiveness.
:) Deal or no Deal? Haha~

Oh ya.. Last word.. Please dont mess up with innocent people, 'kay?
'Cause you might get into big troubles.~

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

End! :D 9.22 AM!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010
the worst nightmare !

I hate the fact that I slept alone last night. The first time I opened my eyes, there was my sister sitting on her chair. But, for the second time I opened my eyes, I was all alone in that room!
It was scary because that night I went to bed earlier than them[my sisters].
So if I was sleeping alone, the lamps wont be switch off.
And the harsh reality is, yesterday when I was awake twice, the lamps were switched on!
I was like omgthiscantbetrue. I never want to sleep alone. If not, I'll have a bad nightmare.
Of course, 'nightmare' means 'bad dream'. So no need to say 'bad nightmare' because It's already bad.

My nightmare was sucks! [is there any nightmare that not "sucks"?]
I got too many nightmare in one dream. Do u get it?
Stories are combined into one. After you're finish or not with your dream, sometimes you will automatically 'transport' to another dream.
And last night I 'transported' too many times! Sucks.

My brain sure know how to make the worst nightmare ever.
Our brain obviously knew about our 'the-most-thing-that-i-hate-to-happen'.

My brain showed my weakness last night :
I dreamed about my father getting drunk and we were on the road.
It was dark and I never get to see the stars shining brightly. Our car was out of fuel.
So I put down my cellphone on the passenger seat and ran to find other cars for help.
But, no cars were willing to help us. I ran back to our car and my father was drunk.
He was using my cellphone to call someone. As fast as thunder, he throwed away my cellphone to the middle of the road and as I expected, a big[ugly] lorry smashed my cellphone!
It was really a heart-breaking. That was my weakness ever.

>> I really love/treasure my cellphone and my Sim Card.
>> Because Im needing it. Both of them :)

I got more nightmares to share with you. But Im running out of time!
It's 9:40AM already. Untill we meet again. Take care. :)

[p/s : I will surely continue this story as soon as I get back from school!]


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Monday, January 4, 2010
this night :)

sitting here, eating chocolates while drinking Coke.
and watching movies.
and think.....

how much fats i have gained?

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im freaked out!

It's school! 8:32 AM! It's school! 8.32 AM! It's school!

I want my first day to be my greatest day of all.
i would wait for my school bus outside my house just like a stupid-dumb-person with a big bandage on my leg.

i guess i havent told you guys yet, huh?
and it left a big scar on my leg.
i look totally FREAK~ =,="

my stomach hurts.going to eat cereal.bye. :P

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Sunday, January 3, 2010
friend in need is a friend indeed.

Firstly, I wanna say "Thank You Very Much" to my friends,
especially my beloved friend, Juvenill !

Haha! The reason why I post this is because I'm happy.
[not 'very' happy but at least, im happy la]

The reason why is because, just now I thought I'm gonna go to school very early tomorrow ALONE! *echo*
Well, you know.. my school bus will pick me up at 10.45 AM!
So I was sad because I thought that I'll be all alone untill 11.30 AM.
But LUCKILY, my friend, Juvenill said that she'll go to school tomorrow at 11.00 AM too!
And I was like, OMG!IMSOHAPPY!

But, when I think about it back, darling, it'll be sucks.
Maybe she'll come at 11.30 AM. RUINED!
Think about my resolutions back! I MUST BE OPTIMISTIC.
optimistic. optimistic. optimistic.

I hope tomorrow, everything will happen on my way as I wish.
It's the first day so I will do my best to make it my SUPERGREATDAY!

pray for me :)

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

last year's memories are going to be banished!

Disaster is coming! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarght!
Guys! I woke up this early just to tell you that the school starts tomorrow!
When I was dreaming, suddenly I remembered that today is Sunday..
And tomorrow is MONDAY! 4th January!
What the hell?! Time really goes so fast! Think about it!

The year 2009 is like 'yesterday' for me.
And year 2010 is in the year 2009 that makes it so fast!
=,=" It makes sense!
I dunno if I could yell any louder.

Honestly, I am really waiting for school.
Hahaha~ I am ready for school!
School please come faster! Faster! FASTER!

Talking about that, I havent thinking about my resolution for this year!
And freaking hell! I spend my hour to search my previous post on Year 2009 about 'Resolution'.
But NO! No post about that. What the hell?
I remembered that I've posted something about that last year.
But, watever, I dont care, As I was reading all of my posts last year, I really really really missed that moments. The moments where I was free of troubles. The moments where I should be enjoying the best because it wont happened again.
It's only "once in a life time". :(
Saddening, huh? Hey! We're out of topic! Now lets get back to my real topic.

Resolution This Year :
1. Reads Bible more often.
2. Become into a kind and passionate person.
3. Do not bully other people.
4. Get away from the thing we called 'LOVE'. Run away from it.
5. Dont become a noob! Just dont. Not nerd also! Dont.
6. Lose some fats on my stomach & face.
7. Be friend with everyone but not with sucks people!
9. Dont make a mistake that you know it's a mistake but you still do it. Dont!
10. Lastly, spend some time to blog! And must blog everyday :) So my blog wont looked like abandoned.

That's all! Simple but HARD to do. Very very hard!
Haha~ I have a message for ...

To : Form 1 SFX 2010
Please do not act cool. Please accept that you all are still noob and dont show off!
I've seen some of you who praises themselves. They even show off infront of me and say something like, "Apa yang ko taw? Im the pro dota bha! Lawan bha kita. Td sa lawan Form 1 trus saya yg manang bha."
You're not developed enough. There are many people out there who plays better than you.
You think only you know the game called "Dota" ?! Go pee on your pampers la.

And about this group of girls, please do not show off infront of your boyfriends.
You think you pretend cute/cool/strong infront of your boyfriends is cool?! Hah! Get a life.
I've seen lots of you are stupid. So please dont be stupid. Take Care.

=,=" I freakingly disgusts with 'SHOW OFF' people.
Eh I should add my resolutions!

11. Do not use bad words! Unless you cant avoid it or you're too mad and cant think about anything.

hehe. I havent bath yet!

: Go to bath
: Eat breakfast
: Watch movies.

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