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Friday, February 26, 2010
happy aliens by feo

im thinking about 'popularizing' my art work, which is


hohohoh copyrighted by me!

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-


which is my birthday :)

i dont expect to celebrate it
but i expect to have a great time and to have a nice day
thanks for the person who give me a really nice day today :)
especially my dearful friends! hehe.

today is FUN.
thats the only three words that i could say.

school recently is fine but boring!

so what am i going to talk left?
so goodbye! :)

untill we meet again.

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Saturday, February 20, 2010
the butt cheek philosophy of life

we all have butts.

so survival isnt about putting a foot in front of your trunk and shuffling along. nope.
its about moving the butt cheeks and getting them into the pants of life.
its my philosophy of attacking life, or more accurately, surviving life's attacks on me.
has been since i was little.

every morning, i wake up, find the pants for the day that fit my butt and wiggle into them.
one. butt. cheek. at. a. time
one and then the other. SIMPLE.
eventually, because some days it takes longer than others, i get both cheeks into the jeans and life doesnt feel quite so overwhelming.

its little things that add up to the big things. so try it.
the next time you dont think you can get out of bed or tackle the next obstacle,
just focus on your butt and your jeans.

one cheek in, then the other.
and you're ready to go.

it works! trust me. it's gotten me this far.

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Friday, February 19, 2010
random things :D

uh-oh. i think i heard "Ultraman Theme Song" just now.
nevermind about that.

ok. start!

currenty im reading a book entitled "One Butt Cheek At A Time".
it's very interesting and only dumb people dont understand that book.
[a mosquito is biting my leg!bastard-mustard]

im improving on playing guitar! :D

i cancelled my CLASS T-SHIRT because the design is damn ugly! :D
[but i dont understand why my classmates want that ugly T-SHIRT!]

when i decide to do something, you cant stop me.

they're trying to torture me so that i will buy that ugly T-SHIRT.
i will never buy it. thats all :)

Reasons :
[im being really honest and please dont be mad about it]
1. The design is damn ugly and so childish.

[they really have no sense of creativity. btw, what the heck with that stick people?!]

2. I could only wear that ugly T-SHIRT for 1 year.
[i wont even wear an ugly shirt like that for even 1 month]

3. Making a class T-Shirt for Form 2 is not necessary. Waste of money!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010
Chinese New Year + Valentines Day = ?!?!

i wonder what it would be like when...

Chinese New Year + Valentines Day
equal to...
Chinese 'lion' dances infront of 'love-birds' who are celebrating their valentines
can you imagine a head of lion flying around when people are doing their 'romantic-thingy' ?
=,=" that's sooooo so so not okay.
but still.. i think it's still okay.

Main Reason : MORE MERRIER! :P

3 days holiday! :D babaiiii~

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Thursday, February 11, 2010
updated! updating!!!

im not missing you~ hahahaha
ok actually i do miss blogging.
i wonder what life would be without computer, technology and especially INTERNET!

well lately, life is treating me with cruelty.
my FLU is away-not! understand?
my FLU cannot be cured! :O
i ate my medicine right on time but still....

okay i know that i havent blogging for such a long time.
it's because... well it's not because i dont want to!
but sometimes, i cant.
the internet connection at my house is 'hang-kang'.
or you can say, there's a problem with my network connection.
=,= and im really gonna solve it right now.

ok my father was behind me just now.
he's watching me blogging! =,=".
so i shoo-ed him away, like usual. haha~

school is fine.
lately there are some mysterious 'things' happened.
and i know it all.

[sometimes i pretend that i dont know something. but actually i know it all]

sometimes i wanted to tell you how hard it is to go to school at 11 AM.
but i cannot blog about it.
sometimes i wanted to tell you how my Geography teacher bored me to the hell.
but i cannot blog about it.
sometimes i wanted to share my opinions about something.
but i cannot blog about it.
i always wanted to blog about something that occurs in my daily life!
but i cannot blog all of them! :( how sad.

this feeling that i wanted to share cannot be shared to you because i cannot blog!
so it's all my fault. :(

sometimes i wanted to tell you the 'up-to-date news' about my love-life.
but i cannot blog! still, it's my fault.

i wanted to blog about how much i hate something and how much i hate when people are 130% depending on me!
[such as group-works]. no offence >,<

sometimes i wanted to tell you how burdening my life is.
but still, my fault. im the GUILTY one. and i should be punished.
[haha! ok. no more emo-mode]

back to the subject which is "New Update",
my class had decided to make a "Class T-Shirt".
which is very special and only for our class.
but some of those moronic-aliens a.k.a my dumb classmates dont want to share about their opinion.
they're complaining but they didnt SUGGEST about how our class T-Shirt will look like.
dumb asses. =,= haha no offence.
im only saying about "SOME" of my classmates. not "ALL" of them.

so tomorrow my parents will be away for 8-9 hours. [they're going to Kota Kinabalu]
i wanted to follow them but i cant!

Me : Apa? Kmu mau pigi KK bisuk? ikutttt~ sa mls mo p skola.
Umaga : Ehhhh! jangan. Ko jgn menyusahkan tu bas ko.
Me : %^&*?!?!

that is very UNREASONABLE!

but watever it is, im growing to be a better person :P
im going to be a PASSIONATE person. just like as i promised you last year.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-