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Saturday, July 31, 2010
today is.... i've no comment.

someone please punch me hardly on my face.

i've wasted lots of money & time today all for NOTHING.
nothing that i gained, nothing that i do.
i only spent times playing games , eating and walking around.

feo! you must stop eating!
dont you know that you're getting fat?!
[my heart's voice]

anyway, i found new addicting games yesterday and just now :
NightclubCity, MillionaireCity, Baking Life, Castle & Co.
[play them at www.facebook.com]

im feeling so exhausted.
i've done the most bad thing ever in my life.

walked away just like that.

conclusion : im sorry.

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Friday, July 30, 2010
i ♥ poreotics!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010
yesterday's awful night.

yesterday's night was awful.
very very very awful.
i never ever want it to be repeated again.
im confused and searching for any way out but the conclusion is still the same.
it's my fault. EVERYTHING is my fault.

why did i start something that i cant stop?

i want to bang my head on the wall to make me realise that im living in REALITY.
EVEYRHING that i see , that i feel, that i touch, that i do, that i said is not a DREAM.

but right now, i havent realised that this all are REALITIES.
freaking freaking freaking not dream.

you might want to know what am i really saying is.
you might want to know the real situation is.

let me give you an example.
imagine if you accidentally ate an adorable-delicious-poisoned apple.

there is no way out and you can only wait untill the poison reacts with your body and you DIE.

still confused?

another example,
imagine if you're a prey.
and you're walking out of your house to search for foods.
you think that you're safe enough untill suddenly a predator comes out.

[but this lion is cute. arght you imagine a 'scary' one la]
and you have no way out.
you cant run because you're feeling blurr and your legs went to 'jelly'.
you cant do anything.
the only thing that you can do is wait untill he eats you or he let you go.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010
everyday is ACHOO!

i got flu fever.
ughh not going to school today.
i cant stand it when i cannot breath with my nose because of FLU.
the mucus stucks inside my nose.

the rambutans are "blooming".

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Monday, July 26, 2010
"regretion" [regret]

i regret that i woke up at 8AM today.
why? because my time to go to school is 10.50 AM.
[as you know, my bus picked me up at 10.50AM]
so, i could only play internet from 6.30AM untill 10.50AM

uiseh got timetable for playing computer oh. hahaa!
[but got no timetable to do revision]

im going to make a cup of milo.
[actually a glass of milo but lets make it 'cup' so i wont look greedy :P ]

alalalala i found this just now.
so CUTE! >,< !

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Sunday, July 25, 2010
i hate liars.

why people always want to lie?
they never feel guilty!
they only feel happy if they've tricked someone.


i curse for the person who tricked me.
i've wasted hours to search for any movie that i can watch on YouTube!
i spent hours to search for any movie-websites at Google!
this is what i get?!

[i've clicked all of them]


none of them satisfy my needs!
im in my anger right now.

let me scream LOUDLY!


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Friday, July 23, 2010

have you ever heard of milkshake?
it's a very common knowledge here in town.

if you haven't drink+eat, i recommend you to try it.
im sure you'll like it.

when i eat+drink them, i will feel like im in heaven.
the feeling of 'smoothness' of its cream.
wahhhhhhh freshness ;) yummy! ♥
especially Chocolate Milkshake!

[i cant resist to eat this little pure chocolate smooth creamy thingy]

[not too addicting but it's delicious]

and NOW!

they called it Milo Dinosaur! cutey name for a yummy drink.
but i called it Milo Ice. why? because i like it

[waaaah look at that mountain of milo on top of the miloice!!]

[mmmm.. current observation : milkshake=creamy, miloice=icy]

i..... freakingly........ like this..

letme tell you one story when i was a little kid,
i always dreamed of gaining LOTS and THOUSANDS of money..
after that, i would buy LOTS and THOUSANDS of milo.

haha my childhood dream which will never come true. :D

anyway, let's go foward! andddd noowww~
im going to show you the "Feo's Milo Ice Style".
[waiseh :D]

Step 1 :

[put LOTS of milo :D]

Step 2 :

[put some sugar. but i highly recommend you to use MILK]

Step 3 :

[put hot water]

Step 4 :

[stirr go luckyyy! :D]

Step 5 :

[after finish stirring, put the milo on a blender]

sorry because my blender is ugly one lor~

Step 6 :

[my sister said that "Pensonic is a cheap product la"]

Step 7 :

[the best part of this! PUT LOTS OF ICE! HAHA!]

[my sister said to me "Eee..pathetic. low camera quality"]

sorry for the low quality T,T~

Step 8 :



Step 9 :

[creamy + icy]

[stop the blender]

Step 10 :

[put the miloice in a glass]


[put LOTS OF MILO!! when i say lots, it means MOUNTAIN!]


my very own MILO ICE :D
HAHAHAHA wont share with you :P



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morning >> still sleepy

today i woke up at 5.27 AM.
i dont think it's early. [kunun]

so i walked out from my bed and turned on the computer.
this is what i get :

[Friends Online : No one is online]

ha-ha-ha. very nice =,="

and while im downloading Justin Bieber's song :
[i download it for my friend]

nice... so much for my morning.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

i never felt this great before!
so refreshing! hahaha!

okay since i've already promised you guys in the previous post that i'll tell you what my happiness about, then i'll need to think once again to tell you guys or not.

anyway, flu is coming back to me!
and im irritating others by sneezing.

i cant help it.

just now, we're playing Volleyball.
and i was playing around happily untill...... *BOOOCKKK KA DA BOOM!!!!*
the it goes the ball.
that boy from my class is responsible for it!
but it's okay because he already said sorry :) im forgivable.

ugh. 10000% of humiliation.
every human was looking at me.
every one of them asked me the same question, "Are you alright?"
of course im not. my face was red.

humiliation + pain = ultimate not alright

and there was this one freaking little boy aged 15 laughed at me.
=,=" what if the same thing happened to him?
would he like it if i laugh at his face?
absolutely not.

from now on, im OFF from volleyball.

not good at it. :P

it's 9.42 PM and everyone in this house are going to sleep.
they even switched off the lamps.
O_O" so damn early.

tomorrow i planned to woke up at 6.25 AM.
im going to finish all my school projects!
HIYAAAAAAAAAH! im ready! hahahaha!

next week on wednesday, we're going to cook!
hahaahahahhaa i cant wait!
im good at culinary art.


first of all! i freaking hate lizards.
imagine if there are lizards everywhere you go.

i cant even upload pictures of them but for you, i will.
here it goes :

[this type is a very famous type. everyone wants it. they said it could cure lots of sickness. but when this thing bite you, you need to eat a chicken's shit. im not joking. im dead serious. they told me that.]

[very gross]

[i hate this type. especially the brown ones.]

[YUCKS! hatest animal on earth. this type always appear in houses.]

[argth! enough torturing me with these pictures!]

ENOUGH. fuh fuh fuh.
im sweating. gross.

i cant sleep tonight.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
when, happiness?

i'll tell you when happiness already come to me.

the day needs to rain before the rainbow comes out!

so, after sadness, it'll be happiness.
i wont tell you the sadness that i had last Saturday.

but, before the sadness, i had HAPINESS!
i had a really fun time doing KGT with my friends.

we've done lots of fun things!
from morning to the afternoon.
from 7 AM untill 5 PM.
:D :D :D!!

i'll upload LOTS AND LOTS OF pics after my hapiness had come to me.

and after i had my hapiness back, i'll tell you what my "HAPINESS" is. :D

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