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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i know this for a certain.
that something BAD is going to happen to me soon.
something like.. hmm well i dont know.

it's just my instincts.
and my instincts are 95% correct.
my instincts never lie to me. never.

im addicted to Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!

i'll take care of my steps.
i wont make any mistakes.
because i know something BAD is going to happen to me.

it's today or tomorrow.

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Monday, August 30, 2010
i got nothing to say...

hmmmm today is a usual day.
so im not going to blog about it bcause i know you might get bored.

but im going to tell you something about my Archives!

[you can find this on the left + bottom of my blog. below my FaceBook banner]

the archives contains my previous posts.
just click which one you prefer to read :D

and yes, im proud that im a blogger since 2008

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Sunday, August 29, 2010
last night's dreamy dream

it was a very wonderful dream.
at the same time, curiosity fill my head.

why they came out in my dream?
i guess they just want me back.

Flashback :

On the year 2006, i started to watch Anime and i like it. Not soon after that, i fell in 100% in love with Anime. So I learned Japan by watching Anime, On the year 2007, i watched Anime and learned Japan's cultural for almost every of my day. Especially on holiday. On the year 2008, i cannot let go of Anime and everything that is Japan. So there's this one my FAVOURITE all the time J-PoP group firstly named Hey!Say!7 and now they changed it to Hey!Say!JUMP as they add FIVE more people[it took lots of time for me to accept it]. So the group makes 10 people.
the maximum age of them at that time is 18 years old. I was A BIG DIE-HARD-FAN of them. I watched every single of their videos, songs, official videos, videos for fun, backstage, performance, their BIODATA at CrunchyRoll. I ALWAYS ONLINE MY CRUNCHY ID AT THAT TIME. and i LOVE Nakajima Yuto the most. I even collect 300++ pictures of him. and 200++ for Yamada Ryosuke. and 100++ for the rest of them.
On the year 2009, i watched a little bit, a little bit and a little bit. not so much.
On the first month of the year 2010, i stopped watching them all because im BUSY.

*End of Flashback*

[Nakajima Yuto]

[Yamada Ryosuke]

so last night, i dreamed about Yamashita Tomohisa[YamaPi] and Kamenashi Kazuya.

[Yamashita Tomohisa]

[Kamenashi Kazuya]

they came to my dream and YamaPi became my partner.
i dreamed that at first, i dont have any feelings for Yamapi and soon after that, i was liking him...
that means they're calling me back to be active and to watch their new videos and their news that i havent read/watch yet.

Now im going to :)

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Saturday, August 28, 2010
im despicable.

i thought things are gonna be okay.
but it turned out that things are getting worse.
i forced myself to be honest but only lies came out from my mouth.
only 45% of them are honest.
all that remains are lies.

that lies can be turned into honest words.
but in order to turn it into honest words, a person's heart must be sacrificed.
i dont want to sacrifice anyone.
so i remain cheating and hides the honest words in my blubby brain.

i know, cheating isn't good but if it's for other people's sake, then it's worth a while.
because sometimes people wont be grateful and they wont understand the real situation.
they would just jump into conclusion and scream and yell just like cannibals would do.

but, some person would rather to sacrifice their own heart to know the TRUTH.
i DO feel guilty.
i have no idea how many times i already say about that.
i cant choose.

lies can make things always better for a while, but honesty make things always better after a while.

suddenly i remembered about this song :

so here we are, we are alone,
i wanna know the truth,
if this is how you been
say it to me this would ever real

i want the truth from you...
gimme the truth even if it hurts me
i want the truth from you...
gimme the truth even if it hurts me..
i want the truth

so this is you, you're talking to me
you've found a million ways to let me down so im not hurt when u're not around, i was blind
say it to me if this would ever real

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Friday, August 27, 2010
please, dont leave me.

listen to this vido :

catchy, right?
[she looks like Vanessa Hudgens. she's not.]

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010
one problem settled, one problem come.

the problem had already been settled yesterday.

he said , "I neither hope for you to accept me nor to reject me. I just want you to understand my feelings. So please understand. I'll wait for you untill the last of my breath."

okay so people out there please dont busybody.
this problem is settled already.

the next problem here is :
Today untill Friday is monthly test! i want to study but i had no inspiration and no spirit. No "aja aja!fighting!".. no "gambatte!".. no "chayo! chayo!"..
it's just >> "ONLINE!!"

Bm, Bi, Science and PJK.
i haven't passed the Science's chapters because i missed it.
remember when i got conjunctivitis for 1 week? that's when i missed the 2-3 chapters.

you got three choice...

[study smart & beautifully]


[study hard & erm... cute]


[study in stress with a cute little mouth....]

i think i'll choose "study in stress with a cute lil' mouth"...

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
im not a saint , im not a sinner.

[loving this! :)]

i settled it today.
and it's all right.

tomorrow untill Friday is the monthly EXAM!
i'll study for it.
so goodbye :)

i want to be rich and i want lots of money.
i dont care about clever, i dont care about funny.
i want lots of clothes and f*ck loads of diamonds.
i heard people die while they're trying to find 'em.

i dont know whats right and whats real anymore
i dont know how i meant to feel anymore
when do you think it will all become clear.
'cause im taken over by the fear...

life's about film stars and less about mothers.
i look at the sun and i look at the mirror, im on the right track.
yeah im onto a winner.

forget about guns, forget about ammunition.
everything's cool as im getting thinner.

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feo is STUPID.


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i know saying sorry isn't enough.

just now i woke at 6.37 AM. so damn cold.
but i woke up anyway thinking about this blog ;)
after that, i turned on the computer & modem & speaker..

"Local Area Connection.
Speed : 10.0 Mbps
Status : Connected."

i tried www.facebook.com
cannot open.
i was damn panic.
i called my father. he said "dont know".
maybe he's busy.

so i restart the computer.
it's still the same.
i wait for 5-15 minutes.
then i turned on & off & on & off & on & off untill its 100.0 Mbps!
yay! can open already. :D

Subject : Previous post.

i know it isnt enough just by saying "sorry".
i need to do something.
we need to SETTLE and be nice with each other.

still, how can i tell you this if you wont reply my text?
can i let this be? no.

my bestfriend told me last night , "It's not gonna end like this, dude (im not dude! haha).. Pls both of you settle this problem nicely. And then, try to be nice with each other.. He's a very nice person"

so.... im going to start with Plan A : Facebook.

ughhh! Plan A isn't working.

so..... plan B : Counter Strike 1.6 (giga server)

ughhhh! Plan B isnt working too!

so..... Plan C : wait untill Facebook is okay.

im gaining more fats!! :o !!

my plan for this Hari Raya's holiday is : LOSE MORE WEIGHT!
[im hungry right now]

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Monday, August 23, 2010
i dont want to be a FAKER.

From : Me.
To : You.
Subject : Im sorry.

im so stupid but i need to be HONEST.
when i cheat on someone, i will feel FAKE.
and my heart wont be silent,
instead it will repeatedly say "FAKER FAKER FAKER FAKER".

i cant sleep, i cant eat, i cant bath, i cant drink, i cant play guitar, i cant laugh freely because my stomach keeps on alerting me to feel guilty.
this thing always happen to me whenever something bad happen.

i dont want to be a FAKER.
so im gonna be honest to you.
IM SO SORRY for being stupid.
just now my bestfriend asked me, "Dont you pity him?He's been waiting for you for 2 years"

this story is so so so gross!
but im gonna tell you anyway because it's happening in REAL LIFE.
im not a DRAMA QUEEN and i dont want to be one.
i just want to be myself.
im gonna be honest.

"The only way to solve a problem is honesty."

thats the quote that i made this morning.

audience, i dont have much time right now.
so im just going to study and sleep.
see you tomorrow ...


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i cant choose!

that's why i cant choose!
how am i supposed to choose ONE?
i cant even answer what people are asking me.
im a LOYAL human being.

how can i prevent from hurting people?
how can i prevent from people thinking badly about me?
what the HELL is wrong with me?
am i getting that thick in the head?

deep inside my stomach, i DO feel guilty.

wrong one step, and im dead.

ARGHT!! im in frust mode.
im stupid =,=

S = Sick
T = Traumatized
U = Useless
P = Puke
I = Idiot
D = Dumbass

i want to bang my head on the wall so badly.
my bad habit is coming! >> forced myself to give chance.
im angry at myself for not being HONEST.

i think about other people so much.
i never think about myself.
i guess it's time for me to think about myself.

[slowly slowly slowly...]


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Saturday, August 21, 2010
expect the unexpected.

i never ever expected for this to happen right now.
people are deceiving me . i never deceive people.

is it true or is it not is what im thinking right now.
and im thinking what am i going to do.

still, between two nice apples, i can only choose ONE.
and i cant choose right now so i'll just eat both of the apples.

everything will happen on Monday.
Monday Monday Monday.
every monday is a headache.

im gaining more fats ,the base area of my butt is getting bigger.
im so sad wondering how i can make myself thinner.
people who have nice curve of body should be grateful.

anyway, back to the subject,
i'll try not to take it too seriously right now.
i know that you wont know what im talking about right now.
im tired so i think i'll get some sleeps.

hey, lemme tell you something.
i got a really big dream in going to a really wonderful place in the middle of the night when the stars are shining highly on the sky.
the place can be on the mountain. green grassy mountain.
with the sparkling gaze of stars.
after that, i'll drink a Coke[ruins the sensation of wonderfulness].

and someone will be beside me and we'll talk untill dawn.
after dawn, we'll watch the sun rise up and up and up..
in the morning, we'll walk together home in a beautiful pathway full of sakura trees.

can it be reality?

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Friday, August 20, 2010
i hate you FREAK girls who throw babies!

i dont know what im going to talk today.
aha! i got an idea! im going to talk about throwing babies!
[Pembuangan Bayi]

nowadays, the technology here in Malaysia is more advanced.
so, the women/girls social here are advanced too!
lots of newspaper/internet/information saying that babies are found being throwed in the toilet, dustbin, plastic bag, river, and rubbish place.

where's their HUMANITY?!
information says, in in one day, 3 babies are found being throwed.
the research says that 27% of the teenagers are having sex without marriage in this country.
the issue of throwing babies in this country is getting more critical.
we cannot let this be! we must take actions!

For women/girls who have the potential to throw babies :
you damn freaking hell. DO NOT ever do SEX WITHOUT MARRIAGE.
what? you cannot hold your feelings? go eat some apples, bastards!
you're so sick! BABIES ARE HUMANS!
it's your own flesh and blood! you're a monster for killing babies!
dont you have any feeling at all?
yeah the right title for you guys is : PSYCHO KILLER!

For men/guys/boys :
cannot wear condoms eh?
go search for prostitutes la rather than teenage girls.
[i think prostitues have the percentage of throwing babies more than teenagers.]

yesterday my teacher showed us the video of "Throwing Babies".
im so angry to those irresponsible women/girls.
im so sad, disappointed and upset because the babies are throwed just like a RUBBISH.
babies are not rubbish.. why they cannot think that?
imagine if you're being throwed like that!

if you cannot take care of that babies, then give it to someone else!
somebody out there need babies because they cant have babies.
so why you're so ungrateful brats to throw babies?!

this is getting on my nerves... for freaking's sake..

can i HATE people for doing A REALLY BAD THINGS?
i guess i can...

we need to do campaign about this.
do not take this issue easily.
babies have the right to grow up and live normally.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010
erk.... copying my blog URL?

my blog is not that famous and i dont know if even a person have ever read my blog right now.
im not like Xiaxue . Everyone's reading her blog.
no one is reading my blog [i think].

i dont know this for certain but i never know that someone would use my blog URL.
fortunately, i put my own photo on the left side of my blog.
i put my Blog URL on almost all of my photos.
check this out...

[this picture is not mine. and she is not me]

[this picture is also not mine. shes not me]

to tell you the truth, she is one of my best friend.
i dont know if she thinks putting "www.weirdgirl96.blogspot.com" is a trend.
[because i put "www.weirdgirl96.blogspot.com" on almost all of my pictures]
or maybe she wanted to promote my blog which is very kind of her but i prefer to do it myself. but not now.

is this a BIGGEST FAN issue or a FEO-WANNA-BE issue?

[feo-wanna-be means a person who wanted to be the same like Feo.]
[[but absolutely that person cannot]]

im the only Feo.

i still remember last year, two girls was using my art-sy photo on their Friendster and they claimed it as their's.
[i still remembered i've post about that on this blog]
so people praise them for capturing nice photos.
i got so mad since they're using my photos.
it's not their's!
so i told/asked/watever-u-wanna-think-on-how-i-talk-to-them them.
one of that girl immediately deleted that picture without saying sorry to me!
the second girl says "Your pictures are so so so cool! so i took them"

=,=" freak!

so the message here is :
Do not easily believe when other people claims that 'www.weirdgirl96.blogspot.com' is theirs.
It's mine. My only beloved favourite blog..
Do not easily believe if they said that they're "Feo".
because im the ONLY Feo

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
nuts & coke << favourite

i;ve got lots of thing to tell you guys.
but it is PRIVATE.
since my blog is not private anymore,
[everyone's reading it]
so i'll just eat an apple.

im gaining lots and lots and lots of fats!
anyone can give me some tips on how to lose some weight?
i need help here.

sitting here at home, online-ing, eating and repeats that for 100 times.
u'll get it.
what is the thing that i rambles about right now?

next week is the Monthly Exam!
i need to be prepared for it.
damn that conjunctivitis.
because of that illness, i suffered for 4 days not going to school and being leaved behind.
now i need to catch up those chapters that i havent learned.

change the subject,
i dreamed a really weird dream last night.

synopsis :
me and my friends went for vacation. we're together-gether.
after that, i was being chased by a person who accused me as a killer.

and now im going to make my breakfast.
[breakfast : nuts & coke]

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Monday, August 16, 2010
improvement! :D

i've got some improvements!

i guess my voice is not so bad at all! :D

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Sunday, August 15, 2010
a dedication song.

im very very sorry because my voice is sucks.

[By My Side by David Choi (Cover) ]
[100% ugly. so please do not watch this freaking ugly video. thanks]

[Baby by Justin Bieber (Cover) ]

♥ ♥ ♥

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for underwear's sake.

yesterday i went to the town.
i was browsing for ....... underwears.

i was so damn embarassed.
i dont like when people are staring at my underwears.
[would you like it if a stalker was staring passionately at your beloved underwears?]

since that, i chose to buy underwears privately.
but people wont let me buy those underwears privately!
they kept looking at me!
what the hell is wrong with them?
well.... i admit it that i was wearing sunglasses while i was browsing for underwears.

but that's very unreasonable reason for staring at me 24hour!
mind your own business la~ i only want a freaking underwear.
does young people rarely buy underwears in this town?
i dont think so.

i even saw women buying underwears and bras!
[they're old and im young.]
and people wont even raise a single eye to look at them.
so what makes the difference?!
why me?!

i cant believe this! arght!
i cant even buy a freaking underwear!
i even went to some "underwear shops".
and the workers kept staring at me as if im a burglar.

only idiot person would steal an underwear!

so in the end, i left the shops with red-faced.

Extra story :
when i went to the instruments shop, the people at the kept staring at me too!
[i was wearing a sunglasses]
when i was walking back to my car, the boys around was screaming "Leng lui ah!"
even the old men from the restaurants =,="

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Saturday, August 14, 2010
today's morning.

today's morning is different.
it's more warm than Monday to Friday's morning.
today i can feel the aura of laziness.

i've got lots and lots to do today!

change the subject, i've been watching an old korean drama but for me, it's still hot.
check it out :

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Friday, August 13, 2010
trouble will always find me.

everyday is full of adventure that we must get through to succeed in life.
if we repeat the same mistake again and again,
that means we have to have another adventure and make a new mistake.

to do a mistake is not a bad thing.
only if you did not do that mistake by any purpose.
after we did a mistake, we can try to fix it and automatically we've improved ourselves.

just like the sayings :
"Learning From Mistakes"

i've seen lots of people who wanted and are "perfectionist".
from the positive side, i can see that they're trying to be perfect.
that's very good!
from the negative side : they're always forcing themselves to be "perfect".
that's not good. humans these days are not perfect.

let me tell you one of my experience.
on this one fine day, a friend of mine was talking to mee.

* * *

Me : yeah you guys should practice more on this video.
Friend A : well, a friend of mine asked me "All of us are imperfect. So why do we need to practice?"
Me : we practice because we're imperfect. we may not be 100% perfect. but we can try, we can improve ourselves and only that we can be 50% perfect. on the other word, we can be perfect relatively. for me, 50% perfect is always better than 100% imperfect.
Friend B : yeah! i agree with you.

* * *

see the point here?
we all make mistakes.

HEAVY mistakes, LIGHT mistakes.

for heavy mistakes, you need to get away from it.
for light mistakes, you need to get experience from it.

so why do you bother to look around and search for people who make light mistakes?
let them get their experience.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010
follow me down.

talking with cute little kids really brighten me up.
haha! anyway, im installing The Sims 3 back!

i hope that it'll finish faster, faster and faster.

by the way,
i got a good song for you!

* * *

i really hate men who beats up women.
they cant fight men, so they fight women who's more vulnerable than them.
i dont like stuffs like that.

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last night~

if you're kind with me, i'll be kind with you.
if you're bad with me, i'll still be kind to you.
but if i forgive your mistakes, i wont forget your mistakes.

yesterday night was a "heartache-ing" moment for me.
a person who doesnt know me very well told a person who is very very close to me that im sucks.

what's the freaking hell his problem with me?
i've never ever done anything bad about him.
he made me and my bestfriend argued last night.
a BIG argument.

so this morning i woke up at 7AM.
and i do my homeworks. [i've LOTS of homeworks]
i have no time to on the line.
but last night's matter makes me feel that i need to on the line.

i'll do the homeworks later.
i've got some problems to settle.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
she's so childish

at first, i was thinking that i might want to have a peace with her.
but so badly, she's so childish.
remember about the post that i showed you before about her?

check it out >> click here!

and remember the previous post that i post about The Sims 3?
she deleted it from this computer.
she dont want anybody else except SHE and my lil bro to play it.
because she's the one who installed it.

and guess what she did after that?
i expected it from the first but i think she's mature enough.
but loook~~~

[something isnt right. i knew it]

[look what she said above; "FUCK OFF LAAA!! LOSER!"]

haha! so immature.
instead, i laughed about this.
why? because it was soooo damn funny.
i can install The Sims 3 back if i want to.

=,=" hahaha! stupid.
how can someone be so stupid and immature like that?

seriously. cant she go and get a life?
a better life than she's having right now?

Her status :
Education(FAIL), Social With Females(FAIL), Social With Siblings(100% FAIL)
Prostitute Career(100% PASS)

i've also created a song for her entitled "Poor Little Lonely Girl".
yeah she's lonely and she's pathetic.

anyway, i felt sad for her because i punched her head last month.
and now, i think she deserves it. :D
[plus, i dont feel sorry for her anymore. haha stupid lil cow]

anyway, check my archives for more!

just click anywhere! :D

[this morning. 9.50 AM]

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The Sims 3 ! i ♥ it! :D

im addicted to The Sims 3! ♥ :D

im very very very impressed on how they make this game.
so so so much awesome and im so impressed.

[work place]

[with friends & neighbours]

[if you have a baby ;D and you can adopt baby too!]



[first love :D ♥]

[evil step mother xD]

[your sims can die too! ]

once, my sim died because of electricity shock.
=,=" her wife was very sad.
and there he goes the ghost of his husband.
addicting! :D

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Sunday, August 8, 2010
mat rempit

latest picture :D ♥

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

yeah! it's morning.

i've decided.
even though my eyes are red, i would still go to school.
i wont miss any single knowledge that im going to learn at school.

anyway, it's 7AM and the sun is already up.
i still could feel the coldness in the air.

i think i will spent the rest of my time infront of the computer.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010


the "red eyes disease" is coming back to me!

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, August 6, 2010
healthy eyes = happy life!

im back and my eyes are healthy! :D

anyway, i went to the hospital today for precaution.
the doctor said that my eyes already cured.
but still, he gave me some medicines just in case i get conjunctivitis again.

anyway, im gonna tell you about STICKY!
guess what that thingy is?
hahaha! :D

[damn! lots of it! :D]

i want to try one so badly :(

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Poreotics !!

this is their first step to their fame.
;D and i like it.

watch more on YouTube, PoreoticsABDC and PoreoticsHD.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

u wanna know sumthing?
both of my eyes are having CONJUNCTIVITIS!
arght! i cant stand it!

my eyes cannot receive lots of lights.
which hardens me to play computer.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

im addicted to games right now.
cannot go to school untill my right-eye are cured.

this red right-eye is so painful! x( !

however, the game above is good for spending time.



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Sunday, August 1, 2010
my turn..for 500th POST!!!

now it's me who got that RED EYES DISEASE.
arght very itchy & hurt at the same time.

at first, i thought it's very impossible for me to get it.

now i regret for being proud of that just now.

so, once again, Expect The Unexpected.

however, this is the 500th POST! haha.
im so damn happy!
well, who doesnt?

so, for the 500th post celebration, im going to tell you stories randomly.

yesterday, my lil bro broke my FREAKING FAVOURITE bracelet!
and i was like WTH.OMG.@#$! !!

of course i was mad at him!

he ran away faster than usual and locked himself up in his room.
leaving me with my broken bracelet alone T,T

it was my freaking freaking favourite one.
it's the only one in this town.
[i dont like to buy duplicated things.]

after that i threw his beloved medal away..
and was planning to broke it into pieces..

but i gave him back because i have my mercy.

so i went to the town today hoping that i would find it.
but i DID NOT found it!
i was so so so so very freaking damnly sad.

[look at that wonderful bracelet ;( ]

[broken into pieces T,T so sad!!!!! arght!]

[a new one.. not as good as my old one.. still sad *sigh*]

ARGHT! why im so kind??

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-