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Thursday, September 30, 2010
drugs ♥

all of David Choi's songs are like tons of drugs for me.
they're addictive, seductive, admirable.

you should try to listen one and the first one that i recommend you is That Girl which is the video above.

and after that, i recommend you to lsiten to my top favourite song all the time ;

listen to the art of the song carefully and you'll understand what i mean.

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another mind sharing..

after thinking sometime,
i realised that i have nothing left to say.

the truth sometimes may be harsh.
but we need to accept the fact. or else, we'll be retarded.

once again, i have options.
and i cant choose, so i'll leave the options behind and start living.
options to choose. please give me the best option.

that path i choose right now seems nice but actually there's a slightest mistake.
or even a big mistake that we'll never realise.

i dont want to be part of this cruel world.
humans are selfish, greed, materialistic and lust!

they just cant seem to realise that the end will come soon..
so soon..

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DiGi iPhone 4 Life. ♥

DiGi, if you give me iPhone 4,
you really MAKE MY DAY PERFECT! :D

now you've give me dream to achieve.
that dream is to win this competition.

[click this picture for a better look! :D]

i want i want i want :D


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DiGi iPhone 4 Real. ♥

the economy of ours is going down down down.
it's all our fault for not being frugal!
i've done researching then the research says that adults, teenagers and even children[12 years old below] are wasting their money just to buy Reload a.k.a Credit for the phone.

this situation is getting more worse day by day.
and ME, myself have found out the way to be FRUGAL and prevent from the falling economy rate!
i recommend you guys to use the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans!

why? because i love that
DiGi iPhone 4 Plans.

why do i love that
DiGi iPhone 4 Plans?

picture shows everything! so just click on this picture to know why!

what i love the most is, we can get FREE CALLS, SMS & MMS to 6 DG Family Lines!
for the world's sake!
this is frugal!

yellow man in the yellow suit is always THE BEST! :D

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DiGi iPhone 4 Play. ♥

im so kampungan bah.

i never know that iPhone 4 is even exist.
i only know about it 1 hour ago. :(

im so kampungan that i dont deserve to live in this cruel world!
now i can go to die lah.

i dont want to be kampungan & old fashion so im researching about this iPhone 4's Applications.
the iPhone 4 is the world’s largest collection of mobile apps.
The App Store is the ultimate source for mobile apps — 250,000 and counting in practically every category. Many are even free.

iPhone 4 get updates fast.
iPhone 4 tells you when new versions of your apps are available.
you can download the updates one at a time or all at once.

omg, freaking lots of them.

if my friends bought a new phone, i would check the Games first.
if there is no Games, i would just throw it back to her. haha!

so i've tried out Games.

this is good during holidays because i can play this on the way back to our village.
i can even let my little cousins [let me mention,i've LOTS OF little cousins] play these games.
i know they'll have a boring life if there's no game.

if you're bored with the games above, you can always download more.

SO I WANT MORE!! hahaa :D

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DiGi iPhone 4 Me. ♥

i know, im not a famous blogger like Xiaxue.
everyone reads her blog.
she's rich and famous and superduper in pink.
she's sponsored.
she can buy things that she wanted.

i cant buy anything that i want because im still under the age of 18, which means im still guarded under my parents.
everything that i want to buy, and i asked money for it, they would ask "For what?Arhh that's not important. You better buy books for PMR next year".

so, what i really want now is an iPhone 4 from DiGi.
i can give you 100 reasons why i want it.
but anyway, i'll just give you 5 lah.

1st reason : iPhone 4 is a thing that i can show off to bad ass people. haha! come on! everyone wants to do that. i know you do!

2nd reason : i dont believe that i could win this competition. maybe a hell famous blogger out there will win this stuff. but im still doing it. why? remember my quote, "Expect the Unexpected."
so im just trying. hey is this a reason? LOL!

3rd reason : after i got the iPhone 4 , i would sell it so i can get more money!! muahahaha! okay just kidding ;). the third reason is, i fell in love with the iPhone 4.
you must know the feeling of having to be with your lover forever.

4th reason : it can be transparent!

omg! it's cool, babe! ;)

5th reason : OMG?! i need to do 4 posts about this freaking awesome stuff to win?!?! i'll definitely fell in love with this stuff.

6th reason : *dont wonder, this is an extra*

nice! we have WiFi here and it'll be so perfect for me to online without any disturbation and without running on the way back home from school just to play this computer.
and i could chat untill 5AM without any scoldings from my mother.

7th reason : *dont wonder,this is super extra*
i cannot imagine that i can win this! i really dont think that im gonna win this!
this iPhone 4 is way more more better than Blackberry, dude.
open your eyes, face the truth.

this world is so cruel! this world wont let me win!
i want to win, of course!

DiGi of the man in yellow, please let me win.
i love your yellowy suit and i love the way you run to me[chasing] just to follow me.
[only if you gave my that iPhone 4]

bestfriendsforever, me and you :)
[ok im not the fatty one.]

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010
a cold morning.

i woke up at 6.38AM today.
and unexpectedly, it's cold today.
im thinking right now that i almost got what i wanted.
i kept dreaming and i found out that it's hard.
but, i wont give up, i'll find a way out.

so im drinking a glass of milo early in the morning and play the internet.
which i wanted to do months ago and now i get it back.

you know fairy tales , right?
the protagonists are Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Ariel the Little Mermaid, and etc. etc.

meanwhile the heroes are the perfect gentle Princes.
the bad people and need to be killed are the old bad women, ogres, giants and dragons.

the protagonists, need to face the bad people in order to find their happy endings which is to meet the heroes.
it's the same with our life, get it?

we need to get through lots of obstacle before we can find our happy ending.
no, the happy ending is different from what you think.
we're not going to marry a perfect gentle prince.
the fairytale's happy ending is to meet their perfect Princes.
our happy ending is to DIE.

you might not be agree with me.
at least, i got someone who supports me.

listen that he said , "I swear the happiest day of my life is the day that i die".

see? :)

i'll give you the reason.

1st reason : you wont have to suffer in this cold world anymore.

2nd reason : if you follow all of God's commandment, and spread the words of Bible to around of the world, God will surely ressurect you in the new world.

no, a new world doesnt mean that we're going to have a brand NEW world.
it's just He will sweep all of the bad dusts away from this world.
and we'll live happily ever after, the end.


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Sunday, September 26, 2010
expect the unexpected.

yesterday, i had a plan with my bestfriends to go to KFC [Kentucky Fried Chicken].
so i was very damn excited because we got lots of plan to do.

after my parents came home, i thought that i would asked them to drive me to the KFC at 6.00PM.
guess what? my father said , "We're going to village today. It's your aunt's birthday".
i was like....... blurr.. i mean, it came up so sudden!
the most important thing, my plan was crashed!

arght! i dont want to go to my village, but i was forced to do so.
there's no way im going to be home ALONE.
it's an absolute NO.

so i quickly text my bestfriends, i told them to do the plan without me.
they must have a very good time yesterday.
*sob* *sob*

and then, on the way to my village[Tambunan], we realised that we havent wrote anything on those cards.
so i asked my father, who's the birthday girl?
i mean, who's the birthday woman?

my father have no idea, he called my aunt.
unexpectedly, very unexpectedly, they're doing my parent's birthday.
since my parents born on the same month.

thats why i said, "Expect The Unexpected".
so my sister and planned to gave the card to my mother.
but my mother refused, she said "ehhh no way.im the one who bought that card."
haha so we gave her a small packet of keropok RM0.10
[which is my lil bro's.]

it's so damn freakingly awkward since we cannot celebrate birthday.
but, they've put lots of effort in this.
anyway, chocolate cake is delicious.
YUMM!! liking it :D

oh, and by the way, my aunts are the birthday woman too~ :)

sorry for the blurry images!
i picked the wrong mode which is "Super Macro".
i wanted to capture the picture of these cakes again, but i felt embarassed.
so i backed my butt off.

at 11.00++ PM, we went back to Keningau.
i cant sleep because my father drove so fast.
at that time, i need to both of my eyes open so i can be his third & fourth eyes.

arrived Keningau safely and gracefully i banged my body into the bed and fell asleep.

11944 unread?!
and now it turned to 11949 unread!

O_O im gonna die checking my email.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010
WSB - We are Sabahan BloggerMania

when i logged in my Blogger account just now,
i realised that my account suddenly followed the blog :

i mean, i never knew that that blog is even exist!
and now im wondering why my blog automatically followed that blog.

this is getting more weird.


i joined that group :P

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i hate bad day.

let me tell you about yesterday.
yesterday was a very bad day for me.

last night, i was invited to go to Anne's uncle's house for Hari Raya.
so i was preparing myself.
on the way to my room, i slipped.
and shit, both of my sister laughed, i never knew what's so funny.
gosh! you have no idea how my left hand & butt hurts!
if im still a kid, i would cry at that spot for several hours untill someone gave me Coke.

after i prepared, my parents drove me to Anne's uncle's house.
guess what? we lost.

so i called Anne and told her to stand infront of her uncle's house.
she said "Yes. I've been standing here for hours"
oooh i feel like im troublesome for troubling Anne.
then, after a while [1 hour], i finally found her uncle's house.
[with some blabbings from my mother]

only after that, i knew that my friends were looking for me.
they said that they thought i wouldnt come.
see, my fault again for making them waiting for me.
after i arrived, we all went to eat the foods.

after 1 hour or so, Anne brought us to the inside of the house.
her uncle came in and gave us "duit raya".
well, i got double since Anne's sister came in too and gave me.

i drank 3 cokes. omg.
and then, i went to the toilet,
came back, rotate my body, i sat down,
and *PASH!*, a tin of coke spilled down.
my fault again.
now im frustrated by remembering these things back.

Anne's sister and her cousin cleaned it up.
:( i wanted to help them out but Anne dont let me to.
so i didnt help but i just looked at them doing their works.
i said sorry and blabbings about how i didnt realise that the coke will fall,
Anne said it's okay, said that im being silly for frustrating about this matter.

im not being silly.
im being REALISTIC. :(

at that time, i wanted to ran away from that house and be sad. lol.

yesterday was a very bad day EVER. ever.
it's a very good decision for my stomach to be hurt and i cant go to school yesterday.
i wouldn't know what would happen if i went to school yesterday.
maybe things were worser than right now.


im a spoiler! im a ruiner!

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Friday, September 24, 2010
all green~

=,= i really hate it when things doesn't go on the way that i planned.
super duper hate it.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010
today's life is simple

i've a very simple life today with lots of laughter with my friends :)
we've done lots of silly but nice projects together.

[this is my nametag]

[this is Goput's nametag]

to mention you, our team consists more than two members.
there are lots of us! hahaa. :)

just now, after the bus sent Anne back home,
there's this one girl from another school tapped my shoulder and said "Sorry" with a dull smile.
LOL! maybe she thinks that she stepped on my shoes.
[which i didnt realise]

haha! anyway, the sky was orange just now.
i wonder why the sky was orange.
maybe it's not about the sky.
it's about the Sun, Moon and Earth.
:) i love learning mystery things!

yesterday's night, i stared at a beautiful full moon moving and realised that the moon was not moving.
it's the Earth that's moving! :D
amazing! hahahahahaha lol.
because we, humans, supposed to not realise that the Earth is spinning!
but i realised it! and i was spinning!

another hobby of mine is invented :)

urght im damn hungry.
no, this is not called "hungry".
this is called "STARVING!"

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a very hot morning. not romantic indeed.

it;s 6.45 AM and the sun is already HIGH in the sky and very hot.
so i know that today is a very hot day.

i planned to not to go out and walking with my friends.
it'll make my skin more tanner because it took LOTS of times, even years, to make my skin fair.

anyway, can you believe it?
it's only the freaking 6.45 AM!

before this, the sun will go up at 8.00 AM!
hmm, the global is really warming up, isnt it?

oh yaa! i've never ever realised that the date & time on my blog is super duper wrong.
haha! dont worry, i'll correct it soon.

:) have a great cup of milo in the morning, guys!
oh shit, there's no MILO in this house.
only milk, orange, etc etc.
arght! no milo, no life. i love milo

im not gonna drink milk, okay.

i still remember for the part months where i would wake up in the morning [6.00AM]
and i would wear my blanket and drink a cup of milo.
because it's very cold before.
and now! i feel so freakingly sad that i dont need that thing anymore :(

so i just gonna do my thing.
just dont make me write the list of the things that im gonna do.
it's private, okay?
hahaha~ just kidding. it's nothing special.
it's something special :P

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010
game is like a drug.

i think i havent blogged for such a long time.
did i?

anyway, it's because of i got lots of plannings to do,
including our private Prom Night [which only the invited are allowed to come].
haha! it sounds so cruel, right? but actually it's not.

so we planned about our Prom's theme, where it is, how much the ticket prize, the sponsors.. and yeah, there'll be LOTS of work to do.
but we'll manage to make our dream come true if we COOPERATE :)

and then i need to plan about our gatherings, party for Hari Raya.
and etc etc etc.
i'll make them so much much more interesting & enjoy :)
i'll make those students enjoy their long holiday! [November - December.]

next, i cannot online at the night.
because my parents told me to study.
my mother accused me that i fail in Maths, so i told her the truth that I NEVER EVER fail.

the last but not the least, im addicted with games! hahaha!
the first game im addicted right now is ; Counter Strike 1.6!

[im getting good at this. trust me :) ]

and the next freaking addicting game is ; Ameba Pico!

[looks boring? try it!]

so now you must understand how i can forget about the 10000 scrubbers thingy.
:) goodbye now! ♥

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Monday, September 20, 2010
a lonely morning :(

good morning!

i havent eat any stuff yet.

im all alone here and i do my own stuff [FaceBook, Tumblr, Blogger, Google]
i even laughed alone. =,=
which makes me look that im a psychotic girl.
anyway, i found this quote just now and it's freakingly humourous.

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do. - Bob Dylan

hahaha! understand that freak quote?
haish if you still dont understand it, maybe you're too young to know about it so just forget about it because we're not going to stick on it.

gahahhaa and it's funny how a person can text me a 7.06AM just to say
"Dont you act like you forgot to download the Garena"

and it reminds me of this wonderful song.

yes, they're from Sabah.
support local bands! :D
let's sing along!! :D

Lyrics :
Ada dua ekor kura kura berenang di dalam air
satu berenang pigi sana satu datang pigi tempat aku
aku mau ambil dia terus kasi masuk dia punya kepala
tangan dan kaki dan juga ekor dia pun terus masuk rumah

Kura kura...pura pura malu
Kura kura...pura pura malu
(sama aku...sama aku...oh yeah)

Aku ketuk dia punya rumah dia nda mau keluar
aku bilang jangan malu kau bukan telanjang disitu...oh yeah

(ulang #)


Aku simpan balik dia di dalam air dia terus keluar
Dia berenang jauh-jauh mungkin pigi tempat kawan dia
aku nda tau apa dorang bilang tapi dia datang balik
aku tinguk muka dia macam dia senyum sama aku

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Sunday, September 19, 2010
i got tired of waiting.

that's it! enough! snapped it!
please! i need to get a life here!
but the real problem is, i really really dont know how.

oh gosh dammit.
tomorrow the school will start.
im forced to cut my long nails that i had gave all of my efforts to make it long!
so damn freakingly sad.

[oh and please dont mind the kotoran2 yg tesangkut2 d dlm kuku.. it's from my asshole.]

please suggest me what i need to do right now.
i dont want to live right now! i want to die!
i wonder how it'll feel like if im dead.

We've lost our lousy lasy ass worthless daughter, Feodora.
Born on 26th February and death tears her body apart on 26th December.

im sure if people read that, they will think that i deserve to die.
tomorrow i will faint. so im not going to school.
okay okay okay just kidding.

bye lameass

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

i dare to.

i have a sad life right now.
lol. why? because i dont have nothing much to do except browing webs.
and bla bla bla~

both of my credit[DiGi&Celcom] already ran out.
i asked my mother to help me reload.
but she refused. she said they're going to the village.

i played CS just now.
im not in the mood to play and im still in sleep mode.
that made me being killed for several times already.
not in the enthusiasm to play that game.

i want to drink SoyaBean right now.
lazy to go buy, lazy to walk.
urght i think im gaining fats.

yesterday i planned to go to complex and exercise.
in the end, i just sat here around, play guitar, play games, eat, sleep.
lol. yes, im getting fat.
so what?

anyway~ i got some wacky projects done.

[i used this as my profile picture at FaceBook and people cant seem to recognize me.]

[nice, right? ;) why cant people understany my arts, i wonder?]

they wont even believe that's my who is wearing that wonderful cap!
=,= they said "dont lie, that's ur bro, right?".
oh please get a freaking damnly brain.

anyway, as i told you before! I LOVE NEVERSHOUTNEVER! :D
[i still have my girly side, see?]

let's talk about NeverShoutNever.
[if you're bored, feel free to punch yourself. then you'll not be bored ;D]
so, his real name is Christofer Drew Ingle , born on February 11, 1991.
waaa! im born on February too! ;D
he's known as "American acoustic pop musician."
so.... his fame started from Myspace.
it's very wonderful of him for making songs by himself.

[wahaha so cute ;D]

[wahaha so cool! ;D]

currently listening to all of his songs.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, September 18, 2010

i fell in love with NeverShoutNever! ;D
even though it's an old one, but im still loving it.
words cant describe my feelings right now.

i listen to his songs every single night before i sleep.
hoping that i could make a better song like his.

and omg, i almost get into troubles.
cheating isnt good.
i tell you, it's very not good.
so try to not cheating .

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Friday, September 17, 2010
never realise

why i havent realised before?

17th September 2010.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
i keep my PROMISE ! :D

i dont know why but i always keep my promise. :D
i never ever break it. unless, i have no other good choice.
example; when i promised i would go to the library, i would.
when i promised i would upload the pictures, i would.

so here they are!
the pictures when we were at Ranau!

[on the way to our Kundasang!]

[oh please dont mind my ugly face. just mind my sexayh legs! haha! just kidding]

[arrived at my aunt's house! we went to the back of the house because we can see the Mount. Kinabalu clearly! :D she's good at picking place to make a house.]

[his name is MeyMey. small, right? but his naughtiness is unbearable.]

so we slept over there and the next morning, we went to the Kinabalu Park.

[omg! my lil bro looked like a gay!]

my mother paid Rm18 for the tickets.
but we only spend 30 minutes at there.
such a waste of money! ;(

[haha dont mind my face. mind my bracelet!]

[it's supposed to be me alone there! but my lil bro disturbed!]

[haha! im not stupid to wear sunglasses bcause it's hot!]

oh yea, Ranau supposed to be a very cold place like before.
now, because of global warming, Ranau is hot.
;( such a shame.

Kundasang too.
when i went to Kundasang before this, it's a very very cold place and windy.
untill i'll need to wear my sweater to go out the car.
now, i dont need sweater anymore.
but i need an AIR-CONDITIONER!

such a BIG difference from before and after.

[look at my sister(black shirt) and my mother(blue shirt). they have the same face, right?]

[WOAH! i have no idea how cute i am when i do that pose. haha! :P ]

after that, around 11.00AM, we went to the Poring Hot Spring.
anyway, it's good to learn swimming at there.

[hiyaaahh! i tried the water coaster! =,= getting bored of it.]

[they're strangers! hahah just kidding]

[swimming lesson, huh? btw, i like that Goooogle :P]

[poor my lil bro who dont know how to swim(just like me). and he attempted to try swimming but my mother told him to not to try.]

[poor my lil bro who got phobia of water because he fell into that freaking swimming pool. luckily, my mother saw him and quickly took him up. he just can watch people swimming around happily.]

[again, we tried to teach him how to swim. but he's scared. so we dare not to force him]

[i said "just come here, if you fell, i will catch you.".. but he's still scared.]

haha! my mother was swimming!

[haha! me too, was learning how to swim! i hate it when the water gets in my ears! freak!]

honestly, im getting bored of this place.
however, i've found something that i NEVER found before at Poring.

[HAHA! i tried to make sexy moves like Rain Bi. but my movement was a failure!]

[his statement , "i drowned just now bah.." .. haha sad!]

♥ arght my butt is hurt sitting here for hours.
so goodbye for now! :D

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-