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Sunday, October 31, 2010
tell me the truth.

last night i slept at 9PM++,
this morning i woke up at 6AM.

i know i still can sleep even with the stomachache syndrome,
but, i took my phone, 1 message, from my bestfriend.
she texted me last night at 10PM.
it's making me curious about what's happening.
so i quickly texted her back.

you know,
the absolute thing that stomachache syndrom cannot have is,
the super curious feeling.

and im having it right now,
playing infront of this computer,
while my stomach is hurting me smoothly & silently.

i want to know the answer.
i want HER to answer me.

oh my gosh.
my curiousity is getting higher.
of course she's still sleeping,
it's the freaking 6.33PM, dude!

what's happening?

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, October 30, 2010
let's make a wish, let's make the wish come true :)

so today i went to the library, and as expected, it's noisy at there!
and im so true about their activities in library.
they wont study, but they'll chit-chat & dating.
*proud laugh*

i was having a REALLY great time at the library. thanks :)

now i regained my SPIRIT to do the prom night.
it's "Teenagers' Dream", so we should be united and make our dreams come true!

currently, people are buying the tickets.
i hope that we can achieve 100 people!
oh please go to the prom..... :(

we are going to do the prom night at 10th floor.
it's the Ballroom! :D

please God, im praying to you so that we can make our dreams come true.
just this time, only this time.

anyway, please join me to browse prom dress.

[awwwww. cute :)]

[or this! but i know, i cant wear dress like that. my parents will give me a super duper long speech about it.]

[this is so so so cute.. but.. it's kind of.... erm.. you know..]

[actually im more into this! :D but wait... is it suitable for me to wear this on prom night?]

hey! where i can find this shoes?

[awwwww i like it ♥]

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

David Choi's songs shine my morning ♥

i woke up at 6.20++AM because my stomachache syndrome was attacking me.
maybe i got too excited for the upcoming day.
im always like this, and in the end, nothing good will be happening in my day.

but, HEY!
if nothing good will happen,
then we will make it happen as much as we want to.
haha! i figured it out :)

im listening to David Choi's songs right now.
WONDERFUL , is all that i can say.
im a big fan of his.

to change the subject, actually i planned to live in my village, Tambunan, during long school holidays.
i dont know whether this is a good decision or a bad one.
but, all i know is that i need some place to be alone.
to be alone from that "human".

i'll not think about that right now.
all i want to think about is STUDY hard.

im going to the library today.
almost all of my classmates are going to the library today.
so im going to find my peace at there.

HEY! what if there are lots of people in the library?!
then there's no PEACE to study!
ARGHTTT!! this is the worst part today.

usually i went to the library on Sunday.
there are only small amount of people at there if it's Sunday.
but today is the freaking SATURDAY!

urght! i super duper hate it when students went to the library for fun and not for study.
the examples of their "fun" are chit-chatting, meeting friends, & dating with their girlfriends/boyfriends.


urght! i dont know how to say to teenagers these days.
=,=" they wont even listen, trust me.

YOU! yeah, you! you better dont mess up with my library.
*warning face*

my father is getting on my nerves.
he wont drive me to the library.
he even categorize in the group of teenagers above.
so i screamed infront of him.

he said : "Ko baru form 2 bha. Tida payah lulus pun bole"

can you imagine a father can say that to his daughter!
can you imagine a father even encourage his daughter to FAIL IN EXAMINATION?!

*bad mood*


["WTFH!!!! *cursing* "]


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Thursday, October 28, 2010


but still, i have no motivation.

all i want to do right now is to eat, watch movies, watch animes, CS, guitar, rain, and sleep.

this cannot be happening!


yet, im still relaxing here, drinking Coke.

i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.i need motivation.vvi need motivation.
i need motivation.
i need motivation.i need motivation.vvi need motivation.i need motivation.


this is called laziness.
let's fight my laziness!!

i want to be like this!


arght.. help me~

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

last night! ♥

what a weird but wonderful dream i had last night!

Synopsis For My Dream :
Im in my classroom.
A good looking person who has extremely long eye lashes is sitting on my chair & infront of my table. So, i sit on that person's chair too.
I dont know but the dream changes and im infront of him.
So i touch that person's eye lashes. OMGEE!
It's like 15 CM long. but something feels different.
That person's eye lashes cast a spell on me.
A spell to fall in love with that person!
-The End-

i forgot about the rest of that dream.
i know, you might had experienced that before.
i mean, forgot about our own dream.


babaii.. im going to waste my teardrops by watching Bokura Ga Ita.
it always make me cry.
everytime im re-watching it.
[already watched that anime for several times already.]

im a freak addict.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


that moment just now is very unforgettable.

i want to scream so damn badly!
i want to laugh so damn loudly!

but it's a very bad thing that i screamed in my school bus just now.
because im melting!

and NOBODY can stop me from melting just now.
i cant even stop myself.

i feel like im an icecream just now.
:D :D :D melting.
smiling, laughing and screaming.




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Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Prom night cancelled?

NO! this cannot be happening.
i already make the tickets,
i already spread it to teenagers around this town.
i already planned to tell them what activity that i will do.

this will not happen.
our prom night wont be cancelled.
the problem here is, we need to give the deposit costs RM1400 to the hotel manager next week.
i already make 15 tickets, which we should be selling right now.

i still have a strong "heart" to do this.
why YOU guys need to think negatively?

i know, the problem is the ticket,
can we reach 47 people? or even 100?

if the prom night is cancelled, i PROMISE you that i will not LAUGH anymore.
trust me. i wont even smile..

here comes my bad attitude.
when im in this situation, i will blame everyone around me.
[except Michael Jackson]

i just want to die.
people are talking about that prom night already.
that they want to wear what, to use what, bla bla bla.






life is like a shit.
all you need to do is wait to be crushed.

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Monday, October 25, 2010
today, is a DIZZY day.

it's all about today! :D
i went to the town to shop!
i bought ingredients for tomorrow and i bought glossy paper which cost Rm20.00.
i went to a shit printing shop who ruins my paper without exchanging it with a new one.
i printed the tickets.

so everything costs RM50.
my parents gave me speech for ..... URGHT.
they're saying i wasted my money for completely nothing,
that i should buy foods/KFC/burger/etc etc .

thanks to you, money-eye printing shop!

[this is the 20 sheets of glossy paper costs RM20]

[we need rules to control them, babes]

[i create this :) ]

[playing with the camera]

[my evil&satisfied smile :D]

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

people should be open-minded about piercings!

hey you! yeah, you over there!
and YOU! who's reading my blog!

i want to spread my beliefs that we all need to be OPEN-MINDED about piercings.
it's my opinion, take it or leave it.
but if you claims that you're open-minded, read this.

adults, teenagers, dear children,
for me, piercings isn't a bad thing.
it's not a mistake, it's not a sin.

im NOT a saint, and im NOT a sinner too.

Piercings. What's the meaning of piercings?
[skip if you want to]
Body piercing, a form of body modification, is the practice of puncturing or cutting a part of the human body, creating an opening in which jewellery may be worn.
Lip and tongue piercings were historically found in African and American tribal cultures.

Reasons for piercings?
Reasons for piercing vary greatly.
A 2001 survey in Clinical Nursing Research, an international publication, found that 62% of people who pierced had done so in an effort "to express their individuality."

see? it's only a thing done to express their individuality.
to express fashions, styles, to be beautiful, gorgeous, etc.

there's this one friend who said, "Eh! Dont do piercings! It's not good bha!"
i stared at that friend's earlobes and i saw NO ear piercings.

that friend even gave me speech about piercings.
something like it's against the Bible.

BUT, you know that that friend cannot force me.
because it DEPENDS on ourselves.
to do it, or to leave it.

if you want to do it, then do it.
if you dont want, it's up to you.

all i want to talk about right now is,
PEOPLE around you, especially adults,
will think that you're a ROTTEN TEENAGER if you pierced something.

understand what i mean by, "Rotten Teenager"?
that means, they would think that you're unvirgin, sucks, smokes, etc etc etc.
see all of these small-minded people?

let me tell you something,
piercing is about BEAUTY.
it's NOT about rotten.

imagine if you think that you can beautify yourself by piercings,
you got the chance, you got the potential,
so why dont you do it?

trust me, NOBODY wants to be UGLY.

for me, piercings is good as long as you're doing it for a good reason.

if you're doing piercings for worshipping God, get the hell out of my blog right now.
im absolutely & completely not on your side.

im doing lips piercing.
it's beautiful.

Miyavi is handsome, indeed ♥

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

my experiences in hospital.


drinking a glass of brown coffee.

2 days ago, which is Saturday,
i went to the hospital to take care of my grandmom.
she's sick.

[dont ask me the reason because it might makes me super angry of the person who should be responsible of grandmom]

and then there's this one old woman, her bed is beside my grandmom's bed.
let's call OldWoman for that old woman.
to mention you, her age is 64 years old.

to make things simple, that OldWoman insructed me to do her things.
i mean, to pull that food trolley to her, to search for her husband, to find her container, to throw the leftovers, etc etc.

that OldWoman asked me to search for her husband because she want to go PeePee,
she said her husband is watching the television.
i was afraid that i might get into wrong person,
so i asked, "What's his T-Shirt's colour?"
she insists and said , "You saw him earlier bha.. The one who sat beside me just now.. His hair is white"

even though actually i just came in to the hospital.
and i never saw the one who sat beside her.

so i went to the Television Room and saw only ONE old man in that room.
my heart was happy because mission solved.
i found the OldWoman's husband.
so i walked close to that old man, here goes the conversations :

Me : Uncle, uncle punya bini maw pigi tandas..
Old man : Apa?? *panic eyes*
Me : Uncle punya bini maw pigi tandas..

*that old man cepat2 bediri and walked with panicked eyes, and then halfway, he stopped*

Old man : Apa??
Me : Uncle punya bini maw pigi tandas..!
Old man : *staring at me for minutes*
Me : [thinking what did i do wrong?]
Old man : Tuuna pun bini sia . *pointing to the nearest old woman*

the nearest old woman that he pointed at was eating.
and then a woman came near to us

Woman : that's not her husband~ maybe her husband already walk away.
Me : oooo haha~ *cover*. sorry arh uncle~
Old man : *evil grins*

HAHA! damn it!
at that time i was so ashamed, embarassed, words cant describe.
plus a little laugh.

imagine if you accuse that that person's wife is dead.
even though the one who died is not that person's wife.
then that person begins to panic and killed himself first.
OMGEEE big mistake for me.

so i went back to my grandmom's bed and told that OldWoman that her husband is not there.
poor OldWoman.
she said that she got lots of children, but most of them works.
i knw about it because i heard the conversation between her and the man infront of her.

OldWoman : sia ada banyak anak bah. tapi sumua suda karaja.
Man : alalala~ bisuk dorg pg sini la tu kn? sbb bisuk ari minggu.
OldWoman : maaanadah. diurang karaja d tabasan ari anam sma ari minggu.
Man : *kuyak*, oooo..

sad :(
irresponsible children!
at least, they should pigi tingu2 mama diurang.

so a whitehaired-handsome-old man came in.
that's the OldWoman's real husband.
he brought lots of foods.
and then he gave the bananas to my grandmom, and my grandmom gave it to me.
haha~ i didnt eat it. so i put it inside the cabin.

then there's i one uncle who stand infront of my grandmom's bed and chit-chat with my grandmom.
trus i heard this one story,

about last Friday night, a nurse has been kidnapped by a stranger man but she managed to scream and she ran away.
that nurse wanted to go to the toilet.
but she went to the toilet ALONE.

that's why, girls should never walk ALONE.

CREEPY, yes.

actually i hate going to the hospital.
because the hospital is full of death scent.
and i freakingly hate it.
knowing that we all will die sooner or later.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, October 23, 2010
my back hurts.

i dont know what to talk about today.

the weather is very nice!
it's windy, gloomy and cold. :)
a very nice weather to lay on my bed and read books.
i planned to go to Library, but no one's gonna send me.

i want to be in here.
just by looking at pictures like this, it calms my mind.


during holidays, i just dont know what am i going to do.
everything seems NOTHING.
this life is completely NOTHING.

once, my lil bro asked me.

Him : is tomorrow holiday?
Me : yeah
Him : how many days?
Me : only for two days
Him : and then?
Me : you'll go to school
Him : after that?
Me : you'll study
Him : after that? holiday?
Me : yeah..

see? you get it?
holiday, school, holiday, school!

i LOVE this song. ♥
it suits my mood right now.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, October 22, 2010
i want a better world.

rich guys driving expensive cars while children being left behind, starved at the middle of the road.

urght i did lips piercing last night.
remembering that today i got english oral test,
so i need to close that piercing.

and yeah, i closed it just now.
i should do piercings during long holidays.
[it didnt bleed but it "bengkak"]

our excel will be on 3rd November.
arght! it's coming , it's coming!
i forgot Form 1's formula already.


i want a beautiful voice desperately!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010
ttyl = talk to ya' later

well, i forgot already about what am i going to blog.
it's because i was reading the most recent posts on FaceBook.
hahaha! very entertaining that some of them are >> dumb.
LOL! im not being a bad girl!
im honest.

im an honest person already.
so who's gonna blame me again for being dishonest?

im going to play that freaking addicting guitar and freaking addicting brown coffee.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, October 18, 2010
let's talk about foods!

i want to talk about foods right now because this morning i found out that my beloved Brown Coffee has ran out.
i search search search, and i found Nescafe Mild.
i wont drink it, i'll tell you the reasons later.
so, i forced myself to drink the Chinese Green Tea and i dont like it. not my type.

i have no idea on how i will survive my morning without my brown coffee?
and then a few minutes ago i found out that my parents bought a big packet of brown coffee!
hahaha! now i could survive my morning! :)

:D haha! trust me, this is DELICIOUS.

so, the reason why i dont drink Nescafe Mild anymore is,
well, Nescafe Mild were my super favourite before,
but i think i drank it too much the previous year,
[for diet purpose. it works.]

and my brains reject to drink the Nescafe Mild.
if i still force myself to drink the Nescafe Mild,
my brain will absolutely be in PAIN & DIZZY a.k.a MIGRAINE.

this is young starfruits.

the taste is sour, 60% almost same like young mangoes.
but it is delicious! arght!
only Vian & Goput knows :)

im desperate for young mangoes!

this is where i do my freaking job/essays.
look at that annoying peeking little cat.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

this green tea sucks. my brown coffee is better.

haha! i dreamed something so wonderful just now!
so so so wonderful :D!
i cannot summarize that "wonderfulness" in this tiny space.

to make it simple : i dreamed that im watching a person played guitar wonderfully.

i forgot about the song that that person played already.
i dreamed that that person is very good in guitar.
just like David Choi.

anyway, dreams are dreams.
sometimes they came true, sometimes they're not.
dreams are COINCIDENCE.
dreams mean NOTHING.
because it's our brains who make our dreams.
so, dreams are meaningless.

since we've talked about dreams here,
let's make our sub-topic today is about "Dreams are coincidence".

log time ago, some people tried to make me believe that when a person dreamed about something bad, the bad thing will happen in real life.

they even gave examples, :
"That day, my friend's friend's friend's friend's[blablabla] dreamed about that boy is going to die. And then, the next day, that boy died."

oh puh-lease~ it's your friend's friend's friend's friend's making up a story.
btw, there's no accurate person.
it's only my friend's friend's friend's friend's.
how you can believe your friend's friend's friend's friend's if you dont even know who your friend's friend's friend's friend's is?

anyway, if things like this happens, then it's COINCIDENCE.
man, go to Google and search for dream's definition.
or search at somewhere else.

it's the BRAINS who make the DREAMS.
brains never sleep.

im so sorry to say but people who believe in dreams, logically are DUMB.
the dreams that im talking about right now is "bad dreams happens in real life".
good dreams? it's just the same, dude.

dreams are created just for fun.
not for reality.
so we can enjoy our sleep.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, October 16, 2010
16th October 2010 :)

HAHAHAHA! im melting.
i know this is wrong but,
it felt so wrong & it felt so right.

and oh-em-geee!
it's 09.12PM!
a very historical moment.
nooooo! the snowman is going to melt.

what am i going to do? what am i going to say?
what am i going to think?

i know that you guys wont have any slightest idea on what im talking about.
and im letting it be.
because it's 100% better if you guys didnt know what im talking about.

-after a while-

enough for the happy moments.
now i need to think, about how,why,when.

happy moments are temporary!


0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

such a pain..

urght i got lots of work to do.
as i've told you before, we planned to do the Prom Night thingy.
the ticket price will be Rm30 and Rm35 for outsiders.

i dont know if we need permit & i know we dont need permit.
haha! because strangers are strongly NOT allowed.

and then we need to talk with the hotel's manager,
print the tickets,
search for people who would buy the tickets.
and if only SMALL amount of people want to buy the ticket,
then the Prom Night will be canceled.


and i must arrange the events.
must search for talented people who can go to the prom & can perform.
oral test will be next week,
but i still need to do all of these? urght!

my back hurts.

im still unexperienced with all of these.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

i dont know what to think.

it's better not to think anything.
so i wont get into a negative conclusion.
if i get into a negative conclusion, it would expand more.
just like a map.

i havent talked about school lately.
school is fine but our Excel includes Form 1's and Form 2's chapter.
im feeling dizzy about this.
after that, i need to do an essay for my English oral test.
of course, im doing it diligently :)

so, lets talk about my life right now.
my life is getting worse.
why? because i keep forgetting things that i should do.
Example : play with my puppies/feed my dogs
i even forgot to play CS!

i cannot focus on one thing only.
because i need to focus on ALL of them to make a balanced life.
so i cannot be selfish and i need to move on.

i dont know.
all i need to do now is CS, a cup of coffee, & Bible Study.
Bible Study calms my heart :)

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Thursday, October 14, 2010
what im thinking.

like i've said,
NOBODY knows who i really am, NOBODY understands me, NOBODY knows what im thinking, and NOBODY can change this fact.

no this is not emo & im not being emo.
this is the REALITY that i must face.

i dunno. when i tried to talk about my thoughts out,
people tend to take it easily and they will think, "What a joke".
for example,

Me : i want to get out of this town and life somewhere peaceful.
A person : Bukit Padang.. peace :)

see? NOBODY understands me.
i take it very very seriously.
and people want to make it as a joke.
[even though it is 101% not funny]
when i think about this back, this is very insulting me.

right now in my mind,
im thinking to get out from this town and go to somewhere near the woods.
i want to find a cafe near the woods where they need a worker[me], and they'll provide a room, foods, & drinks to the worker[me!].

so after i work at the cafe, i would return to my room, change my clothes, bring a book and read it in a big rock in the woods.
after that, i need to hear something, only after that i will find a BIG lake!

wah very fairy story la.
but this is not a joke! i want it to be real.

that's why, last holiday, i asked my father,
"Father, i want to live at the village this holiday."

and guess what?

he laughed and said,
"What you're going to do at there? Tanam padi? Dont be a burden to your aunts/uncles at there."

but after a while, my father was okay about it, and he was going to send me,
but the problem is, i dont know how/when because the school is coming already.

anyway, Nice Morning.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
oh jealousy, look what u've done

am i too.. arrogant?
i mean, something like not saying "Hello" with people.
or not smiling, friendly acts & etc etc.

i dont think im that arrogant.
dont you think that it's very dumb for you to say "Hello" and smiles for no reason?
oh puh-lease.
if people say "Hello" to me first, i would ABSOLUTELY smile and say "Hello" back.

so now i realised that NOBODY understands me well.
when im studying seriously in the class, people will say that im angry at them.
=,=" when i talk about something honestly,
people will say that im fierce.

what the freaking hell?
so what should i do so people wont say that im bad-tempered person&fierce?
i asked my bestfriend, and she said,
"Smile. And when people arrived to school, say "Hello" to them. If you dont smile/greet them, they will think that u're angry at them."

yeah, NO ONE understands me.
no one knows what im thinking or what i want to do.
they just want me to SMILE and GREET them.
they're SUCKS. [most of them]

and oh jealousy, look what you've done.
this is the proof that you dont know me, because you dont know what im thinking about right now.

yes, im jealous and im feeling that this life is freakingly unfair.
i hate this cold world.
i want a new world.
urghttt im feeling so damn sad.

but, old memories wont come back.
the past is just the past.
and now i learned that the PAST wont be coming back.
even though you've tried 100% so hard to get the past moments back, you just cant get it.
no matter how hard you tried. no matter.

i want my good moments back!
i dont want bad moments!
NOBODY want bad moments!
everyone wants to be happy , wants to have a happy ending like fairytales.
im telling you now that this world is not "fairytales".
this world is a "horror stories" that will haunt your dream[life] forever.

i hate this world.
this world wont get any peace.
believe me, this world cannot be in peace.

you're really wondering why?
asked me myself.


ARGHT! i want my good moments back!

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
two loving swans.

hey guys, i really should blog about this two days ago.
because, that was the day when i saw swans!

ok let me give you the detail!
two days ago, which is Sunday,
my father picked us up from the KingdomHall.
[we prayed&study Bible at there]
after that, on the way back home, i saw two swans flying!

i saw it with my naked TWO eyes!
the two swans flew and stand on the gate of that Round About.
understand? at the middle of the road, there're Round About.
the Round About have gates.
and thats where the two swans stand!

so i quickly said, "Woah! Swans! So damn beautiful!"
and then my father and my sister looked clueless.
my sister asked, "Where it is?"
i quickly pointed where that swans were standing.
but she still cant see it.

the truth is,
my sister & my father didnt see that two swans!
which means, it's only ME who saw the two swans.

yeah i know, that's weird.
and no, im not making up stories.

why its only me who saw swans?
hmmmm maybe it's because i went to pray.
then maybe, just maybe, God send this two white swans to tell and encourage me to keep on praying and to keep on studying the Bible.
just like when Jesus was baptised, there was a white bird above his head.

and the reality is, i still dont know why im the only one who saw the two BEAUTIFUL swans.

let's research about swans!
you can skip this if it's getting bored. :)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

i see, so swans usually mate for life, though 'divorce' does sometimes occur,
particularly following nesting failure.
[this explains why i saw TWO swans]

i never know before that swans are born to mate.
and i never know untill now that swans are beautiful, sweet and romantic :)

and when two swans are married, they can make the perfect LOVE!

OMFG! this is so so so wonderful :)

im loving swans.

Swans Indicates a Perfect LOVE.

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Monday, October 11, 2010
hoping hat everything will be fine.

my bestfriend uploaded the pictures of us during our class party.
and OMFG, my face looks so so so so damn terrible.
arght! =,="
and plus, i even look FAT!
[yes i have fats but im not 'that' fat!]

so i decided to do balanced diet. :)

[and this is my balanced diet. without any rice :) ]

good news good news! i'll tell you the first one.
i got 6 new puppies. :D :D
5 blackies and 1 white.
and there's this "CHUBBY" one! so damn cute! xD

[i developed love for puppies, once again]

[the way he play is so cute~]

[that's the white one, and that's the smallest one :D bullying, huh?]

sooo im deciding to name the chubby, the white, and the smallest one.
why? because the rest of them are just the same [black in colour] and i find it super hard to make comparisons.

SO! the chubby's name will be.. ermmm.. Panda?
no? ermmmm.. Chubby? no thats too common.
Teddy Bear? HAHA! okay then, his name will be Bear.
:D :D

the white one will be named Snowy,
the smallest one will be named Chibi
:D ngam?

and the second good news is, i've washed my hair after 3 torturing days.


i hate walking today.

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Friday, October 8, 2010
oh tonight im feeling oily.

im in a very sickly pain in heart right now.
i cannot wash my hair untill Sunday. :(
and my hair is so so so oily,
[to mention you, my hair easily gets oily. it sucks a lot]

haha right now im using Umaga's laptop.
she would yell at me if she knew that im using her lappy.
i really have no idea why would she think that i can ruin her lappy.

Lesson Number 1 : Being Sneaky Is Very Good :)

urght my back hurts a lot, im feeling so hot.

good night!

*a few hours later*

urughttt! my hair is too oily and i cant sleep.
i want to blog about something but i dont know what im going to block about.

hey! i really hate it when i typed a LONG LONG messages or chat with LONG LONG words,
but people only answer "Lol" and "zz".
and it's very rare for people to answer LONG LONG like mine.
[there's this ONE person who have this habit.]

haha. thats it. im outta here.

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good morninggggggg~!

this cup of milo cereal reminds me of you.
i wonder when you'll notice it.
and i'll make sure you'll never notice it.

the previous milo cereal is so delicious.
but the present milo cereal that i have right now is so tasteless.
[went to put some sprinkle of sugar]

omg! you ruined my mood to talk romantically! =,="
haish so hai.
ok! continue!

you wonder why the milo cereal is tasteless?
[because you didnt put sugar in it]
it's because you're not here to talk to.

i cannot sleep well, i cannot bath well,
i cannot eat well, i cannot drink well,
all of this is because of you're not here.
[i know you can eat KFC very well :) especially cheesy wedges. no no no dont lie :)]

arght! enough the romance thingy la.
i really cannot be a romantic person.
my heart wont let me to because it'll always say something bad about romance.

example :
A Man : i love you for the first time our eyes met.
My Heart : i wonder if i have eyes.

get it? my heart will ruin anything "romantic".

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