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Friday, December 31, 2010
My New Resolutions[Azam Baru] For 2011.

im so sorry that i promised to do my resolutions a.k.a azam baru before 31st.
but today is 31st and i almost forgot.
there are lots of thing in my mind.

so just straight to the point,

My New Resolutions[Azam Baru] For 2011 :
1. Be thin & slim.
2. Lose weights. [must lose 6 or 7kg]
3. Less playing games, more studying.
4. I wont talk bad words such as "Sial", "Buduh", "Kurang Ajar", "Palui", "Shit" & "WTF".
5. I will smile to everyone at school everyday so they wont say that im arrogant or angry.
6. The MOST important thing is, being a soft girl.
7. Be a good student. Wear a pair of super long socks. [HELL NO]
8. Be a loyal person.

wish me the best to achieve all of these resolutions next year.

so tonight there'll be a countdown for New Year at my uncle's house, Tambunan.
i cant wait to watch the fireworks.
im going to try to light up one :)

i planned to blog about "Ice Tea is Good For Skin".
but they deleted my pictures! all of them!
they ruined my project!
what a slut!
[okay. the word "slut" is allowed to use.]

so i guess i'll need to do it one more time.

im going to delete their pictures too!
revenge is sweet. muahahaha~
*growing horns on my head*

[this picture was taken at Tambunan Village Resort Centre]

[i love to stare at my bro's eyes. why? because they're beautiful.]

[raw chicken legs]
how i wished i never eat this thing!
i eat this once when i was a kid.
my mom lied to me, she said it's 100% clean and it's delicious.
so i tried to suck one. indeed it's delicious.
but when i think about it back, it's so damn gross and useless.
because all the thing that you do with that chicken leg is suck and suck and suck untill u're satisfied with it. wth?

so im going to do my projects.
see you later on :)

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010
a post full of things that i admire about Jang Geun-suk♥!

there's something wrong today.
i mean, REALLY wrong.

lots of people are wishing me "Good Morning".
i mean, it's not wrong for wishing me that.
but, i can feel that it's a sign that something is going to get wrong with me today.

nahhhh~ nevermind.
just like Dickson always say, we all must think positive :)
or maybe it's a sign that today is gonna be a great day!
who knows.

to change the subject, im addicted to this one Korean Drama.
it's called "Marry Me, Mary!" or "Mary Stayed Out All Night".
the main actor & actress make such a sweet & great couple!
im envious.

and you wanna know something?
i fell in love with the main actor a.k.a Jang Geun-suk!
because he have ALL the things that i've always dreamed of a man to have.
in other words, he's my ideal guy.
ARGHT!! ♥ xD

btw, he's 182cm! OMGEE he's tall! :D ♥
his birth date is 4th August 1987..
awww he's 23 years old already.
[but he still looks so cute. you cant deny it :) ]

it's always my dream to watch a person playing guitar passionately from a far distance, and you know that that person got that hot feelings for you.
[i know that's so impossible to happen to me.]

[whenever he plays guitar & sings, I MELT so damn badly♥ gosh im dying]
he's good in playing guitar.

[i love his long hair because it makes him looks COOL! you just need to admit it.]

[i LOVE his WONDERFUL voice]

[JANG GEUN-SUK!! okay im being so damn obsessed.]

[i envy Moon Geun-young! xD]

and OHEMGEEE! you need to watch this!

did you saw it when he said "Mae-Ri Christmas! I LOVE YOU!!"
and he dedicated that song to that girl called Mae-Ri[Moon Geun-young].
ARGHTT!!♥ i cant stand this anymore. im going to die soon. LOL~
how i wished a person would do things like that to me.

oh by the way! I LOVE THIS SONG THE MOST!

[this is going to be NUMBER ONE in my playlist ♥]
i love the way he played his guitar.

im going to admit that this is the FIRST TIME i fell in love with a Korean Actor.

la la la whatever :)
im going to ADMIRE HIM MORE!
i cant believe my ideal guy is exist!


[i am totally speechless :) ]

[OMGEEE is this him?! HAHAHA. my nose is bleeding!! XD]

[ *melts*]

[ T,T this song is so damn touching♥ ]


im going to download all of his songs!
HAHA bye~ :)

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010
a stranger that keeps on disturbing me for MONTHS.

i am irritated & i am so damn angry.
there's this one STRANGER who have been disturbing me months ago.

the first time he called me, i thought he dialled wrong number.
but you know what?
when he heard my voice, he turned off the phone and he texted me something like this :
"At first I dialled this number because I wanted to know whether this phone number is used already or not. Because i've used this phone number before. But when I listened to your voice, Im touched. Because your voice is similar to my friend, Zulaikha. But now she's gone. I sincerely wants to be friend with you. Please get to know to me better before you reject me"

oh please! i've been using this phone number since im in Year 5 !
and im 101% positive that MY SIM CARD IS NEW!
i even registered it with my mother's name.

and please dont say that im similar with that Zulaikha.
because i know YOU CREATED that character so that i'll be touched too & so that i would like to be your friend.

you wanna know why i dont want to be friends with you?
i know this sounds so cruel but it's because you're a PILAK!
a damn 101% PILAK!

ladies and gentlemen, it's VERY dangerous to be friends with a PILAK.

and he even CALL my phone when i sleep, every night and every morning.
the thing that i hate the most is, when people disturb me sleeping with not an important matter.
in this case, he disturbed me sleeping for MONTHS just to be friends with me.

i am stressed out because this morning [6.45AM], HE CALLED ME FOR MORE THAN FOUR TIMES, AGAIN!
i put my phone in a silent mode.
and then a text message came saying, "How cruel you're for rejecting my phone calls. I am SINCERE to be your friends. Please know me better first before rejecting my phone calls".

that's called FORCING.
if you do it one more time, i am NOT afraid to give out your phone number to the Police Station for SEXUAL HARASSMENT & for DISTURBING PRIVACY.

i already told you that I DONT WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU.
i can imagine how your face looks like.
black skin, lots of pimples, oily skin, curly hair, smelly, oily hair & everything about you is gross.

dont blame me for being cruel.
you deserved it.
because you've been disturbing my wonderful sleep for MONTHS.

im still irritated. i anti-pilaks.

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Monday, December 27, 2010
I am addicted to CSI : Crime City on Facebook

hello there guys~
lately, i've been addicted to this one particular game on Facebook.
if you think that this post is getting boring, then skip it :)
this game is called "CSI : Crime City"

it's easy and fun to play.
since long time ago, im interested in being a detective.
to mention you, i got LOTS of ambition

back to the topic, im going to do a simple manual on playing this game.
first, you're going to have to choose an avatar which is between male or female.

after that, click on "Select a Case"

click on any case that you like.
im going to do my incomplete case.

click on the floor to search for any evidence.
you'll need to use your energy to search evidence.
if you ran out of energy, you'll need to buy a coffee.
or if you dont have the penny to buy a coffee, you'll need to stumble into the "Focus Challenge".

if you wont this focus challenge, it'll give you coffee.
[click any floor to find this challenge. you're lucky if you found this after you ran out of energy]

after you found an evidence, you'll need to go to the lab and examine it.

click on the person that have the " ! " thingy.
and then examine the evidence.

it'll take a while for the person to examine the evidence.
so you'll need to wait.
sometimes, it'll take 30 minutes.

after you've finished searching & examining the evindences, the case will be closed because you've found the guilty one.
[there are shortmovies in each case. i forgot to screenshot]

yayyy~ after lots of effort :P

i even bookmarked it! haha.

i know you might think that this game is a BORE.
but you need to try it first :D

oh by the way, i started to admire Lights.

[you must listen to it :D :D :D]

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Sunday, December 26, 2010
are you kidding me? it's one more week left!

i am really exhausted for the 3 days nonstop long journey.
my back is hurt and my butt too.

anyway, it's 26th December.
time goes so fast that i realised just now, only one more week left and then it's SCHOOL TIME!
i havent had enough with my holidays.
i've done NOTHING beneficial for me this holiday.

it surprises me that this year, i've NEVER EVER missing my school.
im getting more lazy to move my butts, yeah no wonder im fat.

i promise you that i'll do my resolutions for 2011 before 31st December!
all you need to do is to remind me.

oh by the way, im going to take the PMR paper next year.
i cant believe im in Form 3 already after next week!
the PMR is very important because your result in PMR will determine which class you'll get in in Form 4 and Form 5.
i want to be in Science Stream !

sometimes im interested to be a surgical doctor
[which is very impossible for me]
because you're going to save a person's life which is very precious to others!
surgical doctor Pictures, Images and Photos

oooops~ i rambled a lot.
just wish me for the best next year.

im going to sleep very late tonight!
so im going to watch movies! goodbye :D

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Saturday, December 25, 2010
Our family's gathering :)

yesterday i went to my village, Tambunan.
it's our family's gathering.
and then we made a surprise party for our beloved aunt.
this is going to be more into picture-blogging.

we made that party on the balcony.
to mention you, the scenery was very NICE.

[the party is simple but fun :) ]

[we closed the lamp, and this is the scenery. in reality is better]

[i sensed a lowongness. haha]

[there are lots of them!]

[preparing for the surprise party]

[RASUAH! merasuah budak2 supaya durg diam2. haha]

[our aunt came in and i forgot to capture the "poom".. err if you know what i mean]

[yayyy~ and then she hugged everyone of us]

[i sensed lowongness with Allen :D]

[my dad came in, he made "that" face and then he walked out, we laughed]

[US! too bad ada yang tida pigi~]

[EATING MOMENTS! haha im getting fat]

[that's Oden in white shirt being bullied by Allan]

[that's Bion in white shirt being bullied by kids too. i understand that feeling of being smacked down by lots of kids. :) ]

[this is Erika :)]

[too bad Ashley was sleeping :( ]

[kawasan Tanak Wagu & Sumandak]

[kawasan urang tua2. hehehehe..]

[you know what kind of food that i love the most? Kampung Food.
dont underestimate Kampung Food. they're delicious]

[my uncle's]

after eating & etc etc, we played the Truth Or Dare game on the balcony.
mostly chose Truth.
and sometimes the truth is harsh, but we need to accept it.

so today my mom wants us to go to Ranau.
meanwhile we're being told to go to Tambunan today.
i cant believe that i'll be so busy this week.

what's next?
i cant wait ;)

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