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Monday, January 31, 2011

i finished recording & editing & uploading the cover for Auburn - Perfect Two.
unfortunately, i only allow my friends to listen to it.

Auburn is using something like the "suprano voice" to sing that song.
while im using "deep voice".
that's why i cant reach the part, "Cause you're the one for me,for me, and im the one for you, for you, we're the perfect two, we're the perfect two".

if you havent listen to it yet,
here's the acoustic version of Auburn,

the next song that im going to do a cover is, Bruno Mars - Grenade.

here's the acoustic version of Bruno Mars :

this time, i'll try to not to use HandyCam.
but i'll try to use this :

btw, i found the acoustic cover for Katy Perry - Firework that i made last year.
i'll edit and upload it~
and i'll post it here :D

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Sunday, January 30, 2011
im wearing a thick mask.

was pretending like i dont care at all.
was pretending like im angry.
was pretending like i dont want to.

im good at it.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011
about this girl who loves to push me. [Part III]

[29th January 2011, Friday]
[[i wrote this post yesterday. but i drafted it]]

she already realised her mistakes.
last night, she apologised to us.
but we cannot accept it because we want her to apologise in real life.
not in text messages.

so just now during the Scout's Meeting, she was there.
i sat down, and she held my hand, she said, "Feoooo~~".
at first, i didnt look at her face and i let go of her hand.
but for the second/third time, she said "Feooo~ Sorrrryy".

and then the seniors called me.
they told me to do the push-ups because i was late.

after i did the push-ups, i went back to the class, and i as i sat down,
I COMPLETELY FORGOT what i should get mad about.

so in the end, the conversation goes on like this.
[it's in Malay.]

That Girl : Feooo~ Sorry..
Me : Knapa pla ko mau mnta maaf sma sa? Ko teda buat salah sma sa pn..
That Girl : Yalaaa tp sa kasi sakit ati kamu..
Me : Ooo ko sedar bha pla.. Ko rasa apa yg ko buat salah?
That Girl : [That Girl said secrets thingy. so i cant write it here]
Me : Sbenarnya ko bukan buat salah sma sa.. Tapi ko buat salah sma kwn sa. Klau ko kasi sakit ati kawan sa, sa pun sakit ati ba. Sbb itu la makna kwn. Itu ari ko tnya lg si Anis, "bgini ka kwn?" kan? Skg sa tnya ko balik, BEGITU ka kawan?
That Girl : Yalaa sa tau salah sa.. Please just give me another chance for me to change.
Me : Ada byk lagi ba ni sa mau ckp tapi sa lupa suda. Spatutnya sa panas brabis ba ni. Jd skg apa yg akan ko buat untuk membuktikan yg ko btl2 minta maaf?
That Girl : Sa mau ubah sikap sa yg buruk.. Sorry arh Feo~
Me : Mmmm..

at that time i realised that her eyes were almost full of tears.
i dont think my words were that harsh.
the words that i said above are the MOST SOFT words i can say when im angry.

so do you think she'll change her bad attitude?
let's give it a shot.
i already forgive her. and i hope this is the LAST.

see? im kind. haha lol~

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walking around the town.

im having a SUPER DUPER fun time walking around the town with my bestfriend, ANNE!

i woke up at 7.58 AM today, and i quickly get ready to go to school.
i went to the Scout's Meeting.

they told me that in order to be senior for next year,
i need to join in the camping this year!
and i was like, "WTH? i thought if i joined Form 1's & Form 2's camping, i can be senior for next year!"

i REGRET it.

but Anne said that it's good because i have experiences in camping.
the first thing that i wont join this year is, the Commando Training.
it's an activity where we'll go through the mud.

i've been in that training for two times.
and i'll make sure that i wont be in that training for the third time.
yes, it's fun but it'll ruin your shirt, scout's scarf, your socks, shoes, your trousers and your shirt.

anyway, back to the topic,
the meeting ended at 12.00PM.

that's where me and Anne started to "gansau".
["Gansau" is a Dusun language. it means "walking around and late going back home". correct me if im wrong.]

we went to lots of boutiqe.
it's a good thing because now i know where to buy cute dresses and clothes in Keningau.

and then Anne invited me to go to her house to change clothes.
we took a break at her house.
and then we called a taxi to pick us up.

after that we continued walking around the town untill now, 5.45PM.
what a nice day. lol.

yes, we talked about lots of thing.
when i said lots, i mean LOTS.
we were having fun conversations.

it's always a good thing when you get to know your bestfriend better.
even better than before.

i am so damn "BOROI" right now.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011
about this girl who loves to push me [Part II]

so that girl who loves to push me [in my previous post],
lately, she's making lots of trouble.

i dont know what the freaking hell is wrong with her.
i have no idea at all.
about why she did mistakes.

she knew that it's a mistake,
but she still continue doing it.

when we told her about her mistakes, she'll be angry at us.
and i was like, "WTH? Is she 15 years old? You've got to be kidding me."

anyway, after i listened to David Choi - Heart,
then i lost that angry feeling that i supposed to have.
i totally forgot about what im going to write today.

pardon me.

i cant wait to tell everyone about HER harsh secrets.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
im feeling UNEASY.

it's hard to admit that,
yes, im feeling so damn UNEASY.

in other words,


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Monday, January 24, 2011
Photoshop Magic! :)

hey guys, it's me, again.
so before i off the line and start doing my homeworks,
i'll tell and show you about the photoshop magic.

before you start photoshop-ing, always remember that you need to make it look so damn natural.
freakingly natural that people wont realise that it's a photoshop.
that's what i called "Photoshop Magic".

im using Adobe Photoshop.
it's the first magic tool that i've ever use in my entire freaking life.

so i photoshopped pictures just now, and here it is, the results!

let's start off with my own picture.

[left : natural, right : photoshopped]

dont worry. im NOT a fake.
i RARELY use photoshop on my own picture.

let's move on with another picture.


i found this picture on Google.
pardon me if this is your picture.


cant see the difference?

see?! it's a damn MAGIC!

lesson learned.
never trust girls/boys who looked beautiful/handsome on pictures.
because their face might not be the same in real life.

Pictures can LIE.
so , please be careful, peeps :)

oh by the freaking way!

i captured & photoshopped this picture by myself on the year of 2009,
back when i was in Form One.

yes, both of that girl is ME! :)
so please DONT think that im a lesbo.


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im having the SLUT disease.

hey bebeh :8)

it's Monday. wondering why i still can blog right now?
i didnt go to school today.

the time & date on my blog is wrong.
i'll fix it later.

back to the topic, im having the SLUT disease.
S - Super
L - Lazy
U - Unknown life form
T - Today

okay let's be serious.

im sick, okay?
please be considerate with sick people like me.
you think i like hate going to school? obviously.

no need to worry.
i'll give a letter to my classroom's teacher.


[i wonder why did i enlarge the word above]

i cannot believe that Justin Bieber is a left-handed guitarist!
i was terribly shocked.
it's like the New York's Statue of Liberty is going to collapse.

what the hell im talking about right now?!

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Friday, January 21, 2011
i feel so good. do you?

i went to the library yesterday and i felt so freakingly GOOD!
i was all alone and it was so cold and silent in the library.
just like what i hoped.

i love being in the library.
for me, being in a library is like being in the woods.
because papers are made from trees.

most likely, library is full of dead woods.
and i love it.
i'll try to go to the library every Friday.

[the sunshine was blazing through me. i like it]

so today i went to the school to take my last year's result.
and i was shocked. damn shocked.

i got number FOUR in the class!
and when i looked at that paper for the first time, i thought that that paper wasnt mine.
i thought that the teacher had mistaken me for someone else.

that paper was MINE.

the reason that i cannot believe i got number four is, i never expect it.
yes, once again, "Expect The Unexpected".
i didnt study that much, yet i still got number four.

i know my result isnt that great.
the questions were hard, indeed.
furthermore, i didnt study that much.

i NEVER EVER read anything about "Pendidikan Jasmani & Kesihatan".
trust me, i NEVER open its textbook.
no wonder i failed in that paper.

as for Geography, i was asleep during the examination.
i didnt realise that i was sleeping, so when i woke up, i was in rush to answer those questions.
i was freakingly SHOCKED when i got a "C" for Geography.
thanks to God.

im sure that i can do a lot better than this.
and i am going to do a lot better than this for this year! :D

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Thursday, January 20, 2011
contact lens may turn someone into an alien.

WARNING : If you're a contact lens user, you might get offended by this post. NO OFFENCE.

nowadays, Contact Lens is quite famous among teenagers.
almost all of fashionable teenagers have at least one contact lens.

they have TWO reasons to wear contact lens :

1. To look beautiful.
2. They're long-sighted or short-sighted.

however, when some of them wear those coloured contact lenses,
they automatically changed into an unknown life form or known as ALIENS.
mind you, i said only SOME OF THEM.
the rest of them look beautiful wearing contact lens

i know, when i wear contact lens, i look like an ALIEN.
a super duper alien.
that's why i rarely wear contact lenses.

so today let's determine whether NORMAL eyes are better than Coloured Contact Lenses[without degrees].

[Right Eye : Normal, Left Eye : Brown Contact Lens]

well for me, wearing contact lens & not wearing contact lens are just the same.
it's just that the contact lens can help you to make your eyes look bigger.

but i prefer not to use contact lens often to prevent from eye irritants.

for your own eye's safety, DO NOT use TAP WATER to clean your contact lens.
because TAP WATER contains lots of bacteria & viruses.
use the provided solutions for contact lens.

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my decision about the two chocolates.

hiyahhhhhhhhhh! wondering where i've been?
well, im here! :D
doing normal stuffs that a normal student should do.

but today i will take a break and online untill night.
because tomorrow i'll be going to the library.
i dont mind going there alone, instead, i really LOVE going to the library alone. let's just hope that only small amount of people will be at there tomorrow.

enough talking about tomorrow, let's talk about yesterday's yesterday which is TUESDAY.
yes, last Tuesday was our School's Sport Day.
it was a very bad luck of mine that i forgot to bring my phone with me!
how can i forgot to bring my phone?!

anyway, thanks to Anis's lucky charm [Four Leaf Clover],
both of us had a fun time playing at the Taman Mahathir.
[even though after a while, those kids ruined our fun time!]

by the way, just now at my classroom, i searched for any little rubbish inside my desk and i found a cute-little-holy pencil.
i accused it to be Vian's because i saw her name was written on that pencil.
yet, she refused to admit that the pencil is hers.
[actually thats not her pencil. i love accusing LOL]

i threatened her that i will upload a picture of that pencil.
so here it is! :D


i clipped my lil bro's hair.
he looks like a girl, right? xD

i dont know why but i got this addiction with cute little kids.
when i saw cute little kids, i would have the urge to chase them and hug them.
lol. i love cute little kids.
[so kids, beware if u're getting near to me]

im sure i got lots of thing to talk about!
but i forgot already =,=
why i always forgot important things?!

[A note to my brain : Always do and say important things first before you forgot all about them]

this week is not my week.
i've been through lots of hard moments.
where i wished i could just disappear into thin air.
but the reality told me that there's no way i could disappear into thin air.
no freaking way.

the decision that i've made two days ago,
which is about the TWO CHOCOLATES.
still remember about this story?
where you have TWO CHOCOLATES with the same size, same colour, same taste, same odour, same type and same wrapper.
you need to choose only ONE.
which one would you choose?

i've never ever answered this question before.
and two days ago, i've made a decision that if i cannot choose both of the chocolates,
then i would just give them to other people.

but if you know me very well, you'll know that i NEVER ever rejected any chocolates.
i NEVER throw any chocolates away.
[im a chocolate lover]
when i have chocolates, i cannot resist to eat them.
in the end, i finished those chocolates away even if im on a diet.
yep, thats me.

so in this TWO CHOCOLATE case, i cannot just throw them away.
you wont understand it, unless you were me.
i know im stupid, yeah call me watever bad words that you want to.
bla bla bla~

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

i finished editing the Happy Aliens' Memories Part Two.
but, what happen is this :

[click the picture for a better look]

can you believe it?
"512 minutes remaining"
im going to faint and die. jk.

so tomorrow is our school's Sport Day.
i dont think that i'll be going to complex tomorrow.
i think i'll be going on Tuesday.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011
Happy Alien's Video Part One IS HERE!! :D!

im here to bring back a freaking good news!
:D i finished editing my video!

it's Happy Aliens' Memories Part One!
this video was recorded by me on the year of 2010.
so it's a memory for me :)

i put lots of effort in editing this video.
so please enjoyyyyyy :D ~ ♥

P/S : Happy Aliens is my blog's project and already copyrighted by me.
No copycaters are allowed. Thanks :)

i've decided to do Part Two for "My Family" and Part Three for "My Friends".
im working on Part Two today :D

oh ya! by the freaking way, yesterday night, while i was eating M&M,

i saw a BIG SPIDER!

i killed it with a dictionary.
and then i said to the spider, "HAHA! your fate is the same as the cockroach's."

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Friday, January 14, 2011
Cross Country [Merentas Desa]

i joined the Cross Country [Merentas Desa] just now.
my main goal is not to win, but to lose some weight.
as soon as i get back home, i found out that im 48KG !! :D
HAHAHA. such a happy news for me :)
four more to go bebeh!

anyway, Cross Country is so damn tiring!
i wanted to kill myself by drinking a cup of coffee.

my feet! they cannot move anymore.
when i walked to upstairs, they hurt so damn badly.
=,= urght!

[during Cross Country]
it seems like that i was running/jogging/walking for about 100KM !

[after some torturing moments, finally we arrived! :D]

[LOL! this is not animal abuse, okay.]

it took about hours for me to gain my strength back.
my back hurts!
yes, i do complain a lot.
so next year, i wont be joining Cross Country anymore.

im still working on my video.
i found a good name for it.
"Happy Aliens' Memories"

i've decided to do two or three parts for it.
since it's going to be a long video :D

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Thursday, January 13, 2011
about this girl who loves to push me.

yes, i know that i shouldnt online right now.
i should just go and take a shower, do homeworks, & finish my video.
BUT! i need to blog about this thing as soon as possible because i may forgot about it sooner or later.

today im going to blog about this GIRL.
of course, she's one of my friend.
[mind you, i never ever consider her as my bestfriend]

so lately this GIRL has been acting like a real b*tch.
in her class, she talks LOUDLY because she wants some attention from the boys.
she always hang out with us when it's recess time.
[even though she's not 100% welcomed.]

im so sorry for saying that she's been acting like a real b*tch.
but it's the FACT. you cant run away from it.
know her more and you'll know it better.

usually when i am angry with someone, i have a REASON.
a GOOD reason for me to get mad.
i WONT get mad for NOTHING.

i've been enduring with this GIRL's attitude for such a long time.
but today, i dont think i can endure it anymore.

at the school just now, SHE PUSHED ME FOR THREE TIMES.
[yeah i counted it.]
it's not a NORMAL push.
it HURTS a lot and it's humiliating since i almost fell down.

furthermore, it's a DISGRACE to me.
she should respect me, since i never ever push her before.
i always gave her the chance to walk infront first.

back to the story, so i said, "Stop pushing, pusher.",
and then she hit my hand , she thought that i was JOKING.

when im angry, IM NOT JOKING.
at that time, i think twice.
to get angry, or to let her be.

in the end, i gave her one last chance.
if she pushed me once again, then she'll NEVER hang out with us anymore.

for your information, lots of people dislike her attitude.
i cant wait to scold her. LOL~
a girl needs to do what a girl needs to do.

if i let her be like that, then she WONT change her attitude.
and she'll keep on hurting others.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Cross Country Running a.k.a Merentas Desa

GUYS! my gosh my gosh my gosh omgee omgee omgee.
my English teacher told us just now that the "Cross Country Running" a.k.a "Merentas Desa" will be held on this Friday!
it's too fast! i mean, wth? time goes faster than usual.

so what am i going to talk about right now?
there are LOTS of thing that i wanted to blog about but i forgot already.

i forget things easily.
sometimes, im so clumsy.
i fell and i dropped things accidentally.
i dont know WHY and i CANT figure out why. =,="
just now, at school, i brought my CD [Twilight - Eclipse] because i want to lend it to Anis.
unexpectedly, there's a big CHECK where we were told to get the hell out from our classroom[to be precise, the prefects told us to wait outside] while they're checking our bags.


so they caught the CD, and luckily, there's this one prefect said "Im giving this CD back to you. Next time dont bring it. This is the last warning".
i caught Anis smiling happily :P

[p/s : Jacob & Bella kissing in Eclipse is the hot scene i've ever seen in my entire freaking life. LOL! Jacob a.k.a Taylor Lautner FTW!!♥ ]

anyway, i studied Maths just now and i LOVE it.
it's too simple, it's too tricky and you need to play it as a PUZZLE.

[picture deleted. reason : too ugly to be true]

im not showing off. and im NOT a show off person.
seriously, English is easy.

when you're trying to solve a problem,
look and observe at the WHOLE problem first about how and why.
dont focus on one direction only.
focus on WHOLE of it.
only after that, you'll get the answer.

as i was drawing two days ago, my sister, Lowong, saw me drawing.
she was enthused and she volunteered to help me to do that painting.
she drew the rabbit, i drew that words.

notice the rabbit's eyes. they're FREAKING me out.

i have my own song book.
i compose songs, i write lyrics and i search for the chords.

oh and by the way, im making a video about me in the year of 2008, 2009 & 2010.
so im going to get busy since i got lots of thing to do.
maybe i wont have time to check things out here.
so pardon me :)

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Monday, January 10, 2011
a post about my current life.

enough with the boring but informative post [which is the previous post],
not let's move on with a post about my current life.

my current life? boring as usual.
nothing interesting popped out.
as a regular circle time table, go to school - study - get back home - eat - sleep - entertainment - study - prepare for the next day - sleep early - wake up early - go to school and it goes on everyday...

nothing interesting right? told ya'.
fyi, our Sukan Sekolah is estimated to be held on next week [17th Jan].
my friends asked me to join a sport.
and i was like, "Are you crazy? I've had enough of humiliation since last year".

and then, they asked me to go to school just now at 3PM,
but i didnt. why? because i know that there'll be people who would force me to join a sport.
there's no freaking way im going to join it.
no no no.

and now i realised that i would do NOTHING if there's no Facebook.
Friendster? Ewwww. not my type anymore.

i nearly got into a bad mood just now since my mom pick me up from the school very late.
she had a meeting at the school with the teachers.
luckily, there's a SAVIOUR that prevents me from being in a bad mood.

the saviour is the COKE! :D
so if im in a super duper bad mood, and if you want me to be in a good mood,
make sure u give me a COKE.

[p/s : I hate and I dont drink 100plus. I tried drink 100plus once and i puked it off]

and by the freaking way!

this thing is cute. Dubbun? haha.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Facebook will NOT end on 15th March 2011.

at school, my bestfriends told me that Facebook will be closed on 15th March 2011.
i was freakingly shocked.
i mean, what the heck?

they said it's because of the Facebook's creator, Mark Zuckerberg claims that "managing [Facebook] has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness."

and i was nearly falling for that.
because as we can see here, lots of bad thing happen because of Facebook.
and undeniably, im still addicted to Facebook.

so as i came back home, i on the line and i surf at the Google and i did some research.
lots of information i've got.
and 50% of them are FALSE.

all i know is, it's not true.
Facebook is not going to end on March 15th, and Mark Zuckerberg never said any such thing.
and fyi, the rumours came from a website that you cannot trust 100%.
most of them are JOKES.
But that's not stopping many many Facebook users spreading the message.

Facebook will end on March 15th!

Many of the messages include a link to an apparent news story, where users can read more about the surprising announcement of Facebook's death:

Facebook will end on March 15th! Link to Weekly World News

If you click on the link, here's where you are taken. A news story by a publication that also tells us that Mike Tyson is a pigeon fancier, Michelle Obama is pregnant and alien spaceships are to attack earth in 2011:

Facebook will end on March 15th! Weekly World News story

However, the story published by the Weekly World News is, like most of their stories, full of fabricated quotes and hyperbole.
For instance, the Weekly World News story contains a made-up quote from a Facebook representative, telling users that they may lose all their photographs:

"After March 15th the whole website shuts down," said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. "So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business."

I certainly wouldn't disagree that users would be wise to have their own backup of their photographs, rather than rely on Facebook - but it's nothing more than a scare to suggest to people that they have to do it before March 15th because Facebook is going to close down.

Most people would probably never believe such a load of old nonsense as the claim that Mark Zuckerberg is going to shut down Facebook, but it only takes a small proportion of people to think it might be possible to turn a joke of a news story into an internet hoax.

And although a hoax is nothing like as bad as a piece of malware worming its way between users and stealing information, it's still a nuisance, clogging up communications, increasing the overall level of spam and perhaps leading people to make decisions for the wrong reasons.

There's an important lesson here - don't believe everything you read on the internet, and think twice before you pass a story on to your friends.

[lots of credit to http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/01/09/facebook-will-not-end-on-march-15th-hoax-news-story-spreads-like-wildfire/ ]

[another evidence that Facebook wont be closed down]

believe or not?
it's all up to you :)
the choice is in your hands. lol.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, January 8, 2011
i got a Loyalty Banner from Anis! :D

as the headline shown above, i just got a loyalty banner from my bestfriend, Anis!
everytime i Log In into my blogger account, the first thing i would check is her blog's updates.
when i found a new post, i'll read them :8)

actually im proud because im the first one to recieve this banner~
la la la~ :P jealous? you want one too?
then go read her blog every day and tell her that you're her loyal reader too~

here's her blog :

her stories are very addictive, trust me.

[this is the Loyalty Banner for me! :D]

it's cute & simple. you cant deny it.
i ♥ simplicity :)

anyway, as i was browsing through another blog, i found a blog's post that really attracts me.
i found that it's so freaking sweet.

so why dont you check it out :

sweet, right?
it's about a girl who always complain that she's not good enough for him.
because she thinks she's chubby & her clothes are getting smaller.

and then, the boy says, "I like you the best and you're the prettiest in my eyes.I only need you.The true you and not the one keep change herself because of me.Wherever you pass by,your charms will spill all over.That is what I call,'You're the prettiest.' "

there are lots of words.
you should read it by yourself
[reading while listening to a Titanic song then it'll be terrific]

that girl stepped on my shoes :(
so i eat her. lol.
[im missing the holidays]

0 dropped words~

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Thursday, January 6, 2011
the first week of school!

WARNING : This post's content is not suitable for kids under the age of 15. Only open-minded person are allowed to read this post.

there is a reason of me not blogging & online-ing for a while.
it's because the homeworks are preventing me from blogging & online-ing!
it's the first week of school, and believe it or not, we've lots of homeworks to do already.

and you know what?
im SUPER fine with it!
because im so damn motivated to study and i got the high spirit to do lots of homeworks!
in fact, i LOVE it when the teachers gave us homeworks :) *grins*

[please dont mind my ugly phone. it's ugly but i love it. lots of memories in it.]

anyway, in Form Three, all of the boys and 50% of the girls are looking foward to study Science in Chapter 4.
wanna know why?
because the Chapter 4 teaches us about human reproductive system.

and i think im included in the 50% of girls that are looking foward for it.
i laughed when i saw that sperm stick its head into the ovum and leave its tail behind.
LOL! dont you find it's very funny?

at the same time, it's very interesting, scary and even CREEPY!
when that chapter teaches us about how to prevent pregnancy.
and when the textbook shows a picture of... erm...
la la la let's change the subject. :P hahahaha!

[Jang Geun Suk is on my phone's wallpaper! xD♥]

[hey there snowy man :) what's ur name? Burhana Muntana? ooh ok.]

btw, i planned to go to school just now because there's a meeting for each of the Rumah Sukan at 3PM.
i did went to the school.
but since i was in a super badmood, i quickly went back home.

i know myself well.
if im in a super badmood, i cant talk to anyone.
wanna know why? because i might suddenly explode with the innocent ones.

anyway, the reason why i havent played CS lately is, i re-installed my CS but i havent found those server's IP back.
i totally forgot those server's IP.

random pictures! ♥

[dont you think its eye is creepy? they're POPPED out.]

yea yea. my sister, Oji captured these pictures below.

[Bunga Tai Ayam, they said.]


i heard that our Sukan Sekolah is coming soon!
i dont know how should i react with that.

im gonna write again soon. talk to ya' later :)
ermm.. later?
im not going to play computer every day anymore.
i need to concentrate on my studies.
wish me the best hohoho.

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