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Thursday, March 31, 2011
i hate it when people told me to shut up.

i ate lots of thing yesterday.
when i say lots, i mean LOTS.

believe me or not, last night i slept at 8.30 PM.
when i woke up this morning, my head was heavy and my stomach was feeling ill.
i was hungry but when i saw foods, i felt like vomiting.
at the school, when it was recess time, i didnt eat anything.

after i went back home, i slept, i woke up, i ate young starfuits,
i drank water and my stomach is in a terrible PAIN.

however, i did not regret it because the young starfruits taste so damn good :)


i hate it when people told me to shut up just because they love doing that.

in the classroom just now, me and my bestfriends were playing things and laughing.
[just like what we usually did in the classroom]

and then, two boys told us to shut up.
and i really HATE the way they were "Shhhh!"-ing.
it was SUPER irritating and INCREDIBLY annoying.
it made my head to be stressed out even more.

i knew that sometimes they can be a nice person.
but this time, they've exceeded the limit.

Them : SHHHH!! Diam bha! Heiyyaaa!
Me : Aik? kamu sendiri bising, mau cakap-cakap orang.
Boy 1 : Eh diam diam diam diam.
Me : Ko la diam. Sa bakar lamak kau.
Boy 1 : Oh bha bha bha bha diam.
Me : Kirim salam sikarap kau. *sarcastic*
Boy 1 : Bha bha bha diam la.
Boy 2 : Anda dipersilakan untuk diam.
Me : Jadi ko sangka kalau ko suru kami diam, ko pandai la? Ko suru-suru urang diam, padahal ko sendiri bukannya baca buku. Ko sendiri becerita. Ntah apa tujuan ko mo suruh2 orang diam. Padahal kamu punya markah bukannya tinggi sangat pun. Setakat nyawa-nyawa ikan. Ereiii apa la tu. Si Brayn lagi laa. Ko punya markah tinggi, trus ko bangga la? Padahal baru itu. Kebaruan dapat markah tinggi. Tida belajar pun mau suruh2 orang diam.

and i realised that they didnt say anything after i said those things.
haha serves them right.

and i dont care if you want to talk bad things about me.
because i knew that i am RIGHT.
the students in the classroom were making noises too, yet why you told US to shut up?
you, yourself were making noises.

i just want to tell you guys this one thing.
i HATE it when people told me to SHUT UP.
i shut up by MYSELF.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011
im trying to accept this reality.

i need a pocket reminder so i can remind myself to do things.
so that i wont forgot to bring things that i should bring to school.

im going to get busy with things.
there are lots of important thing to be done.
silaka i havent done my KST.

next week's Saturday, we're going to have our school Bazaar.
wait, have i mentioned about this before?
okay i really need a pocket reminder to tell me things that i've already said.

our Scout's Camping will be on 15th, 16th and 17th April.
two more days and it is APRIL! for goodness sake.

another pocket reminder to remind me that it's April Fool.
i need to fool some dumbass out there to get my satisfication.
jk. but seriously.

most important thing to blog is, we have extra class for Maths tomorrow and for every Wednesday.
which is 2.00PM untill 3.30PM.
im gonna be dead tired and exhausted.

if Justin Bieber accepts the propose to duet with Rebecca Black,
im going to jump off from my bed and drink a cold kopi.

my lil bro asked me to help him in doing his bookmark.
i freakingly want to have an older brother or even a twin sister/brother :(
[even though my sisters are already same as brothers.]

so, this is all for today :) babaii~

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Monday, March 28, 2011
i've found the words that i've been searching for.

when people ask me, "What's wrong?"
i tried to tell them the honest thing, but i cannot describe it in words.

i tend to say , "It's too fast to happen", even though it's not the right word.
i havent found the correct words before.
and finally now i do.

When you're around someone so much, for so long, they become a part of you.
And when they change or go away, you dont know who you are without them.

this really describes my feeling right now.
to be precise, this is what im feeling right now.
i dont know why but i'll give it a try to move on.

and again, thanks, Tumblr.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011
just for tonight, i said..

they said, let your feelings out and shake it off just for tonight.
as you wake up tomorrow, you're gonna forget everything.
you're gonna start a new life and move on.

i told myself last night, "Just for tonight. So that the next morning, when i wake up, im gonna feel a lot more better."

i admit the harsh truth.
i dont hide the truth that i am SCARED.
why do i feel so insecure?

last night, i stayed up late and expressed my feelings out on Tumblr.
there are lots of motivation words to move on.
another reason why i love Tumblr.

so then i found this :

everybody wants happiness
nobody wants pain
but you cant have a rainbow
without a little rain

im gonna make myself busy.
im gonna eat untill i drop untill i became a fat ugly girl that nobody would like to stare or even look at.
im gonna do all the shit things that i would like to do in my life.
im gonna scream my lungs out with every song that i sing.
[a song that comes up in mind, Beyonce - Listen]

im gonna make myself more happy than before.
im gonna mess around with everybody's head and relax under the sun.
im gonna lay down on a green grassy grass and look at the moon, look at the sensation, be passionate and never look back.

im not going to burn all of those pictures.
instead, im going to keep it and when people asked me about it, im going to say with a big big smile [even if it's a fake smile] and say "Not anymore".

all the gifts, im going to put them around my room.
so when people ask me, im going to say "Lucky charm from my friend" and laugh.

your name, im going to keep it somewhere inside my think book,
not knowing what to do with it.

or i dont need to do all of these things.
im just going to give all of them back to you.
i dont need them :)

i am so much better now.

Taylor Swift says, "My definition of “fearless” is not that you’re not afraid. It’s that you’re afraid but you jump anyway."

so starts from now on, im going to be fearless in that definition.
i dare myself to give it a try.

a new beginning in my life.
im gonna eat lots of food! haha.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011
it's 26th. yet it's my bad day. *UPDATED*

it's 26th.
usually, 26th is my best day because 26 is my favourite number.
yet, today is my bad and moody day.

you think im having a great life right now?
not really. almost.

there's this thing that i've been keeping inside my brain.
i never share about what i feel with others.
it's definitely not my type.

im not the kind of person who express with words.
i express most likely with actions.

get up, Feo!
this is your only freaking chance!
you got the chance, are you going to let them go just because of your SYMPATHY for that person?

i always care about people, yet i never care about myself.
im not the kind of person who tend to say things like, "That's your life! Why should I care?"

today, i got the chance.
the chance to be free from all of these 'sufferings'.
but there are some consequences.

that person failed in an important examination.
before this, i tried hard to encourage that person to pass.
so right now, am i going to comfort that person and help that person to get through LIFE?
or im just going to be selfish and care nothing?

sometimes i want to say, "I cannot do this anymore!" and just walk away , move on with my own life.
but that's so irresponsible.

i dont blame people, but i would like to blame it on myself.
im the one who started this.

this is my fault for being OPEN with people.
this is my fault for not locking the chain.
my fault for giving chances to other people while i shouldn't have.

all the things, all the memories, are not easy to be erased.
yeah you might say, "It's as easy as eating peanut"
but if you're in my position right now, you'll feel what i feel.
it's not easy as faking a smile.

i dont know.
im not sure.

i do feel sad, okay?
deep inside, i do.

answers please?
please tell me what should i do.

please exchange place with me and you do things that are supposed to be done and i dont need to feel any SADNESS & guilty anymore.

i told myself that i should NOT be weak!
i told myself that i should be strong and i wont get affected by sympathy.

you might get tired listening to this same old freaking problem for two freaking years that never get solved.
but this is my only problem!

i never experience this before and this is my first time to do this.
i saw my bestfriends go through this thing before, and i thought it was easy.
now i know, it was not easy.

it's not easy to forget, darling.
it's not.

it's not easy but it's worth a try.
rather than being stucked in the same old place.

ARGHTT!!! for the first time i feel so LIGHT.
the boulder on my shoulder has been lifted off.
thanks to Anis for giving me motivation and courage.
i love you :D

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i am totally FREAKED out!

so this morning, i woke up happily because i had a wonderful sleep last night.
i smiled as i turned on this freaking lappy and started searching details for my "Kerja Kursus Sejarah" a.k.a "KST".

i've already submitted my "Kerja Kursus Geografi" a.k.a "KGT"
im happy about it because it's like 50% of weight on your shoulder has been lifted off.

but when i think back about my KGT,
i just lost TWO freaking marks. :(

i cant believe that i could forgot such little things like that.
before this, i would never forget to write 'em.
instead, i wondered about "How can they forget such little things?".
finally now i understand =,= silaka amat.

so reminder for my brain : go and meet that teacher and asked him for a chance to change that folio.

a few days ago, i recorded a cover for Taylor Swift - Back to December.
i uploaded it on YouTube and it supposed to be PRIVATE.
but then, when i checked back once again,

there are 5 people who viewed it.
and i am sooooooo going to die.

why it is not PRIVATE?!
now all i need to do is jump off from my bed and scream like a tarzan.

so i checked back my YouTube channel and look what i found :

[Joined : Oct 23 2006. that was when i was in year FOUR!]

i updated that channel when i was 13 years old!
woah! that was two years ago and it's a freaking long time that i havent updated it yet.
i am 15 years old now!
[flashing back the song : Taylor Swift - Fifteen]

two years is such a long time, isnt it?

haha. i still remember when i was 5 years old, where my father run a computer shop.
so when i woke up early in the morning, i followed him to that shop and learn Paintbrush, playing internet games & etc etc.

so there was this one famous software called "MIRC".
you can chat with your friends, answer quizzes by your friends, making script & etc etc.

they said that i played that thing and typed my name, "FEO", and i spammed the MIRC.
the only thing that i can remember is, i was chatting with people.
hahaha. imagine if you're chatting with a 5 years old kid.

so i considered myself as a genius in this family.
*proud smile*
lol jk.

and oh i still remember that Counter Strike indeed was very famous at that time.
boys were playing it.... me and my sisters were playing it.

it's so damn funny that i always won when i played it with people who went to our computer shop.
well, you know that long time ago, people are NOOBASS.
they dont even know how to HACK.

but at this time, lots of people are PROASS.
pro as hell.

that's why i say that i cannot live without computer&internet.
because i grow up with computer&internet and im going to die with computer&internet.
my father knows that very well.

it's so damn FUN to remember back about my childhood :)
and also so damn funny to flashback memories.

im all grown up now.
sometimes im afraid to grow up.
im afraid to live in adulthood.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011
i cannot sleep alone!

before my mom picked me up at school, i set up a plan to throw myself on my bed and be in my Wonderland as soon as i get back home.
unfortunately, it was raining heavily and my mom told me to open the gate.
there i was, sadly being super wet.
after i safely landed on the main door, she told me to close the gate and i was like, "I AM WET AND IT'S ACID RAIN".

there i was, forced to take a bath and shivered in cold with my beloved blanket.
and then i fell asleep.

as usual, after i woke up, i was all alone in this house.
they left me! they should've wake me up!

when im all alone, the Stomachache Syndrome will attack me.
just like back when i was in Form One and Two.
the feeling of waking up alone and early because i cant sleep without a human beside me!
curse you, SS.

and again, i broke my promise with my brain.
the promise which i wont read books that would distract me from studying.
i borrowed Anis's book, entitled "Mr.Darcy" something.

April is coming soon.
i need to be serious in my studies.
oh and it's raining again and im going to die.

im not in the mood to blog because im dying!
gosh! i need a human being here!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Feo in a Wonderland.

as soon as i get back home, i planned to take a cold shower but i fell asleep.
if only i knew, what would happen when i was sleeping.

* * * * * *

it was raining heavily.
my room was all dark.
so my sleep wasnt interrupted.

suddenly something woke me up,
*Ring Ring Ring*
it was my father.
he asked me to open the gate as he wanted to come in.

i forced myself to get up and reached for the key as i unlocked the gate, i fell back into my bed and sleep.
if only i would think back about where's my mother, my lil bro and my sister.
i never thought that i was all alone in that house.

i fell into a deep deep sleep.

* * * * *
Where am I?
Why am I wearing victorian clothes?

I saw a white rabbit holding an old rusty ticking clock.
Wait. Seems like the rabbit was pointing the clock to me.
"Wh-who are you? Where am I here?", I cautiously asked.
The white rabbit didnt answer, instead he ran off.
My heart was racing as I followed the white rabbit.

"Hey, where are you going?" I yearned for answer, "Where are we going?"
The white rabbit kept on running and running.
I kept up with his pace.
We're in the woods now.
I pushed the bushes that were getting in my way.
I didnt care about anything anymore.
I want answers.

Wait. We were heading to the big tree!
The white rabbit ran to the back of the big tree and disappeared.
My brain was still puzzled with what was happening.
I checked out at the back of the big tree and found a big hole - that was the spot where the mysterious rabbit disappeared.
I bent down, trying to see anything down there.
But I couldn't see anything, except darkness.

The wind was getting rough, rough and rougher.
My world was spin.. - wait! I was falling down into the big hole!
I screamed my lungs out just to calm my nervous down because I knew, nobody could hear me.

I landed harshly on a room.
My hips hurt like hell - even hell wont be as hurt as this - that I thought it was going to crack.
The floor were similar with checkers board - black and white square.
There were lots of door.

Okay all of these were only a dream.
A little pinch on my arm and I will go back to reality.
Ouch! That hurts! Errr.. I was sure I'll wake up later.

There was a key on the table.
I quickly reached for it and tried it on every door.
This doesn't fit.... next one... Oh this too.. next...
The key wasn't suitable with those doors, except for this one tiny little door.
The door was too small for me.

I searched for anything that could help me, and I saw a bottle on the table.
There's a label on it, saying "Drink Me!".

* * * * * *

something woke me up and i reached for my phone next to me,
it's a freaking 5PM!
gosh. i quickly woke up and take a shower.

welcome to the reality.
i want to go back to my dream. urghttt.

if only i knew that i would waste my time like this.

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Monday, March 21, 2011
do not ever OVER-TRUST her.

you over-trust her.

she LIED to you, yet you CANNOT accept the fact!
i told you the truth before, right?
but in the end, you just cant accept the fact and you even CHOKED me before this.

now what happens.
the truths are REVEALED, you called her, she said, "No. Dont trust them."
and then, you BELIEVE her up untill now.
you dont believe me.
you DONT.

she went out there with her friends, you stay silent.
me? i went to my bestfriend's house, you talked bad things about me, you said that im a naughty kid, that im going into a wild party, you said my grades in school arent good enough, yet i always keep silent.

whenever she wanted to go out, you'll send her.
me? once i asked, and ALL THE TIME you wont send me.
you wont even pick me up, makes me wondering why there are big differences.

COMPARE between ME and HER.
i am always BETTER than her.
my GRADES are BETTER than her.

now you're going to say that i am a prostitute?

i can THINK BETTER than HER.
i am NOT like HER.


and now you're going to tell me to spit out all of her secrets?
so that you will CHOKE me once again?

that's enough.
i am OUT from this case and i wont be involved.

you DONT believe me, you'll REGRET.
because i HARDLY lie to you.

you're treating her TOO SOFT.
you're always on her side.
yes, im REBELLING.

let's see who'll regret later.
i want to see you CRY.
and i will just laugh at you and her.

no, im not grudging.
im not the type of person who grudges.
i just dont want you to regret it later.

but see now,
and i cant wait for it.

i want you to accept the truth and cry.
i want HER to go and SUICIDE.

you still want to spend your money on her?
you still want to send her lots of money?

after her secrets are revealed, you still wont believe?
oh i forgot that you wont believe about anything BAD about HER.
you'll just think that she's an ANGEL.

okaaaaay~ fiiiiiiiiineeeeeee~
just this one thing.
for WHOLE of my teenagers life, i want YOU to allow me having fun with my friends.
if you dont, i'll make you TO ALLOW IT!
if you still wont, haha, then you'll see your beloved items being crushed by my own hands :)

and as for the lists of things that i would like to do before i turn 16,
the 9th thing i would like to do is to ride a motorcycle.
if that's impossible, i'll make it possible.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

this is life.

as soon as i get back home, i take a cold shower, i drink COKES and eat junk foods while im reading mangas.

while im drinking COKES, i screamed inside my heart, "THIS IS LIFE!".

for those who didnt have any slightest idea about what "Mangas" are,
"Mangas" are comics made by Japanese people.
such as Detective Conan, Shin Chan, Doraemon & etc etc.
and yes, Mangas never makes me feel bored.

[another example of manga. this one is entitled "Haruyuki Bus"]

when im reading Manga, i'll be in my own world, my own imagination.
and dont wonder if im laughing or smiling alone.

it's raining again.
i started to believe that the rain is poisonous.
so dear children, during times like these, dont play in the rain.

anyway, i made a vampiric novel.
well, i made it last year but i never get to finish it.
i only managed to do Chapter One and Two.

i wrote my own novels & stories before, but nowadays i just cant do them anymore.
i need to be serious in my studies and for the upcoming big exam.
i prevent myself from reading novels because it might distract me from studying.

i forgot to tell you that yesterday i found this little keychain.
my lil bro was playing with it, and i laughed because that little keychain was CREEPY.

[while i was chatting with Anis using Skype.]
my lil bro liked that keychain, he told me to put that keychain on his bag and i was feeling creepy.
you know the chill that got into you when you imagine that there's a soul in that keychain.
so this morning, i brought that keychain to school without my lil bro knowing it,
and i gave that little keychain to Vian.

heheheheheheh sometimes i can be evil~

okay so Vian also think the same thing as i thought before.
about that little keychain would floats and glows in the midnight.
creepy as hell. even hell wont be as creepy as that.

and again, i saw my lil bro was playing with little cars.

i was wondering why they have no wheels,
so i checked them out and found out that they're chocolates!


oh and by the way, Anne gave me and Vian a cute little panda plushie. :D
my panda is named Gogo and Vian's panda is named Toro.

awww~ im falling in love with Gogo. haha~

i love you, Gogo~ you're too adorable! XD

[Translation : From now on, you'll be my slave and i'll abuse you as much as i want to. You can scream your lungs out because no one could hear you. *grins*]

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Saturday, March 19, 2011
Maxis Broadband is cool.

i finished my KGT folio hours ago.
i'll just need to draw two maps and photocopy the letters.
i put lots of effort in them!

recently, this Maxis Broadband is fast as hell.
by using this Maxis Broadband, i'll only need one freaking minute to upload one freaking video.
i can upload pictures & videos way too fast now!

[only need less than one freaking minute!]

it's even faster than Streamyx!
how cool is that? HAHAHA :D
im super SATISFIED with this thing.
and i really hope that it'll not go slow later.

so last night as i was doing my daily routine, which is Youtube-ing,
i was watching KevJumba's video.

can you spot it?

*nose bleeding*

im going crazy.
okay enough! im not a Bieber's fan , okay?
i just adore her his pretty face :)

im falling in love with my old favourite artist, Eminem.
his songs are inspiring.
it makes you jump when you're down.
it makes you want to ROCK OFF and screw with everybody's head.

Eminem is the King Of Rapper,
and yes, i respect him.

HAHAHA. i love your songs and i know you're a good man, dude :)

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a sad story :(

i got a sad story to tell.

yesterday's yesterday which is Thursday, me and my sister, Lowong went out to the town.
our deal was : she treat me foods & i'll help her in her job-hunting.

i told her to just work at home, wash the dishes & etc etc.
but she refused =,= .

okay back to the story.

so while we were job-hunting, we saw a situation where there was this man went in to a woman's car without permission.
that man refused to go out from that woman's car unless that women help him in something.
at first, i thought that man wants money.
but i was wrong.

in my observation, that man's girlfriend broke him up.
and now that man wants that woman to help him in healing his relationship.
because that woman is his girlfriend's close friend/family/relative.

Woman : eeee jan kau kasi malu saya di sini baaa. kau keluar dulu.
Man : [I cannot hear what he talk, but i can see that he begs her]
Second Woman : baahh apa number pon si Judie?

and then they were talking for a while,
that man was crying :(
that man went out the car, he gave his phone to that woman,
maybe he was begging that woman to call his girlfriend.

that woman was going to reverse her car,
but that man stood behind her car, giving that woman two choices.
to stop the reversing the car or to kill that man.

:( so so so tragic, i was watching the whole situation infront of my two eyeballs.
that man walked helplessly as that woman called him to come over.

they made a deal, which i dont know what it is, and that man let that woman reverse,
that woman reverse, that man walked away slowly, helplessly & crying.


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Friday, March 18, 2011
i've lost my inspirational words.

lately, i've been busy with my teenagers life.
untill i've lost my inspirational words, even my enthusiasm in making quotes and philosophy.
my philosophy of life.

i planned to finish my KGT folio tonight, but it turns out that i cant.
because im confused with the instructions.
i asked my sister about it, and her words just disappear into thin air as it makes me more confused than it was before.

i really would like to finish it tonight, the faster the better.
i would like to print it right now but im afraid that i would want to add some again later.
so i promise to my freaking brain that i will finish them tomorrow.
and tomorrow, i'll start working on my KST.

the time wont wait for you!
i've learned a precious lesson this month that TIME is very precious.
once you've lost them, regretting wont turn back the time.

i plan to be a dull person.
to be dull just like when i was back in Form One.
when i am dull, i dont waste time, but i read books & novels.

yes, i was a bookworm.
what happen to me right now? :O

oh and anyway, im kind of upset lately.
but i dont show it.
hey, what'll you get when you're showing that you're upset?
haha gosh. it'll just ruin other's good day :)

i dont know why but .. well, lots of thing came up, things that i need to think of.
and make decisions.
and even take the consequences.

if you're too late in taking actions, it'll be HARDER to.......
um, goodnight :)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

as you know, a few days ago, Japan was attacked by Tsunami.
so what? you think i give a damn about that?
nahhh just kidding. haha!

actually yes, i do care and i did pray for those Japanese victims.
there comes those hypocrites saying that they feel sad about Japan.
that they're doing campaign to feel sad about Japan being attacked by Tsunami.
but actually they DONT feel sad AT ALL!
and i was like... "Wth?! Cheap publicity!".

yes, all those hypocrites want PUBLICITY.
they want to be known as GOOD people.

but you'll never know what they're feeling inside their heart.
maybe they dont even care at all about the Japan being attacked.
but they PRETEND to care.
to get what? once again i tell you, PUBLICITY.

i hate hypocrites.

let's change the subject!

i forgot to tell you that yesterday's yesterday, i MAKE-UP my close friends.
too bad Anis need to go home early :(
if she were there, im sure it'll be more fun! hehe~

so i've already edited and uploaded the videos of me makeup-ing them!

Part One :

Part Two :

while they're sending me back home with makeups on,
those people kept staring at them and i was laughing out loud.
and yes, i had fun :)

anyway, thanks for being 'supporting' :D

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Monday, March 14, 2011
hey girl, im SUPERDUPER fine with it :)

hey girl, if you're not going to say sorry to me, it's okay then.
im superduper FINE with it :)
because i wont waste my time to someone immature who'll never realise her own mistakes.

but DONT DISTURB my life,
and DONT appear infront of my face.

because if you do, my brain could control me and i might suddenly get angry.
and you'll take the risk.

anyway, i hope this is the LAST time that i will talk about YOU.
im TRYING to be mature here since im 15! :D
and please dont ruin me and my bestfriends' mood.
because we've got LOTS of FUN THING and PLAN to do.

we wont even care about you~
im not scared of you :D

oh and one last thing, if you're scared about my previous post about you, dont worry.
people wont know who you really are.
[except if they're too clever]
im too kind that i censored your picture and your name before i upload them here :D
goodbye , enjoy with your life ~

* * * * * * * * * *

let's talk about my current life! haha.
im sure i've told you about the list that i would like to do before i turn 16!
still remember the third thing i would like to do?
yes, it's driving a car.

i've been wanting to drive a car long time ago, but i dont know how.
because nobody would want to teach me.

Me : Mom, teach me how to drive a car~
Mother : Ehhhh.. Dont search for your death. You think driving a car is easy? You must know how to etc&etc&etc&etc.
Me : *sigh*

so i ended up looking the way she drive whenever she was driving.
i ended up observing by myself.
look how PATHETIC i am!

but just now, i drove a car for the FIRST time! haha!
saya sungguh lah sakai serta kampungan~
look how PATHETIC i am!

haha thanks to my closefriends who teached me just now :D
la la la im off ~

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Sunday, March 13, 2011
she said she WILL HUMILIATE ME on Facebook !

the contents below are PART OF MY LIFE.
so i have my rights to blog about it.
if you dont like it, then dont read it.

let me tell you from the beginning of the story.
last night, me and Anis were giving advices to our close friend on Facebook.
because our close friend was blamed for something.

mind you, we were giving good and simple advices.

but then a few minutes later, our close friend's ex-girlfriend suddenly posted something on her status.

i thought she wasn't talking about ME and Anis.
so we let her be, we ignored that status.

so as i woke up in the morning just now, i checked my Facebook,
and her status popped out on my News Feed.

as i read it, i had the feeling that her post is really for me and Anis.
and we really think so.

i was going to get angry.
so i posted something on my status, and my status is HARSH.
my status is HARSH but what i said is a FACT.

at that time, that girl didnt online.
but her BESTFRIEND was online.
her bestfriend read my status and she told that girl.

a few hours later, that girl posted something BAD.

see that? she did not dare to talk it out loud to me.
that's what i call HYPOCRITE.

so me and Anis posted something on our wall too.
we called her IMMATURE because that's a FACT that you CANT DENY.
but she DENY it.

she claimed that me and Anis are busybody-ing her business.
but she's too brainless that she dont even know that we're NOT busybody-ing her business.
we are busybody-ing with our close friend's business, NOT HERS.

which makes me wonder.
if she dare to talk behind us, why dont she dare to talk infront of us?

after a while, she called our close friend and while they're on the phone, that girl screamed like a crazy person. LOL.
she talk bad about me and Anis.
she said that me and Anis are BITCH, P*k*ma, & etc etc etc.

that's how an immature person will act.

That Girl : You delete your posts, and I'll delete mine.
Me & Anis : We wont. We want you to say sorry to us first.
That Girl : I wont say sorry to you. Delete your posts!
Me & Anis : Why should we be the first one to delete our posts? You're the first one who posted them! Then you should be the first one to delete them.
That Girl : Yes, Im the first one to post them. But you guys are the first one to BUSYBODY!
Me & Anis : We're not busybodying your business! We're busybodying our closefriend's business.
That Girl : You delete or i will post your SECRET on Facebook. You will be SUPER humiliated! Delete your posts or i will post more later! Bye

she even THREAT me.

she told me to delete my posts on Facebook and if i didnt delete my posts, she said she will HUMILIATE me.
she said she will tell my secrets on Facebook and i will be super humiliated.

HAHA~ hey girl, the secret about me that you think you know are just LIES.
they dont even exist, and they're NOT even my secret.
because i NEVER have any secret at all.

guess what? i would like to see what kind of my secret you will post on Facebook.
i'll be waiting for it :D

you said you're too angry, huh?
you said you wont say sorry to me, huh?

that would be the freaking LAST thing i would do before i die.

i was about to delete my posts.
but when i think twice, if i delete my posts, you wont realise that you're WRONG.
you'll always be IMMATURE.

right now, i decided to PROVE that in this case you're WRONG.

so i WONT say sorry, and i WONT delete my posts, and i WILL spread everything about YOU on my beloved BLOG.

but if you want me to delete them, i want you to apologize with a sincere heart.
apologize to me and Anis :)
and i will treat you kindly :D

so guys, if you heard anything from her about me or Anis,
a person like her CANNOT be trusted.

p/s : Grow up, girl! You're 15 years old already!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011
things that i would like to do before i turn 16.

before i turn into 16 years old, there are lots of thing that i want to do.
and i will do them after PMR.

before PMR, im going to list down the things that i want to do,
and after PMR, i'll do the things that i had list down.

Lists Of Things That I Would Like To Do Before I Turn Into 16 Years Old :
[p/s : this list will end after PMR :) ]

1. Have a BIG album of my bestfriends and my close friends photos.
2. Sneak out from house in the midnight to go out with my bestfriends.
3. Drive a car.
4. Kidnap Anis, Vian and Dora from their house.
5. Go to Mahua with my bestfriends & close friends!
6. Drink cocktail with my bestfriends & close friends!
7. Shisha Sleepover with my bestfriends!
8. Go to that Resort with my bestfriends!
9. .... i'll think about it later :)

about the first thing that i would like to do,
which is about having a big album of my bestfriends and my close friends photo,
im doing it already, since im afraid that i dont have much time.

so right now, i got some of my bestfriends and my close friends' photos.
without some of them not knowing it.
and i wonder if i do things like that, im considered as a STALKER.

i have a GOOD intention, okay.
i collect the photos not with the reason to STALK.
but with the reason to keep it as a memory.

so if i ask for your photos, just give them :) hehehe..
for those who know that i took their picture without them knowing it, HAHAHA, im not a STALKER.

anyway, a few days ago, i feel so damn GERAM with my lil brother's eyes.
[because they're damn beautiful]
so i put on some makeups on his eyes.
and yes, he let me do it :D

here goes the result :

[i told him to pull out a SWEET face, but he made a horrible face]

[long eyelashes + white skin = i am super jealous]

[im thinking that if he's a girl, he would be DAMN beautiful]

after several attempts to make him pull out a cute face,

he ended up making a SEXY face. ROFLMAO.

Me : Al~ mari kita tukar mata..
Al : *thinking* ...... tida mau.
Me : aaaa? kinapa pila? [kenapa pula]
Al : sbb mata kau buruk.
Me : arh? kinapa pila buruk?
Al : sbb muka kau hitam.
Me : *crying a river of tears*

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Friday, March 11, 2011

ladies and gentlemen,

if you're making a baby just to abuse them,
then DONT make a freaking baby!


lately, i heard an incident from my mother about an abused student from her school.
a Year Three student was abused by his father!

that Year Three student is seriously INJURED!
his father beaten him up, canned him, hit him,
untill there are lots of injuries on his body, and his fingers are somewhat CRASHED.

most importantly, my mother said that when this child was injected by the doctor just now,
that child's face is EXPRESSIONLESS.
as if he DONT feel any pain at all.

maybe the pain that his father gave him is much more WORSE than the injection did.
and they said that the child is ..... a bit brainless suda.
mungkin sebab telampau kena dera sampai dia t'gila. :(

when i heard this story from my mother,
i got this feeling to SLAP that child's father and to SUE him.

i told my mother that and she said we must follow the procedure.
the procedure to send that child to the hospital [which they already did]
and pihak hospital yang akan membuat laporan.

but again, i heard that his father gave REASONS.
for me, his father's reason is very UNREASONABLE.
his father said that he beat that Year Three child because that child climb up a building.


if you want to teach your child a lesson,
you'll need to do it softly.
if you do it ROUGHLY, then they'll be ROUGH.
if you know what i mean..

well you see, my little brother, had done LOTS of wrong things.



p/s : if you want to make babies just to abuse them, then dont make babies.
just go and find some pillows to release your stupid stress.

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every one of us need PRIVACY. so do i.

living in this house is just the same with living below a big tree.
i have NO privacy at all.

my annoying little brother went into my bedroom and he messed everything up.
he played with my things, he pulled out every little thing that he saw,
especially my PRIVATE things.

and you know i HATE it.

i need a freaking privacy!
everytime i tidy up my room, and then i went out for a while, after i came in,
my room had became A TRASH BIN.

there's no use in scolding him because he WONT listen.
there's nothing you can do,
except being mentally HURT.

i heard that i can go back to my original place on May or June!
how can i survive living here?!
ARGHTT! im tortured.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011
without streamyx, i am SOULLESS.

havent i told you before that i couldn't live without internet & computer?

i feel like im dying here.
im going to die!

anyway, lets change the subject.
we finished filming and editing the Day Two video, and still, the stupid MovieMaker refused to save it.
my sister and my friends told me to install another better movie maker,
but I AM LAZY.

this month is the most horrible month ever.
somebody tell me why!

there's an incident that made me went angry in the classroom just now.
fyi, that's just the INTRO of me getting angry.
the CLIMAX is NOT pretty. very not pretty.

i know i am NOT wrong with the incident just now.
and luckily, the person who messed up with me already apologized to me.
the good thing is, she knew that she was WRONG.

oh gosh. why i just cant stay mad with a person for a long time?
when i am mad with a person, eventually i will forgive them and will lose the feeling of 'dislikeness'.
however, that's a positive thing about me :)

i am gaining weights!
i planned to jog every evening, which is somewhat impossible to happen, but i'll try to make it possible to happen.

im VERY sure that i got lots of thing to talk about.
but i kept them inside my brain because im doing conversations with my brain.

i like humble people.
where they didn't show what they have,
but they show what they do not have.

let me tell you a story about this one unknown humble old man.
on this one fine day, me and my mother went to this Celcom Shop.
i sat down on a guest chair as she was finishing her business with the workers.

as i was sitting down, i saw this one pair of husband&wife were choosing handphones.
based on their act and their clothings, you can see that they're not that rich but they have that PROUD face because they were going to buy a TOUCHSCREEN handphone.

after that, an unknown humble old man came in.
he said, "Saya tingu tingu telepon seja~~"

and guess what?
as the old man was browsing for handphones, that pair of husband&wife were giving him 'THE LOOK'.
as if they were about to say, "Hey old man. You got money meh?"

based on the old man's clothings and act, i am very sure that he is rich.
but he was being HUMBLE.
he ironed his shirt and he was dressing very nicely.

i was wondering, WHY would the pair of husband&wife felt proud just because they're going to purchase a touchscreen handphone?
what can you feel proud with that?
i cant understand.

if they were about to buy 100 touchscreen phones, i can understand the proudness.
but with just one touchscreen phone?
why would they give 'the look' with the pity old man?


oh and im so sorry that i cannot update this blog everyday.
just dont stop reading my blog. hehe~

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Saturday, March 5, 2011
Filming Day 2

we supposed to film Day Two yesterday,
but we decided to re-do the Day One.
the result turns out nice, it's considered nice because we're still Amateurs in this.

last night, as i finished editing "Happy Aliens' Memories Part Three - Friends",
i was going to Save As Movie File and planned to edit another three videos.
but it turns out to be very disappointing.

look at these pictures.

[almost there!]

and then,

i tried for several times, and the results were still the same!

i have my original video, my available disk space is still AVAILABLE!, and most importantly, i have everything that this freaking Windows Movie Make wants.
urghttttt! =,= my chest hurts.

my sister, Lowong, teached me how to adjust the contrast of that HandyCam just now.
gosh! why dont she teach me earlier =,=

i never thought that i could be this unlucky.
maybe after this, i'll get abandoned for being unlucky.

anyway, i captured another photo to be the main photo of the video.

actually there's many of them, i dont know which one to pick,
so i asked Lowong, and she picked this picture.

going to edit another videos.
*sob sob*

i am too busy this year.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011
Filming - Day 1

today, me and my bestfriends decided to do a cover for this one short movie,
entitled "Love Language".
so, we did.
im the camera girl.

Marling & Manisah are our actor & actress :)
they're good in acting.

im sorry for my super low quality camera :'(
*cried a river of tears*

same personality.

this is our 'DIRECTOR'.

we captured pictures after finished filming Day 1.

i'll post the bloopers and the trailer of our cover later.
im TIRED! but i like it! :D
it was FUN!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011
why you're so obsessed with me?

im depressed.
everytime i logged in Facebook, i cannot connect to the Facebook Chat.

it's not because of the Facebook, but it's because of the Broadband.
i deleted the previous post about this Broadband, because i found that the contents in it are too EMOTIONAL.

i hope time goes faster so i wont have to use this Broadband anymore!
there's no house-phone connection here, so we cannot apply for another Streamyx.

it's okay, i'll just need to endure it for one month.

however, by using this freaking Berukband,
trust me.
and if you use Broadband forever, your life isnt going to be HAPPY.
you'll NEVER know what HAPPINESS is!

the happiness when you're chatting with your friends,smoothly, without any connection problem,
while you're drinking Cokes and sharing secrets/stories/gossips with your bestfriends,
watching movies together in the midnight.
how wonderful is that?


because im using broadband!


enough talking about that, let's talk about current updates.

you think i lied to you about having a birthday surprise?
if you think that i made up a story, then, look at these pictures.

these pictures are not mine, they're uploaded by my friends.

so, all picture credits goes to my friends.

[that's the slide show made by Anis]

[my face sucks, ignore it. that's Lanie.]
wait, where's the other pictures of me putting cakes into my bestfriends' mouth?

[you saw my hair? that sucks. =,= buruk yang teramat]

[this is Lanie. remember what i told you about her clubbing dance? it's so cool]

[i laughed my ass off whenever i look at this picture.]

there are lots of picture, but im lazy to upload them.
anyway, i learned some lessons this year.

firstly, being a teenager is SUPERDUPER fun.
especially when you do exciting things together with your bestfriends.
now i understand about TEENAGERS being rebellious, stuck up in the room, not caring about the homeworks.
about TEENAGERS breaking almost every rules.

being a TEENAGER is once in a lifetime.
after you've become an ADULT, im sure, life must be very DULL.
:'( i dont want to grow up!
PeterPan! please take me to NeverLand!

im sure i've got lots to say,
but off i go to school! hiyaaah! :D

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