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Saturday, April 30, 2011
i play a game because i enjoy it, not because of wanting to be up to date.

it's feo, bitch. HAHA.

today i woke up earlier than i should've because my stomachache syndrome was attacking me.
if you havent read my previous post about my stomachace syndrome, click here!

by the way, yesterday's yesterday [Thursday], i remembered that my mom bought 10 sticks of "Kentang Pusing".
it's not that delicious but i forced myself to eat it because it would be such a waste if i throw them away.
that's the reason of why i VOMITTED.

[Kentang Pusing a.k.a Rolled Potatoes]

[looks delicious, huh? you better try it for yourself]

another lesson learned.
the quote "Eat till you drop" means eating untill you're sick.
so try it if you want to vomit with a horrible face :)

my lil bro bought this one freaking thing.

[Biskut Tora]

and i laughed hard on it because it's so damn ...... HAHAHAHAHAHA!
i still remember its advertisement on TV2.
[i watched it long time ago when i was a little kid]

gosh, you should see it by yourself and laugh your ass off.

so let's see what's inside!
[the excitement of mocking]

[a plastic toy]

[undelicious chocolate. masuk angin suda]

im getting more evil these days.
and currently, i LOVE sleeping.
blame the Tumblr for it.
but im gonna stop sleeping in the afternoon because it'll make me more fat.

so it's officially been FIVE months for me not playing CS :'(
yes, i did say that i might get back to my original place on April, but it turned out in a different way.
im gonna stop expecting and start waiting.

i HATE waiting.
the feeling of you're waiting even if you arent sure whether it is coming or not.
i would rather let people wait for me rather than me to wait for people.
because im always on the right time.
[except if there's something disturbing and i cant help it]

sure, you might say that Counter Strike [CS] is very not on the trend,
that CS is so damn old-fashioned game and i should get a life.
saying that i should play the freaking Frozen Throne[Dota] instead of CS.

you know what?
eat your shit up because you dont know any freaking thing about it.

CS is an old game, indeed.
but i still LOVE it because i releases my stress on it.
gosh, there are so many other reasons.

a good game is a game where you're having fun on it.
a good game is NOT qualified as a good game if you're NOT enjoying it.
if you're playing that game just because you want to go on with the trend, then shut the shit up. jump off the bridge.

[i played CS because i enjoyed it. it entertains me a lot. so what?]

i always love the part where i screamed whenever i was sniped by those snipers.
hahahaha and it's very fun when i was talking alone, when i was cursing alone.

also the happy moment when you managed to get a 30-0 score.
and you get to know more people and make friends.
most importantly, you can see their way of thinking.

i play a game because i enjoy it, not because of wanting to be up to date.
so dont complain if im addicted to an old game.

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Friday, April 29, 2011
i vomitted.

last night my brain woke me up at 12.00AM++ and i vomitted.
not on the bed, of course.
i ran to the toilet and vomitted those things that i ate.

i still believe that i ate too much yesterday that it made me throw up.
i know that i shouldn't force myself to eat when im not even hungry,
because i will vomit.

now im going to be anorexic and i wont eat for the whole freaking month.
lol just kidding.

for your information, VOMITTING is the WORST thing ever to do.
sometimes the food that you vomit would come out from your nose.
and sometimes those food will be stucked inside your nose.
believe me, it HURTS. a lot.

let's move from this subject to another subject.

i planned to buy a guitar capo.
but i dont know whether i should buy it on the store or buy it online.
and im not sure which capo is the best.

[this one is quite cute.. but hmmm]

[plain black? hmmm..]

im searching for a purple one.
haishh.. i need to go to somewhere to search for it first!

monday is holiday!
im stranded here alone!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
gimme an older brother!

as i was waiting for my mom to pick me up at the school just now,
i saw this siblings, a cute little girl and her older brother, a little boy.
they were playing together.

that cute little girl punched her older brother, and her hand was hurt.
then her older brother said to her, "Let me see your hand", and he blowed her hand hoping that it would decrease the pain.

SO SWEET, right?

i really wish that i have an older brother.

turn back the time and just create a big brother for me!
lol. i wish that could logically happen.

i want an older brother!
*a big big big heavy sigh*

anyway, a kid from my lil bro's school punched my lil bro in the face.
as soon as i knew that, i felt like punching that kid.
but realising that they're just kids, i can only tell my lil bro to defend himself.

my lil bro is very very..... haishh.. he should've defend himself!
if only i have an older brother right now..

by the freaking way! my mother said to me just now, "Jahat suda si feo tu. Terpengaruh sama kawan dia."
what the freaking hell, man?!
so i said out loud, "Sa memang jahat pun dari dulu!"

HAHA serves you right, dudey =,=
dont force me to do things that i dont feel like doing right now.
it might get me annoyed since it's 27th and im having PMS at times like these.

whatever happens, I WONT BE ONE OF THE BELIEBERS.
even though i think that Justin Bieber is adorable, it doesnt mean that im a fan of his.
he's just so freaking talented!
he can sing, he plays the drum, he plays guitar lefthandedly, he play the piano, he can dance, he cared about his family, and the most important thing is, HE IS HANDSOME.

it's hard to not to fall in love with him.
because he got the magic that can attract any girl's heart.
i almost get enchanted by that spell.
but im strong enough, i didnt fall for him :)

[old song : old memories : bad memories : i hate this song : truth : im still singing it]

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011
you dont know me.

haha it's funny when people act like they knew me.
when they talked things about me.
when they judge me by the outside.

it's very funny when people tell you to stay true with yourself, to be yourself.
but when you're being yourself, people started to judge you.
like a predator trapping a prey.

i found it very funny, i dont know why.
maybe because it's the REALITY.
a reality show that need to happen in a way that life need to.
you dont get it? haha.

to change the subject, we were given an injection at the school just now!
after your arm was injected by this injection, your arm will feel stunned.
it's an injection to prevent the HIV.
im glad the government care about us :)

[my blood is dark. this shows that im a vampire! LOL just believe in me]

even though i didnt get the 1Malaysia Notebook that the government gave to some students in our school,
im still feeling grateful and glad.

because you see, in some other countries, their governments didnt even pay attention to their citizens.
all they do is WAR, WAR, and WAR.
did they ever stop and stare those starving citizens? those citizens who affected by the nuclears?
did they ever tried to stop the war?

another quote i made from this case,
"A war cannot be stopped with a war."

i saw the photos of those kids in Africa.
babies are starved to death.
[which makes me wonder why would they have sex in such critical time]

gosh i cannot blog about this any longer.
im feeling way too sad to think about it because i know that i cant do anything.

you post posters up there, "SAY NO TO WAR", you think normal people can do anything meh?
do you think the other governments even will listen to you?
do you even think that your opinions are important to them?

nope, because humans are selfish.

sometimes, i hope that the Armagedon will come faster.
i cannot endure any longer to see this cruel world.

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Monday, April 25, 2011
get OVER it, dude.

thanks for this one particular person who managed to ruin my day.
you could write a book about how to ruin someone's perfect day.

seriously, are you trying to blame me for having fun with my friends?
dont blame me for forgetting you.
dont you know that i've been through those hard moments and now im OVER it?
yet, you're still NOT over it.

i have a NEW freaking life.
it was such a pain in the ass to move on and im already moving on.
but then you suddenly appeared and trying to make things HARD.

posting status, telling your friends, etc etc etc.
it's been ONE freaking month and you cant do anything anymore.

it's up to me to choose what kind of life i want.
dude, you're just like a stranger to me.

let's just close this chapter.
im still breathing even though i've been dead for a while.
this sickness has no cure, and we're going down for sure.
lets just abandon those memories and let it be just memories.

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another moments to remember :)

if you would like to know [even if you dont want to know, i'll still blog about it], i went to the FunFair last night!
*a big big big sigh*
*eyes lightened up so bright untill you can hardly see anything*

if you want to know [even if you dont want to know, i will still tell you about it] , i ran away from home last night.
no, it's not the kind of run away from home that most teenagers do.
it's the kind of run away from home for hours without parents' permission and then get back home safely.

i did that last night :D HAHA~
i was all alone in this house, so i got the chance to run~

as i was waiting for Marling@Ming to pick me up, i heard the Chinese girls next door were talking about the FunFair.
they said something like "I heard somebody pernah kena snatch away at FunFair liao. Kena bawa lari."
which is very ridiculous.

after they picked me up, we went infront of Anne's house, i called her asking whether she's coming or not.
she said nope, because her grandma had just passed away.
i feel sorry about that.
but still, we were lack of people! :(

at first, there were only FOUR of us.
Dicky said he wont come, so i felt kind of sad.
because it'll be only FIVE of us, including Shima.

so i was hoping that Shima would come because i was losing my mood.
Shima arrived and unexpectedly, Dicky was with her!
HAHA. gained a little mood.
but still, there are only seven of us, including Shima's younger brother.

[so here we come.]

the first thing that i found very annoying was this :

the freaking aeroplane balloon.
it makes me wanna pop it, and make those children cry.
HAHA [im evil]

the first thing that we ride was the .Ghost Train

it was NOTHING.
nothing scary, just a surprising scream of stupid fake ghosts.
just a waste of tokens.

soon after that, we went to the Space Gun.

when i saw people riding it, i felt that it was FUN.
but when you're riding it, GOSH, it's a between LIFE and DEATH situation.
you might fall anytime.

[inside the Space Gun]
sure, nobody have ever fallen out from it yet.
but i might be the first oneto fall down from it.
i think negative, i dont know why, i cant help it.

that Space Gun was rotating 360 degree.
[im sure i've blogged about im afraid with heights.]
so all i did was screaming and HAHAHAH i called out everyone's name.
somebody please tell me why im so stupid.

after we ride it, Shima screamed 10000 times worser than usual.
lol, that's just her being herself.
if she didnt scream, she's not Shima.

the most funny thing was, Shima pointed out her fingers on us and said "Saya benci!!!!!"

listen to me.
Space Gun will make you look terribly horribly miserable-ly FUGLY, just like me.
so if you want to be fugly, go and have a happy fugly ride on it :)

then after a while, we went to the Tagada.
[i dont know why the name is so weird, but whatever]

[waiting for the Tagada to be full]

and then i realised that there was a painting behind that Tagada.

[it was kind of artistic.]

the Tagada spinned my head.
it shakes you like an IceBlender.
i dont know how that person danced on the middle of the Tagada.

and then we went to the Rocket.
[is that the real name of it?]

[i sat on the middle. so, there's no chance for me to fall down :D]

at first it was fun, and then it's not, and then it was fun before it stopped.
it made me feel like vomiting.
i felt dizzy, dude.

the last but not the least, we went to the Ferris Wheel.
[i forced myself to]

i couldnt really enjoy the awkward moments.
i got scared because the seat could rotate 360 degree.
believe me, it could.
it could! [ROFLMAO memaksa]

my sister complains about how ugly i capture those pictures.
that i should use Auto mode instead of the NightPotrait Mode.
i regret it. yes i do.

im so sorry that my pictures are all LOW QUALITY :(

[Shima's younger bro and Dicky]

[Anne?!! Where are youuuu~~~~~]

[Oily face]

after that, we went back home.
we took a long road.

[this reminds me of the song Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God. a lonely road~~]

and then we passed by a beautiful scenery of the Keningau city.
how i wish i have a DSLR with me at that moment.
*cried a river of tears*

i get back home at 10.30PM+++.
i felt TIRED, but it was FUN.

i cannot say "it was SUPER DUPER FUN", because there were only seven of us.
believe me, it was FUN.

and now i want to SLEEP for this WHOLE day!
it's 1.49PM and i havent gained my strength yet.
im still traumatized by the height of the Space Gun.

i looked STUPID for capturing pictures at that time.
but, who the hell cares? i dont give a damn.
because it's gonna be in my photo album :)

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Sunday, April 24, 2011
Pretending to be mature is very IMMATURE.

i knew, i can be childish sometimes.
but when im feeling like being childish, why should i act like im mature?
still remember my old quote?
"Pretending to be mature is very IMMATURE".

if im being childish, im being my true self.
aren't you guys the one who said that we all should be true to ourselves?
so why should i fake that im mature while i want to be childish in a particular situation?

i dont know what else to say about this.
so let's change the subject.

if you have some time, please listen to this :

[Big Time Rush - Till I Forget About You]

nowadays, i only love the songs that have meanings for me.
as for this song, it really describes my feeling right now.
the feeling of wanting to be with my bestfriends, having fun with them untill i forget about that person.

Heading out, 'cause im outta my mind.
All my friends are gonna see me tonight and im gonna, im gonna, im gonna
Dance hard , laugh hard, turn the music up now!
Party like a rockstar! Can I get a what now?
I swear I'll do anything that I have to untill I forget about you!
Jum up, fall down, Gonna play it loud now!
Dont care, my head is spinning all around now!
I swear I'll do anything that I have to untill I forget about you!

sometimes i miss my old self.
about how young i look.
sometimes, i dont.

now im 15 and i need to think about my future, which course will i choose.
think no long, i stand to choose Science Stream.


i started to love the band Every Avenue :D

thanks for writing wonderful and meaningful songs!
i love youuuuuhh!! [over-reacted. lol]

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Friday, April 22, 2011
a post dedicated to a childish little baby girl.

hello there, girl.
yeah, this post is dedicated to you :)
be proud of it because you're gonna get lots of cheap publicity.

oh and if you havent read the previous post yet, CLICK HERE!

sure, you've settled off with my bestfriends.
you guys already said sorry with each other.

but, you should remember that you havent apologize to me yet.
last week, your bestfriend told me that you'll apologize to me.
untill now, you havent apologize to me.
penipu yang dashyat.

girl, you know that in this case, it's your freaking fault.
you deny it?
i've got lots of screenshot of your harsh posts and comments.
about how you're the one who started this childish arguments.
and about how you're the one who should apologize to me.

i let the things be the way it was.
because i knew that a childish person would never think maturely.

but suddenly, i heard people said that me and you already settled off.
the truth is, both of us HAVENT settled off.
and i hate it when people think that both of us 'telah berbaik semula' even though we're not.

still remember about how you talk nice things about my boobs?

girl, one thing you should know right now is you should apologize to me.
you're still denying your mistakes, huh?

i can answer all of your points.

Me : Why did you start this arguments?
You : Because you're busybody-ing my business. If you didnt busybody, I wont talk harsh things about you.
Me : Im not busybody-ing your business. Im busybody-ing my closefriend's business.
He's the one who asked for advices, and I gave him some. What's wrong in advicing my closefriend? You're his EX-GIRLFRIEND, not his girlfriend. No matter what happen, you have no RIGHTS to get mad.

what else can you say, girl?
you have NO point at all.

dont ever think that we've already settled off.
the only way to settle is : APOLOGIZE TO ME SINCERELY.
im way too kind for demanding only a sincere apology from you.


i saw this on Tumblr.


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Thursday, April 21, 2011
i HATE the rain for pouring down without my permission.

im quite unhappy.
Anis told me that she'll go to the FunFair tonight.

at first, i was super happy.
i asked my mom whether she'll send me or not and she did not give any answer.
i knew that the answer is NO, but she didnt say it.
why? because she wants me to have hopes, and then i'll do the house chores.
after i do the house chores, she'll answer me with a big NO.

cruel, isnt it?

it's 5.35PM and my heart feels not in the mood anymore.
like i should've stayed at home, do nothing.
i started to hate everything because they dont happen exactly to they way that i planned.

i HATE the rain for pouring down without my permission.
it just added another reason why my parents wont send me to the FunFair.

have you ever feel like smashing everything around you?
my mom called me just now.

The Mother : Cuba ko pigi tingu di dapur. Manatau b'pasang tu api gas.
Me : Tedaa. Ma~ Klau sa minta antar pigi FunFair nnt malam?
The Mother : Eh tepayah. Ko pigi tingu dlu di dapur.
*Teeeetttttt* End of call.

no matter how much i try, she would not change her mind.
tomorrow i'll go to the library and sink myself in it.

wait.. WAIT
tomorrow is the Good Friday, isnt it?
so the library will be closed?!

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-


is talking about the freaking FunFair.
about the Space Guns and the place where they dance above and how they were stopped at the Ferris Wheel and etc etc etc.


they will talk like 'Hey, have you went to the FunFair?', 'How was it?', 'It's fun, right? Especially the Space Guns', 'OMG the Ferris Wheel was killing me', 'They got lots of tokens'.


they went to the FunFair happily and go back home safely.
there are no RAPERS in a crowded place.
seriously, imagine if you were raped in a crowded place and people just pass by and they wont help you.

i need to go to FunFair immediately.
dearful parents, this is very serious for a teenager like me.
i wont get raped.

oh wait...... i saw pictures.
there they go capturing pictures at the FunFair and bla bla bla bla.

shut your freaking mouth up.
if i heard the word "FunFair" or "Space Guns" or "Ferris Wheel" or everything that got something to do with FunFair, imma scream and kill you.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
im supposed to be at the FunFair right now :'(

im feeling sad right now. way too sad.
im supposed to be at the FunFair right now and have fun with my besties.
unexpectedly my parents didnt allow me to go to there :(
they said that i might get raped anytime since it's night.

but my bestfriends will be with me all the time!
it's almost impossible for a desperate person to snatch me and rape me.
i know, nothing is impossible.
but the situation could make the things impossible.

if i tell the men that-have-the-highest-rate-to-rape-me that im holding my poop, they will immediately run away from me.
my parents wont listen to me.
i told them that im going to call a taxi and as i expect, they scold me.
they said that im very social, and they told me that i shouldn't socialize because it may affect my studies.

my bestfriends are at the FunFair right now..
nevermind... just go and have some beautiful moments without me.

while im here, playing with boring things untill i fell asleep.
i've never went to that FunFair for this year!
it's so UNFAIR! life is unfair!
cruelty has begun!

i express my feelings by doing an experiment on my eyes.

[where i did my experiments]

[smokey eyes!]


[i was using Webcam, so the colour doesnt really shine. in real life, it's a success]

im too sad , i want to go to bed , i want to escape from this harsh reality.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

my mature look.

yesterday i was doing a project for my mature look.
i did makeups on both of my eyes.
as i was wearing the freaking gel eyeliner, the makeups on my left eyes was ruined.

so here's the result :

[still remember that shirt? everytime i wear it, i'll have the enthusiasm to do projects]

[do i look mature? nahh. i looked like a clown]

[for now, i only have 27 colours. i would like to have 100 colours!]

[awwwww~ guess who is this? my lil bro xD]

[i found his pictures playing with the webcam]

tonight my bestfriends planned to go to the FunFair.
[Funfair = F*ck Unfair]
im not quite sure if i could go, but i'll try my best to go over there tonight.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
an issue about our Scout's camping.

[a full moon at the back of this house yesterday]

the memories just struck my brain and i was feeling weak.
sometimes i do regret about it and i went to sleep.
because dreams help me to escape from this feelings.

after i woke up, i feel alright.
it's like i could mask it for another day.
and this kind of situation happens to me every single day.

* * *
before i proceed with this post, im going to tell you that everything that i write in this post are based on my opinions.
if you dont like it, dont read it :)

so as i was browsing Facebook just now, i found something interesting.

Click Here!
obviously, they're talking about our Scout's camping.

"I ♥ Keningau : Pengajaran buat guru.guru yang menganjurkan perkhemahan... lain kali jangan buat program perkhemahan musim hujan dan jangan hantar guru.guru yg tak ada pengalaman utk mengendalikan perkhemahan... kan dah panik, mengurus perserta yg kerasukan + asteria... ^_^ peAce yo!"

if you want to know more, you should click the link that i gave you above.
and read all of the comments.

for your information, i joined that camping as an entrant [in Malay : Peserta] and i found that we were not tortured in that camping.
instead, we were having fun.

you guys said that we shouldn't organize any camping during these few months because it's raining.
so you expect us to know that it'll rain on the first day of our camping which is Friday?
before Friday, the weather was all sunny.
no rain at all.

but as soon as we arrived at the Banjar, it was raining.
so you want us to cancel our camping at that moment?
think logically!

sure, the camp for boys were flooded because of the rain.
but dont you know that the boys were given
prefabricated tents?

because of the entrants were attacked by hysteria,
all of the entrants were gathered in a Dewan and we slept together.
of course with the rule that boys on the left side and girls on the right side.

the AJKs were very caring about our health.
you should know that the AJKs didnt sleep just to guard us.
the BSMMs even sacrificed their time and energy to help the entrants.
in the end, nobody was hurt.

we were all alright.
you can ask one of the entrants about how do they feel being in this camping.
i dont think that they would say they were tortured in this camp.
because, GOSH. i've told you before that this is the FIRST Scout's camping that i've ever ENJOYED.

i guess you wont be able to understand it, huh.
because you're not in our position.
if it's about the RAIN, hysteria can happen anytime, anywhere and anyhow.
it's not because of the RAIN.
it's because of the entrants that have no true faith in God.
we dont even want that kind of thing to happen.
but things happen even if we dont want it.
because that's LIFE.

the teachers even handled that situation without any panic.
you said the teachers didnt have any experience at all?
so you think you were better than the teachers?

dude, before you say anything, make sure you know the situation first.
make sure you were there.
because if you weren't there, but you still talk things about it, then you're humiliating yourself.
it's obvious that you DONT KNOW anything.

we were strong enough that after the hysteria attacked the entrants, we still can go on with our camping.
our camping was a success, not a failure.

even if you post things like that just to give moral values to other people,
you're still mentioning about our school and the things that you mention about are mostly WRONG.
you were trying to humiliate our school by dissing our teachers and our camping.
you might deny that you're humiliating our school.
but your act shows that you are.

who are you to judge?

2 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, April 17, 2011
darling~ im home~

im back from the camping and i've got lots of story to blog!
the camping for this year was quite easy and FUN than the other campings that i've ever joined.

the first night of the camping which was the Friday night, we were given a speech about 'Pertolongan Cemas'.
suddenly we heard one of the AJK was screaming.
she got hysteria because she saw something while she was sleeping inside a camp.

suddenly, the girl on my left was crying because she felt way too scared.
the AJKs told her to stop crying but she didnt stop.
instead, she continued it.

a while after that, another AJK fainted and after she woke up, she screamed like.... crazy.
people get scared because the hysteria was infecting them.
i was smiling when i saw that situation because i always wanted something mysterious to happen in real life.

i was smiling, smiling, smiling untill something felt uneasy.
i mean, half of the people at that time was in hysteria.
the AJKs were trying to help those infected people, they hugged them and prayed for them.
80% of people at that time were crying.

i realised that everytime i look at those infected people, they would look at me.
no, it was not coincidence. was it my imagination?
when they were looking at me, i automatically grabbed any of my friends that i saw nearby and ran off from those people.
it was some kind of my stimuli reaction.
i cannot run away alone.

anyway, so the situation became more worse as the second goes by.
the atmosphere were CREEPY.
you know the feeling when something chilled your skin.

i was creeped out when i remembered the aunt who teaches me Bible Study once told me something like, "That is not impossible. It can transfer to the other body. The things that you must do are pray to God, say His name out loud and run away from the infected ones."
i did.

the most funniest but memorable and fun thing is at that time when me, Anne, Bradley and Ming were holding hands and formed a circle, after that we prayed together.
it's just like a 3D dream.
i cannot believe that all of them were REAL.
i cannot deny that it was freakingly FUN! :D
i still remember how i love to hug Anne's arm during that time~

after a while, the teachers came and bla bla bla people came,
they pray and bla bla bla, there it goes, every of the infected were back to normal.
and then, we all sleep together in a 'Dewan' .
hey. if you were in our place at that time, you will also feel CREEPY, you know?

enough with those things, the most satisfying thing is [im still satisfied untill now] i didnt get into those freaking muds.
but the rest of them get into those freaking muds.
and they found it very exciting [just like what i felt when i was in Form 1]

the thing that i hate about camping is, i'll be super duper NERENGET.
i'll need to sweat, my front hair will be oily and it's completely HOT.
look at me now. im super black. i've became a nigga. yo' bro.

next year, i dont have to get through all of these anymore.
HAHA! if i became one of the AJKs, i will torture you guys >:)

the seniors kept our phones so i couldn't capture pictures during the camping.
sorry :(

anyway, im feeling WAY TOO SAD right now.
i should've gone to the Jesus's Memorial Day today, but my parents went to the village and there are no taxi available.
this is the very first time that i didnt go to that Memorial Day.
im in a frust mode.

i need to go to the school tomorrow even though im super exhausted.
i've got things to settle tomorrow.

lots of thing to say but im sleepy, man.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, April 15, 2011
going to Peggy's house.

it's 5.32 AM.
and im going to tell you the world's most boring story.

i went to Peggy's house yesterday and it was fun.
the most fun part is where we were riding a bus during the night.
me and Shima planned to put out our head outside the window and screams.

unfortunately, i sat infront and the front seats have no windows.
Shima, Marling and Claricia sat near the windows.
[i pretended that im jealous of it. even though actually i dont really care]

so on the way to Peggy's house, Marling scared Shima off with his so-called-ghost-stories.
Shima went on screaming. lol.

while me, i was listening to the songs that the driver switched on.
and then i heard a song that attracts my heart.
i tried to look for the artist and the title of it.
i found it and i LOVE it :)

[try and listen to it. YOU WILL LOVE IT :D <3]

as soon as we've arrived, Peggy invited us to come in her house.
we did, obviously.
Shima and me did some crazy things since we were bored and we have nothing to do left.
there i was singing with my ugly voice.

there are times when i realised that i've made lots of mistake.
how i wish this life has an "Undo" button.

anyway, the situation in Peggy's house was the same with the situation in my village.
only that my village is more merrier.

Peggy's niece is so cute. her face and her hair is just like Chibi Maruko-chan's.
i said "Hi" to her and tried to be friendly.
but all she did was stare at me with a doubtful face, because im a scary looking stranger, and then she run off.

after all the eatings and singing the birthday song for Peggy and capturing pictures and such things as that,
we decided to get back home.
Peggy's house is far far far far far far far far away from the Keningau town.
so the bus took a long time to pick us up.

while we were riding the bus to get back home, i sat at the back seat with windows open.
at first, nothing scared me.
so i was putting my head near the window with all the bravery i got.
and then i heard Marling said something like, "Jaga ada yg temasuk".

my brain was processing the words and my brain talked to me, "A head with long messy hair will accidentally come in through the window."
my heart talked to me, "Everything is possible since it's the night after all."
my mind talked to me, "Everything can happen. You might see something. Nothing is impossible.. Remember that day when you......"

i felt CREEPY, i was CREEPED out, something chilled through my veins, i snapped out my thoughts and closed the window.
now i understand Shima's feelings.
it was full of imaginations and the imaginations dominates your mind.
when it happens, there you go being scared off.

anyway, i'll continue the rest of the story when i have time later.
going to school~
urhgttt! my baju kurung is kusut already.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011
what a week.

hey guys! it's me, again.

today Peggy invited me to go to her house for her birthday.
i told my mother to send me to the town because i intended to buy a friendship gift [not a birthday gift] for Peggy, but my mom said she would just send me once.
my mom said that she dislike driving all around, pusing sana pusing sini, and she want to rest for the whole freaking day.

so i got two options, whether to go to the town or Peggy's house.
in order to go to Peggy's house, i couldn't go to the town.

oh mom, i know you're lazy to drive.
then teach me how to drive laa.
it's just as simple as that.

im sorry, but i dont wish birthdays.
and i dont have any gift for her.
then what's the point in going to her house?!
i should just sit back at home, looking all dumb, tumblr-ing and fake a faint.

what a busy week.

tomorrow is the camping day!
three days and two nights.
i'll be leaving my blog for a while
*cried a river of tears*

i am SUPER DUPER lazy to join the camping.
but i am forced to.
it's for my future's sake!
damn it.

when im back from the camp, i'll be a nigga because my skin will be just like a nigga's.
[if you know what i mean]
i can predict all of them already.

nothing is interesting.
everything is plain boring.
i dont want to do anything, but i have no choice.

last words : i hate everything

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Monday, April 11, 2011
re-flashing back the old times.

i LOVE blogging.
the reason why is, i can see the difference in myself as the time goes by.

i've been blogging for THREE years! yayy~
to be precise, TWO years and SIX months.
[anyway, who cares?]

so as i was re-reading my old posts,
i found something GROSS.

here it is : http://weirdgirl96.blogspot.com/2009/12/time-time-time-time-time.html
[now boys who read that post wont dare to get close to me]

i cant believe im such a gross human being back then.
but, i was being true to myself.

at least im NOT a FAKE.

i still remember that i posted something about underwears long time ago.
HAHAHA. that's way too embarassing.

wth am i thinking at that time?

* * * * *

i found my old post where i posted years ago about my lovelife.

here's the post : http://weirdgirl96.blogspot.com/2009/12/i-know-im-still-young-but-whats-wrong.html

haha that post made me laugh.
since it's just an old thing.

oh and please dont misunderstood. we're no longer together :)

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Saturday, April 9, 2011
Happy Aliens' Memories Part III

in my previous post, i claimed that im feeling soulless.
so i tried Hotel626 to cool my nerves down.

as i was waiting for that game to load,
i was preparing myself by putting on earphones and such things.
and suddenly a ghost's face appeared on my screen.

[the freaking ghost on that right side]

i was about to jump off from my bed.
because that virtual ghost made a super creepy sound.
most importantly, i was wearing earphones with high volume.

and suddenly, im not soulless anymore.

Celcom's line sucks!
for example, if i send a message right now, it'll be delivered 5 minutes or 10 minutes or even 2 hours later! =,=

by the freaking way,
i finished re-editing and uploading the Happy Aliens' Memories III.
here it is :

Credits of editing goes to me.
Credits of recording goes to Dicky, Manisah and me.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

i have a freaking BAD DAY today.

im not in the mood today.
im not feeling right, i dont feel anything.
to be precise, im feeling soulless.

im not sure why.
maybe it's because of the menstrual cycle that im having right now.

lots of thing had made me gone angry.

first of all, everybody's busy.
maybe i shouldn't have gone to the Bazaar at all.
maybe i should've just stay at home.
[including you, the person who reads this]
i dont like being alone [except if i want to]

silaka betul.
it adds my angriness.

thirdly, i HATE to stand.
i need to sit.
at the bazaar just now, there's NO seat for me to sit.

lastly, im just plain BAD MOOD.
im not in the mood.
i dont know why.
the only thing that i know is, IM IN A BAD MOOD.

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Friday, April 8, 2011
my stomach ache, my backbone ache, acne is growing.

today i went to the school.
since my stomach was in a serious pain, i went back home earlier.

before i went back home, i captured the things that i made by myself.

[notice my sign?]

[i envy with those people who have nice signs. unlike mine]

[3 Sapphire's time table. spot my name!]

[black + silver = nice combination]

and i was so so so so so damn damn damn damn TIRED.
i should've done something that can give me more benefits.

sleep? my brain agreed.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011
being involved in a co-curriculum activity is not a big deal.

i accidentally crossed into her blog while i was blogwalking just now.
that girl wrote in her new post, "Sent from my iPad".

i hope you WONT come back home.
just stay there forever, please and my life will be as calm as heaven :)

* * * * * *

we finished doing our banner for our stall.
tomorrow we need to go to school to put up our banner,
and SATURDAY is the DAY! :D
hope that it will be great.

we were given the 'borang' for Scout's Camping just now.

i gave it to my mom and she knew what to do, she signed that 'borang'.
my parents are okay when it comes to co-curriculum activities.

some of the parents didn't allow their children to join campings and other co-curricular activities.
it makes me wonder why.

those kind of parents should know that students should participate in any co-curricular activities in order to get more marks in co-curricular.

the Wikipedia even says,
Curricular activities means any activity that is designed from the teaching and learning outside the classroom ( curriculum ), which gives students an opportunity to improve, reinforce and practice the skills and values ​​learned in the classroom

so why should they force their children to stay at home, collecting fats, while their children want to be involved in other active activities?

for your children being involved in good activities such as camping is way way way way way more more more more more better than for them to play video games, wasting their time, and wasting their energy on other pointless activities.

so, dear some of the parents, why wont you let your children to be more active in good activities that can give them way way way way MORE benefit?
tell me why, please.

i just cant understand.
your children are being NICE for wanting to be involved in something that can give them marks.
for their own future.
while you, wanting them to not have any marks in co-curriculum.
i wont be able to understand why, unless you give me some reasonable reasons.

is it because of their safety?
ohhh come on man.
your children are all GROWN UP.
and the co-curriculum activities are controlled and guarded WELL enough by the school.

im sure that you dont want to pamper them for the rest of your life, right?
im sure you also want your children to do things by themselves, right?
unless if you're immature.
if you're being immature, you will just lock chains around your children's hands.

if you dont want your children to work things out by themselves right now, then WHEN you will?
after they graduate?
ohhhh come on man.
after they graduate, they'll get E for their co-curriculum marks.
when that time comes, regretting is completely POINTLESS.

think back.

you think being involved in co-curriculum activities may harm your children?
pffffftttt. excuse me, it's my ass.

anyway, it's up to you.
i hope you've made a good decision for your children.
remember, think about your children's heart.
not only your heart.

your children are not ROBOTS that will follow your commands every single time.
someday, they might rebell and they might leave you alone in darkness.

ahaaa! i got this one story about one of my classmates.
he was kind of emotional and not in the mood today, so we asked him.

Him : Have you ever thought of suicide? Or run away from house? My dad said that he dont care about my health, that he dont care about me. He only cares about his work and he neglects my feelings. He said that i've hurt his feelings. But have he ever thought about my feelings?

Me : If he never really cares about you, then why did he sent you to the hospital when your legs were injured?

Him : He didnt care about me. He was forced to sent me to the hospital because my sister showed him my injuries. If my sister didnt tell him, I would be dead right now by bleeding.

Me : *speechless*

Him : I need my grandparents and my biological mother right now.

Me : Then go ahead and live with your grandparents.

Him : If I failed in PMR, I will.

Me : *speechless*

well, if you're reading this, the real thing that i want to say is,
forget about games and start focus on studying.
get better results and put it infront of your father's face!
prove your talents to him!

even though it takes time, but if you put lots of effort in it,
it's WORTH it.

you DESERVE to get a better life because i guess you never taste a good life.
the only thing to do is, study hard and at the same time, enjoy with your bestfriends!

im sure you must have at least ONE bestfriend out there.
come on! share it with your bestfriend!
and it's not bad to release your stress and have some fun with your bestfriend sometimes.

only sometimes, not always.

dont give up on your life.
we still have lots of silly thing to do.
plan some good things and you're gonna taste the SWEETEST MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE, just believe in me.


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