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Tuesday, May 31, 2011
uploading pictures like a boss.

it's really funny how day by day, nothing's ever seems to change.
but when you look at it carefully, everything has changed.

now im still learning the fact that things are getting different.
everybody is, including me.

GOSH. whenever i think about this, my stomach hurts a lot.
stomachache syndrome again. *sigh*
let's stop thinking about this!

anyway, i promised that i would capture good pictures and upload it here, right?
the DigCam is working and now i feel like a boss!
im going to upload those pictures that i've been keeping of all this time.


talking about belief, if you have belief in something, go for it!
dont regret for not chasing it later.

as for me, i still have a belief [not in religious views] that i've been keeping.
im still believing that things would get better and i'll get used to it.
and also, im still believing that someday things would happen in the way that i want it to.

remember about the thing that i said i will do every 11.11PM?
i said, i'll make a wish every 11.11PM.
up until now, i havent make a single wish because i always forgot about it and remember about it later.

i wrote "Learn To Risk It" everyday.
[im sure i've told you about that]
but i stopped since im afraid people will think that i didnt take any shower before i go to school.
[Anne is one of those people :P]

[this is my nail, before.]

[this is my current nails. GALAXY! :D]

[you can see that it glitters in the dark]

[my toe nail]

the colour of my toe looked awfully weird because the red blood was stucked below.
there's no red blood above so it's white.
it happened because i make it to happen.

[Saloma's hairstyle]

they said that it's very RARE for me to clip my front hair[bangs].
and it's very true.
in fact, i never ever clip my front hair and walk around.

and yes, notice my hair?
it's getting LONGER!
HAHA. i love it babe.

[so this is the scenery that i'll get everyday.]

[that's me! im going to jump off and suicide! nah, just kidding~]

[im really going to suicide now! nah, just kidding]

for your information, i am the one who captured all of these pictures.
aren't you going to wonder how did i capture them while i was on the window?

[Dream. i already coloured those words and trust me, it looks better than this.]

currently im learning the guitar bass and partying with my stereos.
so now dont wonder why i dont spend much time infront of the computer.

playing the bass looks so simple.
but it's hard for me since my nails are long and my nails are always stucked on the strings.
i have the idea to cut my nails. but i wont.

[Feodora. the artist. HAHA just kidding. roflmao]

and oh i got this cool stuff [not really.]

you put some water inside its box and the water will produce mist.
you can put ice + water and the result will be satisfying.

am i being "SAKAI" ? O_O

[and now dont wonder why i spent so much time sleeping]

[my favourite chocolate candy]

[i kept this so it would be a memory.]

damn this stomachache.
it's getting worser.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

im back, baby! HAHAHA!

as soon as i woke up, i turned on the computer and played the you-know-what-game.
at first, my heart was all "dup dap dup dap".
and when i started playing it, i feel like a boss, baby!

[first official shot ever for this year.]

while i was feeling like a boss, i was all LAGGY and here it comes.
the most heartbreaking moment.

[i was kicked because i have a high ping!]

what's wrong, streamyx?
before this, you were never this laggy.
what's the freaking wrong?!
come on!
give me some happiness here!

so i reconnect more than five times, the results are still the same and it really got on my nerves.
i quit it and here i am, blogging.

i need COKES. bye.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

a good surprise! :D

im so sorry that i havent been updating my blog since 27th May.
it's just that i've been waiting for this day to come and only after that i will blog about it!

here i am, bringing a GOOD surprise [kinda] !

and guess what is it, darlings?

you might wonder, "The day of what..?"

if you dont know [which is obviously you wouldnt know],
im moving back to my original place!

starting from today, i'll be living here!
back to my normal life!

finally my darling Counter Strike is coming back to me.
finally i can karaoke, scream and sing my lungs out.
finally after i was tortured in that freaking temporary house.

guess what im gonna do for this two weeks of holiday?
yes, Counter Strike!
no, i wont forget about my projects.
i'll do both of them :)

as a celebration for this good news, im going to present a cover of Bruno Mars - Just The Way Your Are.
i dont really know the song, i only know its chorus, but since im excited, im singing it anyway.

my cover is really not that great.
watch it at your own risk.
but make sure when you start watching it, watch it until the end.

i took the risk to play the guitar on the window.
i can fall down anytime.
but seriously, what is life without any risk?

i made up a new quote,
"Learn To Risk It"

honestly, i really want to upload pictures from the DigCam.
i cant promise when i will upload since im kinda busy these days.

anyway! HAHA.
i've been telling my family that i would like to be an artist.
i said that i was going to make my own album.
and that i'll be using my dad's studio.
they're just like, "Oh okay.."

i know that it's kinda impossible for me to be an artist.
but it's not wrong trying.
it's worth trying :D !

oh and guess what? guess what?
i've already recorded a song of mine!

you want to listen to it?
really? really? :D

im sorry but in this case, i cannot risk my own songs.
because you know that there's a lot of COPYCATERS out there.
some of them were claiming that they were copycated meanwhile they're copycating too.

i'll only let my family, bestfriends and closefriends to listen to it.
and when im done doing my Copyright, i'll spread the songs.
i will!

it's 12.57AM and im going to sleep alone.
Lowong refused to sleep with me and my eldest sister is not here.
im going to himpit si Lowong! HAHA.

i cannot go to the town or library whenever i want to.
because taxi wouldnt know where i am located.

by the way, i would like to have a piercing below my lips just like Christofer's.

i love Christofer Drew Ingle :)

you love him too?!
'cause if you do, im gonna kejar you with a parang on my hand.
im not joking.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, May 27, 2011
two weeks of holiday and i feel like a boss!

i get back from school, i throw myself on the bed, fell asleep, woke up, took a shower,

we finished our examination just now.
i am sure that my PJK will get a C.

talking about subjects, i am quite disagree with one of the Civic's question.
the question asked, "In your opinion...... bla bla bla"
and the question gave you four answers which is A,B,C and D.
you'll need to choose one.

that question asked for MY OPINION, yet it'll still tell me that which opinion is RIGHT or WRONG.
if you're going to tell that other's opinion is wrong, then dont ask for our freaking OPINION.

for example, the question asked, "In your opinion, why do you need to have a job?"
i answered, "For money, of course"
and it gave me a ZERO mark for that question because my answer is wrong.

if you asked for my opinion, dont tell me that it is WRONG.
you can disagree with my opinion but dont tell me HOW to think.
i have my own opinions, you sure have too.

change the subject.

now im going to do lots of project.
but i cannot neglect my studies as well.
i need to study during this holiday!

me and my bestfriends made lots of plan for this holiday.
but we need to cancel those plans since we have no transportation.
it's kinda sad since i've been expecting those plans to work out.
it's true what they always say, "Expect less, Hurt less."

so what am i going to do? stay at home for the whole day? how sad my life is.
nope, it's not sad.
like i told you, im going to do lots of thing by myself.

the first thing that im going to do is REPAINTING my freaking nails!

i painted my nails a few days ago and did some kind of art on it.

[my right hand]

anyway, i took this picture using the HandyCam.
im so sorry that the quality is LAME.
i still have a problem with my DigCam.
dont worry, soon i'll be using my DigCam and capure pictures like a boss.
B-) like a freaking boss.

[my left hand. it's not completed yet, so...]

i did a galaxy theme on my toe nails.
so i decided to do galaxy theme on my nails at the hand too!
i just LOVE galaxies.

this night im going to watch movies, i wont sleep early.
serves you right, brain! HAHA.

by any chance, do you know the game named Ameba Pico?
i played it last night because i would like to throw away some of my boredom.
i met with a greenie group and i ruined their photoshoot session.

[at first they told me to go away because they said they would like to take a picture of their greenie group. but i strongly refused to]

[one of that girl was begging me to leave. i still refuse]

[finally, i completely ruined their photoshoot session. HAHA!]

it's damn hilarious to release your anger on them.

im being sadistic by chatting with a Cleverbot right now.
but it's so freaking FUN! HAHAHAHA.

take a look at these :
[click at the picture to enlarge]

btw, i am the black font and the Cleverbot is the blue font.

MOVIES, here i come~ :D

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Thursday, May 26, 2011
temporarily FREE! :D

i made a new freaking record for this month.
i didnt on the line for TWO freaking days!
*mischievous smile*

i got lots of thing to tell you.
let's start with yesterday's yesterday [Tuesday].

on Tuesday, i went to my original place and we did some cleaning up there.
we ordered some furnitures from this one particular company.
and there were this workers from that company who sent the furnitures that we ordered.

i showed them to the room where they should move the furnitures to.
as soon as they've finished their jobs, they showed me the keys,
so i said "Thank you" and they laughed at me in the face.
they said they're the one who supposed to say "Thank you" to me.

oh really?
"Thank you" to me for the freaking what?
for giving you money?
dont you know that the money that you gained from us will be given to your company and you'll only get 50% of it?
yet you're moving in HEAVY furnitures and doing HARD works.
you guys deserved a "Thank you", dont you know that?
or you're too stupid to know about it?
if that's the reason, then i pity you.

after that, my mom came and she told me to move a furniture to the corner of the room.
here goes the conversation :

Mother : Piu, p tulung si Oji kasi pindah tuuna meja.
Me : Aaarh! Malas~
Mother : Aik takkan pula mau senang seja?
Me : Yala~ manada urang mau susah. Semuaa urang mau sanang.
Mother : Jadi tu urang kerja sana tu, durang kerja keras, susah payah segala, bukan durang susah ka tu ko pikir?
Me : Itu sebab dorang teda pilihan lain~ Cuba kalau durang belajar betul2. Mana durang susah itu.
Mother : *speechless*. Eishh entah.

now i realised that i was evil.
but i was talking about honest things.
there's really nothing to be offended.

yesterday, i slept at 8.30PM.
im proud of it. haha!
[even though there's really nothing to be proud about]

why did i slept early?
because i felt super EXHAUSTED and TIRED.
i throw myself on the bed and i fell asleep.

so i found my old picture :

how artistic i was back then.
and yes, that guitar is broken.
somebody broke it.

so im going to be on the line starting from today!
tomorrow is the last day of exam and then i'll be FREE temporarily.

but since the papers tomorrow are P.Moral, PJK, and Art, so im going to take a deep relaxation here.
i dont really care if i FAILED in PJK.
in fact, i always failed in PJK.
[for me to get an A in PJK is such a bless]

im going to do lots of thing.
one of it is, re-painting my nails.

im not that feminine and im not that girly.
but i just love nails.
because whenever i look at nails that i considered as beautiful, i'll get that satisfication and happiness.

i would like to talk about those people who love to blog about their boyfriends/girlfriends.
it gets so damn irritating when you expect them to blog more interesting things, while what they're going to blog is all about their lovers.

it's not wrong to blog about your lovers.
but it gets wrong when EVERY SINGLE freaking POST is all about the SAME damn thing.
if you blog interesting things about your boyfriend/girlfriend, i'll shut my mouth up.
the fact is, they're NOT interesting at all.
cant you consider about how irritant our eyes get when we read your blog?

you should put a BIG BANNER on your blog, saying "This blog is about my boyfriend/girlfriend. Read it or leave it.".
or at least, put a freaking DISCLAIMER and a description so that i wont waste my time reading them.

btw, no offence.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, May 23, 2011
fakers, heh? :D

read the disclaimer on the left before you're going to tattle on your mother about this.
seriously, what a cry baby your are.
still drink milk in a baby's bottle, heh? :D
lemme change your diapers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

there are lots of FAKERS in the Facebook.
i mean, they tell things that they did, they tell bla bla bla of what they bla bla bla.
i understand that they're just typing what's on their mind.
but at the same time, they're showing off.

thats the kind of thing that made my eyes turned into white.
too much rolling eyes until it became white

is it really necessary to tell the things that you did every single freaking minutes?
so you're going to tell the Facebook a.k.a the whole world that you're playing a guitar while you're not?
you're going to tell the Facebook that you're going to a freaking bath, but actually you're watching the television?
you're going to be all lovey-dovey with your bestfriends in Facebook, but in the real life, you're actually tired of it and say things just to look cool.
pfffttt. pardon me, it's my ass.

that's what i called FAKERS.

it's not that posting the things that's on your mind is wrong.
it's just unnecessary to update your status for every freaking minutes.
it's quite an irritant.

or did your mind change every single freaking minutes?
if that's the reason, well, im going to give a loud and a long clap clap for you.
what a strong standpoint you got there, dude.
go for it and change your mind every single freaking minutes.
and wait for people to slap you on your eyeballs :D

i would like to block some people but if they knew it, they would be really offended.
you know i dont like to hurt people, unless it's necessary.
so i decided that whenever i saw their names on Facebook, i would just scroll down or even click the small-cutey-little-X-button above.

you might say that, "Then why you're updating your blog and telling things that people dont even want to know? You're even showing off things that you got and you even uploaded videos where you play guitar and sing. Isnt that's the same with telling people that you're playing a freaking guitar?".

hahaha~ how childish you are for talking things like that.
because this is MY blog.
have you read the disclaimer, little baby? :D
or you're too busy to cling on your mommy that you forgot to read 'em ?

furthermore, Facebook is not YOURS.
people can accidentally read your status even if they dont want to.
but here, in my blog, people can choose whether to read it or not.
it's optional.

i dont post my blog URL on people's wall, forcing them to read my blog.
hey dude, i never ever DID things like that.

you like my blog, then i love you.
you dislike/hate my blog, why would i care? :D

so if you think that this post is offending you, then im going to give you a long and a loud clap clap because you just admitted that you're one of those FAKERS.
:D good for you. yay~

today i feel like talking about bad but honest things.
pardon me.
for those who considered themselves as FAKERS, :) no offence.
im talking the truth here~

if i continue further with this topic, some people would be offended.
since im kind, let's stop the topic here and start a new topic :D

i took an exam paper for Bahasa Malaysia.
i made an essay and it was really killing me.
it was brainstorming.
i dont hate Bahasa Malaysia but i prefer English more.

there'll be Science and ERT papers tomorrow.
i know i should study right now.
but............. i would like to watch some movies. :(
knowing that i cant.

talking about movies here, i already watched the Titanic II.
it's not as good as the Titanic. trust me.
but it's worth watching if you would like to waste your freaking spare times.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

so i found this thing inside my purse.
i got a brass knuckle hanging from my neck in my chain~
listen to that song Good Charlotte - Keep Your Hands Off My Girl and you'll understand.

the reason why i love it is because it's from the Good Charlotte's store.
it's the same one with what Benji was wearing!

[notice Paris' legs? skeleton enough O_O]

so im off to go to study while actually im just going to scroll around on Tumblr.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, May 21, 2011
when im nervous, im clumsy.

here they go again.
looking at me with that look and saying, "Oh look! That's her. The one who have no mercy."
and i was like, "So you're trying to say that you knew the whole story, huh. Well, STFU because you dont know any single freaking thing."

people like that are PATHETIC.
well, i dont give a damn so let's change the subject :)

yesterday, i was invited by a friend of mine to Sign Up on this website called PrendsTah.
when i opened it up, it looked like Facebook.
a lot.

[look at its icon. instead of "f", it is "?" ]

[almost look the same with Facebook]

no matter how hard you try, Facebook is still the most famous social website.
even villagers have a Facebook account.

anyway! i have a lot of interesting things to show you!
but i cannot transfer pictures from my camera.
so let's just save it for another day :(

whenever i feel nervous or im thinking about something while doing something, i'll be very clumsy.
there were times where i was walking and then i fell because i was clumsy.
it's oh gosh so damn embarassing.

when im nervous, im clumsy.
when im clumsy, everything wont be okay.

now i need to memorize the songs All Time Low - Break Your Little Heart and Guns N Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine.
i wont tell you the reason why i need to memorize those songs.
[except if you really want to know.]
because im afraid that if i talk about it too much, it wont work out very well.

i've already memorize the Break Your Little Heart, but im afraid that i'll forgot those lyrics because im so damn nervous.
and i havent even memorize a freaking single word from the song Sweet Child O' Mine.

[Guns N Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine]

i feel very ridiculous to sing this song.
HAHA. i laughed at myself whenever i practiced singing this.

there are times where i lose my self-esteem, and i want to scream "That's enough! I cant do this anymore! Im out."
but i never did things like that.
did i ever cancelled things that i've worked out half-way?
erm.. guess not.

just another week.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, May 20, 2011
what if i cant find the point to be confident of?

i broke my one of my rules : do not play the internet until the exam is over.
i know that i should study right now.
but since i've already study for hours at the library today, i think it's okay to rest my brain for a little bit.

why do i always have lots of thing to do before exam?
why dont they just come after the exam?
it prevents me from studying.

and i need a high self-esteem right now.
where's the CONFIDENCE of mine?
here i am again, with my low self-esteem feelings.

they said, "Confidence is the key to success".
i once said that too.
but what if i cant find the point to be confident of?
then should i really give up on something?

im having such a sad day today.
*a big big big big big big heavy sigh*

i want to scream out so loud until the whole freaking world will listen to what i say.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
blogs are meant to be read.

i started to learn that there are some people who's reading my blog.
of all this time, i thought that NOBODY's ever reading my blog.

and now that i know there are only a few people who's reading it frequently,
honestly it made me feel uneasy to blog about my private life.
i dont know why but there are some other things that i would blog if i didnt know you're reading this.

oh did you get it?
you dont? good then.

but i love blogging.
and the fact about blogging is, a blog is meant to be read by humans.

anyway, let's put that aside.
currently im in my study mode.
i am supposed to be studying right now but this internet just got me so so so damn addicted.
so i ended up stranded here, blogging.

i've been drinking Cokes every single freaking day for this whole freaking week.

[i dont know why but i am so damn addicted with this.]

last Monday, my Maths teacher told the whole class that by drinking a can of Coke, it means you're drinking a bottle of cordial orange without adding some water.
[im not sure whether it's cordial orange or orange cordial. but whatever]

[the cordial orange]

and then one of my classmate said to me, "Nahh kau dengar tu Feo? Jan minum cola"
and i was like, "I dont give a freaking damn about that."

my eldest sister once told me that one of her friend suffered a nose bleed.
after that, he friend went to consult the doctor and the doctor said that it was because of the COKE.
her friend drank too much coke.

i once suffered a headache because i drank more than three can of cokes.
i still dont give a damn about that.
im a Cokeaholic.
guess what? im drinking a coke right now.

apart from that, my monthly test's result is unsatisfying!
i know i can do much better than that because i didnt study for it.
and for this First Semester Examination, i hope for the best!
i want to get at least 5As or 6As so BADLY!
4As also will be good enough :(

my butt just wont get off.
oh no. my hands too.
my arms!

okay now im 100% connected with this laptop and chair.
so im going to party all night infront of this screen!

by the freaking way,
i got cool themes for my Mozilla and for my Google Chrome.
and it makes me feel like a boss. B-)

[this is my freaking Mozilla]

[and this is my beloved Google Chrome. which turned out to be an asshole because it showed my recently closed tab]

2 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
im not a fully uptown girl.

today i told my mom that i want to go to the town to buy my needs.
she came back home at 1.30PM++ and promised we'll go to the town after she get some rest.
i fell asleep, my mom woke me up, i looked at the clock and it's 4.00PM++.

as she promised, we went to the town and i dont get to buy all of the things that i wanted because my mom told me that we ran out of time.
her friends called her to go to their house and bla bla bla.
i almost exploded because i still wanted to buy my things, yet there she was rushing over to her friend's house.

grrrrrrr. she promised me tomorrow.
and i was like, "Tomorrow is school, duh. As if you'll fulfill your promise."

after that, we went to her friend's house and i just sat there blankly, eating foods, still unsatisfied.
and then her friend gave me a beer.
i didnt drink it because im exhausted with alcohol.
i didnt even touch it.

before this, i drank alcohol.
and now, NOT anymore.
im tired of it and im sick of it.

her friend said to me, "Begini la ni suasana kampung.. Semuaaaa tabasan.. Sunyi.."
and i was like, "What?! Are you freakingly kidding me?"

maybe her friend thought that i've never been in a village in my entire life.
wth? i live in my village during long holidays.
still remember last year?

i can make Tuhau, which is a Dusun's traditional food.
i can even cook Bosou and i can speak in Dusun language.
furthermore, i know how to eat Pinang.
i love to eat them when i was a little kid.

do i really looked like a person who always live in a city?
even though i wear make-ups and wear short pants, it doesnt mean that im fully an uptown girl.

Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover.

so as they gave me another tin of beer and i escaped to the car.
seriously, im taking a good care of my brain.
handle with care.

[it was a nice view]

[the Vitamin D!]

[there were TWO rainbows! :D]

[it's the woods!]

[this is Lowong.]

[the damp air after the rain. i just love it]

lately, i feel like being messy.
i dont care about my appearance anymore.
my hair, my outfits.
i love being messy.

so if you saw me, dont wonder why im messy.
i just love it.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-