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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
just for an update.

im depressed with this!

if i didnt get in the Science Stream class, i wont have any FUTURE!
i should be dead and never have soul again.

just for an update, im showing you this picture.

[Erica(left) and Ashley (right) :D]

when they grow up, they'll be beautiful girls.

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Monday, June 27, 2011
worthless princesses-wanna-be.

we were going to have our Ujian Kecergasan for PJK just now.
before we proceed, we were told to run 3 rounds at the school field.
we did but some of them didn't do it according to the orders.

so we were told to run 3 rounds again, and i ran 3 rounds nonstop.
but there were SIX princesses-wanna-be who dont want to run.
in the end, the Ujian Kecergasan was cancelled because of that SIX selfish girls.

just because of some selfish girls, everyone of us gained the consequences.
it's very UNFAIR since we ran for SIX ROUNDS but the SIX SELFISH GIRLS DIDNT and in the end, our six rounds were entirely USELESS.

i said out loud, "Kamu pikir kamu cantik ka mau control2? Kamu pikir kamu tu tuan puteri? Gara2 kamu, orang lain yang kena. Selfish!"

and guess what those princesses-wanna-be said?
they said, "Kenapalah"

see how SELFISH they are?
how IMMATURE is that?
[i know im immature too but they're MORE than immature]

i felt like screaming but the only thing that i can do instead of screaming was "ARGHTT!" and "HAIYA!".

so i asked one of them, "Kenapa kau tida belari?"
and she said, "Sebab saya tingu dorang tida belari, jadi saya pun tida la."

seriously girl, that's just the same with "Saya pakai jaket sebab saya rasa panas"

so those princesses-wanna-be acted like they dont give a damn which they really SHOULD give a damn because this IS their FAULT.

even if they didnt run, they're still UGLY.
even if they control the way they talk and walk, they're still UGLY.
it doesn't make sense if they dont want to run just to maintain their beauty because they ain't got any beauty.

i really did my best in running three freaking rounds just for that freaking Ujian Kecergasan.

urght the current suddenly went out just now.
i was alone in this room, everything was SUPER dark, i cant see anything, i tried to get my way out from this room and my head bumped the door.
it hurts so much grrr.

you know what?
i dont give a damn about those princesses-wanna-be anymore.
i'd better go study because im getting more stupid than ever.

oh and i dont think i should broadcast live again.
i shouldn't waste my time.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011
watch me live on BlogTV!

i have a good news for you guys here!
today Anis introduced me to BlogTV.
at first i thought it's just the same as the Omegle but i knew i was wrong when i saw a boy playing guitar live on BlogTV.

that means, you're broadcasting live.
you know, just like the celebrities.
where they answered their fans' questions with webcams on.

so i tried making up one for me and i tried broadcasting for the first time.
i took the guitar and sing random songs.
and guess what?
it turned out very good!

my maximum viewers are 15 :(
but when i saw some other teenage girls' videos, their viewers are only 11.
[im not showing off]

anyway, so there were some people who said that i have a good voice.
when i said that i dont, they insisted on telling me that i have a good voice.
[which i dont really think so]

[this was before i signed out. Click to enlarge]

i stopped a while ago because i sang songs for like two hours and my throat is exhausted.
thanks to them, i have a very pleasant night. :)

so make sure you Sign Up the BlogTV and watch me broadcasting LIVE!

im going to broadcast live again soon!

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so yesterday i jogged with my sister.
it's been a while i didn't feel the fresh air and the fresh sweat running down to my spine.
5% of my calories are burned.

it's kinda relaxing to be at your original place.
living in a housing area sucks [for example : Taman Cerijaya].

[this is the usual road that we always take.]

[we passed by a burnt house]

soon we met with the dogs and Lowong gripped my right arm so tightly.
she's such a loser.

[sorry for the low quality camera of my handphone.]

as we were jogging, i put my earphones on and turned the music on.
it was FUN!
it refreshes my mind and my heart.

so as i get up from my bed this morning,
i turned the MTV on and shit, Justin Bieber's song was playing.
why everyday in my life, he must suddenly appear?!

it's difficult for girls to not to fall in love with him.
i almost and im trying to ignore that feeling.

anyway, the next song playing was Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends.
it's such a sad song :(

[yes, im going to talk about songs]

and finally, Adele - Rolling In The Deep.
indeed, it's like she was singing it and making it as her soul.

it's kinda sad since most songs nowadays have lost their "soul".
i mean, their music beats are all the SAME.
plain same.

and they sang it not with their heart and soul.
they sang just for MONEY and not for expressing their feelings.

honestly, im sick and tired of Rihanna's new songs.
what's up with the techno and the same music beat as Ke$ha's?

there are some songs that i found very catchy if they were played in acoustic version.
sadly, those artists made it in the Techno Beat and it's ugly.

for example, Light's songs.
her songs will be AMAZING if they're in the acoustic version.
im just saying.
but her songs are still WONDERFUL.

you can see it here :

[Original version]

[Acoustic version]

maybe she would like to make a little difference, so she made her songs into the "Electric Beat".
anyway, i still admire Lights :)

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

while im blogging right now, i am frowning.
wanna know why?
because nobody even remember to tell me important things that i SHOULD know.

first of all, NOBODY even told me to bring the Score Sheet paper at the first place.
still remember that i was absent for TWO days because my aunt just passed away?
that was the time my English teacher told THEM to bring the Score Sheet paper.

i just found out that i should bring the Score Sheet paper on Wednesday.
yet, nobody gives a damn.

the teacher might think that i didnt bring the Score Shit Sheet paper on purpose.
i should get an excuse because NOBODY told me about it.
in the end, my marks are deducted.

i keep silent about that up until now.
now there's another thing that blows me up.

im the Ahli Jawatan Kuasa for the English Language Club.
another teacher of mine once scold me for not going to a meeting.
which NOBODY even told ME about that freaking meeting.

i got into troubles by things that i clearly shouldnt be blamed on.
you should give a damn about that because you knew about it yet you dont tell me about it.
as if it didnt matters.

it's pissing me off and im angry right now.
wanna know why?

because TODAY there's an audition for "So You Think You Can Dance And Sing?" which as the AJK, i have duties for that audition.
but NOBODY TOLD ME that the audition will be held TODAY!

NOBODY even care to TEXT me.
if you have no credits, MESSAGE me on Facebook!
is that even hard for you?

didnt you promised to text me if there's an update for that meeting?
it's impossible for you to not know that the audition will be held today.
you know im pissed off with you right now so dont talk to me untill im calmed down.

i deserve to get mad because IF i have duties in that audition but i didnt come,
i'll be the one who's in fault.
not YOU.

by the way, i would like to see that audition.
i would like to see people singing and playing guitars and dancing all.

but i cant.
because NOBODY would want to spend their ONE MINUTE to tell me about it.

i just found out that the audition is today because i saw a person's status about it.
yang bukan AJK pula yang tau banyak.

im pissed off.
really really really pissed off.

everything that i see is pissing me off.

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Friday, June 24, 2011
ways to prevent from getting bothered by strangers.

my whole body smelled like SMOKE.
it's because i was playing with the fire just now.

finally! i burned those pictures and that book.
if my dad saw those ashes, he will surely scold me.
[which i dont really care anyway]

[burn! burn! burn! baby burn!]

i accidentally inhaled those SMOKES and it's killing me right now.
i feel that my nostrils are DAMAGED!
my brain is DAMAGED!
damn you smoke! curse you! curse you!

the good thing is, i feel terribly GOOD by burning those pictures.
burning them makes me feel good.

[turning into ashes]

but the smell of smoke is still inside my nostrils.
i feel DIZZY!
how i hate the smell of that freaking smoke!
HAIYA! saya rasa macam saya termakan asap!

before this post turned into a cursing post, let's change the subject.

im going to share some tips.
[these tips are only for bad people like me]

ladies, if you are really bothered by strangers who chat or message you,
dont be afraid to get mad at them.

if they showed any signs of harassing you,
[if you dont know how to insult, immediately Unfriend them]

if they still insists to bother you,

trust me, they will think that you're somewhat scary or weird and they will stop bothering you.

i usually used the "SCOLD THEM!" way.
and it's enough to scare them off away.

[if he goes on any longer, i planned to start scolding him. in fact, he did not reply my chat soon after i said, "Im handsome". did he think that im actually a boy?]

[if you happen to meet this type, you need to do the "HYSTERICAL" way.]

[hey you. i've burned them all. yes, those memories :D]

im off to take a good shower and make myself smells good like a Sakura flower!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011
faking an excited face for tomorrow.

last night, i finished my Bahasa Malaysia essay which is very unusual of me since i really hate to do essays.
i managed to write 1400++ words.
there's nothing to be proud of that actually.

anyway, our class was having an English oral test just now.
here's how the oral test works.
we'll pick one random piece of paper where the title was written on it and we'll need to talk anything about the title spontaneously for more than 4 minutes.

i was supposed to do my oral test last Wednesday but i forgot to bring my score sheet.
the teacher said that she'll deduct my marks because of it.

i thought that for the next English class, she'll forgot to deduct my marks.
so i made my oral test just now, i randomly picked a title "Pollution". and they said i did a fantastic job.
[im not trying to show off]

for real, at that time i was talking what's on my mind.
doing it was quite simple since im used to it.
[blogging for years helped me a lot!]

i told the whole class about my experience where i once went to the Bunsit River,
then there i saw this one woman threw away her baby's diapers into the river.
i told them that i saw the baby's shit leaked out from that diapers.
i saw it with my two freaking naked eyes.

the class laughed because i used harsh words such as "damn" and "shit".
i saw the teacher was laughing too.
they gave me a big applause! :D

honestly, it made me happy even though in the end i only got 8/15 for my marks.
the teacher seriously deducted my marks for not bringing my score sheet paper before.
Vybriken said that my original marks supposed to be 13/15.

people were expecting me to get marks more than 8.
when i told them that i got an eight, they were kinda shocked and they said i should get more than that.

anyway, i really had fun talking what's on my mind spontaneously infront of the class.
i talked for 6 minutes nonstop.

enough talking about this thing,
Anne unexpectedly went to my house just now.

she did text me saying that she'll come over and i said i would like to take a bath first,
but after i finished taking a bath, she's infront of my house already.
im embarassed.

the deal is, i made her waiting.
so in exchange, i'll need to go to school tomorrow.
it's the Teacher's Day tomorrow.
[faking an excited face]

evil plan : tomorrow i'll go to school at 8AM. HAHA. JK
[if only i could, i will]

we played Truth Or Dare again with my classmates.
[i love to play it!]
we : half were boys and half were girls.
i like it when people are being honest and supporting.

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Monday, June 20, 2011
im kinda stone-headed.

im going to tell you the story about those Chinese kids.
as usual, i was walking to kedai runcit and there were some Chinese kids riding bicycles looking at me and talked in Chinese which i couldnt understand at all.
what i knew is, they were talking about me.

as i passed by them, a boy from that group talked to his friend, "Mari la kita wheelie!"
obviously, he's trying to show off infront of me but he should be ashamed of that since it's only a mere bicycle.
[shame on me more 'cause i dont even know how to ride bicycle]

it was very irritating since they're just some bastards younger than me but they managed to mentally torture me.
mentally torturing and embarassing me by screaming at me, "Minta number telepon!!!!!"
gosh. they should know that im older than them and they should respect me.

while i was walking back home, they were following me with their 'wheelie'.
they're short and little and i could smack them easily with a smile on my face.
minta kena humban betul.

anyway, my eldest sister told me not to drink Coke anymore with her serious and confident face.
lots of people are telling me that and im kinda stone-headed.

they said that it can cause stomach ulcer.
*cried a river of tears*

so from now on, i'll try to decrease the amount of Cokes in my stomach.
and instead of drinking Cokes, i'll drink Soya Bean [they said it can whiten our skin].

the b*tch in my house is going back to her place tomorrow!
yayyyy! :D
mission accomplished.

but anyway, FOUR MONTHS LEFT!
like i told you, i did really bad for this First Semester Exam and i am DEPRESSED about it.
if i looked like im not depressed, then you should know that i am!
i focused more into History and Bahasa Melayu until i forgot to study Maths!

yes, i am depressed.
yes yes yes yes yes yes.

lets change the subject before i turned into an emo bastard.

im getting more stupid than ever and i should study right now.
instead of revising, i tend to put some makeups on and capture pictures for the main picture that i told you in the previous previous post.

the digital camera has no battery left and i cant find the charger.
a bad sign.

anyway, im going to show you my eyes that i made just now.
the colour was supposed to be blue but the low quality camera ruined it.
dont worry, im going to capture pictures again after i found the charger.

before you proceed, this im going to warn you that if you're going to scroll down more,
you're going to see that i was camwhore-ing.
[but im going to upload less pictures]

[i know you cant see the wings on my eyes clearly.]

do you know which one is my sincere smile?

[sincere smile]

[fake smile]

and this is the spoiler,

[not much difference from before, right?]

im going to study my ass off.
im sorry if i dont update my blog.
so i'll just do the mind-blogging which in other exact words, im going to talk with my brain.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011
dear slut who's living in my house, this is for you.

ladies and gentlemen, currently there's a slut living in my house.
you wont be able to imagine how i tried to ignore her, but in the end she managed to get on my nerves.

just now, i was being sarcastic with my mother.
she just got back home, she asked some non-serious questions and here's how the conversation goes.

Mom : Al~ Sepa yang pukul ko?
Al : Teda
Mom : Si peo?
Me : Ya sa pukul si Al. *sarcastic*
Mom : Kenapa ko pukul si Al?
Me : Sebab sa suka.

and guess what?
suddenly out of nowhere, that bitch speak loudly to my little brother, "AL tiapaya ko pi sana! Sini! Ko main iPad saya! Kalau ko di sana ada org yg bla bla bla bla".

obviously that bitch is talking about ME.

for your information, i DIDNT even touch my little brother, Al.
seriously, dont you have any EYES at all?

or are you too BITCH that you cant even tell the difference between SARCASTIC and SERIOUS?

you never learned any lessons, huh.
did you forget how it feels to be punched in the head?
i guess you've already forget, right bitch?
and i think the time has come to remind you of it.

bitch, if you're reading this, i hope that someday all of your secrets will be revealed.
i cant stand living in the same house with you.
if something bad or good happens to you, I DONT GIVE A DAMN.
in fact, i will laugh my ass of, i promise.

bitch, just go away and disappear with your boyfriend just like you did before.
just go on and sleep over his house.
you're used to it, right?

bitch, you're lucky that im wasting my time talking about YOU.
but it really made me calm in the heart because i knew that im always better than you.
because im still a unicorn.

im calm now, bitch.
im calm.

guys, if you happened to be in my situation,
trust me, it'll make you satisfied :D

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old videos >> private. new videos >> official.

hiyaahh guys! what's up?
i have a good news for today.

like i told you before, i dreamed to be an artist [which is absolutely impossible].
i dont want fame.
i just want to taste what it's like to be a celebrity.

currently, my status is only a mere fan.
fans are not acknowledged by celebrities.
think about it.
do celebrities even remember your name?
except if you're Rebecca Black, obviously.

anyway, the good news is :
i changed the status of my videos in YouTube into the "Private" mode.
[only some]

the reason is, the videos that i uploaded are low in quality.
at the same time, it's not quite official.
and the pictures too.

as you can see, i used these two pictures in most of my videos.
indeed, they're low in quality and im thinking of capturing new official pictures.
the one with a higher quality, of course.

so, some of the videos that i put in this blog are not available anymore.
if you want to watch them, im so sorry.

as an exchange, i'll make new official videos.
i cant promise you when but just wait for it.


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Saturday, June 18, 2011
i started to like Kingsley.

this is just a short update.

last night i watched half of Kingsley's videos.
indeed, it made me laugh so freaking hard until my uterus wall was collapsing.
even my trachea was about to collapse.

i am super duper agree with some of his videos.
about how irritating people are when they say "Swag" even though they dont really know what the freaking "Swag" is.

although i knew he was serious, i laughed anyway.
if i hold my laugh, my trachea and oesofagus will absolutely collapse.

i suggest you guys to watch this video :
[laugh hard, b*tch]

i started to like Kingsley.

btw, my sister said that she would buy me this bag just to see me wearing it.
actually if she bought me one, i would.

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Friday, June 17, 2011
my new way of life.

people are being unreasonable!
just because i like Justin Bieber's songs, voice, and his guitar [oh dont forget his face too], that doesnt mean that i am one of those creepy Beliebers.

it's kinda scary when some of them tried to turn me into a Belieber,
which i would never ever say never. LOL JK!

i like his acoustic guitar.
it's designed specially for him.
*jealous face*

enough talking about him.
i dont worship him and i dont hate him.
im neutral, see?

i did VERY BAD for this First Semester Examination.
oh kill me and stab the wooden stake through my heart because that's the only way a vampire like me could die.
[vampire addiction]

to be honest, i havent take any bath yet. [again]
as soon as i get back home, i slept and woke up at 5.40PM, finally i landed my butt safely infront of this computer.

this is LIFE.

anyway, the dogs were making weird sounds last night.
guess what?
instead of being scared, i slept alone like a boss.
*proud face*

it's kinda fun living in a way like this.
i should be used to it and worry nothing more.

my new way of life.

at some point, there's something inside me telling me that im not interested in something like i did before.
i cant get to know it better.
and im letting it be.

though sometimes it's bothering me, a lot, i am still gonna let it be in this way.
it's like getting back into strangers again.
it's funny, aint it.

you're not gonna understand what im saying :)
i wont let you.

btw, im falling in love with this song :

aduh mau teberak

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Thursday, June 16, 2011
if there's a will, there's a way. but i ain't taking that way.

during the corpse was buried, people act dramatically.
it's not because they want to but it comes naturally.
i felt like i was in a movie, only that movies aren't real, and i wish what happened was never real.

during the corpse was buried, that brainless girl wasn't there.
she slept and refused to wake up even though people told her to.
she's a slut and a freeloader.
tell me what is more worse than that.

while there's nothing left to do, finally i managed to read the Insatiable with junk foods.

soon after that, a drama happened which made us to come home earlier.
before i walked to the car, i realised that my sandals were missing!
it made me in a very BAD mood.

if im in a bad mood, i'll be RUDE.
those uncles were talking to me while i was searching for my missing sandals and i ignored them.
that is called rude but i dont care because i was not in the mood.

who in the hell would steal a pair of CHEAP sandals like mine?
i wont care if i dont need it.
but in this case, I CARE walking to the car with BARE FEET.
plus, it was RAINING and there were MUDS everywhere.

you expect me to step on those muds and get my feet dirty?
well b*tch, expect the unexpected.
there's NO WAY im going to step on those muds and get into the car, sleeping with dirty feet.

you might say, "If there's a will, there's a way".
guess what, b*tch?
there's a way but i am not going to take that way.

nevertheless, thieves SHOULD be DESPISED.

change the topic, so im back with my normal life in this small town.
and now i have no idea to write a letter for my two days absence.

anyway, here's some of the lines that i LIKE from this Insatiable.
i would like to show you some lines that made me went blush.
but since it's Under 18, i shouldn't then.
trust me, it's worth reading. HAHA.


["Not just any vampire, but ruler of all the vampires"]

OH! and if you didnt know any history about Vlad Tepes, well then you should.
because this book will gets MORE interesting as you know the histories that are combined with this story.

now i am really interested and addicted with VAMPIRES.
i started to believe that they're real but they're not like those in Twilight or in those vampiric movies and novels.
they are not immortal but for sure, they drink blood and that makes them a vampire.

i've already figured out about Transylvania.
i believe that Transylvania is the first place that inspired them to research more about vampires.
because i believe that most vampires live in Transylvania.
but i dont think those vampires have some kind of rare power.

oh enough talking about this.
you should do some research about vampires by yourself.

[this is my little cousin, Ashley.]

she's photogenic, right?
it suprised me because at the age of four, she already knew how to look at the camera and smile sweetly.

trust me, she didnt wear any lip gloss.
im jealous of her creamy white skin :(

by the freaking way, as soon as i get back home, i threw myself on my bed and i found this.

it's an old thing.
brings back memories.

which reminds me of that book that i forgot to burn.


i forgot to tell you that while i was in the village, me and my eldest sister planned to buy Cokes at the nearest kedai runcit.
we found one and it was locked.
so she told me to scream "Aunty~ MEMBELI!!!"
[with the loghat as well]

at first, i refused to because i felt ridiculous screaming things like that.
she said that it's not ridiculous because people are used to it.

after minutes passed by, i kinda screamed "Aunty~ membeli~" for like more than five times and nobody came out from the house.
my eldest sister said if i were to scream like that, nobody will hear me.

i laughed at myself because i looked funny.

so i collect all my nerves for Cokes, and i screamed "AUNTY~ MEMBELI!!!!" with the loghat.
[you know the loghat of ~~~]
after that, a head popped out and told us to wait as his daughter was going downstairs to unlock the door.

i felt myself blushing while buying those junk foods.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
i hate the smell of mourning atmosphere.

i thought that we're not supposed to sing a happy song or even laugh if there's a relative who just passed away.
i thought that we're all supposed to be sad.
but some of them were not that sad.
they still can laugh, smile and play around.

while me, i dont have the mood to smile, laugh or play around.
because i dont like it when people still can smile or even laugh even though im sleeping inside the coffin.

based from that brainless girl's act, i can see that she dont give a damn if one of her relatives passed away.
which makes me to dislike her more.

when the coffin was brought into the house, everybody was crying.
my grandma, my aunts, my uncles and my dad were crying.
it made my eyes teary by looking at them mourning over a dead body.
i didnt cry. it's hard for me to cry even though i feel like i want to.

i imagined if i am the one who's laying inside the coffin.
i wonder who will come to my funeral and are they still be able to laugh.

that brainless girl didnt go downstairs to look at the corpse.
because she's a whore.
like i said. once you're a whore, you're nothing more.
just like her.

i hate the smell of mourning atmosphere.
i hate the smell of hospital because lots of people are dying in it.

let's stop it here.
i dont have the mood to blog if people were looking at me blogging.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

everybody will die soon.

i went to sleep at 7PM last night and i fell asleep instantly.
soon, i was woken up by a light which i thought was the Sun so i opened my eyes and actually it was the lamp.

the book Insatiable laid peacefully beside me.
i tried to sleep again but i cant.
i reached for my phone and it was 2.30AM.

after minutes passed by, i heard my mom's phone was ringing.
soon after that, my mom and my father were having a serious conversation which i couldn't hear very well.
i knew it was serious so i stepped out from my bed and i asked my mom what's happening.
she replied, "Your dad's eldest sister had just passed away.We'll go to the village in the morning."

now you know the reason why i didnt go to school today.
be considerable, okay.
everybody needs their moments to be emotional over a death.

it's a pity that i missed the Science and Maths class today.
but i care about my relatives more.

see? this is how LIFE works.
the person that you're looking at right now, including me, will die eventually.
there's no human that'll live forever in this cruel world.

everybody will die soon.
it's only a matter of time, dude.
in the end, everybody will die and you just need to be prepared for it.

it's 9.22AM right now and we're on the way to the village.
i bring the broadband with me so dont wonder how can i blog during this journey.
[but we stopped by at a restaurant to fill our empty stomach]

cokes in the morning.
how fresh it is.

i can see through my dad's eyes.
he is very sad but since he's a man, he couldn't cry.

we're all very sad.

will update again soon :)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
after you say hello, in the end you'll need to say goodbye.

i drafted my previous post because i looked like an ungrateful jerk.
[which is actually im not]
finally, i found out that im having the Menstrual Cycle this morning so no more PMS.
i cant control my temper everytime i have the PMS.
[im sure i've told you what is PMS before so there's no need to explain it further]

i always did mind-blogging and that's the reason why i forgot things that i want to blog about.
i'll bear it in mind to stop mind-blogging.

anyway, i was having fun at the school just now.
but the Menstrual Cycle made my stomach hurts so damn badly.
still, i was having fun.

in the morning there was an assembly but thank God there was no checking.
unfortunately, after the recess there was a sudden checking and i didnt mind about it because i passed!
i changed my hair-bind at the right time since the school forbid us to wear big hair-clips.
[but i still wear one though]

Prefect : Ini ka ikatan rambut yang ko pakai tadi?
Me : Ya~
Prefect : Tadi sa tingu macam lain tu?
Me : Tidala. Memang ini dari tadi lagi~

*poker face*

what's the big deal about hair-binds anyway?
in my opinion, as long as it is BLACK in colour, it is OKAY to wear.
why cant we wear different types of hair-bind even though they're BLACK?
to look uniform?

oh please.
even if you look from a far distance, as long as it is BLACK in colour,
it will still look uniform.

we cant even wear thick hair-binds even though it is black.
thick hair-binds are NOT fashionable.
but we like to wear them because it is COMFORTABLE.

seriously, why cant you consider us?
it will still look uniform because it is black and NOT fashionable.
it wont affect our studies and it wont make us to neglect our studies.
it will make us MORE comfortable to study.

i am not complaining.
i am just talking about my opinion.
think about it.

let's change to a fun topic.

so i was having fun playing "Truth Or Dare" with my bestfriends and my classmates in the classroom just now.
i picked "Dare" once and it was kinda challenging since they asked me to touch Vy's hair.
since Vian gave me a mercy, she let me to touch Ray's hair instead of Vy's hair.

ever since after that, i chose only "Truth" and those people who asked me questions and managed to get the honest answers ARE very lucky.

we promised to play that game again tomorrow and i hope so too!
i still have questions to ask and things to dare them.

and during the Science class, we made a small farewell party for our homeroom teacher.
there was a white chocolate cake.
and i can see some of them were pulling out an unsatisfied face.
guess what? i ain't give any damn about that.

i played with Asmah's camera because it was FUN to play with.
it was an old style one. you can look through a hole and capture pictures.
i like that kind of cameras.
it makes me want to live in it forever.

while our homeroom teacher was giving her last speech to us,
i didnt really listen to her because i was busy playing with the camera.
i thought i already turned off the flashlight so i captured a picture of my hand.
and everyone including the teacher was looking at me. BUSTED. HAHA.

it was a very awkward moment.
she looked at me and i pulled out a poker face, pretending that i was listening to her since the beginning and that i accidentally clicked the button.

it was sad that she's moving back to her homeland.
but i can accept it because this is life.
after you say "Hello" to somebody, in the end you'll need to say "Goodbye".

even if you get married with that person, you will still say goodbye to each other because death will do you part.

and i learned something about this life too.
LIFE is like a WHEEL.
there are times when we are high and there are times when we are down.
for as long as you live, you will always face problems and it will bring you down.
but you need to face it with a tough heart so you can get back up again.

that's life.
full of sufferings and problems.
if there are no sufferings or problems in your life, that means your life is over.
because the wheel has stopped moving.

continue with the topic "I was having fun at the school just now",
i really was.
after the school time was over, it was very sunny.
as usual, me and Vian walked faster than usual to the church because the weather was very HOT and it will make me to become more black.

Anne and Dora noticed this and planned something evil.
they planned to capture me and Vian and will expose us to the Sun for a long time.
just like before.

but still, it was fun!
it was a fun running away from them but i ended up sweating and there were times where they managed to capture me and i ended up being black.

OH! and by the way, i almost forgot to tell you guys this!
i have a very very very good news and it has become my history!

read carefully.
*a big applause*
yayyy! :D

it all started like this.
my lil bro came to my room and at first, we were on a debate.
he made a mess in my bedroom and i told him to apologize for it but he dont want to.

after a while, suddenly our debate moved on to a good topic.
i asked him about his dreams and we talked about our opinions and insects and all kind of things.

after that, we have no more stories to tell so i told him a story about Cinderella and Pak Pandir.
[im kinda good in telling stories to kids]
he asked for me to tell more stories so i told him Rapunzel and finally he fell asleep.

my mom picked him up and suddenly i had the nerve to sleep alone.
i switched off the light, my mind reminded me of the Paranormal Activity, i tried to forget about it, i made stories in my brain and finally i fell asleep.
a very good accomplishment, huh?

plus, im having fun reading the book that Anis lent me which entitled "Insatiable".
she has already blogged about it : Click Here!
Meg Cabot is a very good writer and she need to thank us for promoting her.

randomly talk, i LOVE coins.
i love to keep them inside my pencilbox which i consider as a lucky charm.
so dont wonder why there's lots of coins inside my pencilbox.
it's a lucky charm.

[i love 50 cents the most]

frankly talk, i havent take any bath yet.
as soon as i get back home, i switched on this computer and start blogging.
which is very unhealthy for a person who's having a Menstrual Cycle.
kids, please dont try this at home.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011
last day of HOLIDAY! yipeeee!

im blogging right now with a very cute glass.
it's delighting my day.
but when i found out that brainless girl is home, my day becomes a little full of hatred.

i failed to prepare things for SCHOOL TOMORROW!
i can predict the day.
there'll be assembly and it'll be very sunny and hot.
*a big big big big big sigh*

as for the closing ceremony of my holiday,
im going to watch Titanic the movie again!
yayyy! *clap clap*
[i have no idea how many times i've watched that movie]

in addition, today i learned the finger plucking for Titanic - My Heart Will Go On!
here it is :

[im sorry if it sucks. since i just learned it!]

and oh my gosh.
today is my MOST RELAX and GOOD day ever for this two weeks of holiday.
i always eat fastfoods like burgers, KFCs, pizzas, nuggets, chickens, icecreams, seafoods.
and it's very sad since im getting fat!

anyway, im having fun playing CS.

you can meet lots of people.
if you're angry, you can just scold at them and disconnect.
[which what i always did]

[see? i am the saviour! i always save our flag from getting caught by the enemy]

i better be prepared for tomorrow.
and that brainless girl's existence makes me feel GLOOMY.
i always hope that she wont exist.

another bad news,
i drank too much Coke even though my parents told me not to.
in the end, my nose bleed.
yes, it was bleeding.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011
i want to watch FIREWORKS!

i just get back home from the SAGA at the Keningau Complex.
it was very exhausting. [for me]
and now im sleepy.

as i arrived at there, Shima was nowhere to be found.
i cant reach her phone because there was no line.
i went in alone to search for her and i was going to get angry because i thought she turned off her phone but actually it's the Celcom's line's fault.
[curse you Celcom]

finally, i managed to contact her cousin's phone which was DiGi and finally met Shima.
[DiGi saved my life!]

so we waited for Claricia like half an hour.
after she arrived, we went from stall to stall and i bought FOODS.
which was very helping since i was kinda feeling sad.

[Shima and Claricia]

after those nuggets and chickens and drink, finally ICECREAM!
i would like to eat more chickens but the icecream made my stomach ache.

[ice cream yummy]


[stranded stalls]

[the dark road]

[i dont know what is this]

i looked stupid for capturing pictures.
but who cares?
well, i dont.

i went back home early which is 9.45PM because there was NO fireworks.
i went to there just to watch the fireworks but unfortunately......

im tired right now.
and sad.

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good things will always come after patience.

like i told you yesterday, im going to do lots of thing today.
but i never thought that today is a very GOOD day.

i woke up at 9AM.
the weather was so freaking WONDERFUL.
it was raining so the air was very damp.
what a good sleep.

as usual my parents and my lil bro were going to the town,
i said i want to join them because i got things to do.
as i expected, my mom refused.
instead, she said she'll send me to the town later.

what's the difference, anyway?
as i waited for them to come home, i polished my nails.
they're not galaxies anymore.
such a pity.

so my mom came and after a while, she sent me to the town.
in the car, she babbled that she's tired and whatsoever bla bla.

she wont stop and i was about to get into the bad mood.
i was about to fight what she said but i kept silent.
soon she realised that i was silent and she knew something bad was going to happen if she wont stop.

so she stopped babbling and suddenly she became so damn kind to me.
she treated me pizza and moccha.
damn that pizza made me so freaking bloated.

another lesson learned :
Good things will always come after patience.
believe me.

if good things didnt come after you being patient for such a long time, maybe you're being patient for a wrong thing.

oh and while i was eating, Justin Bieber's song came out and i felt like puking off.
i was like, "Oh snap! That song again. Grrrr!"

anyway, i have a good thing to share to you.
i started collecting pictures for my photo album!

[i know they're already in my lappy. but a picture is wonderful if you can touch it]

[undeniable, this picture is my favourite]

of all our pictures together, i like this picture the most.
because, look at that picture carefully. we are COMPLETE.
that picture is full of us and there's NO space left.

we used to be NINE.
but now we realised that those two are not our REAL bestfriends.

real bestfriends share secrets, always hang out together, happy being together, not selfish, united, honest, love each other and most of all, BESTFRIENDS WONT BACKSTAB EACH OTHER.

i have that kind of bestfriends right now.
well, do you?

so im going to clubbing in my bedroom with a fullblast volume.
will update soon!

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Friday, June 10, 2011
i cant sleep alone and i dont want to!

last night Lowong kicked me out from her bedroom.
she told me to start sleeping ALONE.
*the sound of broken mirror*

i begged her that i'll start learning but not that night.
she is merciless! she still wont let me.
still refusing to sleep alone, i crept into my elder sister's bedroom and slept next to her.

just how do you guys sleep alone?
wont it woke you up in the middle of night and you realises that nobody is beside you?
only you and the creepy doll's eyes in the midnight.
how creepy is that.

let's change this creepy subject and move on to another.
tomorrow im going to do lots of thing.
since it's the LAST DAY of my holiday!
[i dont consider Sunday as a holiday]

i planned to burn that book of the past tonight.
but im afraid if my mom smelled the smoke, she'll start screaming.
remind me to do it tomorrow.

oh it's just a book that.....
okay let's not talk about that freaking book.

today i have a question for you guys.
i've been wanting to blog about this few days ago but the brain didn't remind me of it.

FOR EXAMPLE, Anis blogged about galaxies and she LOVES to say "i can't go on with this topic. my brain hurts so much to know that there is so much more than us."
i always read her blog because it's interesting.
and then one fine day, i started to use the EXACTLY SAME SENTENCE that she love to use.
a freaking 101% SAME.


i mean, i always read her blog and it's IMPOSSIBLE for me not knowing that she's using her favourite sentence.
and please notice that if it's COINCIDENCE, my sentence is IMPOSSIBLE 101% same with Anis's.
but there are possibilities that i am copycating her sentences.
because i always read her blog.

you might say, "No big deal."
well ladies and gentlemen, if artists could SUE people or people could SUE artists just because of SENTENCES a.k.a LYRICS, then why cant we get angry if people stole our idea of sentences?

a question for you.

yes, you WONT be any ARTIST if you were using my sentences.
but you're DUPLICATING my ideas.
my favourite sentences.

IF i were a copycater, i wouldn't admit that i am a copycater.
[dont worry, im not a copycater]

if you were in my position, wont you get mad if people were copycating your FAVOURITE sentences or quotes that you made up by yourself and they make it theirs?
another question here.

and IF i knew Anis made up that sentence and love to use it, is it a GOOD THING for me to use the 101% SAME WORDS?
another question again.

no i didnt say that we couldn't use words that others are using.
but i am saying that it's NOT GOOD when you know she's using it, yet you're still 101% copy and paste it.
if you edit the sentences/quotes a little bit, then it'll look way more better.
but if you just COPY AND PASTE, oh it's an EYESORE.

like i said, if people could sue others for copycating their copyrights, why cant i?
EVERY SINGLE THING that i wrote in MY BLOG, is already considered COPYRIGHTED by ME.

oh yes, you wont be an artist by copycating my sentences/quotes.
but it's an EYESORE since you still bother to copycat it.

imagine if you were in my position :)
i doubt that you wont get angry.

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