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Thursday, September 29, 2011

a big question for today is,
why did your blog's name have to be EXACTLY the same like mine?
plus, you were following my Blogger account.


im not gonna talk about that anymore.
because you cant be like me and my blog will still stay in its own ORIGINALITY.

let's change this subject.
today there's TOO MANY things that pissed me off.
from the morning until right now.

another thing that pisses me off is, there's FOUR DAYS LEFT!
im sorry for saying this but i HATE Geography so damn much.

and the existence of The Sims 3 in my everyday life makes me even more STUPID than ever.

i got the CD and i cant wait to show it off to that bitch who uninstalled her Sims 3 last year because she dont want me to play it.

bitch, you suck more than i do.
i got the CD and you got nothing.
like a boss B-)
basically, i could play The Sims 3 forever.
i just cant get enough.
everytime i study, my brain will flashback the moments where my Sims were running around happily with joy on their face.
*satisfied smile*

4As 3Bs, i only want you.
there's nothing else i want except you.

guess what i've been doing lately?
here's the clue :

im not gonna tell you what im doing until the PMR is over!
so please just wait for me, darling~
i'll be back with no legs on my knee.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, September 25, 2011
i just lost 70% of my life.

is somebody playing a prank on me?

now i have no reason to live anymore.
my old pictures, old videos, old songs and almost 70% of my life is in that disk!

oh gosh...
you just accidentally stabbed me in my heart.
you stab me with a wooden stake and now im dying.
the only cure is NOTHING.

and when i logged in my Facebook, i saw a life sucker again.

[click the picture to ENLARGE! picture explains everything]

i know that i should respect you because you're an older sister.
but somehow i still believe that you're adopted from somewhere around the earth.

so there's nothing much i can do but to DESPISE you.

nothing is more stressful than this.
you're pleased to kill me now.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
i shouldn't abandon my blog.

today i realised that even though the freaking PMR is awfully near, i shouldn't abandon my beloved blog.
my blog is NOT a dead blog.
i just chose to not update it frequently because i need to focus on choking myself with those books.

lately, we were having a trial for the upcoming PMR.
my gred for Science is quite satisfying and there's some improvements in my Maths.

however, i should NOT stop putting my efforts in studying.
instead, i should PUSH myself harder.
study hard and smart. right.

i also realised that lately i LOVE books more than i love people.
whenever i cant sleep, books will sing me a lullaby and then i'll fall asleep.
especially Geography books. *sarcastic smile*

sometimes, i think i shouldn't feel happy.
because everytime you laugh, you'll always have something to cry later on.
is it the same thing as dont laugh or else you'll cry?

i dont know.

all i know is, it's impossible for me to have 5As 2Bs.
so, i made a new goal.
my new goal is 4As 3Bs.
it is enough.
[but i'll still break down and cry and be forever emo if im not a 5As kid]

again, i laughed alone.
whenever the thought of time goes so fast bursts into my mind, the stomachache syndrome attacks me.

i still remember on this date in 2010, things were COMPLETELY different.
i've talked about these things way too many times but i just cant get enough.
i mean, somebody please tell me that we're sharing the same damn feelings right now!

im gonna die.
im really a dead meat.

talking about meat, I'VE BECAME MORE FAT!

[this is my beloved magic book ♥ ]

[i should become famous for inventing wonderful quotes]

[random picture.]

[ *hysterical* ]

i've got lots of things to tell you.
wait until PMR is over :)

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, September 16, 2011
a FOOL just hacked my Twitter.

i know i shouldn't be on the line so let's make this faster.

this morning, i tried logging in my Twitter account.
suddenly, the Twitter said that my password was wrong.
i tried again and again and again.
but still, the Twitter said the same damn freaking thing.

i thought it was something like the Twitter's maintenance.
so i let it be.

just now, i tried logging in again.
still, the same damn freaking words.
i viewed my Twitter and something really WEIRD appeared.

[i captured this picture after i recovered my Twitter account]

that hacker hacked my account just to tweet "Hey everyone I made bla bla bla bla".

so i went to Yahoo!Mail and recovered my account.

in the end, i own my Twitter back.
so it's completely POINTLESS.

you're just wasting your time hacking my Twitter because it wont give you any benefits at all.
it'll only waste your criminal time.

on the other hand, it's wasting my time too to recover my account and to blog about this.

im not gonna delete that tweet.
i'll keep it as an evidence.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, September 10, 2011
we cant be forever young but we can treasure the moments :)

i know that i shouldn't be on the line.
but the slut is now gone from the house and my life is peaceful! :D

slut slut go away~ dont come again another day~

and here i am again, looking after this small shop.
im FORCED to!
i dont want to be here but my dad =,= ... urght nevermind.

so that day, me and my bestfriends made a temporary tattoo on our neck.
in the end, we put lots of efforts in scrubbing them off.
[well, exclude me]

[my cool tattoo B-) feeling like a boss now]

changing the freaking subject, today i had fun with my bestfriends.
we planned things and i am NOT gonna expect things!
im gonna expect completely NOTHING.

im gonna focus on the freaking PMR because there's NO WAY im gonna get into the 'Kelas Perdagangan'.
i mean it.

im targeting 5As and 2Bs.
im still with my "24 Days of Torturement" but today is an exception.

i love the moments where me and all of my bestfriends were hanging out together.
it feels like a BIG FAMILY.
i mean it.

until it feels like i wanna hug each of them and tell them that i love them.
i mean it.

we're having too many precious moments this year.
can i just record every of those moments and replay them over and over and over again in my life?

unlike last year and last's last year, i've got to admit that this year is THE BEST.
this year is the first year that i get to spend 101% time with my bestfriends.

when i think about it back, i feel really GLAD.
im super GLAD that i broke him off several months ago and have a new life.
a new freaking COOL life.
oh, words cant describe my happiness.

like i said before, "Between TWO persons, ONE is meant to be HURT."
in the end, im not the one who's hurt.
i chose my feelings over someone's feelings.

im not trying to be selfish.
but if i continued on being not selfish, then i wont get to have a new life right now.
i wont get to spend time with my bestfriends and i wont get to be with someone better.
i wont get to enjoy my teenage life.
i wont get to have my FREEDOM.

im scared of the thought that IF i haven't broke him off, then i'll never ever hang out with my wonderful bestfriends and i'll never get the chance to have lots of precious moments.

i precious my life and all of the people in it right now.
because i know, someday everything will disappear.

we cant be forever young.
we cant freeze the time.
and our high school life will end soon.

so why not enjoy it as long as you're young, right?

wow. im rambling too much O_O
i lost my main point there.

1 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, September 9, 2011
Justin and Jeremy.

i know i should be like doing something educational right now but i NEED to blog about this as soon as possible!

a few months ago, i saw a picture of two adorable twins dancing Lazy Song by Bruno Mars on Tumblr.
they're so damn CUTE!
unfortunately, i couldn't find that video.

so the good news for today is, I JUST FOUND IT! HAHA!
*thinking twice whether i should share it with you guys or not*


as soon as i found out that their names are Justin and Jeremy, i laughed my ass off.
another reason why i LOVE them :D !

HAHA. nevermind~
you dont get it~


[Justin Garcia and Jeremy Garcia]

in the future, i want to have twins like them!
their cheeks are rosy and chubby.
they've 101% passed the terms and conditions to be my sons.

by the way, this is their Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/dancingtwins

and this is them singing Never Say Never by Justin Bieber :

[words cant describe how cute they are]

why today is a very good day?
im on my Menstrual Cycle and mom picked me up early today.
after that, i saw these adorable videos.
and their names are Justin and Jeremy.

what a great life.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Thursday, September 8, 2011
declaration of "24 Days of Torturement"

i should've blogged about this earlier but you know that i dont have much time.
i have a freaking life to freaking live and a freaking dream to achieve.
anyway, where do i start?

i am GLAD to tell you that yesterday, i managed to keep my promise!
still remember that promise?

whenever i managed to keep my promise, i feel ALIVE.
by realising that, i've decided to make another promise with myself.

the promise is called the "24 Days of Brain Torturement".
since the PMR is awfully near, i am going to choke myself off with the books!
im targeting for 5As 2Bs [realising that i get more stupid as each day passes by].

5As 2Bs is MORE than enough.
i dont and wont ask more than that.
so please, can i just have them?

do you think that i'll get that result if i keep on asking but giving no efforts at all?
now im giving all of my efforts off so that if i get less than 5As, i can say "Well, at least I tried".
[or even break a cry and cry at the corner of the room, asking why this life is being cruel to me, and have a big depression that'll make me anorexic.]
so i declare that today is the last day of the fun.
except for this week's Saturday since it's one of my bestfriends' birthday.
i cannot wish him a happy birthday, so in exchange, we're gonna go and grab some drinks.

too many distracting things.
I WILL arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,
And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made:
Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee,
And live alone in the bee-loud glade.

And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow,
Dropping from the veils of the mourning to where the cricket sings;
There midnight's all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,
And evening full of the linnet's wings.

I will arise and go now, for always night and day
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,
I hear it in the deep heart's core.

have you ever heard that poem by William Butler Yeats before?
it came out during the English paper today.
me and the persona shares the same feelings of wanting to be peace.
i need those peaceful moments right now.

i dont know but most teenagers prefer wild parties and i prefer anywhere peaceful where i could meditate.
[i think i've told you this before. last year. that i went to the woods. remember?]

no matter how boring Geography is, no matter how sleepy i get when i read it, i'll still feed myself with it!
that's called TORTUREMENT.
5As 2Bs, here i come baby.

* * * * * *

let's talk about last Sunday.

last Sunday i went to pray and i dressed up like usual.
i have the feeling that people were looking at me as if i was a criminal running away from the police.

[is this just too much?]

after i get back home, i saw Ashley in the house! :D
my little buddy!
she's growing up :(
but she's still little.

and then i invited her to camwhore with me.

[still cute, huh]

Al saw us and i can see that he was jealous because i was camwhoring with Ashley.
he grabbed that camera from us and he captured a picture of himself.


after convincing him to capture pictures of us, he finally agreed.

[i teached her to do the octopus mouth thingy. she tried but failed]

i told Ashley to do a super fugly face but she just cant.
Al was pissed off and then he said, "Kau ni kan. Buat seja ba muka buruk."
jealousy of little brother. HAHA!

finally, Lowong came and we asked her to take a picture of us.
the three of us.

[brother and sister are alike.]

Al is skinny!
i always tell him to eat more and more and more!
but he refused to because he's always busy playing computer games.
i want him to be FAT!

seriously, how did your little brothers became fat?
mind sharing some tips with me?

back to the subject.
and then i captured picture of Lowong with Ashley and because of jealousy, Al interfered.


[Ashley with her little brother. i mean, little and little. get it?]

[my most favourite biscuit ever :) ]

last Saturday, i've told you that i went to a wedding reception, right?
it's Billy's brother's wedding day.
here's some pictures that i captured using phone's camera.

[i like the back light]

anyway, i get bored so i picked on Al.
i said he loved a girl named Mira Elora who have a big butt.
he was mad at me and he 'cubit' me from behind.

seriously, you should see his face at that time.
i was laughing and he tried hard not to smile.

little brother, you're lucky to have a hilarious and kind sister like me.

so i captured a picture of his angry face but in the end, we ended up camwhoring together.

we made lots of worser faces than this.
but i refuse to upload them since boys will run away from me if they saw those pictures.

the "24 Days of Torturement" starts tonight.
so i wont be updating frequently.
im so sorry but i need to fight between life and death.


0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, September 4, 2011
Joseph Vincent is my new imaginary lover.

today i decided to confess a thing to you guys before going back to school.
it's a heartbreaking news [well, at least for me] and i've been trying to run away from it.
but the fact is, i cant run away from it.

several months ago, i met a guy named Joseph Vincent in YouTube.
i found him very good-looking, so i clicked the button "Like" on his Facebook Page.
[i felt guilty for betraying DeeChoi's trust on me]
soon, i watched one of Joseph's official music video and i WAS not attracted with it.

i thought he was a bore.
so i clicked the "Unlike" button on his Facebook Page.

a few days ago, i watched one of Michelle Phan's videos entitled "Catch My Heart".
[the story is wonderful]

and Joseph Vincent is in that video.

you know what?
here's the confession : I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM.

after that, i began to watch all of his videos on YouTube and i clicked the "Like" button on his Facebook Page again.
there's that time when i came across a video of his and I INSTANTLY FAINTED.

[i watched this video for more than 5 times already]

he looked like Ryan Higa a little bit but the reason i love him is NOT about his looks.
there's something about him that makes me attracted.

first of all, it's about his personality.
from my point of view, he's the type of guy who'll say to his friends, "Hey that's my girl".
and he's the type of guy that'll treat his girl completely HIS.
he wont need to ask any permissions from his girl to cuddle or whatever.
he is MANLY.

most importantly, it's about the way he plays the guitar.
i can see that whenever he plays the guitar, it's like he's feeling the song.

especially his Replay Cover.
he really means that song.
ARGHT! you wont understand what im saying, so yeah whatever.

i dont like a guy who plays the guitar but dont feel the song.
i LIKE a guy who plays the guitar and at the same time, he makes that song meaningful.

when will i meet a guy like that?

and another heartbreaking confession is, he made a cover better than DeeChoi's cover.
which makes me sad.
at first, i tried to deny it but finally i understand that i cant.

here's the thing.
DeeChoi can play lots of instruments.
and his most of his songs are wonderful.

Joseph Vincent can make wonderful covers but his songs are not that wonderful.
they're nice but not wonderful.

but still, i am addicted with Joseph Vincent.

no im not STALKY!
i dont stalk..

and NO im not obsessed!
im just addicted.

Joseph Vincent is mine.
i discovered his existence earlier than you guys so back off, beaches.

1 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, September 3, 2011
marriage is SCARY!

i went to a wedding reception of a relative of mine just now.
i had some troubles picking gifts for them and at last, i bought myself a not-that-cute-and-not-that-small mug.
i dont know but there's something about that mug that makes me attracted with it.

[im so sorry for my handphone's low quality camera. my digital camera is nowhere to be found.]

[see? it's bigger than my hands! :D]

anyway, im not here to ramble about mugs.
im here to share with you about MARRIAGE.

marriage is indeed very SCARY.

i mean, imagine if you married a wrong person.
or maybe after you've married a person, and then someone better comes along.
but you cant divorce.
because Bible says we cant divorce.

and there you are, stucked with ONE MAN/WOMAN for the rest of your life.
it's not a big deal if you love that person so damn much and it's okay to be with only him/her.
but what if you REGRET it later?


marriage is SERIOUS.
it's not a game to play.
i mean, i dont understand how a pair of husband and wife can get a divorce.

aren't they're the one who agreed to be together forever at the first place?
aren't they're the one who said, "Yes, I agree to be with bla bla bla for the entire of my freaking life."

even if you regret marrying that person, but at least take your RESPONSIBILITY.
moreover, if you have kids.
kids will really get affected if their parents are divorced.

okay im not here to talk about divorce.
my brain was overthinking.

so at the wedding reception just now, i saw the groom was standing beside his wife.
i can see that the groom protects and took a good care of his wife.
that bride must feel really SECURE.

when i saw those moments, suddenly my brain swapped its thoughts about me.
i envy them in a positive way.

someday, i will get married at the Hawaii beach.
and before i get married, i'll held a bachelor party.

as i was thinking about what will the groom and the bride do tonight, i laughed alone.
seriously and honestly, wedding reception is like a ceremony to tell people that you'll do something intimate that night.

all of us are going to marry one day.
[if you're not gonna marry, it SUCKS to be you. really.]

oh dont worry.
if one day im getting married, i will SURELY blog about it.
and i will.......

oh okay Feo, shut up!
you haven't even took your freaking PMR.
so DONT dream such things like that.

im off eating books.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Thursday, September 1, 2011
today is the most relaxing day ever!

okay here's the thing.

there's this one guy, 16 years old something, went to this little shop.
i think i recognize him because he went to the birthday party that my bestfriends made for me on 25th February at Hotel Perkasa.
he and his friends made a dancing performance during that party.

so during he was paying on this counter, i asked "Ko ada pigi kaitu di Hotel Perkasa yang bulan dua?"
he was like blurry and i have no idea what he said.
and then he walked away with a grin on his face.

you know that i can view what the customers are viewing from a far distance, right?
i viewed his computer and he was viewing his Facebook profile.
i realised that he already added me on Facebook.
i saw his profile picture [i even investigate about him a little] and IT'S HIM!

it's HIM!


there's no point in being embarassed because i know it's him.
i didnt talked to a wrong guy.
actually, im a little bit embarassed.

you should be proud that i recognize you.
just kidding.

* * * * * *

i woke up at 10AM and it's been such a long time i didn't feel good.
my parents and their children went to Ranau.
so im on duty to take care of this little shop today!

i dont know why today is the most relaxing day ever.
[my parents and their children is home now, and i dont feel so good anymore]

anyway, the holiday is almost over!
*cried a river of tears*


so who's with me, put your hands up in the air!!
no one? oh, okay.

im watching the movie Easy A tonight.
like a freaking boss.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-