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Monday, October 31, 2011
you create the game, i'll play along and i'll add up some puzzles.

i thought my life after PMR will be splendid, a happy ending and free from stress.
but the truth is, my life after PMR still sucks and stressing out.

lately i've been stressing myself because im a representative for my school to do a presentation spontaneously about a book, which i chose the one entitled "When Lightning Strikes".
im sure i've told you that before but i repeat it anyway.

i did lots of practice at the school just now.
even only with 80++ people, i was already nervous.
which makes me thinking that on Wednesday, i'll face 1000++ people and i'll be nervous as hell.
by that time, i'll die.

[here's a proof that i didn't lie to you]

i will be guided by a supporting teacher :)
by looking at her personality, i like her.
it's like we can go on the same flow.

the thought that people expect the best from me makes me even more dead than ever.
me, Feodora Grace, won't embarrass myself.
even though i've already read that novel for about two times, i still need to read its synopsis.

anyway, i've been playing real good in Chess lately.
even though i really dont have any training or practice for that game.

i played it just now and won lots of times.
well, except when i played with that one guy in Form 4.
he has a very good strategy indeed.

so it's time for random pictures that i captured a few minutes ago.

[i drank a coke for the first time in this month just now]

[this indicates racism]

im loving my camera.
im gonna polish it real hard right now and make it look shiny.
i'll even put some blingblings on it.

* * * * * *

i love All Time Low as much as i love Every Avenue.
as a celebration for that [kind of], im gonna share with you one of their songs that are suitable with my current situation.

only in two conditions :
1) Don't steal them. They're mine.
2) You must listen to the songs that I gave you.

[All Time Low - Break Your Little Heart]

I'm gonna break your little heart
Watch you take the fall
Laughing all the way to the hospital
'Cause there's nothing surgery can do
When I break your little heart in two
I'm gonna break your little heart in two
[im really gonna do it]

[Every Avenue - No One But You]

I want your heart
So I can break it
I want to be inside your world
With no escaping
This is everything that I wanted tonight, yeah
[i want your heart so i can break it]

so yeah, im gonna break your heart into small pieces.
trust me.

you create the game, i'll play along and i'll add up some puzzles.
try to play with me :)

im gonna make you trust me and in one moment,
all of them disappears.
i'll turn evil and make your eyes wide open.

how 'bout that?

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, October 29, 2011
all alone in this freaking silent house.

good news good news.
im all ALONE in this silent house right now.

my parents and my lil bro went to Ranau this morning while Lowong went out this morning to somewhere i don't know.
here i am left completely alone.

if you've been reading my blog for such a long time, you'll know that i HATE being all alone at home and i DON'T sleep alone.
i forced myself to sleep alone once and it was a success.
but the problem is, i am not comfortable sleeping alone.
i didn't have a great time sleeping alone.

i dont know how people managed to sleep alone at nights.
especially when the dogs are howling.
the creep you feel beside you.
the chill you feel when you tried to move your body.

i Logged In my Facebook account and found out that Billy was on the line.
his house is near mine, plus, we're kind of relatives.

so i chatted him, asking where he was.
he said he was playing games at this one particular shop.
i told him to play computer at my house and he agreed.
the thoughts of having a company made me happy.

soon he came, i was GLAD, but he was with his friends.
i wasn't ready for his friends to come because, well, i was embarassed.

it's not that i don't want his friends to come.
actually i want to but i am super EMBARASSED

if i knew his friends would come, i would really 101% clean this little shop.
still, im REALLY glad that his friends came :)

the "him" came too B-)
[main reason why i am dead embarassed]

more people, more merrier.
more people, less scarier.

after hours, they finally decided to go back home.
i told Billy to stay since i HATE being alone [i've been telling you this for about thousands of time already].
he refused, saying that he's afraid that i'll rape him, which was a complete joke.

fortunately, my little friend named Kevin came over to play.
he's about the same age with my lil brother.
la la la~ i don't care about age as long as i am not alone.

i have another good news!

the freaking worthless malware that prevented people from reading my blog has been killed by the hero me.
*proud face*

while i was doing my job in killing that pest, i found my old pictures.

[i was a little bit white back then]

[i was not that fat back then]

[i looked younger back then]

[that's me when i was in Year 6]

[i drew that anime version of him back when i was in Year 6]

while i was blogging this, Billy came back.
oh yes my life saviour.
if he's not here, i would be DEAD.
killed by the silence.

it's 5.31PM and Lowong is still not home yet.
the same with my parents.

* * * * * *

if only i have the guts, i would scream your name out loud everytime i see you.
i would write your name in big size. or even in huge size.
i would flaunt you infront of my friends.
if only i dare to do so..

if i only i have the guts, i would tell you corny things everyday.
[i tried not to laugh on this one]
i would tell you that you're more good looking than the Sun is.

[more corny things to come. you better stop reading now]

if only i dare to do so, i would be honest with you that everytime i tried to ignore you, i miserably failed.
every single time i tried to ignore you, i failed.
to be honest, it's because you're too adorable to be ignored.

Feo, please shut up.

i noticed that lately i've been publishing long posts.
that might cause you unable to read old posts.
dont fret or fear.
you can always click on my Archive to read old posts.

[this Archive is located on the left side. just search for it]

just click the month that you like.
it'll show you all of the posts that i published in that month.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, October 28, 2011
magic pocket.

it's been such a long time i haven't had a great nap.
*satisfied smile*

im sure i made a list of things to do after PMR, am i right?
one of them is, take out the candy wrappers out from my magic pocket.
if you dont get what i mean, look at these pictures.

[looks plain, isn't it?]

[never underestimate their amounts]

[are you sure that's all i've got?]

[almost there]

[like i said, never underestimate]

[digging in~]

[what a magic pocket]

[looks like it's bigger than my bag]

it feels really weird to throw them away.
it's like im gonna regret it soon.
in the end, i stuffed all of those motherfreaking wrappers in a bottle.

however, these are only HALF of the candies that i consumed this year.
which caused my teeth to decay.

as a result, a dentist called me today to cover my decayed teeth.
and :) it HURTS a lot.
of course at first i really want my teeth to be checked.
but when that dentist did her job on my teeth, it's like i was at the edge of my death.

that dentist was humming while she was doing my teeth.
i dont know what's her intention but =_= whatever.

there's this straw-look-alike-thing which that dentist told me to put under my tongue.
that straw sucked my saliva, yes i know this sounds really gross, but yeah it sucked all of them.
including the skin under my tongue.
and it HURTS, biatch.

soon after i got back home, i looked in the mirror, there's a wound on my tongue.
and there are viscous bloods under my tongue.
no wonder it hurts a lot when i suck my candy and talk.

actually i planned to upload a picture of my tongue and under my tongue but it looks GROSS so im not gonna.
plus, im a soft girl and a soft girl should not do things like that.
[soft? hah. as if]

let's talk about school!
*trying to sound enthusiased*

there was a group of students performed an acoustic performance today.
[since it's not really awesome, i dont consider it as "acoustic show"]

anyway, there's a slight envy deep down my heart since i've told you way too many times before that my dream is to at least do an acoustic show.
when will i find the right time?

instead, a student told me that a teacher called me to ask me perform.
and i was like, "Are you kidding the freaking out of me?!"
i hurried to meet the teacher and =_= .... *sigh*
that teacher told me to do a presentation about one English novel that i LOVE the most.

so much for my performance :)
*hurted smile*

one thing that makes me worry the most is, im gonna do that presentation not in my school but in other school.
it's hard to say this but i am NOT ready to do a presentation SPONTANEOUSLY in ENGLISH within FIVE MINUTES.

there are times where when i am at the stage, i'll feel VERY nervous.
there's this one time where i did a performance during our Family Day and i was TOO nervous until i forgot the song, the melody and the lyrics.
stage fright? i guess so.

should i ask someone to replace me?
me, Feodora Grace, should be CONFIDENT.

i decided to choose a novel that i've read more than 2 times.
so i chose Meg Cabot's book entitled "When Lighting Strikes".

[i borrowed these books today]

dont judge a novel by it's beautiness.

[at the back of the book "When Lightning Strikes"]

as for that new book i borrowed entitled "The Reckoning",

[for now, this is the part that i like the most]

i think i'll finish reading it by tomorrow since im gonna be less on the line.
im gonna spend more time with novels and other activities.
im not gonna communicate with people.
im not being arrogant or what but i think this is the best decision.

i even changed my phone number.
of course, DiGi's line is better than Celcom's.
but dont worry, im not gonna stay long with DiGi since i love my Celcom more.
[even though Celcom's line is killing]

probably i'll use my Celcom again after weeks or months.

so many things to do yet so little time.
what a life.

i saw Marling was wearing a bracelet today.
it looked really good on him so i tried it on.
i realised it's suitable for boys only but i kind of forgot to give him back.
so yeah, his bracelet is my captive.

i told him to give me some flowers.
only after that, i'll give his bracelet back.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
belated Jungle Trekking.

[i drafted this post last Tuesday. and published this post on Thursday.
im so sorry for the inconvenience.]

hey i just came back from the complex.
the school held a football and badminton competition for us, SFX's PMR Candidates 2011.

even though i did nothing but screamed for those freaking football players, i am still tired right now.
i am exhausted and SLEEPY.
plus, the weather is rainy and it's a perfect weather to cuddle and sleep.
im gonna cuddle my pillow right now.

i wanna sleep so badly but before that, im gonna tell you about our previous Jungle Trekking at Banjaran Crocker.

sounds fun, huh?
not exactly.

we hiked for TWO freaking KILOMETRES.
and i thought i was gonna die in the middle of the jungle.

on last week's Monday, we were told to go to school at 7AM and we're gonna ride a bus.
soon after all of us were gathered, we were told to go to the bus.
so me and my bestfriends picked a very NICE one.

[soon after we got in the bust]

the bus was shining, it was clean and there were airconds inside it.
we were very excited and too happy at the same time.

[look at the happy faces]

we started teasing other students because they got ugly buses.
"HAHA SUCKS TO BE THEM!" is what i thought.
they just stayed silent because they're really pitiful.

after 5 minutes or so, one of the bus drivers told all of us to come out from the buses and queue up a line.
we did. with heavyheartedly.

[queueing up]

and then, they gave us one of the ugly buses that we teased earlier.
now it sucks to be us.

[there were airconds but.. the smell of the bus was....]

[a very wonderful piece of art]

[a very wonderful, well urm, pattern]

oh and dont misunderstand.
im not complaining.
instead, i am really GRATEFUL of what we have.

we were kind of frustrated of our "new" bus.
the driver turned on the radio and Selena's Love You Like A Love Song played.
as soon as we heard it, we sang together and we were kind of clubbing in the bus.
oh gosh it was terribly FUN.

a bus driver then said something like, "Kamu temakan belacan ka sampai jadi begitu bising?"
we were being kind of rebellious and answered something like, "Yaa kami temakan belacan."

[the bus next to ours. they're very happy because they rode a NICER bus than ours]

[bus drivers. there were like 8-10 of them.]

[you cant deny that im good in photography B-)]

[neighbour who asked for candies]

i brought lots of foods.
i couldn't even finish eating them.

[Saint Francis Xavier's church]

[the busy morning road]

[how's that? B-) i should own a DSLR]

[we passed by a bus and we BOO-ed them]

[i love the Sun in the morning :) but not in the afternoon]

[i wanted to scream "GOOD MORNING KENINGAU!" and i'll look stupid]

we convinced our bus driver to speed up.
he did because he was challenged.
we like that bus driver because he was very supporting.
unlike other bus drivers who were dulls.

after half an hour, we finally arrived in Banjaran Crocker!

[i captured a candid picture of Asmah]

[and then she told me to capture a nice picture of her again later]

[finally all of us arrived]

[a pair of sweet couple =_=]

[the first sight that i saw]


[we're Bumblebee B-)]

[remember this note]

soon we were told to gather because the rangers were going to give us a speech about this hiking.
unfortunately, i was far behind so i cant hear clearly.

because of that, i continued on capturing pictures like a boss.


my camera is quite nice, huh.


[the teachers]

[B-) like a boss]

after the rangers finished talking good craps, we started hiking.

seriously at first i really dont know that we're gonna hike for 2.036KILOMETRES.

[the hiking o-meter]


at first, we still could camwhore and have fun.

[Anne and Anis]

[50 meters]

but soon, our happy faces turned into a "distressed" faces.
our happy laughs turned into tired moans.

[300 meters]

[actually that was the first time i saw raw rubber in real life]

[400 meters]

we walked, walked, walked, walked, walked and walked.
my feet was hurt.

[exhausted Anne]

[500 meters]

i even sacrificed my energy to capture pictures for you!
you better thank me, you little a**holer blog.
next time dont say that i abandoned you.
because in my heart i will always love you, my dear blog.

[550 meters]

[this is Bobby. he was very NICE because he helped me carrying my bag]

[the hero ranger who was ready to carry me if i faint]

[700 meters]

[they still have the energy to camwhore! hemph what a camwhore.]

[950 meters]

[1050 meters]

i was very EXHAUSTED!
at that time i couldn't even feel my feet anymore.

the good thing is, my fat has decreased a little.
if i were to walk 2KM everyday, i will be thin by fortnight.

i looked behind me and none of my bestfriends were there.
which means, i was all alone.
Vian was far behind me.

after a while, i reached a resting place.
it was a small hut.
and Marling was resting in it.


[the sweet couple again =_= *sigh* i am forever alone!]

[Azwan and Fadli - my classmates]

my front hair was in a bad condition.
because of my sweat, my front hair became oily.

Note for my brain :
my prince charming in the future shouldn't see my condition like that.

and then i continued on walking.

[1200 meters]

while i was walking, i saw something on my leg.
it's a freaking LEECH!
i've never got bitten by any leeches before so i dont know how to pull it away.
i slapped its body but its body was ELASTIC and it wont go off.

so i called Marling who was infront of me.
he came and he managed to pull that leech away from my shiny leg.
oh my saviour! HAHA.

[see that small spot above my socks on the right? that's the spot where the leech suck my dirty red blood]

after that, i continued on walking again.
but this time, i was walking with Marling.

[1250 meters]

i remembered he asked something like, "Masi buli ka Feo?"
and i told him something like, "Jadi ko pikir sa ikut Scout untuk apa?"

haha. don't worry.
by saying things like that, i am not mad or angry.
that's just the way i answer things when im exhausted.

during our way, we saw this weird thing.

[Marling captured this picture]

soon, we arrived at a wonderful place that is suitable for reading books.

[i forgot to capture pictures of 2000 meters.]


[so gay. HAHA]


without missing any landscape, me and Marling camwhored too.

[i love this view]

[uh-oh he was going to fall down ~]



[finally met Vian. she suffered her feet :( ]

[and then Marling ran]

[guess what they were doing over there]

[they were doing this. yes i know. so gay. but i like gays]

i kept on walking.
the weather suddenly turned nice.

[again, capturing pictures like a boss B-)]

after tired of walking, i finally met Anis on the way.

[that's her]

since i dont have any picture of myself, i asked her to capture a picture of me

[yes, i opened my shoes because my toe nails were almost dead]

we found a place to rest for a little bit.



[Gay Alert!]

[HAHAHA this picture almost killed me]

[the leech's fault]


we were told to go and see some Rafflesia.
we did.

i thought we were walking down just to see those Rafflesia.
but i was wrong.

actually it was a shortcut to the place where we begin our hiking.
i was tricked.
WE were tricked.

we went to the canteen to fulfill our starved stomachs' demand.

[Anne was camwhoring with my camera :D]

[my socks were clean, okay]

[Dicky who loves food]


after hours of rest, eating, pictures, talking and laughing, we finally were ready to go back home!

again, we were clubbing in the bus.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-