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Tuesday, January 31, 2012
i've been "sick". *poker face*

i was supposed to go to Keningau Sports Complex today for our school's mini sports but i am 'sick', you see.
although i tried my hardest to go, i was still forced to stay at home.
*poker face*

i've been observing the Facebook lately and found out that people are now talking about the Valentine's Day [even though there are like 14 days left].
usually i don't and won't bother talking about this stuff [since it's impossible for humans to confess to me on that day just like what always happen in fairytales and movies].

BUT! there is a "but"!

when i saw their statuses talking about something like "Oh im gonna sing this song to my valentine on valentine's day. what do you think?",
i remembered about this one old song that i adored so much and i want to share this song with you guys so badly.

the lyrics are so damn killing me because they are so damn freaking sweet that im gonna kill my-freaking-self because im just gonna get fat and die or probably just shoot my-freaking-self with a gun during that whole freaking day of 14th February.

the first verse says
"You know, theres times in life when the person you really love
Just doesn't come around when you really need them
So if you feel the same
This song is out to you, listen"

oh no so touching.

"Dear cupid where ever you may be
Please point your bow and arrow shoot
one at me
I need to fall in love again
Someone that would not pretend
Someone more than just a friend
Cupid, break me free (Yeah)
Time is running out
I need one to be mine
Cause 14th of February
Im gonna need a Valentine"

okay im not gonna spend the rest of this post talking about how sweet that song is.
you know, im just gonna get a life and laugh on 9gag like i always do.
[seriously i can spend my whole entire life browsing through 9gag (if only i have that much life) ]

to change the subject,
i was about to share these pictures yesterday but i was too damn lazy to move a single muscle in uploading pictures in this blog.

these are the pictures that i captured on last last night.
they were the last but not the least fireworks for the CNY's closing celebration.

[do you notice that there were some purplish colour?]

[this was the part where every neighbour ran outside their house and goes "WHOAHHH LOOK AT THAT! *clap clap*" ]

watching the fireworks through the camera is totally worth it because those pictures are just so beautiful, i know.
HAHA. now praise my photography skills you ungrateful little bastards!
nah i'm just kidding.

i hate it when people always mistaken me for Lowong and mistaken Lowong for me.
every random person that saw both of us will say something like "Kamu kembar ka?".
every! never did one miss asking us about that.
they can't even differentiate which is the older sister and the younger sister.
fact is, they always thought that i am the older one [well maybe because i am taller].

even my parents always mistaken us!
and my aunts and uncles too!
for example, just now my mom said to Lowong "Feo~ bagus2 layan si Al".
the HECK?!
that's crystal clear that she's Lowong and not ME!

especially everytime i wear Lowong's shirt.
they will never miss in calling the wrong name.
*unsatisfied face*

ok i heard she was calling her "Feo" again.
*pulls the trigger*

anyway anyhow anywhat, i super LOVE the show "How I Met Your Mother" and i will never stop loving them. especially Barney Stinson. oh how i love him.

i've finished all of my homeworks!
[well, not all but most...]

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, January 30, 2012
a trip to KK with my bestfriends!

i realised that i've been away quite for awhile now.
it's because i went for a trip to KK with my bestfriends for FOUR days!

all was fun even though there were some problems that's been really troubling me up until now.
oh let's not talk about it.
you dont want this post to turn into a boring sad emo post.

last Wednesday, i went to Anne's house and gave her that shirt.
actually i wanted to give her that shirt during her birthday but..... oh well.
anyway! yeap, i designed that shirt all by myself.
and Anne was the first one to see it.

[i made this design]

[im touched because that shirt is indeed beautiful]

on the first day, we lived in Anne's aunt's house.
i met her two little cute cousins named Kolie and Isaac.

[this is Isaac. i took this picture from Anne's album]

in real life, he's small, chubby and cute.
he only speaks in English and Dusun.
awwww he's so damn cute until that one time when i was playing Ultraman with him and he suddenly became wild and bite my arm.

but then on the very next day, he asked about my arm and said he wanted to treat my arm.
he even said sorry to me.
how cute! T-T
[how i wish i have a cute little chubby son]

[that little girl is Kolie. took this picture from Anne's album too]

Isaac always bully Kolie but the fact is, he really likes her.
during we were going to Anne's house, we brought Isaac with us.

as soon as we arrived at Anne's house,

Isaac : I want to meet Kolie! [he thought Kolie was inside Anne's house]

* * *

Me : Isaac likes to wear makeups?
Isaac : No. Im not a girl. Makeups for girls only.
Me : Ooh. So you like if Kolie wear makeups?
Isaac : *stares at me in the eyes* Yes. When Kolie wear makeups, very nice.

* * *

Isaac : *sleeps and suddenly wakes up* I wanna go home now!
Me : Why? You miss Kolie already?
Isaac : Yes..

how cute.

for the four days, we didn't have any good rest because we slept around 4 or 5AM every day.
we ate Maggie in the middle of the night [which is very unhealthy], we drank Milo and eat biscuits and shared our own stories.
we even made prank calls.

we went for Chinese New Year and i got RM40 only for angpao.
still better than nothing.

[Anne during CNY]

during the night after CNY, we modified those jeans and clothes.
the results were splendid.

[some midnight snacks]

on the third day, we cleaned up Anne's house.

[i put this on selftimer. still got the time to camwhore]

on the night of the third day, we went to Suria around 7.30PM.
it was a good thing that Anne's sister joined us.

[from left to right : Anne, Lanie, Bebeth]

we went for dinner [honestly, the chicken rice sucks and the service was very poor].

[what a serial killer's face i got there.]

[notice the short pants i was wearing? that's the jeans that we modified]

[the short pants that Anne was wearing is the one that we modified too]

lots of funny things happened.
especially when Lanie was not ashamed of camwhoring in there.
it's a good thing though.

soon, we bought tickets for the movie entitled Underworld.
at first we wanted to buy 2D because it started at 9.30PM but the slot was full.
so we bought tickets for the 3D and it started at 11.40PM.

as we were waiting, we went to KBox.
another funny thing that happened was, we cant find the place to insert the coins.
we get mad and changed place.
but actually we need to pay at the counter first and tell the room number.

im sure there were lots of picture that we captured but Lanie haven't upload them yet.
it's okay though.
asal ada. haha.

too bad Anne and her sister went back home first under some circumstances [i dont want to talk about it since it's very sensitive and .... it'll ruin my mood]
we waited and waited and waited and FINALLY!

the movie was quite unsatisfying since ... okay i dont want to be a spoiler.
you go watch it by yourself, okay?

overall, everything was exhausting but really fun.
because it was a trip with my BESTFRIENDS!
although there were some bad things happened, i wont remember about it anymore.
i just want to remember happy things and forget about those troubles.

i've got lots of things to tell you guys but i totally forgot.
will blog about it later :D

going to practice playing Frozen Throne with the little brother.
oh my gosh i shouldn't get this addicted!

wont going to school tomorrow anyway as im going sick.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012
is this flu? or........ bronchitis?

this morning i have a trouble with my flu.
i woke up because my nose was sore and i cant swallow my saliva.

i drank hot water and ate 1/15 of my breakfast.
at that point, i realised that there is a mucus stuck on my oesophagus.
i cant even swallow the food!

so i Googled it and i found "try brushing the roof or your mouth (with toothbrush of course) and your tongue, brush far back in your throat, so it will almost make you gag or cough, if you have a easy gag reflex, it should cause you to start gagging/coughing and you can spit it out."

i tried it and i puked off my 1/15 breakfast.
man it was too gross that i have to close my eyes.
however, it doesn't work.
the mucus just wont get out.

so i tried the next suggestion [it is the best answer apparently], "Drink a BIG glass of water. This can be the result of dehydration"

i drank almost two big mug but i can still feel the mucus in there.
stupid mucus.

i tried this "Take 8oz of warm water and add 1/8 tsp. of salt. Stir. Use it to gargle with. I promise that it will cut through all that post-nasal drip you have in the back of your throat and you'll be able to spit it out."

i tried spitting hard and in the end it causes my head to ache.
none of it worked.

but then what makes me to jaw-drop right now is, the article says "If all else fails, consult a doctor. As you may be suffering from influenza or bronchitis."

are you like, freaking kidding me?

i Googled for the symptoms of bronchitis and,
"Often the mucous has a yellowish or even green tinge. Other acute bronchitis symptoms may include wheezing, chest pain, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue and a low-grade fever. These symptoms generally last between four days and a week. A fever above 38.5°C (101°F) is suggestive of a respiratory illness caused by bacteria, such as pneumonia, and ought to be checked out by a physician."

bitch, my mucus is green in colour.
i did complain about having a sore throat last few days and that my back hurts.

oh shit.
could this be a normal flu or ....... something more critical?

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Monday, January 23, 2012
sudden flu.

i suddenly have this flu.
it's killing me that i have a runny nose.
i looked even more ugly and miserable than before. trust me, i do.

i hoped everything is going to be alright today.
it's my only wish right now - to solve the problem.
i bet you'll be like 'Oh my gosh. Talking about the same old boring "the problem" again. Im gonna stop reading these bullshits'.

i dont care.

it's been such a long time since i last upload any song cover.
i've been in my low self-esteem mode lately, realising that my voice is so damn ugly.
that's why i need to practice and practice and practice.
haish how i wish i have Christina Aguilera's voice.

anyway, here you go.
looks like this is the first keyboard cover of mine.

don't criticize.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012
having an unsolved problem is killing me.

harsh fact is, i can't solve the problem today.
i will if i could but the fact is, i can not.
i hope that i'll be able to solve it tomorrow.

why do every time i try to solve it, there must be something that will prevent me from solving it?!
i can't take living with this unsolved feelings anymore.
tomorrow is a must!

anyway, my friends texted me but i have no credit to reply them.
[to be precise, my credits have reached its deadline]
i don't see any reason of why i should have a phone or why i should fill its tummy with credits anymore.

i start talking about truths and honest things.
it's not because i want to hurt their feelings but it's because i'm just really tired of being nice with those who never cares.

of course, one of my 2012 resolutions is to "be a good and a kind person".
but i can't see any point in being good and kind with those who never notice what you've done.

i have not accomplish anything today.
the happiest thing that have ever happened to me today is : eating lots of junk foods and soda drinks [too bad there's no Cokes :( ].

i am getting fat and i don't give a damn anymore because i've got no one to impress so hell yeah, i'm gonna do whatever i like and eat whatever i want to.

lately, i've been learning on how to play this Frozen Throne thingy [i refuse to call it the effing "Dota"].

[the 40/0/1 means i've killed 40 times and i've been killed 0 time and assist 1 time]

yeah i know, i know. i can't believe myself that i am that pro B-) .
HAHAHAHA! jk jk.

i was playing with the "WTF" mode on [where the mana will not decrease] so no wonder i won.
but still! this is considered good already because i was fighting with insane!
[i mean, me, Lowong and Al were fighting five insanes]

[while i was capturing screen shots, the ugly enemy took the chance to kill me once =_=]

this ugly Lightning Revelant is so damn powerful oh!
just click the power for countless of times and every stupid enemy will die.
[padahal main "WTF"]

and then, jeng jeng jeng. . . .

Al [that "jasoN" down there] refused to play with us because i know i am more pro than him even though he start playing this game earlier than me.
he cant afford to lose so he claimed that he's not playing with us, instead he'll sell items/health/etc.

let me practice for like months and for sure i will be able to defeat a human >:D
aiseh high confidence kunun. sekali tingu kalah ni. haha.

now i understand the feeling of neglecting the world just to play this game.
if i have a boyfriend right now, for sure im not gonna reply the text messages in a short time just to concentrate on this game.
no wonder all those girlfriends are going bserk when their boyfriends neglect them just to play this thing.
it's addictive and once you've won, you'll get all cocky and looking foward for the next game.
kalau main sama kawan-kawan ni memang siok ni.

as for CS, i've got some improvements in using the ugly AWP!

nahhhhhhh! hahahaha.
but still, not yet pro in this :(

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Saturday, January 21, 2012
it's like the world was on my shoulder.

i have not yet solve my biggest problem, but i am able to solve them today!
since Billy couldn't help me today, he's gonna help me tomorrow.
so, my problem is probably gonna be solved tomorrow!

i dont expect for good things but i expect things to be BETTER.

i cant believe i can solve the problem this easy.
if only i knew i could solve it this easily, i would've done it sooner.

ever since after that incident, my dad was trying to talk to me.
while he was driving me to school, he was trying to make jokes with Al about me.
i didnt laugh though. i was just staring outside the window.
[i almost laugh when Al said that i looked like Halimah Juling - but i didnt anyway]

yesterday i was forced to talk to him because i needed his money.
urght. how i wish i could do a part-time job so that i wont need to talk to him and i wont need to ask him for money.

i want to thank God for helping me to get through all of these.
i admit it that i prayed every day, asking some help, but nothing happened.
yesterday i realised that nothing happened because i didnt work my butt off!

i cant just sit there and wait for miracles to happen!
i need to make the miracles happen!
and it did happen today!

i hope it will happen tomorrow too because from now on im gonna work hard and be careful so that i wont get involved in any big problems anymore!

i appreciate those people who have helped me indirectly.
they dont know that they have helped me so much.

i appreciate every little things that i have.

i will start to count my blessings.
for example : even though i dont have an iPhone, i have my own laptop which those unfortunate kids out there dont have. i need to be grateful and should not be grumpy.

i will cherish every moment and take every chance.
i should not regret because life must go on.
regretting will make us stuck in the past.

like i've promised, im gonna laugh my ass off when my problem is gone.

now i trust the sayings :
It might be stormy now. But it can't rain forever.

last year's pictures :

[i miss my nails :'( ]

yes, i am interested in makeups and nail arts.
anything that got to do with painting and arts.

[kind of proud with my long curly hair]

i think i should curl my hair.
what d'you think?

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Friday, January 20, 2012
picture explains everything.

i realised that everytime we're happy, the trouble will search for us.
we cant be happy permanently in this cruel world.
living in this world means we'll need to live in despair.
the only question is whether we survive or we gave in.

sometimes im just tired of trying hard to survive.
but i never did gave in.
i am tired indeed but i never did let myself fall into the hands of this world.


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beautifying the classroom - a boring post.

just got back home from school.
there are lots of bad things happened today but you'll want to skip it so....

Asmah told us that our attendance will be taken because it's compulsory for us to go to school to beautify our classroom.
in the end, most of the students in our class were absent.
and Asmah didnt even take the attendance as stated the day earlier [she claimed that she'll remember the faces who came today and those who didnt]

suddenly i feel like getting mad and go bserk.
seriously i could've done something more beneficial today such as : solving my current problem.

i waited for like one hour and a half at the church for my mom to pick me up - she picked Lowong first.
after that, i was all stressed out because i was exhausted, dizzy and i felt like puking off.
i even forgot to return the books that i've borrowed from the library.

every Friday SUCKS! a lot.

i went to sleep, i woke up and decided that i'll be taking a school bus after the holiday.
taking a school bus is always better than waiting for hours.
[i hate waiting]

so, as the "Ketua Keceriaan" of the class, i was making our front door's sign.
it IS extremely hideous that i cant even look at it.
but since i was lazy and sleepy, i didn't even give a damn to beautify it.

[always sketch before drawing]

[i managed to camwhore for a while]

[the colour doesn't match!]

if you're wasting your time complaining about what i have done for the class, why dont you waste your time to beautify the class instead of complaining?

me and Vian were supposed to go to school early this morning.
when i was getting ready, my mom told me that they're gonna send me at 8AM.
i objected but there's nothing i can do so i went to play the computer.

at 6.30AM, they told me that they're going to send me already.
what the heck?!

when i want to go to school early, you will send me late.
when i want to go to school late, you will send me early.

soon i received a text message from Vian saying she'll be sent to school at 7.30AM.
when i arrived at school, sadly there were only five of us.

i was all alone so i started to do my work.

[ugly red-faced Mr.Pringles]

and then i made the "Sudut Bacaan" sign.
soon, my friends came and bla bla bla bla.

[Vian and Shima]

[wall model]

[Shahrul and BRAyen]

[Mimi. she's really GOOD in English]

[green shirt : Herry]

though i dont really like the colour green.

while they were doing work, i was wasting my time capturing random pictures.

[was playing with them. notice the spider on Vian's shirt?]

the funniest incident that happened today is, Vian locked us up but she's the one who couldn't get in.
after a while, the kind Asmah gave her the key, she opened it but the paddle lock was stuck.
i thought we will need to call for the security guard to bust the grill.
soon, the hero Asmah came and after lots of hard works together, the grill was finally opened.

*clap clap*

[taking the chance to capture this picture before helping her]

i actually love our class because we could leave any of our things inside it since we can lock the class!
we have tons of homeworks to do in one freaking week.

my stomach is bloated but i am hungry.

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