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Tuesday, February 28, 2012
sad news + Menstrual Cycle = damn moody.

first of all, how on earth you could update thousands of blog updates within a day?
seriously you're just spamming my Blog Updates Feed and it makes me unable to see other blog's updates.
it is kind of annoying and it is irritating since every single day you posted thousands of nonsense.

truth hurts but if it is not mentioned, you'll never realise how nonsense your blog updates are.

today our school sent a debate team which is me, Sherraine, Livania, Lionelson and Nicholas.
we managed to get into the final and unfortunately, it's too sad for me to tell you but let me tell you anyway.
we got the second place - which i am unsatisfied of.

i am sad and feeling down because i think we didn't manage to get the first place because i am USELESS.
i should at least ask for Point Of Information as many times as the time allows me to.
the fact is, i didnt. and that fact makes me even more sad.

but i think, either Lionelson or Nicholas should be the Best Speaker, okay.
in fact, they're the only dependable ones whilst i am nothing but a mere rubbish.

i am disappointed with myself that i didn't try my VERY best.
i think my English was broken and it makes me go kanbdjaksdnajodhqwrgyeugbewnjkfmna.

i will try my very best next year.
those convincing words about me doing a good job is not convincing at all.

we're going to have our monthly test this 5th of March.
i am targetting to get a good result in this monthly test but apparently i am too late for that since i have no time to study and i've skipped a lot of important classes.

this Thursday, the school will send me, Debbie, Zakaria, Hafizan and Asratul for Malay Debate.
that means, i'll need to skip class tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
i am DEAD.

i'm not quite in the mood right now.
like i've said before, i am moody recently.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, February 27, 2012
apparently i am a girl and i am moody.

it is a common sense that everytime a girl is in her Menstrual Cycle, she'll get so damn moody.
the same with me - since apparently, i am a girl.
i was damn moody just now. plus, my stomach hurts like my vagina was going to explode.

as soon as i get back home, i took a Panadol Menstrual - it is the first time for me to take it because i always believed that it'll damage my fertility but this time is an exception - and i suprisingly found that it worked! my vagina was all healthy again up until now and it makes me want to take the pills again.

basically, today i was moody and i let my emotion get control of my brain and i almost take it out on innocent people - including my dad.
after i have cooled down, i realised that i am guilty for taking them all out on my dad just now and i feel so sorry.
it's a good thing that i didn't take it out on my bestfriends or friends. well, almost.

however, if you know that i am in my PMS and Menstrual Cycle, you should know that that's the time where i can get moody out of sudden too.
so please be considerate and don't get into my mood.

i need to learn to control my emotions.
and even if i'm in a bad mood, i should still at least smile to the innocent ones [i would if i could].


i am still not confident with myself.
if we didn't win this time, all of them is obviously my fault.

yeah, it is rainy right now and cold. plus, im drinking a cup of milk.
all of this makes me sleepy.
unfortunately, i can't sleep right now since i need to make a palm-card for our competition tomorrow and rehearse.

damn. just by talking about it makes me feel so damn nervous.

anyway, just now i was suprised when rumours spread so fast about me having a crush on this one particular boy whose one year older than me.
of course at first when i heard it, i was like THE HECK I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM?!
believe me, i COMPLIMENT every good-looking people that i saw. even my classmates, for instance, Achol and Ray. i even compliment my lil bro like everyday.
i love compliment people who deserve it because they really are handsome and beautiful.
but that doesn't mean that i like LIKE them!
the heck?

if i smile and deny it, they'll think that it's true.
if i make an angry face and deny it, they'll still think that it's true.
so what do i do?
i just go on with the flow, let them think what they want to.
hah. like i care.

so my back is hurting right now.
and i think i should take a rest for a while.
wish me all the best for tomorrow. bye darlings :)

* * *

it has struck 12 last night, hasn't it?
my decision is confirmed.
i will let the past be the past and never live in it.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, February 26, 2012

when the clock strucks 12, i will stop waiting for miracles.
before this i only said that i have tried and i am tired but i never did say that i will stop waiting.

however, it's time to make a good decision.
who ever leave from my life has completely left.

i need to accept that fact and when the clock strucks 12, i will search for a new miracle.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

appreciating little things ♥

if they really do appreciate that you exist, they'll remember it.
that's why i didn't show it on Facebook.
i mean, i make it private on purpose to see who cares enough to remember.

and it seems like only four people remember it.
let's just appreciate the little things :)

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Friday, February 24, 2012
today is such an adventure :)

as i've stated above, today is such an adventure.
thank heaven there's no debate practice today but there'll be tomorrow.

as we waited in the car for my mom at her school, i suddenly realised that there was this one little creepy girl was standing exactly outside the car's window near my lil bro, and she was staring at us.
at first i thought she was just wanting to look inside the car since maybe she never saw one [even though there were lots of cars nearby] so i let her be.

i was like, what kind of sorcery is this?!

oh gosh i should've take a picture of her during that time.
too bad i didn't bring my phone.

that was the most awkward moment ever today.
i don't know what to do, should i laugh because of her face or should i get mad because she's disturbing.
so i cracked a joke and told my lil bro that that girl was suitable for him. plus, she's beautiful.
my lil bro almost killed me.

soon that girl ran away and yes, she was NORMAL!
is she in love with my lil bro or she never saw a celebrity like me before? :8)

soon, we went to this one restaurant and there's this one beggar who hold out a little box for coins infront of my face.
i feel sad but judging from his looks, he was still ABLE to work! he's not that sick or old enough to beg!
still, i gave him coins and feel good for the whole day.
if i could do charities, i would.

one thing i learned this year,
happiness is INCOMPLETE without sharing the happiness with others.
that is why, i love sharing my happiness.

you know, sometimes i feel bad eating outside or at the restaurants.
this world is cruel, you know.
imagine you're wasting your money eating at the restaurants while you can cook at home and there are lots of penniless or homeless people out there who never get to eat delicious foods :(.

but since my parents are paying, how can i refuse?!

so my fats are adding, i get back home, planning to sleep but the plan was aborted because Dicky called me and told me to go to this one CyberCafe to play Frozen Throne with them.
at first, i didn't want to go since i don't want to meet that person whom i have disliked for a long time. i knew he's gonna be there.
however, since Dicky insisted me to go, he said that he even booked a place for me, i decided to go.
[i was gonna submit the Kertas Kerja of our Scout's Camping anyway so it's like killing two birds with one stone]

when i walked into the shop, i expected that i'll run into that despiseful person but he's not there!

okay, i was really noob in that game.
it's VERY fortunate that i managed to kill that Larry.
after one hour and a half, me, Dicky and Shahrul decided to end the game earlier.

while me and Dicky walked to the church near our school, guess the freaking what?
i. saw. that. person. whom. i. dislike. the. most.
it's not that i am not over it yet.
i am so over it that i can bet you to pull the trigger if i don't.

it's just that i feel really GROSS and DISGUSTED and feel like puking off just by seeing his face.
words can't describe.
it's just that person is so EWWWWWWWWWWWWWYYY.
*banging my head on the brick wall*

i want to slap the 13 years old and 14 years old me. WHY MY EYES WERE BLIND DURING THAT TIME?! WHY CAN'T I SEE THAT THIS PERSON IS SO EWWWY?!
okay everyone makes mistakes. so do i. i WAS having eyes problem before. but now, not anymore.
i need to learn from this lesson and never get close with a disgusting person anymore.

the worst part is, Dicky waved to that person.
what a traitor! dear Dicky, you just betrayed me, your true friend.

Me : Kenapa kau hai dia?! Ish sa geli oh mo tingu muka dia.
Dicky : Kawan main dota kan.

i saw him from a far distance and knew he was looking at me, i didn't even look at his face.
thank heaven i am short-sighted so i can't see faces from a far distance.
the reason why i knew it was him? it's because his figure was the most disgusting one at that place.

okay i know i need to be kind to everyone. but this person is the only exception.
the HECK i'm gonna be kind to him.
every single time i see his troublesome face, it will only remind me about those hard times i've been through because of him.

i pretended to not know his existence so i kept looking foward while talking on the phone.
i got the feeling that he was walking really fast, he managed to walk past behind us.
i don't know why, maybe he just want to take a look at my celebrity face that has become even more cheerful after i dumped him.

im sorry for talking bad things here.
no names are stated so you still can't sue me :)

you think i care? oh puh-lease. can't you just get lost from this town?
why would you need to walk past behind us if you were at the other route just now?
oh maybe you thought that me and Dicky is in a relationship?
excuse me? is that have anything to do with you?
or do you think all of those breakups songs that i listened and posted is for you?
oh puh-lease biatch. OVER MY DEAD HAPPY BLACK BODY :D

i never even once thought about you until i saw you today.
i was reminded about how stupid i WAS and how disgusting you ARE.
ewww. okay can we just talk about other things?
i don't want my blog to get infected by your disgustingness.

as a contrary, i saw another person. to not let this another person get mixed up with that disgusting person above, lets call this another person a pail.

a pail. the very first person that i can always forgive every single time.
i saw a pail today and okay, i pretended to ignore the pail but if i were in the movie, i would run to this pail and slap this pail real hard in the face.


just kidding. i will give the pail an ice cream and then happy ending.


erm. if i were to do that in a movie, it wont be a happy ending actually.


Feo, stop it. this is life. not a movie. in real life, you need to ignore a pail completely.


when am i going to stop?


seriously, Feo, fullstop means stop fully.

oh shut up. i'm gonna show you the pictures that i've been collecting inside my-ugly-phone-but-i-dont-care-because-i-dont-need-a-phone-so-i-will-give-it-to-my-lil-bro.

[i was using Lanie's phone to camwhore]

[this was during our holiday together in KK]

[camwhore because i've got nothing to do]

[last but not the least. perut buncit tapi biar]

[still remember Isaac, the cute kid?]

[while we were playing ultraman together :)]

[a beautiful scenery in my second village, Ranau]

[a good spot for reading books]

[i love the nature]

[went to Anne's uncle's wedding. i was supposed to be 80's style but i looked so damn hideous..]

[our last sleepover together :D]

[the ABC ice cream that is more important than any other foods]

trust me, that ABC ice cream is definitely worth everything!
while i was eating that thing, for the first time i was glad that i was born.

like i've said just now, happiness is not complete without sharing happiness with everyone else.
so i shared it with my bestfriends.

[and one of them is Anis]

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Thursday, February 23, 2012
i am tired both mentally and physically.

a whole day for me to leisure and fix myself up since lately i don't have time to look in the mirror.

actually today, life is being VERY NICE to me until Hamid managed to kill me two times in Frozen Throne [mind you, i killed him two times too].

i was picked up earlier than usual, i ate things that i love and...
well, i am HAPPY and grateful even if they are just some little things.

i didn't study anything today.
i really regret that i missed Physic and EST class because we were practicing our debates and i have TWO debates training to attend [one in Bahasa Melayu and one in English].
i need to divide my time carefully.

i really have no time to leisure today since i need to prepare my text for the upcoming English Debate that will be held on 28th February, which is NEXT TUESDAY!
i am freaked out.

i always have this feeling that my English is not good enough so actually i am not qualified to be in the debate team but they just don't see it.
seriously, my English is bad.
i don't know why but at least i think my English is.... typical and ... fugly.

the bad part of today is, my left hand's fingers are burning.
i mean, they are not actually burned but my finger feels damn hot and spicy.
it's like there are dozens of chilli on my fingers.

i am not having a good sleep lately.
i am sleepy right now but i need to search for points about why television is better than books and why books are better than television.
if only my brain is a Google...

latest news about me is, i MIGHT be one of the Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya.
if i were chosen to be one of them, i'll need to wear a purple baju kurung, a black skirt and a pair of black shoes.
sure, sounds cool. if only i were chosen.
the teacher is gonna interview us first.
hey! i'm not the one who volunteered to be PRS! they nominate me!

i need to sleep T-T

yeap, i am very busy lately.
i can't even leisure myself on Saturday since my teacher told me to make myself available on that day as we will mock a debate as a preparation.
i hope after the debate competition has ended, i am still busy as ever.
why? because i love being busy. it keeps me distracted.

i need to work my ass off and now im gonna prepare my text and memorize every single thing of tinmioasndiasjasbndjnasdks asidjasidjasiodjasd it.
actually i am tired.
both inside and out. both mentally and physically.

my tumblr is getting more beautiful just like its content.
but no, i still don't want to share my Tumblr's URL.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012
today's not-really-journey.

i don't know why recently i am being more emotional and always over-thinking.
oh that's right. it must be the freaking Pre-Menstrual Syndrome as known as PMS or also known as Piss MeOffAndYou'llDie Syndrome.

what i've been doing today?
i watched this one anime movie and i was touched by the author's imagination.
it was wonderful that i never want the movie to end - but that's life.
just like this life, a movie always end.

i played games, i watched dramas, i went to kedai runcit.
nothing's special. everything's plain normal routine.
it's just that today i didn't study.

the thing that pissed me off just now is about this Student's Data Form that every student need to fill in completely.
we need to submit it tomorrow but my form isn't complete yet!
i need a confirmation from either my parents' principal.
it sucks a lot.

i went through the hard moment where i just want to sit and never walk today.
in the end, i was forced to go to the town to photostat the things needed for that form.
such a hassle.

however, i soon realised that everything's worth it when i went to the pasar malam alone.
actually there are times where i just love going to the pasar malam.
i like to see those people working very hard to earn money.
i think that place is cheerful [if you strongly disagree, click the "X" button above there please] and the best thing is, people don't even care to stop and stare at you.
they'll never say those annoying things like "Pssttt2" or "Pewitt" [or at least i've never experienced such things at pasar malam before].

so yeah, i bought myself foods.
i eat those delicious foods while walking around searching for something that's impossible to find which is mangoes.
super good news is, i found MANGOES after strolling that place for two times!
i eat RAW mangoes. i don't eat ripe mangoes.

the happiness while eating foods is not complete if you don't share it with someone [except for junk foods].
trust me.

and then i saw a group of handsome boys [not sure if every of them is handsome since i am short-sighted].
oh gosh i almost smiled to a wrong person just now.
i should've make a spectacle and wear it everytime so that i can smile to the right person!
ngahahahaha. gete.

i haven't told you anything about our debate in Malay language, right?
to be honest, it's the first time for me to join that debate since only Form 4 and Form 5 can join it.
i didn't say that Form 1, Form 2 and Form 3 students are prohibited to join it. no.
what i mean is, those Form 1, 2 and 3 students are not exposed to any debates yet.

thankfully our new classmate, Debbie, helped us since she has lots of experience in debates.
if not, we would be totally dead for sure.

back to the main subject, i am stupid in debates.
whenever my brain is replaying those embarassing scenes in my head, i just want to dig a big deep hole and hide in it forever and never come out because my life is too embarassing to live.
kill. me. in. your. dreams. please.

anyway, tomorrow is Monday and the winner of the debate will be announced tomorrow.
i know we're not gonna win [the Form 5's team is gonna win] because i was the one who ruined everything.
why didn't i give 101% of my efforts in doing my text for the second round?
refer to the statement above - because i am stupid in debates.
kill. me. in. every. of. your. dreams. please.

why there's no handsome boy transferring into our class?!

this song is so damn smexy.
in other words, Steven Tyler's voice is so damn freaking SMEXAYYY~
it's very catchy and it caught my heart at the very first time i heard it playing on the television.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
i left my phone dead.

hey guys.
i'm in a good mood right now.
wanna know why? well it's because as soon as i get back home, i took a bath and i joined them [my eldest sister and Hamid] playing Frozen Throne.

first round, me and le sister VS Hamid.
after a while le sister quitted the game and there's left me VS Hamid.
guess the freaking what?

actually the game wasn't over yet, but i was on my killing streak and he knew he was gonna lose anyway so he left the game.
like a boss.

after all this time, he's the one who always did the killing.
now it's my turn.
but still, i know his friends are way way way MORE pro than him so.. i still need to practice.

i was bored so i created sims for Katy Perry and her ex-husband, Russell Brand.

after i screenshot, the colour of the Sim's face became different.

anyway, i started to love my classroom.
it is so damn peaceful, it makes me want to stay at school until 5PM.
nobody can disturb me there.

just letting you know that i left my phone dead because i'm too lazy to charge it considering that nobody's gonna text me anyway.

those sad moments when my phone was ringing, i got excited but i found out it's from my classmates who asked about homeworks.
every single effing time.

so for the friends who wanted to inform me about something important, they'll need to message me through Facebook or Twitter.
though i rarely open Facebook.

the word of the day is,

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
i hope this day end faster.

as expected, today's equal with any normal plain day.
except today was quite good actually since i was picked up earlier than the rest of my friends and my parents treated me lunch.

but all of those good thoughts are now ruined with this one simple thing :
i dreamed about something very very very super sad just now.

that dream was trying to tell me that if a person hurts you, there must be a reason for it.
i trust that this person who i dreamed just now have a good real reason or reasons for doing that thing.

ARGHT! why can't i just be evil and do the same thing to them?!
right. it's because i am not evil [well, sometimes].

overall, my day is just so usual.
NOTHING exciting happened to me and it makes me go

every single freaking time.

i should've gone to eat some ice cream with Asmah.
instead, as soon as i got back home, i played games and went to sleep unitl 7PM.

i hope this day end faster.

so nobody gets to listen to that song that i made specialized for someone who might confess to me today.
hmph, too bad. it's your loss.
and that song is quite good too.
no. it is REALLY good. *poker face*

my 14th February of last year is way way MORE FUN!
i spent the whole day with my bestfriends and i have someone to text with during the midnight.
oh how i miss those moments~
2011 is, in fact, a lot MORE better than 2012.

Click here to read "My superb Valentine's Day".

it's not like im celebrating the Valentine's Day but, oh well.

while we were learning Chemistry today, i found a sorcery;

Fe = Iron,
O = Oxygen,
Fe + O = FeO.

B-) like a freaking effing boss.
well do you have one?
no, right?
so it sucks to be you :>

gonna go and spend the rest of my night with the books.
how exciting. *clap clap*

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, February 13, 2012
tomorrow is just a normal freaking day.

tomorrow is just another normal Tuesday for me.
i can see that my friends are planning to celebrate the V Day with their significant others and some are having a Valentine's Dinner.
while i'm just staying silent, eating foods and going to continue my life as usual.

yeah i know, right?!
sucks to be me.

that's why i'm gonna keep myself busy.
tomorrow i'll stay at school doing works until 2.30PM.
get back home, do homeworks, play games and soon the clock will show 10PM and i'll go to sleep and then it's the end of that day.


that i made a cover of this one cute little song just in case someone will confess to me tomorrow [which i can confirm now that it's very IMPOSSIBLE to happen so do me a favor and please pull the trigger on my head]

it's okay, Feo. it's okay.
it's okay to be have a normal day tomorrow.
you can't celebrate it anyway.
so you better off this way.

it's okay Feo.
don't expect, don't hope and most importantly, don't wait.
or else, you will be so damn disappointed that you will feel like crashing everything around you.

now i'm gonna watch the 54th Annual Grammy Awards so if you please excuse me :)
will update again tomorrow, just in case...
you're going to eat ice cream all alone tomorrow. so please stop it gosh damn it.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, February 12, 2012
a THIEF stole my school shoes and socks!

guys! actually i've been wanting to tell you about my school shoes that's been mysteriouly missing last Friday morning but i thought the dog was the culprit so there's no need to tell.
HOWEVER! last night me and Lowong figured out that somebody STOLE my freaking shoes!

no, i am not telling NONSENSE.
i am serious and there's no way im gonna go all "JK LOL" at this critical time.
we suspect that there a thief broke into our house that Thursday night.

here's the story.
last Thursday, i came back from school and put my shoes at the center of the front porch.
usually i'll put it near the main door but that time was different because i was in a rush.

the night of the Thursday, i went to sleep early because i was exhausted and Lowong stayed up late until 3AM.
she claimed that at around 12AM, while she was playing computer, she heard weird sounds like the roof was bumping.
she neglected those weird sounds and turned off the computer and went to the living room to study.

she went to the toilet for like three times.
the stupid thing is, she didn't bother to look at the door near the toilet whether it's locked or not.
[my theory is, the door was not locked and that's how the THIEF get into our house]

at 3AM while she was about to go to bed, she heard THREE loud bumping sounds.
first, in our little shop. second near the kitchen and third in the kitchen.
it was so loud that it woke me up.
since i was too exhausted to wake up, i continued sleeping.

Lowong immediately woke my dad.
but they were too slow that the thief got away [based on our theory].
they turned every lights on first before going downstairs.

on the next morning, i found out that my school shoes are missing!
even my socks that i put on top of the shoes are missing too!

1. What kind of dog that can take a pair of shoes and a pair of socks without leaving footprints?
2. I know my dogs very well. Even if they bite those shoes, they would never take the socks.
3. Even if they took it, the shoes and socks can be found around the house area. I've searched around the house but I never did found the shoes and socks.

once again i'll make it clear, i am not making up a story.
i thought it was impossible but in this cruel world, every bad thing is POSSIBLE.
our theory is turning into a fact after we found some evidence last night.

the picture above is our broken Photostate Machine.
we covered it with that and there's a layer of thick dust above it.
guess what?
we found the fingerprints of the culprit.

[fingerprints of the culprit]

that Photostate is located at the front porch, near our main door and the lil shop's door.
how can it be coincidence?

Theory : The thief tried to break into the little shop at 12AM but realised there's still a person inside [which was Lowong] so he changed his plan, he climbed the short wall off the front porch using the Photostate Machine and hid beside it.

[fingerprints that show us he fell down]

so he fell down while climbing that and that explains why Lowong heard weird sounds.

[looks like a hand to me]

[BINGO! this is the culprit's fingernails! it fits for five fingers]

FYI, we NEVER ever touch the dust above the Photostate Machine.
the fingerprints and fingernails are clearly not ours!
why would we even touch the dust?

[near the short wall, there's this one shoe print!]

infront of the Photostate Machine, there was this big table.
and i crystal clear remember that i put my shoes beside that table, which is infront of the culprit's hiding place.

[that's the big table and that's the place where i put my shoes and socks]

another thing that proves our theory right is,
look at these pictures.

it's the SAME fingerprints with the ones on the Photostate Machine!
it's cuplrit's!

im becoming more like a Detective Conan here B-)
like a boss.

on the front porch, we have two little gates.
one of them is the little gate near the door to our toilet!
YES! when Lowong went to the toilet, she didn't realise that the door was unlocked!
that's where the thief got in!

[the little gate and that's the door to the toilet]

so he went to the toilet, he passed the kitchen, and he immediately went to the little shop.
since the little shop was dark, he didn't dare to take the risk to turn on the lights so he tried stealing the admin's computer but failed becauses he cant see the wire!

that's why Lowong heard loud sound coming from the little shop.
another evidence that helps this theory of us is,

Lowong clearly remember that before she went to sleep, the chair was like on the picture "Before". but on the morning she realised the chair's position has been moved just like on the picture "After"!

yes, my darlings.
since it's dark as heck, the thief can't see a thing, he stumbled upon that chair.
that makes the FIRST loud noise that Lowong heard!
she claimed that the first loud noise came from the little shop, right?

since he knew the way to the little shop, he must have been observing our house for a while now.

but, that's not the fullstop of this story.

the culprit PANICKED because he realised the loud noise he made might woke up the household.
he ran to the kitchen, he didn't want to get out from the house with an EMPTY hand, so he went to the living room and didn't dare to take the risk in turning on the lights.

Theory : In the living room, he might stumbled across something since it's dark. That explains the SECOND loud noise that Lowong heard.

he PANICKED again, he knew he need to get out from the house.
on the way out, he saw this vacuum near the kitchen.

FYI, it's been months since we didn't touch that thing.
so WHY would the handle of the vacuum is like that?!

that explains the THIRD loud noise that Lowong heard.

that vacuum was and is located near the stairs.
he might heard Lowong talking to my dad.
since only one or two minute after that Lowong and dad went downstairs, the culprit still have some time to get out from the house.

he went through the little gates at the front porch, he accidentally stepped on my shoes, my white bright shoes suddenly became DIRTY and black as heck, he's afraid we'll find out so he took the shoes with the socks on top of it and ran away.

by the time Lowong and dad went downstairs, the thief has already gone.

some evidence that proves this theory right is our main gate at that time has a little opening for the dogs - that's how the culprit get into the house area.
plus, on the next morning we found out that the little gates at the front porch have a wide opening for a person.

the dogs were barking really loud so we can't hear any slight noise.
since he knew the dogs doesn't bite, he must be one of our customers who we once told "Masuk seja. Tida mengigit tu anjing. Dia gertak seja tu"

anyway, that thief is ABSOLUTELY STUPID!
and i am angry with that thief for stealing my school shoes and caused me to go to school with an old pair of shoes that morning!

if only i can detect whoe fingerprints are those.
CSI! i need you right now!

i'm afraid that the thief will come back for the second attempt.
i'm afraid to go to sleep early.

we're very lucky at that time because if Lowong didn't stay up late, of course we wouldn't realise the loud noises.

thanks to God for helping us.
if not, of course the thief will already steal the computers and valuable things.

Coincidence or ...... ?
You're the one to decide.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012
those FOUR pilaks.

Lowong was playing "That Should Be Me" by Justin Bieber on keyboard just now.
i've told her countless of times already to not sing that freaking song infront of me.
it'll not only remind me about those memories but it also have the highest probability that can make me scream hysterically.

anyway, today's good.
we have to go to school today.
most of the students were absent.

i woke up at 6.46AM this morning because my alarm clock wasn't ringing.
for the sake of Chemistry and Physic, i immediately woke up and rushed myself and finally managed to arrive at school before 7.30AM with a disappointed face because the teacher for our Physic class was absent.
i was about to kill myself. i was having a conversation with my brain, complaining that i should've just gone back to sleep and shouldn't go to school but my conversation was interrupted as our Maths teacher came in and i was glad i came to school afterall.

anyway, anyhow, anywhat, today's good [repeating the same damn thing].
except when i know that i know nothing about the Perbahasan Bahasa Malaysia.

OH! by the freaking way, the competition for English Drama and English Debate will be held on the same day! and the English Choral will be held the day after that day.
i need to pick one of them and it sucks because i want to join the three of them...

however, since the teacher really needs me to be in the debate team.... i dropped the Drama and the Choral.
i really want to be in the drama.. i was supposed to be the evil princess! i just love acting evil..

anyway, anyhow, anywhat,
i saw lots of CUUUUUTE kids at the school just now!
most of them were the teachers' children.

i was making a conclusion that most adorable kids are well-mannered while most unadorable kids are ill-mannered.

im watching a KDrama entitled "You're Beautiful" lately.
usually im not really [actually i am NOT] interested with Korean dramas or movies or songs.
but this drama is an exception since Jang Geun Suk is in it!
and the theme song is sooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet!

[dont worry, i wont go around and say things like "he's my husband!" hysterically - like most of them usually do]

[everytime i listen to this song, my heart goes ARGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! so sweet :) the lyrics are something i can relate with ]

so everyday im watching this drama while eating junk foods.
yes, yes. i have a double chin and i'm getting fat. in fact, i AM fat.
everyday i'll tell my brain "You hate foods. I hate foods. We're not gonna consume any" but i will always end up with eating more than usual.

[the culprit!]

hey, if you're my follower and i haven't followed you back, and you want me to follow you back, just shout at the Chatbox beside this post.

there's this one incident that really pissed me off today.
as usual, i went to the church near our school because they're gonna pick me up there.
UNFORTUNATELY, there were this four PILAKS loitering near me.

as expected, they started making those extremely annoying "Psssttt2" and "Peeewit".
i was so damn pissed off.
i HATE being mentally harassed like that.

i can no longer stay silent so i scold them.
i said, "Di gereja pun mau begitu ka?! Jaga tu manner!"
they turned their head to their back and pretended that they're not looking at me.
whoah so great. suddenly they didn't have the courage to look at me?

i regret saying "manner" to them because they wouldn't ever understand the meaning of that word anyway.
i don't think they understand what i'm saying either since they're one of those worthless and useless PILAK group.
[some of the pilaks are good. but MOST of them, are NOT.]

[Sabahan Dictionary : "Pilak" means "foreigners who came from unknown country and have NO passport and they've been sent back to their country before by our kind government but they're still thick-faced and managed to swim back to Sabah and live here WITHOUT any permission at all"]

oh i am still pissed off.
how dare you mentally harassing girls even though you're just some THICK-FACED foreigners that have no PERMIT to live in here?!
know your position, bastards.

because of you, i can NEVER get to wear short pants here in Keningau.
wanna know why? because you came from an isolated unknown place that never saw a girl wearing a short pants before so it makes you gone wild just by seeing it.

okay enough complaining.
im gonna watch my darling dramas and movies.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012
too busy to play games :'(

this month is gonna be such a busy hectic month [and i like it].
im involving myself in plenty of activities.
Perbahasan B.M, English Debate, Choral Speaking, a Dance for Sukan Negeri Sabah [which will be held at Kompleks Sukan Keningau], and Drama.
all to be done in this month.

i haven't memorized any of the scripts yet, i haven't searched for the debate text and i have lots of homeworks to be done at the same freaking time!
plus i'm the one who's doing the Scout's letters for our orientation camping.

[i'm Scout's vice secretary]

[our script. my teacher told us not to expose its contents]

i haven't searched for my topic for the upcoming ULBS [we'll be asked for the title of our topics and we'll do public speaking spontaneously].

i'm going crazy!
[and i like it]
i have no time to play games anymore!
[and i hate it]

mind you, i am NOT complaining.
i am just rambling my random thoughts and my uneasiness.

[i am the Netball's Form 4 committee member]

[i'm also the English Club's Vice President]

yeah. how busy.
now you know how busy i am and how burdening it is when every morning i'll walk pass below the school's building and there'll be humans who'll call my name.
i don't even bother looking up because ... i'm low self-esteem.
i hate my bangs.

[this picture gave me the same feeling over and over again]

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Sunday, February 5, 2012
a pointless post that i'm gonna post anyway.

waking up in the morning with the song "The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry is a very good start for today [i hope so].

have you ever felt like you're hungry but at the same time you don't want to eat?
that's what i'm feeling right now.
a mug of milk will do it.

okay last night my dream was really ....... killing me.
how can i possibly dream about something that i really don't want to remember?
screw you, brain.
they are still talking about the V day!
seriously, there are like NINE days more.
still a long way to go for you guys to post your romantic statuses.
don't torture me with the thoughts of me being like this :

i cannot waste my time being in front of this screen all day long.
i will go to the library tomorrow.
you're free to kill me if the library is closed due to Malidur Rasul.

before i leave, i would like to share with you a picture from Tumblr.
fyi, i changed my Tumblr's URL because i'd rather to have it private from those people who i know.

[i always thought i'm the only one who did this]


ohhhhhhhhhh he's so cute~
i know at my age i shouldn't say stuff like this because people will think negatively of me HOWEVER! i'm gonna say it anyway : i want to have a cute little son.

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