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Wednesday, March 28, 2012
i have no confidence without my front hair.

hey guys. lately i've been meddling with my mind, trying to decide whether i should stay calm or i should be in trauma.
i know, i can't accept this fact too. the fact that i actually have a disease.
i never did realise those symptoms before. i thought they were all just some normal things that everyone has. so i let it be and continue living in my life.

the horrifying part is coming to me now.
now i understand how those patients felt like.
it's like you just want to scream to that disease and ask "Out of billions of humans, WHY ME?!" and scream hysterically or even cry.

i admit that i FELT like crying. i cannot sleep well.
every single night my brain will remind me of the bad possibilities. it will haunt me with the "what's coming next" thoughts.
will i die? will the scariest thing happen? will this disease never be cured?

i cannot live among humans. it's because i am the only one among them who have this disease.
they will never understand how it feels like unless they're having this disease too.
*sigh* nothing can be changed.
all i can do now is to sit down, think, and try my best to cure this disease.

change the topic please!

yesterday i've been chosen to be one of the guest servers for today's Pelancaran Majlis Sukan-sukan Sabah [i dont know the exact name actually so pardon me if im wrong].
there were five of us, two girls and one erm, half-boy.

first of all, my makeup was really BAD. no, i'm not the one who put those makeups on me. and nope, actually the makeup was not bad but it's just not suitable for my eyes.
my eyes looked like they've been beaten up until they were swollen.
i love makeups, i love arts. i know 'sepet' eyes are not suitable for Smokey Eyes.
it's okay lah. everything was okay.

seond thing, my front hair was damn good until they sprayed my front hair and it turned into a super ugly coily thing. as a reult, i was forced to clip my front hair and i have no confidence all the way.

the teacher told me to wear Murut's traditional clothes because he said i looked like a Murut even though actually i am a damn pure Dusunese. and yes, i understand every little gossip that you guys were talking about in Dusun language.

[yeah, i looked super hideous, i know. i dont even know why my teacher chose me because i dont have a perfect nose. i need a perfect nose]

anyway, i am so freaking tired right now.
i haven't washed my makeups yet, my eyes are sleepy and i need some rest from this cruel world.

[today's hairstyles]

i've got lots of things to tell you guys but lemme just continue my story tonight, shall we?

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, March 24, 2012
i don't love money. i just need money to survive.

i forgot to tell you that i was involved in selling things at our school's Open Baazar.
we set up a stall particularly to raise our class' money.
i never thought i was really good in selling foods and drinks.
i'm a good seller and i need to praise myself for that.

most important thing is, i ate Mimi's super delicious big slice of blueberry cheese cake.
i am still bloated until now. blame it on Mimi.
eating it was heaven. that cake was sold out less than 30 minutes.

the most interesting incident was, and i still think that it IS interesting, a friend of mine brought along that boy to our stall [also known as my Twitter crush].
it was awkward, indeed, because that friend was making it obvious infront of that boy! lol.
before they leave, that boy gave me a cute little round pink candy of Mentos. i was like 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwww how cute is that??'.

so i smiled all day long and became a happy black-faced girl.

soon i went to the George Bauer Hall because i was invited, of course.
the special thing was, they did not give me a letter. instead, they called my mom's phone on Wednesday.
at first i was shocked because it was a freaking first time for a teacher to call me. i thought i did a big mistake again, but actually the teacher just want to let me know that i was invited.
*deep breath*
thank heaven.

i thought they will give RM600 for each person who got straight A's.
but sadly...................

it's only RM100. [what a small amount T-T]

nevermind though. it's okay lah! as long as they give us something, then there's nothing to be unfortunate about.
think of other countries. will they even give such things like this to their good students?
well, i don't know 'bout other countries but think of those unfortunate kids who could never get RM100.
by thinking that you're actually in a better place and more fortunate, you should be able to feel grateful.
so again, i am grateful that the Government of Malaysia gave us money.

i don't love money. i just need money to survive. that's all.

after i was disappointed, i went back to our stall and do some necessary things.
the most unexpected and miracle thing that happened was, i turned around and i saw the HIM!
that person whom i unfriend from Facebook and don't want to confirm his latest friend request.
i pretended not to look at him. i was like, 'OH SHIT! Are my eyes blind? I saw the wrong person. Yes, it's impossible that it's him.'

i asked my friends whether they saw the same thing that i saw and they said YES.

it's unbelievable. it's too miraculous.
is the life trying to shit on me again?

for minutes i tried to act normal, i laughed with my friends, trying not to care.
but my eyes betrayed me. my brain betrayed me. my head betrayed me.
my eyes, my brain, my head forced me to look around.
i looked around and he looked at me, it was for like 1 second only because i quickly change my eye position but it was still so damn freaking awkward.

for the second time, they [eyes, brain, head] betrayed me.
i looked at him, he looked at me, we smiled and pulled out silly face.

at the second thought, i cursed myself.
i was having a conversation with my brain.

Me : OH THE HECK! Why did I even smile at a person who I don't want to be friends with?!
Brain : Trust me, because you're still friends with him.
Me : NO! No no no no no. I've already unfriend him, bro.
Brain : By not being friend with someone on FB doesn't mean you're not their friend in real life, bro.
Me : You're such a slut. Just don't force me to smile at him.
Brain : I know you want to.
Me : Shut up. I do not want to!
Brain : Get real. In real life, you're not waking up with roses next to you. If you're not too dumb to understand what I mean. Sometimes you can't change the way life is. Accept it.
Me : You're so out of the topic.
Brain : Dumbass. What I meant was, you can not always get what you want in real life.
Me : And I can not force people..
Brain : Right. Now go accept his friend request and don't get attached. Remember, if you're attached then you're screwed.
Me : Okay brain, you win.

friend request accepted.
i can't force people to be friends with me if they don't want to.
but if they want to become my friends, why not? right?
i will always welcome them :)

as soon as i got back home, with a very exhausted face and body, those kids are being annoying.
they wanted to download songs by using YouTube downloader.
FYI, i have already taught them for countless of times yesterday, STEP BY STEP.
from how insert their memory cards into the CPU until how to copy and paste the URL to the downloader and until converting it into MP3.
mind you, i am talking about teaching TWO kids here. one kid with one song is OK. but two kids with lots of songs are so damn TIRING and not okay at all.
if their brain can't remember on how to do such things, why would you even want to download unnecessary songs?
they're even forcing me to walk from the living room to the shop just to help them download one freaking song and i need to do those freaking steps all by myself. worst thing is, they don't even know how to put those songs on their memory cards and i just want to pretend sleeping.

*The author has deleted some content because it was very evil*
a few hours ago i was still inspired to write a song.

but after those kids are getting on my nerves, all of my inspirational thoughts have been replaced with anger and fury thoughts. damn.

BTW, i forgot to tell that last Monday our debate team was announced during the assembly.
each of the debater's name was called, including me. i am not good with walking while knowing that people are looking at me.
anyway, anywhat, anyhow, that's not important.

most important thing is this :

i got two certificate. but that's not the most important thing.
if you look at it carefully,

this is the most important thing.
which looks like
which also looks like

change the main subject to random subject.

[my lil bro's drawings. how cute]

[i drew this last year]

[i drew this a few days ago. doesn't look exactly like Tsuna :(]

[this is BJ]

he has been through a lot at such a young age but he still could smile.
actually i am so impressed with him :)

[i forced them to make a cute face because they lost a match against me. notice my stranded lil bro back there?]

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012
i blog trash, i ain't give a shit.

i blogged a lot today, didn't i?
that's only because i've got lots of things to tell you.

it's my blog, i'm the one who rules.

tonight i just want to share a very wonderful with you guys, which is "Part Of Me" by Katy Perry.
the song is indeed meaningful. i guess Katy wrote this song regarding her divorce.
which also i can somewhat relate to. another reason of why i LOVE this song so damn much.

a few days ago, i saw a wonderful cover of that song.
i strongly recommend you to listen and watch this :

ain't he handsome? but that's not case. it's all about his eyes.
it's like he feels that song. uhm, if you get what i mean.

whenever i listen to any song, i would read the lyrics first.
lyrics are the main point of any song.
sometimes, if you can relate to a song's lyrics, eventually you'll fall in love with that song.

I just want to throw my phone away
Find out who is really there for me
Cause you ripped me off your love was cheap
Was always tearing at the seams
I fell deep, you let me down
But that was then and this is now
Now look at me

Now look at me I'm sparkling
A firework, a dancing flame
You won't ever put me out again
I'm glowin' oh whoa
So you can keep the diamond ring
It don't mean nothing anyway
In fact you can keep everything yeah, yeah
Except for me

This is the part of me
That you're never gonna ever take away from me

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

dont search for me only when you need me.

seriously, do you think i would accept your friend request?
hah. kiss my freaking ass. suck that shit up. suck all of them deeply inside.

my answer is......
a big freaking no.

texting me just to ask for some advices on LOVE?
with an addition of "Im not trying to make you jealous. Just asking for some help".

i was like...
wait a minute bitch, dont answer that.

and then that person told me a several addition of cool story, "I wonder why every girl that I liked before, when we first met, I was interested. But after we get close, I am not interested anymore".

you wanna know why? you really wanna know why?
it's because you have several of brain problems. maybe because you suck shisha too much.

im sorry for cursing but i can never be your friend anymore.
there are too many reasons that i can list of why i dont want to be your friends.
of course one of them is because you're such a freaking stupid jerk.

if you really want to be my friend and take advantages on me, why dont you dance like a Michael Jackson first? and then surely i will reconsider.

btw, this is so catchy :

and it's so damn easy to learn.
*grabs guitar*

"She'll never get your humour like I do." - Taylor Swift

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
my family and relatives are stongly NOT ALLOWED to read my blog.

i feel so lame right now.
i am lame.

BTW, my family and my relatives should not ever read my blog.
i repeat, they are NOT allowed to read this blog.
Lowong once asked me to view my blog together. the heck i would agree with that offer.

i once considered about changing my blog URL.
basically it's because this URL "www.weirdgirl96.blogspot.com" was created by the 11 years old me who was a very 'abui' person before.
if i change it, my skyscraper in Nuffnang will decrease drastically. you know i care about that so i dare not take the risk.
just endure with my ugly URL.

don't ever judge a blog by its URL.

back to the main subject,
okay okay okay.
i don't know which one i should start first.
all i know is, i am so freaking jealous though i know i am nobody to be jealous.

to start off, i hate this year the most. i hate 2012.
we used to text like everyday last year. early this year, we stopped being in contact.
i even unfriend you in FB because it was, i mean IS, very disturbing.

lately i found out that you're attached with this one particular girl.
it's not that i don't want you both to be, you know, close friends.
but it is because the way you treated her is just like how you treated me before.
seriously! dang it man! what a not gentleman you are!
please think of another way to treat her and stop using my jokes on her because i am the only one who could go along with my jokes, not her.

okay that went off slightly a bit far from the main point.

why do i feel like people are starting to break their promises that they have made with me?
is it just me or the people around me are getting more stubborn in the ass?

again, that went a bit off.

or is it my fault for building walls and for ignoring people?
i don't know but i don't think so. let me know if you think so.

i am depressed that i failed in Maths. in fact, a lot of us failed in Maths because we were CONFUSED with what the questions asked for.
it said "Solve the quadratic equation", but it didn't mention anything about "Find the value of X".
so as you can predict, i answer the question only until my answers were '0'.
yeah, i am quite disappointed with myself too.
if only i knew the questions want their freaking X, it is impossible for me to not get an A.
[ahem. too much confidence]

i think this goes a bit far from the main subject already.

i don't have anything to say actually.
all i can say is, i am jealous, me and her is not the same person, if you're going to disappear just like that then don't ever return, i appreciate the guitar picks that you gave me but i guess you'll give her some better gifts, and good for you because she's more lady-like.

"maybe i was too fat, maybe i was too pale.
maybe you had better, better luck in the sack.
no formal education and i swear way too much." - Katy Perry

there you go. another close friend of mine has instantly disappeared.
blah blah blah like i care. i shouldn't care no more.
i am still more awesome than ever.

i think start from now on, i'm not gonna watch How I Met Your Mother anymore. and i will never ever listen to any of All Time Low's songs.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, March 18, 2012
the school holiday will be over soon.

the school holiday will be over soon.
two hours and a half left and everything will return to normal.
my routine, my habits, my surroundings, my brain.

i am so damn afraid of my Monthly Test result.
i know that i will fail in Maths Modern since i only gave the value until '0' meanwhile my friends said that the questions asked for the value of 'x'.
i just wanna kill myself because our Maths Modern teacher is indeed very scary when she gets mad.
i don't want to mess with her. especially it's the first three months of this year.

i can't update my blog like everyday because trust me, if i do, you'll get bored reading it.
like i care. nah, actually i care since my three star skyscraper on Nuffnang has become a freaking ONE STAR! *hysterical scream*
first impression : i don't care, biatch.
second impression : NOW I CARE!! *flippin' le table*

so the good news that i've been trying to tell you but i can't since my DigCam was missing [fortunately i just found it] but i wanted to tell you anyway so i did in the previous post but i am going to tell you about it once again. with pictures.

[an official letter that i am now one of the PRS]

[this is the letter of our camp where all prefects and PRSes are invited]

okay....... dont worry. i killed it.


up until now, i haven't talked about Chemistry, have i?
well, i have actually [about my name, if you remember it].
out of Biology, Physics and Chemistry, i like Biology first and then Chemist and then Physics.
[but if i could throw the Physics out from my list, i would]

[here's an example of our Chemist homework. there's a lot of them. OH DANG! i forgot to finish them =,=]

[notice anything? like how i have two Matematik books?]

i found the other textbook while i was waiting at the church [my usual routine].
it was left stranded, laying helplessly on the dusty floor. who in the hell would torture a book like that?! where's your humanity?!

because i have a very kind heart, i brought it home with me. *angel's smile* plus, i thought it was Vian's.
apparently, it wasn't Vian's and now i feel more guilty than ever. no i am not guilty! i am a kind girl who will feel tortured whenever someone just dumped a book like that.
therefore, if you think that that textbook is yours, feel free to meet me in my classroom since i wont be going anywhere other than my classroom, canteen and church.
[i've become more nerdy and more lame, i know]

[here's a book full of variety cupcake's recipes. the pictures make them look more appetizing]

i know, everything that i have stated above has no real main point.
everything's just some ramblings and some random thoughts.
i have lots of interesting incidents happened to my life but i always ended up forgetting to talk about it.

for instance, a few nights before, i dreamed about my bestfriend.
should i state his name? okay, his nickname is Marling.
in that dream, he was missing. it was apparent that he was dead.
i asked everyone about his sudden missing. Dicky texted me saying something like, "If I have any news about him, I'll tell you. Stay strong okay".
everyone knew he was dead. i knew he was dead.
i called his phone hoping that he was still alive though i knew the chance was 0%.
i called and called and called but only voicemail picked it up.
this is where the saddest part happened. i texted him some dramatical things, though i knew he wasn't able to read it anyway. in fact, he'll never get to read it.

as soon as i woke up, i felt really sad. it felt like the dream was somewhat real [i hope it isn't real anyway].
i considered telling him about my dream but i think it is very inappropriate for me to tell him that he's dead in my dream.
so i let it be. it's only a dream anyway. only a sad one.

next top story?
there's this one particular boy whom me and my friends and bestfriends always talked about.
okay first of all, it's because he was cute. we even split into groups where one group agree that he's cute and one group agree that he's not cute. at all.
Vian and the others are in that group who agree that he's not cute.
well, me? of course i'm in that group who agree that he's cute. trust me, he is cute.

the best part is? still remember the Twitter crush that i mentioned in the previous post?
that cute boy is the one. i know that i shouldn't have a crush on him but HAHA suck it biatch. i'm gonna have a crush on him anyway.

here's the exciting thing that happened.
i don't know if people are lying to me or trying to deceive me just to see me 'perasan kena suka'.
but lately my friends have been telling me that this boy actually likes me a little bit.
yeah yeah call me whatever you want. that i am self-center and that i am perasan or something similar like that.
however, i still can't trust in what they say. i don't know why but i just think that i can never trust it unless someone proves it to me that it is real.
so until someone could prove it to me, i will never believe in everything that those humans say.

it is too good to be true.
whilst i know that good things are never meant to happen in my life.
i will never have good things in my life right now.

the unexpected thing that happened just now is, he mentioned me on Twitter!
i was like, ohhhhhh i'm gonna grab a knife right now and kill myself because this is so damn freaking good to be true.
soon i get back to my conscious and remembered that nothing good will ever happen in my life.
so i should not bother to feel good about it. i mean, i should not feel excited or happy or such things like that because in the end, nothing good will be the only result.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, March 12, 2012
Funfair again?

last night i went to Funfair again with my bestfriends.
but this time, there were only US. no more those new friends.
Anne realised that that Saturday night was not satisfying since we went on our seperate ways.
so, she said we need to go once again, we did and it was indeed FUN!
i just can't help but to love my bestfriends. especially that Anne who is always thoughtful.

at first, i actually couldn't go because my mum wouldn't send me.
Anne insisted me to go so she told her friend to pick me up.
i was like, "Noooo. It'll be troublesome. You guys go, I stay at home".
in the end, they did pick me up and my face was 9 inches thick all the way to the Funfair.
i was too embarassed until i forgot to say thank you.
[but i already did say thank you on Facebook, so no big deal right? :P ]

Anne and her cousin arrived. Lanie said she was on the way. we waited for like 50 minutes but she said she was still on the freaking way. =,=
i once heard those juniors said, "Why we call it 'on the way'? We supposed to call it 'on the road'. Stupid people who called it OTW."
*double facepalm*
i don't wanna live on this planet anymore.

if you're on that freaking road, that means you are STANDING on that road.
if you're ON THE WAY, that means you are MOVING your butt to go to a certain place.
seriously! these new generations are getting more stupid.
their childhood are going to ruin our childhood!

what's up with that new Disney star?!

[this is my generation's Disney star. 90s generation is awesome]

and now tell me what the freaking HECK IS THIS THING?!!

just some boobless thing came out from nowhere who don't deserve to be on Disney.

*banging a head on the wall*

anyway, back to the main subject,
the first thing we rode was that freaking Sudden Impact which i said i will NEVER ride.
at first when i saw people riding it, i was like 'Hah. Boring. Not challenging enough'.
however, i knew i was wrong when i was flying in the air. i hate height.
the handle that we were supposed to hold onto wasn't strong enough, okay! people could DIE riding it! i could die.
i almost got out from my seat. freaking Sudden Impact. i will never take any risk to ride freaking shit again.

YOLO = you only live once.

freak that shit. that doesn't mean i need to die in a tragic way.

after the Suddent Impact has ended, my whole body went numb.
it felt like i was a drunk person.

next, we went to that i-dont-know-what-but-they-called-it-octopous.
thankfully i didn't ride it this time because it was absolutely killing.
why? Lowong told me that actually it has a seatbelt.
i don't know if she misinterpret or something like that. but i wont ride that thing anymore.

they rode it. i was waiting for them with a friend called Abelle.
she was friendly. it was like we've known each other for such a long time already.
so i was being very friendly too :D
hey, if you're friendly with me, i'll make sure to treat you 100 times more friendly.

next thing was, we rode that Tagada.
while we were queuing up, we saw this one girl that's riding Tagada fell down.

here's the trick. if you don't have fun while riding it, you absolutely WILL fall down.
if you do have fun, and you let yourself bounce along with the Tagada, you surely will NOT fall.
trust me.

when it's about our turn to ride that Tagada, i ended up sitting with this one freaking black stranger. he was black, he has a strong gel smell, he was hairy, my bestfriends were laughing at me, i need to kill myself straight away.
he was smiling. so ewwwww! did he just have the slightest thought that i'm gonna hold his arms?!
*pulling the trigger*

i admit it that i was NOT having fun.
who would have fun if you have a hairy black stranger beside you?!
his butt bouncing beside my butt. WORST time ever.

i repeat, i was not having fun. so i almost fell down.
only a little 1 minute left and i will COMPLETELY fall down.
thankfully and fortunately, the Tagada stopped.
so embarassing. i hope people didn't saw me looking like that.

after that, they decided to ride that Rocket. kill me. there's no way i'm going to ride it ever again.
for my whole entire freaking life.
this time, Abelle decided to join them too since she's going back home after one game.
since i insisted not to ride that thing, i waited for them alone.
alone alone alone alone alone *echo*

until Azmil came to me and we were having a friendly conversation.
seriously, i don't know why people were being so friendly with me.
i guess maybe they were too excited being in the Funfair so they were such in a good mood.

after the Rocket ended, my bestfriends said they felt like puking off after riding that.
:) *evil smile* fortunately i didn't ride it.

finally, we decided to go to that Tagada for the second time.
i was like, "Okay! I need to recompense my pride for riding that Tagada hideously just now."
while we were queuing up, i heard someone called my name.
i turned around and saw one of my CS friends. he called for me, so i walked to him.
we were having a friendly conversation too!

seriously. i admit it that boys are way more friendly than girls.
if girl meets girl, they will looked at each other with an evil stare.
if boy meets girl, they can smile with each other and the situation will become friendly.

that is why, i always have the opinion that boy friends are more better than girl friends.
first of all, boy friends don't care about how your face look like as long as you're kind.
second of all, they don't do gossip like girls do.
third of all, most of the boys think that friends are more important than their girlfriends.

gender discrimination? freak that shit.
why should i be friends with girls only?
if you don't have boy friends, you are seriously dull.
pardon me for my straightfowardness but you are dull and should get a life.

back to the sub topic, for the second time i rode that Tagada, i was having fun!
because i was in the middle of my bestfriends and near the end of the handle.
i lifted off my feet and let myself bounce along with the Tagada.
i found that i didn't even felt like falling down.
B-) like a freaking boss.

after that, we were all a happy freaking family and i decided to go back home.
i get back home at 11PM. the first thing i did when i get back home was obviously tweeting.
tweeting is FUN if you have a Twitter crush.
well, i do have a Twitter crush. why should i hide that cute fact from my blog?

while i was taking a shower, i realised that my arms were both full with bruises!
up until now, there are still bruises on my arms!

i planned to sleep until 1PM today but these bruises keep on hurting.
i was forced to get up from my bed and drink a cup of coffee.
it's Monday and i don't feel like doing anything.
i want to go to the library but... i am just too lazy.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, March 11, 2012
F*ck + Unfair = Funfair [im brilliant, admit it]

okay. last night i went to that freaking Funfair with my friends and bestfriends.
apparently, last year was way more better and way more enjoyable.
unlike last year, this year i didn't brought any camera and didn't took any picture.

while i was preparing myself to go to that Funfair, i planned to make my hair a bun.
in the end, i ended up curling my hair which ended up with a satisfying result.

as soon as i arrived, FORTUNATELY Shima has already arrived.
we waited for Anne and she arrived along with her new friends :)
while Anne introduced her friends to us, i was feeling neutral.
i mean, i just went with the flow.
but Shima was just like 'Mhmmm..', and i can see she's not really happy about that.

maybe she felt stranded.
i felt stranded too but i'm kind enough to care about other's feelings,
so i stayed silent and just be friendly lah with the new friends.

anyway, i hate SpaceGun and anything that has got to do with being on the air for like 10 minutes.
i have a fear of height. i just can't stand being on a high place.
[i've already mentioned it in last year's post]

since i hate SpaceGun and never want to ride that SuddenImpact, we went first with Tagada.
Anne was waiting for her friends, so me and Shima went to play earlier than them.
we joined Dicky and the gang.

while we were queuing up, there were lots of prostitutes-looked-alike that climbed, i repeat, CLIMBED the small gate so they could be infront of us.
we were there earlier than them.
apparently, they are too uncivilized to hear me telling them not to step on my feet and not to push me.
there's this one particular woman behind me who apparently have a big boobs.
she pushed me because she wanted to be with her sister which was infront of me.
i realized that her boobs was pushed around but she doesn't seem to mind it. immune enough?
while i can't keep my arms down because i want to protect 'it'. LOL.

like always, Tagada is always killing me and made my face turned into a super hideous face.
it was indeed killing my body and seriously, my boobs too.
specifically, that Tagada smacked my boobs for countless of time.
i was like, "Oh damn it! but I can't tell anybody about this since they'll think I'm a freak or horny or something".
BUT SERIOUSLY! my boobs hurts okay. =,=

after that, we searched for Anne and her friends but we didn't managed to.
Shima went back home early! so i was left with Dicky and the gang.
after several thoughts, we decided to ride that thing which i-dont-know-what-but-they-called-it-octopous.

i thought i was gonna die.
i thought i will be thrown out from that seat and fell to the ground with my bloody face smashed to the ground. ew.
i prayed. and i survived.
*clap clap*

miraculously, Anne joined us in. she brought me along to play with that i-dont-know-what-but-they-called-it-octopous which i incredibly refused because i don't wanna die for the second time.

soon, i decided to go back home. but before that, i went to buy a cotton candy with Maling.
you should know that i love cotton candy :)
but it made my lips turned into pink. and when i smiled, my teeth went pink too.
i was very very nerenget. i wonder why Dicky and the gang weren't embarassed to walk with me.

i called my mom. she picked me up. i took a bath and went to sleep.
much more simple than last year.

by the way, i am over it and we can still be friends.
in fact, we are friends.
so i treated you like one of my friends which i can pull and i can push.

oh no, don't be shy with me or don't hate me.
since our story is already expired, why don't we just forget about it and move on?

by accepting and treating you as one of my friends, it is clearly that i have moved on.
so there's no need for ignoring my existence or having a heavy heart when i pulled you last night.
even if you hate me, i will still treat you like one of my friends.

it's time for me to have a new chapter. a new story.

[my face and hair after riding that Tagada. and pink lips. ya, i look like a retard.]

the only best thing was, i met with my Facebook friends which i never saw in real life.
the worst thing was, i met with them only after i ruined my hair and made it a bun.
so i was nerenget. too nerenget that nobody would even look at me.

since we were having a little conflict last night, we decided to go to Funfair again tonight.
i don't know if i could go. i would if i could.

before i go,

[oh i love camwhoring]

one of Xiaxue's tips on camwhoring is : always feel COMPLETELY shameless.
i like that. i like her.

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Friday, March 9, 2012
every little thing that happened today.

if you do not know what Kony 2012 is, you really should watch this video :

it really worth my 30 minutes.
it makes me feel guilty to eat delicious food when i know that there are lots of unfortunate kids out there who never get to eat foods but they are still able to smile.

Bruno Mars, if i were a billionaire, i would do charity and not just buy all of the things that i want to.

so we should all

wondering how we could stop him?
well, if you're penniless like me, you could spread words about this campaign!
whether it is through Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or even in real life.
because those unfortunate children need us to act as a whole in arresting Joseph Kony.

the deadline is until 31st December.
if the whole world are not united in this campaign after 31st December, then the USA government will cancel their plan in arresting that Kony bastard.

of course teenagers like you wont give a freaking damn about things like this as long as you got your mommy to feed you.
i am angry with most teenagers nowadays [i know i am a teenager too so i always pray that i will not become one of those useless teenagers].

most teenagers nowadays only care about their own materialistic thing.
they won't feel guilty for not doing a charity that they could do.
typical stupid teenagers.

i know you wont give a damn to read this post too so you will skip down there and vote "THIS BLOG IS BORING AS HECK! IM LEAVING!".
but suprisingly you still have some time to scroll down and vote things down there when i thought you were leaving.

since it's getting boring, i should bore you more by talking about our monthly test.
well, i got the highest mark for Biology but i still think that it is not enough.
im worried about my Mathematics Modern.

changing the topic again,
since the DigCam is nowhere to be found, i am lazy to tell you that i am officially one of the Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya (PRS) already!
i was given a form to fill in for the PRS camp which will be held on 30th, 31st and 1st March!

i am excited but since i am not an AJK, i'm worried about lots of things.
for instance, are they going to let us took a bath like two or three times a day?

i was about to capture a picture of that form but my DigCam was missing.

second best thing that have ever happened today?
okay i am clearly NOT hoping for it to work out but it looks sooooo fun.
that feeling when someone you used to compliment actually does like you a little bit.

hey! if you greet me first, i will greet you like super friendly okay.
though we never talked in real life before.

third best thing?
Asmah was going to treat me that ABC IceCream for two times since i was the one who made their English drama's script!
unfortunately, :( , that blessful shop was CLOSED!
my heart was broken into zillion of pieces.

one thing that ruined every best thing that happened today?
that freaking FUNFAIR.

sure, lots of people are talking about it, and most of those teenagers are going tonight.
as for me, i am bored with that funfair already.
last year, things are super fun. this year? everything has changed.
plus, i hate that SpaceGun. and if i have the chance to throw a grenade on it, i would.

i should post lots of inspirational things instead of sad emo bastard things that make me go euuuwww everytime.

by the way, my soon-to-be-brother-in-law is coming to our house right now.
so i better pull out my most innocent-looking face.
not being racist but i just want to tell you that he is an Indian + Dusun.
oh yes. he has a beautiful niece [i saw it on FB] and he's bringing her too!

*dup dap dup dap*

he and my eldest sister are getting engaged this year.
now i just realised that everyone's getting older and older and older!

how should i behave?
should i pretend that i'm sleeping or what?
well, whatever. just act like myself. smile nicely.
always remember that first impression is the most important thing.



before i leave and act all innocent and make a cute freaking face, let me tell you my improvement.
yesterday, i was playing Counter Strike with the customers, including Billy.
of course for the map de_dust2, i won and so they challenged me to play an awp_map.
at first, i was all scared that i will lose because i WAS not good in using awp.

but take a look at this, my dear biatches and gigolos :

[click to enlarge. my name is (1)SayaNoob]


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Thursday, March 8, 2012

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012
drafted the previous post - because i am too kind.

i drafted the previous post because i am too kind.
way too kind to not humiliate you.

sure, you can talk to as much as you want but i will never talk to you.
like i've stated in the previous post, i am a girl with a big ego and i am kurang ajar.

by the way, i love watching Oggy and the Cockroaches. it's my childhood cartoon.
[though in real life, i hate cockroaches and i will always kill them with my beloved dictionary]

even though the three cockroaches always bully Oggy, but one day when Oggy managed to seal them in a can, Oggy found that he feels so lonely. for days he's alone in that big house. in the end, he unseal the can and bla bla bla.
never ending story.

dont take me for granted.
if you search for me only when you need me, you better stop.

last but not the least, yesterday while i was still in a good mood, i played Frozen Throne with this one handsome guy. :8)
he plays guitar too! OMG. he even plays Counter Strike and Half-Life.
my dream guy.

going to continue living in this boring life. bye.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012
i started buliding tall walls instead of bridge.

sometimes i just want to go far away from here.
if i'm not afraid to lose my social life, i would've already travelled far away from here.

friends removed. messages deleted. contact deleted.
everything is deleted.

i hope i can live in the future, not in the past.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

my daily routine - octopus dance.

i don't know why but i'm in such a good mood today.
it'll be good if i could wake up someone =,= and share my happiness.

tomorrow is our March monthly test and HECK i haven't study anything yet.
next time, i won't get involved in anything anymore.

by skipping one class, that means i'm skipping my one whole day of life.
why? because even i only leave my class for 15 minutes, when i come back in, i won't understand a single thing they're talking and discussing about.
it's like i've left the class for 1 year. seriously.

lessons learned. i would never skip class.

[this song made my morning! you need to look up for its lyrics in english]

yesterday's yesterday, while i was doing my Physics exercise, my mind was distracted as i saw a beautiful flower on this one particular beautiful girl's blog.
so i drew it.

[using a phone's camera. i can't find my DigCam]

seriously, it's been proven that we have a high possibility to get distracted if we're studying infront of laptop or computer or television.

so i've been thinking whether i should add another class which is Art [Pendidikan Seni] or not.
will it add my burden more?
how i wish i could drop PA, Moral and Sivic class. those nuisance.

everyday i love being annoying and irritating with my lil bro.
i love dancing my octopus dance infront of him whenever he's watching the TV.
basically it's because i'm bored and i want him to play with me.

[his face whenever i'm disturbing him]

but usually, if i play too much..
for example, he's sensitive with his feelings.
so his feelings will get hurt whenever i mock him about his school, for instance, "HEY BUDAK PAMILAN!" or "Budak nerenget" or "Kempungan" and etc.

those kind of mocks usually will result me in this...

[my arm]

[my arm]

well, that's the first time my arm was bleeding.
serves me right for poking a sleeping dragon.

and usually i never learned my lesson in this.
so everyday i tend to do the same damn thing.

okay. enough.
today i'm going to study 24/7 in my room so i can't do my daily routine - dancing the octopus dance.
bye :)

by the way, i love fairytales and Disney.
i love every single thing that has anything to do with fairytales.
[i never mentioned about this, huh]

recently i watched this one wonderful movie entitled "Enchanted".

you DEFINITELY need to watch the video above!
i strongly recommend you. *terrorist face*
basically it's because the lyrics are so relatable.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012
ingle people should mingle around, search for handsome guys and smile at them.

today as i was about to walk into our school through the main gate, i saw teachers and prefects lining up. they were smiling as bright as they could. it was indeed very scary.
i thought it's another trick for them to detect those who don't wear uniform correctly.
as a precaution, i stopped at the canteen for a while and buttoned up my baju kurung with a pin.

as i walk in the middle of them [it makes me feel like a VIP], i thought they were going to write my name because of my hair or something but surpisingly they just smile to me brightly and welcome us, the students.
soon i just knew that it's the Guru Penyayang concept day.

i wonder if it is really a "Guru Penyayang" concept at all since i think most of them are not sincere at all.
they're just satisfying the government's demand.
if they're sincere, they will smile to us and welcome us brightly since ages ago. not only during this concept day!

but that is just a human nature.
faking a smile is so damn easy.

so we went to SM Vokasional Keningau this morning as a representative of our school for the Malay debate.
i really didn't put any hope in winning since they told me that i am the first speaker at the eleventh hour.
[at the eleventh hour = at the last minute]
[[see? if you read my blog, you can improve your vocabulary]]

seriously, if they were to tell me earlier, i would do some preparations!
i would check the statistics and such things like that.
in fact, i only have one whole night to do the preparations. i was just mentally exhausted from the English debate, so i instantly gave up in trying my best to win the Malay debate.

we were debating with SMKK1 and of course they won.
the judges said that we almost won because our points were strong enough. the only thing that we lack of was, we accidentally used the word "manfaat" and the opposition team used it to rebutt on us [you wont understand what i'm saying].

overall, it's quite okay la.
since it's the very first time for the five of us to represent the school.
meanwhile the opposition team has already been sent as a representative for "Peringkat Bahagian" [i don't know what's "Peringkat Bahagian" is and i don't even want to know].
of course they won since they have lots of experience already.

in addition, the time keeper was handsome! HAHA.
i asked him kunun whether our time was up yet and then i smiled at him.
handsome guys deserve to be smiled at.

even the opposition's team fifth speaker was good-looking.
however, my heart was crushed into zillion of pieces as soon as Zakaria told me that the fifth speaker was actually 'pondan'.

single people should mingle around, search for handsome guys and smile at them.

now you just gave me an idea to add handsome guys on Facebook and pok silap pigi post di wall dorang "Hey thanks for the add :) mind intro?". NGHAHAHA.
actually, um, NO. i never add people on Facebook, 'kay. they add me, i accept.

do i looked like desperate? no i am not desperate.

conclusion is, English debate is way more better [tiba2]. Malay debate is too formal and im used with saying 'subject' in the English pronunciation. and 'panel'.
worst thing is, i almost used an English word just now to explain my answer.
glad i didn't.

a thing that i'm worried right now is, next year there won't be Lionelson and Nicholas and other dependable teammates anymore!
we are totally going to be screwed up.
no more intellectual and creative generations.

i love looking at old pictures that i uploaded in Photobucket.
wait. instead of looking through old pictures, why don't i upload new pictures?

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