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Sunday, April 29, 2012
hypocrites could kill just to see you fall.

i want to talk about friendships.

every teenager must have their own problems in friendships. they must face it at least once.
name me a person who never have any issue in friendships.

those kids who know nothing about these kind of stuffs will consider someone who always hang out with them as their 'bestfriend(s)'.
i was once that kid. now i realised that not everyone can be my bestfriend.
even the people that you always hang out with are not necessarily can be considered as your bestfriends.
it's true what they said that you can't have more than 3 bestfriends.
long time ago i insisted to believe that i can have more than three bestfriends.
now, not anymore.

let me tell you a story that MIGHT can change your whole prespective about friendships or bestfriends.

theres this one big circle of our friendships. we all considered each other as bestfriends.
the concept is, "If you're her bestfriend, you're my bestfriend too".

this year, after we all got split up into different schools and classes, the REALITY is slowly revealing itself.
the word 'bestfriend' is only a word that we can easily manipulate now. it's not even special anymore.
even if you strongly defend anything against that, you'll still come back to the point where your definition of 'bestfriends' is completely wrong.

referring to the Urban Dictionar, the definition of bestfriend is :
Abest friend is not only someone you have a good time with, it is also someone you believe you can trust your life with. A best friend is the first person you call when the most amazing things happen in your life, and when the most horrific incidents happen.
A best friend is the one who tells you the things you absolutely need to hear regardless of whether you want to hear it or not. A best friend is the person you usually can be around always and never get sick of.

see? we don't even have any of that.
some, maybe, but not all.

let me tell you a story.
there's this one fine day where my Bestfriend A acidentally came across the so-called-Bestfriend B's private diary.
my Bestfriend A read it and found out that this so-called-Bestfriend B wrote something like "I hate all of my bestfriends' boyfriends. I am so glad that Feo's relationship status is single now. This is the best day for me. I am so damn happy".

really. what the heck?!
so all of your sad faces and "I understand" words are just a BLUFF? a COMPLETE lie?

you even said that you hated Anis's ex-boyfriend and glad that they broke up but infront of her, you said that you felt sad in her place and even asked why did they broke up even though they're so damn sweet together.

you're such a HYPOCRITE.
really. i can't even......describe how FAKE you are.
i thought you have repented for what you had done last year.

if you don't like something, you should have confronted us!
not talk behind our backs with your super-other-bestfriend whom you always exchange diary with.

heck! no! a person like you can NOT be considered as my bestfriend.
i don't care how long we have been friends, i don't care how close we WERE during childhood, the most important thing is the PRESENT.
the PAST is only past. it has nothing to do with the present.

the present is, you're fake, hypocrite and heartless.
you get it? heartless.

second story, it's about recess time during school.
two of my so-called-bestfriends transferred to another school.
the routine for us to rest together was never bothered until one day me and Vian went downstairs and found out that nobody waited at the place where we supposed to meet and wait for each other.
the same cycle goes on like every day so me and Vian stopped waiting and rest at our class instead.

soon after that, i heard from my bestfriend who transferred to another school that this so-called-Bestfriend B told her something like, "Ever since both of you transferred to another school, we're never together during recess anymore. Feo and Vian always rest in their class".

aren't you the one who stopped waiting for us?

after i heard that, i told my bestfriends to rest together this time.
i forgot to tell the so-called-Bestfriend B, but she saw us waiting at our usual place.
guess what? she turned her head, and walked away with her friends. how sweet :)
you saw us waiting for you, yet you walked away.
and then you're telling people that we ain't waiting for you, that we left you behind.

how is that not fake of you?

you know what? i can't even look at your face anymore.
i don't know what you're thinking.
maybe you're cursing us without us knowing just like you did last year.

i just can't stand this hypocrisy anymore.
a bestfriend will not do such things. you're not my bestfriend.
get out from my life, get out from my bestfriend list, and don't ever talk behind about me again because we ain't friends so you have no rights to tell your super-bestfriend that i ignored you.

a person like you deserve to be ignored.

i'm sorry, i know i need to be kind with everyone, but hypocrites can't be my bestfriends.
friends? yes, however will be not that close anymore.

you start it, you can't end it. it's already over.
your real face has been revealed.

P/S : a special thanks to the so-called-bestfriend who knew everything the so-called-Bestfriend B said in her diary, yet never tell us about it. a great job you did there as a bestfriend.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

it's the 1000th post! *trying to sound excited*

i would like to tell you about how i was in my bad mood state yesterday.
i could kill. however,

it's my 1000th post!

be excited, homosapiens!

i was about to do the continuation for my previous post but then i realised that it's the 1000th post, so i'll do the continuation next post.

as a celebration for my 1000th post, let's flash back things on my blog!
i've been blogging oficially since November 2008 until April 2012.
which means three years and five months.

i've been going through a lot with my blog in those three years.
i don't know what's going to happen in 2012. all i know is, this year is not my year.

since it's still April [i dont know what date is today], let's look through every April post that i published.

April 2009
- I found 'segumpalan rambut' and considered it as amazing. (Click Here)
But still, my English grammar was broken. Not too broken lah.

- I was talking about lies. I said I promised not to tell lies but little did I know that that kind of promise is futile. (Click Here)

when will it STOP once you've already LIE?
theres no other way..
u're gonna tell the TRUTH..

- I saw a lizard ate a freaking bee for the first freaking time in my whole entire life.
I was 'sakai' so I recorded a video of it and captured a picture. (Click Here)

- I asked a question that nobody could answer. (Click Here)

- My usual routine : Release my stress on strangers. (Click here)

[click to enlarge]

April 2010
i only published TWO freaking posts on this date! can you believe it?
well, i can't.
you can view those two rubbish by clicking here.

April 2011
i'm glad that my posts on this date are not pointless at all. instead, i found them very inspirational. at least, that's what i think. [humble brag]
i found that i was happier last year than this year =,= totally lame.

- I was talking [well, complaining actually] about those parents who STRONGLY disagree when their kids want to be healthy by joining co-curricular activities. (Click Here)

- During this time, Hotel626 still exists. And I was still working on my Happy Aliens' projects. (Click Here)

- I went to the camping but was unable to go to Jesus' Memorial Day. I was sad. Thankfully, I managed to go this year. (Click Here)
A little while after that, our camp was insulted by this one community. (Click Here)

- During that month, I was still having conflict with her. This year, she was treating me very nicely and that was miraculous. At first my heart was still as cold as stone, I treated her badly. In the end, I decided to be kind with everyone and be in peace :) (Click Here)

- Went to Funfair with my friends. By looking at last year and this year, the are lots of comparison can be done. (Click Here)

- I bought my first capo.

April 2012
life is becoming more dull.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Tuesday, April 24, 2012
i won't play CS and Frozen Throne anymore.

hey there homosapiens!
i wasn't on the line for such a while.
it feels like years! [technically, it's been 10 days]

i was born with internet, so don't blame me when i can't live without it.

a normal homosapien's question : How you've been doing, fella readers?
feeling great? good. 'cause im absolutely to the most freaking NOT!

[i should've cursed here but since i am a better person now, i won't curse. anymore.]

wanna know why?
basically it's because of this :

[click to enlarge]

the freaking new Blogger layout.
Blogger forced me to look at the new layout hoping that we, the bloggers, would like it.
honestly, i don't.

it is so damn complicated and it's gonna make my life even harder than it seems.
luckily, this kind Blogger allows us to revert back to old Blogger layout :)

second of all, my followers are 4-freaking-2. 42 followers.
i remember that last time i HAD 48-49 followers.
leaving the blog not-being-on-update for 10 days really could give a huge impact, huh.

screw you guys who unfollowed me! just screw you and your life!

[ugly printer]

i did a good and a correct letter but our teacher told me that that letter was wrong so she told me to go and fix it and print it and submit to her.
when i did, i showed the corrected letter to the 'Penyelaras Kokurikulum' and he said that letter was wrong and the letter that i made before was correct.

i was about to explode.
JUST WHO AM I? am i a slave or anything that goes well with that word?
i know it is my job to do the worksheet but it is NOT my job to be fooled every freaking time.
just tell me 100% of what i needed to do instead of telling me one by one because it's making my life harder!
i have my homeworks, i need my revision, i can't study if all i think about is that freaking worksheet.

how many times do i need to remake and renew and re-do until you're satisfied?
and then i am all stressed over those revisions that i need to do but i did not have the motivations to do so.
the teachers put a high expectation on us.
i am not that genius, neither clever. i am just an average student who studies so can't you lift off the big expectations that you put on me?

TWO WEEKS to go until the Sem 1 Examinations.
i know i need to achieve something. i know i need to make a goal.
in fact, i'm turning into a nerdy girl day by day.

but i can never be clever. with that, i am in my full stress mode.
i should really move my butt instead of blogging.....

random topic,
two unknown dogs - one handsome and one not - suddenly came into our house two days ago.
both of them were and ARE trying to flirt with my not-so-beautiful-but-not-so-ugly dog.
they were making noises so i went outside and stared at those unknown dogs.
the not handsome dog realised and quickly ran away from our house, meanwhile the handsome dog was on his way running, but i was kind so i smiled at him - mainly because he's handsome - and i said "Puppy~ puppy~" and then he smiled at me, waving his tail and walked towards me.

that handsome dog thought i blessed their relationship.
when i went back inside the house and went back outside after hours, i found out that that handsome unknown dog was still there, sleeping, laying around, making himself home.
that's when i know that dogs really can think and have feelings, huh.

on the next day up until now, that unknown handsome dog was still hanging around outside our house, it's like i am his owner.
but my not-so-beautiful-but-not-so-ugly dog made love with that unknown ugly dog infront of the handsome dog, infront of my house! what the heck, man? what a scandal.

thank you for wasting your minutes, reading the random story about my not-so-beautiful-but-not-so-ugly dog and my soon-to-be dog a.k.a the unknown handsome furry dog.

i am going to forbid myself from playing Counter Strike and Frozen Throne.
though i have lots of improvements in Frozen Throne [i managed to kill an insane without -wtF or -test], i still should not play them anymore.

anyway, you know that i've been re-reading New Moon, right? [this is not a question]
i just want to share some quotes from that novel that i love.

[i love Jacob Black. Bella, you better give him to me]

[Jacob is like a drug]

to be continued on the next post...

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Saturday, April 14, 2012
just a boring post that's not worth reading.

i just got back home from library and i didn't come back home with an empty hand.
i'm not gonna talk much because honestly i am exhausted and i am lazy.

[it's a good thing they typed my name correctly. i love certificates and cups (in Malay : piala) ]

[the stage]

[this was where our faces popped out. too bad i was not in time to see my picture]

while waiting for them to pick me up, i managed to sneak into the library and borrow some books.
last week, i borrowed purple+black books. this week, i borrowed red+black books.
just for your information, i've read all of Twilight's novels before [humble brag] and now i am re-reading them again!

[moments that i like - reading books in a peaceful place]

last but not the least, we were introduced on how to check our results online.
if you still didn't know about it, simply click here : http://saps.moe.gov.my/ibubapa2/index.php , insert your IC number and tadaaaa! how magic.

i used that website to check whether the IC numbers of the Scout members are wrong or error.
see how hardworking i am just so the worksheet is complete and no errors!
you guys should give me a certificate or a celebration party or praise me or something that can make me happy. nah i'm just kidding. i didn't ask for anything in return.

back to the sub topic.

yeah i've already told you that i failed in Maths. because i was careless!
as for AddMaths? i didn't study it because i have heck of other things to study so it's a good thing that i managed to get a C. *clap clap*

remember that time when i joined English and Malay debate at the same time? that's when my whole one month was wasted and i was forced to leave every Physics class.
it's quite good suda tu sa dapat D. if you think Physics is easy and able to get an A+, i'll respect you with all my heart. seriously.

i hate History. i never read chapter one until chapter that we have learned. i have no interest in it and i wonder why the government made it compulsory to pass in History.
to sow the feelings of love for this country? what if it's just a waste of time?

this boring story has come to its end.
i'm gonna post up a video later.
video of what?! you'll know about it later.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, April 13, 2012
Examinations - Are They Good or Unnecessary?

yeah, tomorrow i'm going to the library's auditorium - actually i am still unsure yet since the rehearsal today was quite boring so tomorrow might be boring as heck.

i just realised that today is 13th Friday.
most people will believe that that date is a very bad date.
as for me, i don't think so.
it's all up to you to make your day good. for instance, stay on looking at the bright side.

tonight i'm listening to old songs. i recommend you to listen to this song right NOW! go on and click the PLAY button! fasterrrrrrr.

lots of people are talking about their latest examination results, and i am still considering whether i should share with you guys or not.

talking about examination, a few days ago, our English teacher gave us a question for an essay "Examinations are good. Do you agree?".
half of the students went for agree and half of the students [including me] went for disagree.
therefore, the teacher told the "Agree Team" to list down reasons of why they agree on the whiteboard and same goes to the "Disagree Team".

we have 8 points and the "Agree Team" have 7 points.
yeah, at first i was like 'Hah! We're gonna win this!' but quite to my disappointment, our 8 points were turned into 3-4 freaking points because there were two or three points that can be linked up to be one point.
as you can see now, the "Agree Team" won and we, the "Disagree Team", were forced to write an essay about agreeing that examinations are good.

but i'm not going to talk about my essay. i am going to talk about the main points that i gave and that was accepted.

1. This country's education is only based on papers, not physical skill mastery.

you passed clean and rainbow on papers, you get the job but you don't know how to do the work physically.
it's a pleasure that our teacher actually agree with this my statement.
i love being around with people who have the same mind/opinion as mine.

2. Examination causes stress that can lead to suicide.

it's widely known now that examinations have caused lots of suicide and suicide attempts.
mainly because the students are pressured by the expectations of their parents/teachers/friends and etc.

all in all, i did not say that examinations are unnecessary.
i am trying to say that examinations are not good but they are necessary to survive in this country.

it's 12AM. i am going to sleep now. till then :)

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, April 9, 2012
at first i dont believe in "friendship". but now? i dont.

so we [the chosen ones] were told to give our pictures to the teacher tomorrow for this Saturday's Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan.
that teacher said that he wants any appropriate pictures such as : passport picture/IC picture.

i don't have any appropriate pictures.
well, i do actually but in my eyes, they are inappropriate because they are ugly. i am ugly.
solution? i decided to take a picture by myself [which actually i asked some help from my lil bro].

i cant help but to camwhore.

[imagine if the government will accept this kind of picture to be a passport picture]

i can't find which is the most appropriate one...
in the end......

[this is the most appropriate and geeky one]

life is being plain fine.
it's just that i've been having problems with "friendships" lately.

first of all, maybe you would think that i will search for you only when i'm in trouble or need some help or advices or etc.
but do you really think so? if i am in trouble, i will tell everyone. not only you.
by "everyone", i mean everyone that is willing to hear such as my bestfriend, Vian and other close friends that i can reach.
in fact, i always tell Vian first if i have things to tell or problems to share or need for some advice.

i wont search for you only when i am in trouble.
maybe you would think so. because you don't know me.
in fact, i never really did tell people about my real deep problems.
all the problems that i want to share are only the not-that-really-important-ones-but-i-just-want-to-share-anyway.

i'm just trying to say that if you think i will search for my friends only when i am in trouble is actually not that true.
even if you think that i am wrong about myself right now, i know myself better than you do and God knows me better than anybody else including me.
don't jump into conclusion that you know me. the fact is you don't, so you better shut your mouth up because i know what i'm doing.

i can tell you millions of things about me but you still don't know me.

move on to the next subject, about "friendships" too.
you said that you miss our friendship and hoped that nothing will ever change but it does anyway.
if you really hoped that nothing will ever change, you will move your butt and do something to maintain this friendship of ours.
you can't just wait for miracles to come while you just sit there, being sad on Blog/Facebook/Tumblr, and still do nothing.

grow up! do something about it!
even if you think that it's already way too late, for me, NOTHING is ever too late.
because it is always better late than NEVER.
okay? keep that in mind.

next, i didn't wish birthdays and i can't wish birthdays and i don't want to wish birthdays.
don't get mad at me just because i can't wish birthdays or sing birthday songs.

finally, i have these two stunning black+purple novels.
i want to fill my time imagining i'm in it because imagination is still better than reality.

last but not the least, once again i am going to tell you, i don't have credits in my phone.
i didn't bother to reload it because there's nobody to text so if i didn't reply your text messages, that means i am UNABLE to. it's not my choice. i am lazy to reload.
don't get mad at me. don't just jump into conclusion that i am arrogant or ignorant or indifferent or anything that is similar because, like i've stated earlier, you don't know a thing about me or the reasons of why i do things.

people are being annoying and irritating as heck lately.
i built thick and tall walls to block them but they are still nerves-boosting.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Thursday, April 5, 2012
i can never bring myself to love lizards.

a few days ago [again the same damn word], in the afternoon after i arrived safely at home from school, i heard Lowong was screaming saying that ada benda asing masuk dalam rumah.
i ran, i jump, i flew, nah just kidding. i walked gracefully towards that thing and saw a very ugly thing. i dont even know what it was, so i considered it as an iguana.

[its red eyes were looking at me with a killing aura]


i hate lizards. they are ugly, they are smelly when they die, they are everything that is unlucky and gross.
words cant describe how much i dislike them. no, it's not that i am not grateful of what God has created for us. but why in the hell should i love something that i don't love?! especially lizards.

i actually cant even bring myself to 'hate' God's creations but .. i cant find any other words to describe the opposite of "I love lizards".
it's not "I'm neutral about lizards" because it's apparent that i cant stay still if they are happily sitting beside me.
it's not "I hate lizards" because i cant hate God's creation. the word 'hate' is strong. it's like i am not grateful or anything that is rough.

can it be "I dislike lizards"? or "I dont love lizards"?

i have maaaany reasons to not love lizards.
first of the freaking all, their body structure is gross.
if you press their body while they're alive, you'll feel that it's very fluid-like and that is beyond the worst.
if you press their body while they're dead, you'll feel that you're pressing a solid thing and please smell your hands after you touched them. you'll feel that i am doing the right thing for not loving them.

second, their ugly yellow/red eyes. if their eyes are white, it's even more creepy.
i hate the way their eyes are looking at me. they'll turn their heads 360 degrees just to look at me.
sometimes when they're eating their foods, which is another insects, their heads will stand up high while their bodies stay flat on surface and that is so damn gross.

third, i hate their shits. it's black and white.
i even hate when they shit everywhere they want to.
seriously. they shouldn't shit in my house! of course their shits are not smelly but they are DIRTY.

oh and i also hate when at nights, they'll crawl up to the lamps, especially fluorescent lamps.
and do some weird sounds.
the way they kill their preys is also ugly. they will bang the body or head or any part of the insects that they can reach onto the freaking wall.
i saw it once and i hate it.

i can name everything that i dislike about them but it's such a waste of my time.
let's sum up all of the reasons and make it general that i DO NOT and CAN NOT and even WILL NOT love lizards. [addition : their babies aren't cute too!]

enough about lizards, i would like to talk about my lil bro - Al Emerson.
back when he was still 3-6 years old, i always call him "Cinta ku Al~"
the cute little 3-6 years old him will reply "Apa sayang~" and i will smile for the rest of my day and become a happy black-faced girl.

but now he's 8 years old and he's getting more annoying and more.... NERENGET.
it's because he went to school at Tenom and it's hard to look after him.
he became black, nerenget, always covered up with mud because he was playing with his friends and anything that you can imagine with the word 'nerenget'.

Al : *le watching TV*
Me : Cinta ku Al~
Al : *no respond*
Me : Cinta ku Al!
Al : *no respond - eyes were focused on TV*
Al : Ih bising ba! Pi sana kau pigi di dapur ka apa ka. Mengacau org jak tau.

yes. he's becoming more uncute.

last week i have this bag full of candies and so i showed it to him while he was playing games.
he asked for me, i gave him one. soon i made a deal with him.
i said if he's willing to wear cute things, i'll give him lots of candy.

yes, adore his cuteness because he is cute.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, April 2, 2012
the best Kem Kepimpinan 2012

i know i've been away for three to four days.
i promised that i will continue my story about being the guest server but it's very unnecessary so let's leave it at that.
i want to talk about a new story.

these last three days, i went to Kem Kepimpinan, just like what i've told you before.
i admit it that at first i really didn't want to go to that camp because i thought it'll be boring.
unexpectedly, it was indeed FUN!
it was not as strict as hell. the seniors and the juniors were being friendly.
i can feel that now the bond between the prefects and PRSes is strong.
i knew their names [though at first we were forced to remember each other's names].

i forgot to mention that we were camping at Sungai Pamilaan Tenom.
i didn't bring my camera, i regretted it, so i need to borrow some pictures from my kind Physic teacher and i'll give her some credits in every of the pictures taken by her.

[picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

[the boys' camps. the girls slept at Dewan. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

on the first day, we did nothing because we arrived earlier than planned.
so we've got lots of spare time to waste. of course the first thing we did was BATH.
after that we ate, and i get to socialize with my friends that are not really that close to me.

[our delicious foods. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

[picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :) spot me!]

[this is the Dewan. notice my head? picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

when Fadli accidentally mentioned that person's name infront of me, i was like OUCH that hurts. a lot.
i told Amirah about that since there's nobody else for me to tell.
yeah, how sad.

and then the night of the first day, we have Malam Si Buta where they'll close our eyes with a scarf. but this one was a little bit different than usual. the head of each team [i was chosen to be the head of my team] have their eyes open but their mouths closed. which means we were not allowed to talk, we only get to pull our comrades to the right path.

on the second day, we have Larian Komando which i didn't participate in bathing in the mud because i am allergic to it. i seriously can't.
so i was just watching over them like a freaking boss with my white clean T-Shirt. unlike theirs.

[before Larian Komando, makannnnnn! yayy~ picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

[the muddy mud. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

[punya siok ni. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

[kesian si Amirah :'D . picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

we were allowed to take a bath like twice a day.
after the Larian Komando, most of us went into the river to swim.
it was fun, okay. it'll be even more fun if i have my bestfriends with me at that time.

[them bathing at the river. time ni sa baru mau turun pigi sungai. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

that night, we have Malam Persembahan which each of the team will present a Melodrama where there will be singing and acting at the same time.

[last preparations for our Melodrama. spot me with the spongeyboby sweater! picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

[i braided my hair by myself. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

[our kind senior who helped us in winning by giving us ideas. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

[during our performance. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

[giving the moral values. gosh i looked fat. and i am fat. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

guess what? OUR TEAM WON! i never thought we will ever win because i never ever won any best perfomance in a camp.

third day, my feet was cramp. and bla bla bla bla.

[last morning exercise which i didnt manage to follow because those kind seniors told me to let my feet rest. picture credits to Teacher Dalilah :)]

i am so damn lazy to talk about those unnecessary stuffs.
why am i so lazy to blog nowadays?! it's like i don't have any inspirations left!

about today? first of all, this admin PC was formatted while i was gone and now we have a HandyCafe Client! yayyyyyy! no more manual writing.

second of all, i got 27 over 30 for our English ULBS!
i chose to talk about KONY 2012. mind you, we need to talk about a topic spontaneously.
i guess i managed to do it but i still need more improvements!

third of all, it's about my Twitter crush.
last night he tweeted me a goodnight. i just found out about it a few minutes ago.
so i am smiling the heck out of me right now.

dear Twitter crush, if only you have the guts to talk to me.. :)

next, after the morning assembly just now, there was a sportcheck.
it sucks a lot. my baju kurung was considered short because its length only reached my knees!
what the heck, right?! we need to wear a baju kurung with a length THREE freaking INCHES below our knees.
and we can't have front hair. if you want to have a front hair, it need to be half of your forehead.
the heck okay. half of my forehead. that's right. so ridiculous and absurd.

i was caught because my baju kurung was short. so all of the criminals were told to write 200 sentences, saying "Saya akan patuh pada disiplin sekolah".
yeap, just like in the movie Harry Potter [only that this is not Hogwarts].
i can't believe i managed to write that much but yeah, i finished writing them.

now i am more hideous, more ugly and more black.
after joining that camp, my skin became even more black.
i have no front hair, i have no confidence.
i have no confidence, i can't study.

there are indeed lots of things that i could complain.

there's this one guy asking for a second chance to make our friendship okay.
i was like, 'THE HECK! why so corny...'
in the end, i ignored him.
just go to your beloved girl who have a similar face with that particular girl on a particular band lah! there's no need to search for me already.
we're not friends anymore.

i hate not having a front hair.

about our worksheet for our upcoming Scout Camp, the worksheet was rejected.
basically it's because i put some teachers' name who have already transferred to KRS [Kadet Remaja Sekolah] and the name list of Scout's members does not reach 120.

now, those juniors have already made the event on Facebook, telling people that the camp will be held on 27th April. they didn't know that i need to get through some troubles again in completing 101% our worksheet and it took one freaking whole month for the Mr.I-Dont-Know-Who to accept our camp. so, in conclusion, we will not be having a Scout Camp on 27th April. the date will be changed and i will be the one to blame.

look, i am so damn sorry.
i don't even know the name list of Scout teachers. i was not given any list. i made them based on the previous worksheets.
second of all, i dont have the name list for Scout's members.
so i only managed to get 80++ names and IC number [another problem is, most of those juniors don't remember their freaking IC number].

i am so sorry.
there's nothing we can do except having Scout Camp on early of the month May.
thank you.

wait. the heck? why did i thank you?

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-