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Saturday, July 28, 2012
the busy Thursday and the depressing Friday.

suddenly this blog has become a picture blog since my time is lately very limited.
i mean, i have my own life to live and a lot of troubles keep me away from blogging.
for next week's next week, there'll be August Monthly Test and i know i've said it before but i missed THREE Chemistry classes.
so please expect me to fail.

yesterday, i joined in the "Spell-It-Right Competition".
the competition is similar with the "Spelling Bee" but only the names are different.

back to the story, i managed to get into the final round.
depressingly, i lose in the final round.

and then i was chosen to be in the round for the third winner.
i depressingly lose again.
i am not trying to make any excuse but i can HARDLY hear what the Master Speller was saying.
the Master Speller spoke the word in a fast pace and in a low volume.

my pride was hurt for the fact that when i spelled that word incorrectly, somebody screamed "YESS!!".

to put that depressing story aside, i was one of the committee members for the English Club.
i was told to do the backdrop with some other members of the club.
so i did the words of the "Spell-It-Right" and a rose.


[not my work ah those words]

so while i was cutting the words "Spell-It-Right" with a polystyrene cutter, there's this sir [a male teacher] who is very good in art said ;

Him : Free hand ka?
Me : Iya haha.
Him : Buli tahan juga oo. Klau urang lain, t'bingkuk2 suda tu dorg potong.
Me : Hehehehe biasa.
Him : Ada tangan seni oo.

[humble brag]

and then i was surrounded by all of those juniors.
i pulled out a professional face and they said "Pro oh" and i said "Besaaa" :8)
suddenly one of them said "Dota laaa?".
and i was like, 'aik mengancang ni budak?'

[they cut the petals of my rose and my rose has turned into this thing!]

we were not able to finish all of those works on Thursday.
so we continued on Friday, but i was absent during that day.
i managed to come at 12PM though.

Vian called me using an unknown number.
i forgot to ask something after hanging up the call so i called the number again.
here goes the conversation :
Me : Helloo? Ada si Vian?
Person On Line : Apaaa?
Me : Ada si Vian? si Viviannie?
Person On Line : Feo, this is Teacher Angela.

HAHA bikin kuyak.
i was using the informal words lagi tu.
and then she asked me why i was absent. i told her the truth.
kena suru jaga rumah by those homosapiens =,=

back to the story on Thursday, i was waiting for my dad to pick me up.
so i went to my favourite place alone.

by being alone, that doesn't mean that i am lonely.
sometimes, i love being alone. for instance, i was always reading books alone in the library.
oh how i miss those moments where i went to the library every weekends.
now i am getting more lazy.

back to the part where i went to my favourite place.

[ABC IceCream. this thing was very appetizing, trust me]

as soon as i got back home, there were a group of kids around my age inviting me to play Dota with them since they lost in playing CS with me.
we played Dota and it was 2VS4! the two people were me and one boy.
my teammate was so not good so i felt like it was actually 1VS4.

skip the story, i continued painting my rose :D

that night, sempat lagi sa main with the puppies who suddenly came running into the small cyber.

[beautiful sunset]

[and then these cute things came :3 aww~]

on Friday, we put up everything and look at my rose!


[only those with the arrows are my masterpiece]

did you notice the one in peach colour at the left bottom?
i did that and then the sir which i talked about earlier helped me a little bit with a sprinkle of his art.
that masterpiece became wonderful, thanks to him.

on the right side there was not my work, okay!
[klau yg buruk, nda mo mngaku ni hahahaha]
but it's true la. that one was not my masterpiece.

so, i have a lot of revision to do.
how can i master two chapters in one day?!

i hate this flu.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

random things that happened for this past few days.

this was what happened for the past few days.
picture says everything lah! i am having a flu and feeling dizzy.
and yesterday i missed THREE Chemistry classes and TWO Biology classes.
i wanted to go to school so badly but those inconsiderate human beings were pushing me to stay at home.

now what i understand about Chemistry is NOTHING.

[i was this lil birdie outside the window. it couldn't fly]

[i braided Lowong's hair, and she said it was ugly. honestly i don't think so]

i'm always the one who does the braiding.
i need someone to braid my hair too!

[i love sunset]


the video for puppies is such a trouble lah.

[an evidence that i was on duty for the school's Sports Day]

[i was craving for this and so all of those are mine]

i should stop eating, i'm getting fat.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, July 22, 2012
i keep my promises. that's why i rarely make any promises.

tonight i only have little time to blog since tomorrow is school and i need to sleep early and before that i need to revise Chemistry for a while.
as a conclusion, tonight i won't be talking about my puppies [even though i want to!]
on the next post, i'll upload a video showing the story of my puppies and will talk about other irrelevant things.
so, brace yourself!

as i promised, Anne has already uploaded our pictures and here they are!

[i like this picture the most]

[from left : Lanie, Anne, Kevin]

caption for the picture above : "Ada ku kesah?"
inspired by :

[candid HAHA Kevin was showing off his flat tummy]

that's all!
can't ramble any longer! i'm out of time.


0 dropped words~

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Saturday, July 21, 2012
i am an adventurous person.

i know today is the day but you should at least tell me!
even though i know, how could i be so sure if you never told me?

so i am all sad right now.
recently i've been moody and yeah, even the smallest thing can provoke me to be angry.
even the smallest thing can cause me to be sad and such things.

please imagine my sad face while blogging right now.

last night, i went to HoneySweet with my bestfriend and friends.
too bad some of my bestfriends and some of their friends were not able to go.
but the party must go on, and we had fun.

we shared stories together, drank Cokes, ate the chicken wings and french fries, and took lots of pictures.
and other fun things that you can imagine.
it's been a while since i last share any stories with Anne!
we haven't met for such quite a while T-T

[Lanie and me. yeah, saya bermata kogutan.]

this is the only picture that has been uploaded.
[not the only one lah but the only one which i look better in it HAHA]
let's wait until Anne upload the other pictures.

so it was 10.30PM++, we were about to go back home.
me, Lanie, and Kevin were going to take a taxi but there was none!
[obviously lah since it was nearly midnight already]

i then brought up the idea to walk back home.
basically, it's because a lot of my friends and bestfriends have already experienced going back home by walking during night.
i wanted to experience it too and it was so adventurous!
as a result of my stubbornness, they agreed to walk by feet!

the night was very dark [please do the "You don't say" face].
and it was full with stars.
starry night sky.

we talked and talked and talked and danced on the road.
soon we realised that we have arrived at Taman Luagan!
yes, we walked from HoneySweet to Taman Luagan.
i did not lie. it was fun [for me, it is fun because i love adventure].

it was 12AM. we played guitar at Lanie's house.
at 1AM, me and Kevin walked back to Taman JKR.
the road was dark. we can barely see anything.
it was chilly and oh gosh i can even make great mystery stories with those details.

we talked, talked, laughed and all and arrived at nearly 2AM.
Kevin was so kind, he sent me until infront of my house.
[we lived in the same housing area]

however, my parents did not believe me. they even scold me.
they said i was hiding something because usually i will ask them to pick me up.
seriously, i just want to try something new!
i know it is dangerous for a girl to walk by feet during midnight but i love adventure!
you can't stop me from being adventurous!
one day i am going to explore the woods and read novels in it until midnight.
[not really until midnight, but oh well...]

to change the subject, i am currently not sad anymore.
i've already got the news that i needed and now i am not sad anymore.
but i will be sad soon. a week from now or so.
because something is going to happen.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

here comes another depressing blog post.
i forgot to mention that two days ago, our school was having Sports Day.
i didn't participate in any sports [i hate sports] so i was on duty as a scout.

[tired faces]

anyway, the depressing thing IS, I BECAME A SUPER BLACK GIRL!!
blame it on the freaking sunny day.
it's easy for my skin to be tan but it's damn hard for my skin to be fair!
i used a freaking umbrella but the sunlight was still able to get through and pierce my skin.

[a candid picture of mine. borrowed this picture from my Physics teacher's album]

this is unfair. life is unfair.
all of my efforts in using Garnier for months is totally like pouring salt into the ocean!

and my arms too. OH MY ARMS!!
they are so freaking black that i feel like i should not live anymore.
they are so freaking black that i feel like puking off everytime i look at my arms.
now no man would want to marry me anymore!
*laying at the corner of the room crying*

please ignore my blackness........ T-T

i am screaming loudly, yet nobody hears it.
they are not listening.

why am i too kind?
i was told once that everyone deserves a second chance.
but what if that is the price they need to pay for their mistakes?
i mean, what if by not having a second chance is the price they need to pay?
umph, if you get what i mean.

i am being real honest here. i am too kind.
i was lied infront of my two eyeballs, yet i still give a second chance.
i feel insecure. it makes me question everything you have ever said.
what if right now you're lying too?
but no worries about that. you can't lie to me. i'm a good lie-detector.
i know everytime you lie.

but what if one day i caught off my guard?
what if i trusted you and then you lied once again but since i caught off my guard, i'll not be able to detect it?
i hate being lied to. obviously nobody likes it when people lie to them!

maybe i am thinking too much.
overthinking will explode the brain.
so i'm just gonna let everything be and let everything happens the way they should.

suddenly i miss 13th October.
no matter what i do, those things won't come back anymore.
people change. i watched you change.
the only thing that will never change is those memories.
they are replaying in my head [i've been telling you this for like thousands of times] just like a stuck old film roll. it replays without sound.

maybe it'll take a year or two for me to completely forget about that November.
or maybe it'll take me a lifetime.

[got a clue for the school's upcoming TalentTime?]

the main reason of why i want to become an artist is, i want people to listen to my songs.
especially those lyrics. lyrics are very meaningful to me.
they play the most important role in composing great songs.

if i were to sing infront of the audience, i would choose a song that has the most relatable lyrics.
especially the lyrics that say everything i wanted to say but i couldn't.
i want people to not just sing the song without any deep feelings.
i sing every song with deep feelings.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Thursday, July 19, 2012
you created the game, i created the puzzles.

i am laughing hard at myself right now.
this is the first time for me to be LIED by a person whom i am in a relationship with.
[and now it's gonna be a "WAS"]
yes, my dear fellow readers, the so-called-boyfriend lied to me.
maybe he cheated on me too but i don't know.

i knew it since the beginning that you're LYING to me.
but then i thought "Hey, why don't I play along with his little game?"
it's really FUN to watch how people are trying real HARD to lie to you even though you already know the freaking TRUTH.

i knew it all along. yet, i pretended to be DUMB, i stayed silent and watched how far you can go.

too bad, you don't know how to lie better.
next time, learn to lie.
too bad, last night you admitted that you lied to me.
next time, lie longer.

seriously this is the FIRST time i was lied with my both naked eyes watching.
i am laughing right now knowing the fact that somebody who WAS in a relationship with me FAILED in lying.

if you're reading this right now, much bitch's love for you.
you told that girl to text me and even gave me her number.
oh okay. what do i do with her number?
ask her and believed all the LIES?

you brought this to public first. so let's play this game in public.
so that girl texted me something like "We're just bestfriends and nothing more than that".
you think i am stupid to eat that lie?
bet you told her to text me that.

Me : Tidak tanya. Tepaya kasitau, ini hal kami. TQ
Her : Sy mnta maaf lau msuk cmpur..

*a few minutes later*

Her : Sy hrap jgn ko break dia k.. Tda niat sa mo rebut dia dari ko

let me translate the last part for you.
she said "I don't have the intention to take him away from you".
oh, like seriously? i NEVER did mention anything about you stealing him away.
there's something wrong with that sentence. hmm, lemme see.
oh yes, it's because SOMETHING is really going on between you two.

see? this is another good example of why
we should NOT trust people easily.
you trust once, you die.
you pretend to be dumb whilst you know the truth, your heart stays alive.

another lesson learned.
i've already told you guys that we should not easily LOVE someone.
we should not easily TRUST them.
people CAN'T be trusted!
at some point, they'll disappoint you, they'll cheat on you and you'll feel helpless.

i am not sad. rather, i am very much DISAPPOINTED right now.
you're still able to smile? i am still able to even LAUGH about this right now.
this is all so ridiculous.

those "I miss you" and "I love you" and "There's no other, trust me" and the most worst one is "I want to be your Superman" and all those shits. Superman my ass la.
i hate Superman. i like Peterpan better.

learn to differentiate between "I miss you" and "I'm bored so I'll just text you".

these kind of things are so gross and i am not good with gross corny things.
but i am still a teenager no matter what you say.
every teenager has to experience this sometimes.

I can't bite my tongue foreverWhile you try to play it coolYou can hide behind your storiesBut don't take me for a fool

You can tell me that there's nobody elseYou can tell me that you're home by yourselfYou can look into my eyes and pretend all you wantBut I know, I know your love is just a lieIt's nothing but a lie

haiya i thought this was gonna be fun.
i never knew that this would waste my precious time.
hmm. whatever.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
nothing but a lying machine.

some people are smart. yep, they are smart in lying. in cheating.
you're nothing but a lying machine and the worst part is, i didn't expect that.
it's a good thing that i never trusted you in the first place.

it has not been one month yet, and i was already disappointed.
by knowing that, it disappoints me.

seriously, darling, i am not dumb enough to trust in every of your lies.
i am good in reading what others are thinking, including you.

i said once that everyone will disappoint me one day.
it's happening right now.

humans are stupid! why they just can't let good things stay good?!
let happy things stay happy and never to ruin it!

i guess we're both taking each other for granted.
we both are looking for some tools to forget the past.

no, i am NOT sad. i am disappointed but i am not sad.
because you're nothing but a tool.
a lying machine, a lying tool, which makes you a fool.

don't bother making up excuses.
i am going to stay silent about this and see how far you can get.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Sunday, July 15, 2012
my best moment in July.

yesterday, which is 14th of July [Saturday], is the best day ever in 2012.
in the previous post, i've already told you that i joined in a CS Tournament at L&R.
we formed a mix team called Fnatic.
and i'm glad that i picked the right teammates to be with.
[thank heaven i rejected the offer to be in the same team with that person - he's a jerk]

i was supposed to do a curly waterfall-braid but i failed since they told me to go to L&R as fast as i could.
i arrived at 9AM++ and noticed that the cyber was still closed!
what a waste of time lah. if only i knew in the first place, i still could do my curly waterfall-braid oh.

so me and my teammates gathered together in a restaurant and had breakfast.
[i had Cokes for breakfast. yes, so healthy]
i told them to wear a purple shirt, but one of them didn't.

[we're all still looking good though. right? yes, i know]

after hours of waiting, the tournament finally started at 12PM or so.
you wouldn't want to know the boring details so blablablah i'm gonna skip it.

there were six of us though only five players were allowed to play.
i let Kevin play the first game as i was afraid i would be a burden to my team.
for the first game, they said that we'll fight with Keningau's legendary CS player so i was panic at first when i was watching them playing.

the friend beside me then told me to not panic [though i was really not panic, i was just WORRIED].
it was my first time joining a tournament.
before this, i have ever joined match only.
after lots of suspense, we won the first game.

we waited for like hours after our second game.
i played the second game and to skip all of the details, we won the second game.
it's a good thing that i was not a burden to my team.

my friends then told me that while i was playing, all of those people stopped playing Dota just to watch me play the game.
i seriously didn't notice that! and they didn't take a picture of me playing!
after some thinking, i looked around my surrounding and realised that i was the only girl standing alive.

after some rounds, one of the enemies then changed his nickname into "hai^fedora".
when i saw that nickname, i was like 'What the heck?!! You can't even spell my name right!'
one of the things that i hate the most is when people can't spell my name right.
even worse, they called me "Dora" and mistaken me for "Edora" !
seriously, it is FEO-to-the-freaking-DORA.
what's so hard about that name?! it's not that hard!
just think about Deodorant. it has "O" in the middle of "De" and "Dorant".
the same with my name!
Fe-O-Dora! FEODORA! that "O" plays the most important part in my name!
it's not a freaking FEDORA.
my nickname was "Fnatic.Rc // Abang Feo".
why do you think it has "O" in "Feo" if it was not part of my freaking name?!!
fuhhh, enough with the babbling.

skip the story of the third game.

during the final round, which was at 1AM, yes, ONE freaking IN THE MORNING, my dad called me more than 3 times.
my handphone's battery then went off. seriously it died by itself.
i seriously have no idea that this tourney will take such a long time.

to sum up all of the stories, after going through the hassle, we won the tournament :D
i am NOT bragging or showing off.
i will NEVER say things like "Nah ko nampak tu? Kami menang, kamu tida".
when people asked me which place we got in the tournament, i didn't tell.
i'd rather stay silent and not tell them.
but then they figured it out by themselves [or somebody told them, i don't know].

oh i forgot to tell you that before our first game started, this person which i dislike was trying to talk to me. even worse, he actually wanted to high-five with me!

here's the story about that.
before the tournament started, we were training.
he then came out from nowhere and said "Wahh Feo! Ada peningkatan oh!".
he can't even pronounce my name!
i didn't even look at his face and i only replied a mutter "Besa" and i pulled out a bored face.

before our first game started, he tried talking to me again!
"Good luck ah" and he pulled out his fist and expected me to high-five with a fist too.
but i am so damn freaking glad that i DID NOT high-five his fist.
i looked at his fist while he was waiting for me to hit it with my first, and then i walked away.
i walked the freaking away and that was the best moment ever in my whole entire freaking life.
bet you're embarassed for a second, aren't you?
we're not friends and will never be friends.

after the tournament has ended, he was shaking hands with my teammates.
i tried hard to pretend that i was busy, i walked to the other side.
but then he walked over to me and was trying to shake my hand.
i did not shake his hand, i walked quickly to the other side.

seriously, don't pretend like nothing ever happened between us.
last year you humiliated me with all those fake stories that you told your friends.
this year, it's my time.

and please la don't ever tell those people that you know me.
i'm embarassed enough that they thought we were still together.
seriously, stop it.
leave me alone, don't talk to me, go and live your own life, thank you.

i then went back home at 2AM.
i was out from the house from 9AM until 2AM.
how cool is that?
actually that was the first time for me to get back home at 2AM in this year.

to change the subject, i am now very sensitive.
i am sensitive to the cold because it'll cause my period cramps to hurt even more.
i am sensitive of your attitude, your words and such things.
even the slightest things could change my mood.
it's hard to be a girl, so you need to understand.

tomorrow is school. i am so dead.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Friday, July 13, 2012
tournament tomorrow!

i am so dead tomorrow.
me and my teammates are going to join the Counter Strike Tournament tomorrow.
let's just hope that this tournament is a simple one, and not a big one.
i've stopped playing that thing for months and i am not really sure that i can score.

a lot of people asked me whether i am joining that tournament or not, and who my teammates are and etc etc.
that is the main cause of why i am feeling nervous right now.
it's like they're trying to tell me that i am NOOB and that i will lose.

so we had a training session at my house just now.
i feel guilty for not letting Maling enter the house since the house is in a mess and it's not in a good view.
i'm sorry!

what i have learned today is ; some things are meant to be that way.
it can't be changed even if you tried so hard. things won't change for you.
i soon realised that it is not any of my business to meddle in anymore.
i should just stay put, watch the things that will go around and stay silent.

i should've known about this thing earlier.
i mean, i should've accepted this earlier.

i have a lot of thoughts in my mind lately.
i would be lying if i said that i am not ego.
actually i have a very big ego.
for instance, i won't talk to you unless you talk to me first.
great people have great egos.

if we continue to do the same damn thing in the same damn way every freaking day, then you'll be no different than the other normal human beings.
i am now determined to do things in the way that is different than the others.

take the risk, make some bad decisions and you'll have a superfreakingawesome story.

right now i am so damn tired and sleepy.
Lowong is camping at i-dont-know-where right now, so i have to sleep alone tonight - which is what i hate the most but i have to sleep early tonight as there's a big event tomorrow.

pray for me so that i could do the best :)

by the way, i started to learn that staying silent is better than letting rubbish out from my mouth.
i should stop cursing [even though i never used the "F" word, i only use "Silaka, Bitch, Kurang ajar, Babi, Sial, Sheytt".
don't worry, i will try my best to not use those bad words anymore.

[A promise doesn't mean a thing anymore]

before i go to sleep, i'd like to give you guys a piece of advice ; never trust in promises.
if you trust in promises, then you're screwed.
why? because people will never keep promises.

you let your guards down, and you're dead.
you let your walls down, and you're dead.

i guarantee you that someday and one day, people will just forget the promises that they have made with you.
it makes you want to ask them "Hey, remember those promises we made? Did you forget it? How could you forget it? I thought it was very important to us?" and something like that.

since i have a big ego, i will never ask them about why did they make promises that they can't even keep.
since i have a big ego, i will just pretend not to care and live my freaking life.

oh the blood is dripping down heavily right now, so it's a no wonder that i am very sensitive right now.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
people are shitty with promises

*I've deleted some of the contents because actually I was wrong :D My bestfriends are awesome! Except for that one girl. She's not my bestfriend anymore too.*

i am not the type of person who makes up stories and spread it to everyone.

there's really no point in explaining and telling them about the real thing.
since i did, i tried my best, but they don't believe it.
how stupid can that be? yes, it's beyond stupid.

[i'll make this as a reminder every morning]

most humans have the tendency to trust HYPOCRITES or LIARS instead of trusting the truest ones.
why? because humans are stupid. so damn freaking stupid.

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

Monday, July 9, 2012
3AM conversations.

hiyyahhhh homosapiens!
a lot of interesting things happened in my life lately.
a few days ago [on Saturday], our school held a jogathon.

i didn't want to participate in it because,
Reason 1 : I am tired of being black. By running 10KM, it'll make me even more black.
Reason 2 : I don't see any point of joining it.
Reason 3 : If I want to run, I can always jog around this housing area.

therefore, i became one of the committee members who took care of the checkpoint.
and i wore this cool nametag which made me looked like a pro keeper.

last week, i found out that one of my dogs gave birth to puppies!
[please do the "You don't say?" face]

trust me, they were all cuties but my friends said that when they grow up, they'll not be cute anymore, just like my dogs!
HAHA i was like, "Damn! My dogs are cute too even though they're not fat!"

[they were cuddling together. how cute is that?! beyond cute]

[there were seven puppies altogether! three of them have 3 colours : black, brown, white. cool, huh?]

[i love the one on the left the most. his/her name is Dada]

but i'll need to give those puppies away soon as my parents don't want any dogs anymore.
and Dada's name will be changed :'(

last but not the least, i changed my profile picture into this :

and the thing is, there's this one guy who thought i was trying to show my boobs!
seriously, i captured that picture only to show the freaking NECKLACE!!
pervert people will always have the dirty mind.

i was being harsh with Yen just now.
i told him something like, "Buat apa jg ko mau b'sedih. Tcr.Charlee nda rindu kau jg tu. One day dia lupa kau jg."
he then denied that he was sad because of that.
Jacq added "Dia gmbira pulang KK. Dia mo jumpa mamy dia".

seriously, i hate his sad face and his soulless attitude.
i mean, nobody's dying, right?
he should just accept the fact that the teacher will no longer teach here.
she's gonna move on with her life as a teacher.
she's not gonna stop travelling just because of a freaking student!


put aside those negative thoughts, today i learned one more thing about life.
i need to go through tough moments just so i can appreciate those good moments.
English classes are very inspiring. i mean, those poems which have lots of figurative meanings.
Bahasa Melayu class is not so inspiring because we talked more about patriotism and less about life.

sometimes i wonder why people hate it when others are being secretive with them whilst they're also secretive with others.
it's like they only want the world to revolve around them.
it's like they want people to take care of their feelings while they don't even bother to take care of others' feelings.

i am not the type who is easy to express my feelings.
to be exact, i'm not the type who express my feelings.
even if i said that i am sad or depressed, that's not my truest feeling. at all.
baby i was born this way [Lady Gaga's line].

i don't know how to express my feelings well so you just need to know me well enough to know what i'm thinking or feeling.
if you don't have the clue, then, it's too bad.

late night conversations are the best.
they are the honest ones.

i don't know why i'm feeling sad this year.
sometimes i am both sad and happy at the same time and i don't know how that could possibly happen.
but it did happen anyway.
i am always sad.

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