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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
i woke up early for NOTHING!

it's 8AM and i am actually back from school.
i really want to kill myself and those people around me who didn't mention that the school is not open for Form 1,2,3 and 4 students today!
i shouldn't blame those people around me who didn't bother to tell me though.
they thought that i was already been informed about this but hey, how am i supposed to be up-to-date if i was in my village all these past few days? most, i mean.

i was at school, being the only Form 4 student who wore baju kurung.
sungguh memalukan.
me walking towards the cab parking lot was embarassing too.
i don't know why but it's so damn embarassing and i felt pity of myself.

i woke up as early as 5.20AM just for this!
this is so unfair lah!

on the brightside, i get to settle some things that need to be settled.
all there's left is to return the book that i've borrowed from the public library, collect the money for our class' T-shirt, and get the letter for tomorrow's 2013 registration.

i just realised that the topic "Aaaaaa apocalypse is coming this 2012!" is never once been brought up again.
fact is, humans are always wrong. in everything that they do or invented or created, there will always be lots of flaws.
it is IMPOSSIBLE for humans to create something flawless or be flawless.
"But nothing is impossible, Feo", you might say.
hey, who says that?
for humans, it is impossible. but everything is POSSIBLE for our only dear Creator.

anyway, just now was a big embarassment.

i'm just gonna tell myself that everything is gonna get better.
sooner or later.
"Fake it until you make it", they say.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012
*UPDATED* engagement day of eldest sister

sadly im gonna admit that this is the first time for me to blog using a tab instead of a lappy or PC.
my charger for laptop is missing and i've got tons of things to blog about!
first of all, i am currently in my village at Tambunan.
basically i planned to visit here because i was dying for a peace of my own.
at the same time, my eldest sister was getting engaged here [and she is already engaged now] so yeah, it's like killing two birds with one freaking stone.

 today is Sunday and i went here last Thursday.
for exact, i've been living here for three days.
i planned to stay for two days more but i've got tons of business to do back in Keningau.
[and i can't stand watching le Mr. Senor missing me so much that he called me every night hahahaha jk]

 everyday i washed the dishes here so my hands are not as soft as they were before.
but nevermind, because i helped with a sincere heart.
the engagement day was great. i heard people were saying, "Mcm urg kawin pdhl tunang sja".
i consider that as a compliment.
plus, i met tons of people and they were being very friendly to me.

some of the strangers claimed that they know me even though i swear i have had never met them before.
they called my name for countless of times and i found it very rude when they treated me as if im a lady with low class by asking for my number.
i was like, 'Hey! this is my place, not yours. know your position and get lost'.
as a result, they thought of me as an arrogant person.
it's not about me being arrogant. it's about you guys being cheap and low class.

nevertheless, the engagement party was great, my dress was great, my cousins are great, my new friends were great and friendly.
they even pulled me to dance and sing and drink.
even though the  kids were annoying, they are still cute.

 [my eldest sister. i was the one who did her makeups!]

[eldest sister and mom]

[Ashlie (i just knew how to spell her real name), me, and Ericca]

[my cousin Bora (Left side) and le Lowongness (Right side)]

[forgot to rotate]

[cute Ashlie which is one of my underlings. lol]

i said to all of the little girls that i will braid their hair which we have already practiced before the engagement day.
unfortunately, i was busy doing the makeups and hair for my eldest sister, for my cousin and myself.
so i completely had no time to do their braids. the number of little girls were more than five! how can i finish doing our makeups in time, kan?
while i was going back and forth to search for things, di sana la juga mereka mengerumun daku sambil berkata "Kakak Piooooooo, mau tocang rambut yang macam kemarinnnn".
i said that i was sorry, i was doing makeups for others so i don't have time for their braids.
i felt guilty but i didn't promise them.
in the end, they only did a bun instead of a braid.

it's just a simple engagement day.
simplicity is the best.
the family of the guy's side cannot stay longer than 3PM at his fiancee's house after an engagement.
that's their custom. i don't even know why but we just went with the flow anyway.
and so the engagement party was continued at KK.

[Congratulations to Christine Gloria and Pierrie Singh]

[looks like candies but they were actually strawberry and chocolate cakes]

[this picture was taken without us wearing heels. ternyata diri ini lebih tinggi daripada keLowongan]

[camwhoring is a MUST!!]

[camwhoring is COMPLUSORY!!]

[camwhoring is a NECESSITY for a LIVING!!]

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
20th October and girls hangout!

it's been almost two weeks i've left this blog stranded without updating!
of course, i was busy with my examination and today [Tuesday] is the official day for the end of our Final Semester Examination! weheee!

i was supposed to tell you guys earlier that i was going to my bestfriend's friend's party night.
it was held on 20th October 2012 and my bestfriend asked me for help to promote the tickets.

[their tickets looked a lot similar like ours last year. nevermind about that lah.]

so i sold the tickets, but that doesn't mean that we're the one who held that party.
the one who held that party was a Form Three girl and she asked my bestfriend, Anne, to handle her party night since she doesn't have enough experience in organizing it.

anyway, i decided on no telling you guys earlier because everytime i did, then the plan won't work out well.
turns out i'm right! the party went more better than expected.
i didn't expect it to be fun! [despite the fact that i was forever alone, sitting on my chair while watching the cute couples slowdancing and i ended up dancing with a stranger who happened to be Anne's cousin]

in the afternoon of 20th October, we went to a place where we can get ready together.
me and Anis intended to wear floral dress and then we were asked "Buy 1 free 1 kaini?".
i was like, "Watch your mouth, sissy".

[the mess that i made. this was when only me and Anis were in the room]

[helping to handle things]

[Anne before changing into her dress]

[Nana and Farhana]

[Nana, Anne and Farhana] 

[Farhana, Anne, and Pika]

[Pika and Anis]


[Me and Anis!]

[oh i am too sleepy to blog about the incident of our eyelashes. i thought one of the eyelashes was missing but then i found that it was attached to the end of my hair. i laughed like heck]

[consulting Farhana to shave her legs. LOL]

[the fail floral nails that i made. gonna try again next time!]

[before the event started! from left : Nana, me, Anis]

[Nana and me.]

[from left : Anis, Anne, Lanie]

[Anne and Lanie]

[first guest]

 [the Guching couple]

 ["Anne : jgn kasi tingu bahu sia fyoo"]

[the Aneng couple] 

it was fun when all of the people on the floor were supporting and they danced!
i like the Gangnam style part.

[the Aneng couple who won the King and Queen of the night!]

and then, i went to sleep over at Anis' house!
her mom and uncle were super nice to me.... made me feel sad...

[hehe secret shot]

we planned to not to sleep baitu. but while i was calling with my senora, Anis fell asleep on the couch.
i went to sleep at 1.30AM++ and Anis woke me up with her creepy slow, soft and non-stop "Feoo~ feo~~".
it was creepy, i tell you. i thought she was having a nightmare!

actually i am VERY sleepy right now.
so let the pictures below explain everything that happened today!

we planned to hang out at 2.30PM but as the saying goes "Keningau time", we arrived at our destination at 3.30PM++.

 [Nana and Gerly]

 [Gerly, Anis, Anne]

after that, we went to Keningau Mall together and my senor joined us in.
[which was very sweet of him for staying behind watching us having fun by ourselves. lol]
we then bought......



and then there goes that awkward moment when those strangers were trying to insult us by saying "Meow~ meow" when we walked infront of them although actually we were wearing BUNNY hairbands.

best day every because i was out until 8PM and my dad didn't tell me to go back home just like he usually did.
he just said, "Be careful".
oh what a great day.
now i'm going to sleep. let's have a great day tomorrow too. bye!

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