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Monday, April 29, 2013
you may say that i'm a dreamer

i'm still kinda restless about tomorrow.
so, i'm just gonna share another song that is worth to be listened.
a very meaningful one.
a very inspiring one.
trust me.

You, you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

I hope some day you'll join us

And the world will be as one

[don't let idiots ruin your day]

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don't worry, be happy - Bob Marley

finally our debate competition will be held TOMORROW [yes, 8 hours from now] at Tenom.
oh i don't know what to feel.
nervous? sick? tired? scared? afraid?

however, as i listen to Bob Marley's song, i know one thing,
which is not to worry.

i found this song is very cute and i'm addicted to it.
lately i'm more into oldies rather than latest songs.

oldies songs contain more meaningful lyrics and very melodious that they never fail to attract my heart.
meanwhile most latest songs are always with the 'dubs dubs dubs' beat that they never fail to tear my eardrums apart.

still, i don't hope to win. i just hope that we all will be able to do as best as we can tomorrow.
because we cannot always be the winner. sometimes we need to be the loser as well.
it goes the same with wealth in this world.
we all cannot be rich. because if we all are rich, who are gonna work at the shops? who are gonna serve foods in restaurants? who are gonna be the the janitors?
that is why all of these should be balanced.
[but this world will never be balanced]

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013
i was at my teenage rebellious stage and my parents are actually nice.

i forgot to tell you that both of my parents are actually nice.
you know, when i blogged about them before, i was in rage and i was still in the rebellious stage.
sure, sometimes they were not that nice but i should've considered that they have a lot of pressure and a lot of things to think about.
i think they learned from mistakes too.

parents or not, regardless of what kind of Homo sapiens you are, we all make mistakes.
so why dwell with the past if you have moved on and start a new happy chapter?

i mean, like, let's face it. face the reality.
in real life, there are no 100% happy family.
one day or eventually, one of the family members will make mistakes.
that will cause quite a big argument where the parents will scold their children and that will ruin the family's happy situation.
the children [especially those who are in their teenage years] will feel very rebellious because they think they don't deserve that kind of punishment, and ran away from home.

don't tell me that i know nothing about it.
i've been there, and i've done that.

but you know what? in the end, you will always come back home.

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just an information for busybodies who do not know nothing yet claiming they have rights to, and since i threw my CBox away to see the cowards - who don't have the guts to show themselves yet still want to comment on my blog - use their own real name.
and also an information for the person who said that she is my sister [which now supposed to be 'was'] even though she is actually isolated by her siblings because of her attitude since i was in Year Four but she still acted like she knew me.
not to mention that because of her 'wonderful' attitude, she didn't got invited by the latest engagement party.

the information is : the matter has been settled.

this information is also for the people who are always searching for my mistakes to blame me as if they are perfect. as if they never made mistakes before. to judge me based on stories they have heard.

"You know my story, but you don't know me" - Tumblr

the people who would always remember my bad side only because they are 'too good' already.
those who are not conscious that we all have our bad and good sides.
only that a bad person, take a murderer for an instance, he also has his good side but what makes him bad is his bad side dominates his brain.
for now, i don't think that my bad side is dominating my brain. or else, i would've killed somebody long time ago including you.

lastly, for those who claimed that nobody read my blog but suddenly when they want to blame me, they will always say, "Everyone read what you posted!"

like, duh.

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i granted your wish, unknown james

i drafted it because i pity you.
now read it over and over again until you're satisfied.
[it's too sad when you did not use your dynamic IP or you don't know how to]


ught just how people can never be not stupid and piss me off.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013
right is right - greatest quote ever

"Right is right, even if everyone is 

against it;

and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is 

for it."

-William Penn

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Monday, April 22, 2013
talking about my life for these past few days.

so a few weeks ago, there was an event 'Anugerah Kecemerlangan' held in our school.
the shocking thing was, i got two awards for the best student in the subject English and English for Science and Technology [EST].
i think that Mimi is the one who deserves both of the awards more than i do.
it's because she knew the meaning for like every single word. everytime i'm in trouble, i will seek for her help.
furthermore, her essays are brilliant and the teachers were always praising for her wonderful essays filled with vocabularies.
however, i must be thankful for what is given to me.

[too lazy to use a camera and it's such a hassle to connect this lappy to a USB. in conclusion, use YouCam]

after that event, i received the news that on 30th April 2013, our State Level Parliamentary Debate Competition will be held at Tenom, Sabah.
i had a dream last night where we were in the middle of competing but then i haven't wrote my introductory speech yet.
it is the same with my current situation right now.
if we lose, i will not have any questions regarding that matter because i knew that it's my own fault for not preparing things earlier.

the competition will be on next week's Tuesday! and today's Monday.
oh i feel like killing myself.
i should prepare and finish all of the stuffs today!

three days ago, i went to Perdana Camp at Kg. Nuntunan, Apin-apin.
the teachers told us that actually there were only TEN AJKs, which were us. only the ten of us.
however, suddenly there were like five extra AJKs whom the teachers claimed they don't have the recognition of.
despite that, they still gave them certificates. the teachers in charge during that time were too kind.

regardless for that, the camp was fun.
the part that was not fun was when there were no Larian Komando and Malam Si Buta.
although we, the AJKs, were looking foward for it.

not to mention that when we BBQ, it was fun.

now that i am busy finishing my course works, i don't have time for rubbish.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
my cute little ChatBox filled with children that are in a fit of fury.

i've been stranding my blog for a while and when i read what's on my ChatBox, now i understand how Xiaxue felt when people call you ego just because you're stating you're right and they are wrong.

i can't believe people actually read my blog even though i've warned that this blog contains adult contents.
which means, dearest CHILDREN are already warned to not read this blog and Parental Guidance is needed.
however, apparently, there are some cute children who can't stop reading my blog.

i can't help but to blog about this cutey little ChatBox of mine that i just saw tonight.

1. "Ego : Keep growing your ego.until no one befriends you"
[why is this person a coward for not showing his/her name?]

dearest children, do you know the definition of the word 'ego'?
according to Wikipedia [or if you don't believe me, just Google it or grab a dictionary somewhere]


  1. A person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance: "a boost to my ego".

and that is why, i happily agree that i am ego because i have my self-esteem and that is also because i know that in this case, i am at the righteous side.
i am defending myself because a stubborn kid spread rumours about me and because of that, i am called EGO.
it is so relevant that i am crying blood right now.
*sarcastic smile*

oh and i forgot to mention that as for me, it is better NOT to have friends at all if they are all BACK-STABBERS.

2. [it contains some bad words and saying bad words like that is so not my type so you can just read on the picture above or on my ChatBox on the left side]

it did not pierce my heart when he talked about my mother because it just shows that his mother did not raise him well enough.
or his mother did but her son chose to think without rationality and always think that he is right.
by now, he will call me 'ego' again. just another same word.
that is the only word that he can think of because i don't really have any fault.
every single thing of this is HIS FAULT.

that person eventually and finally admitted and confessed to me that it is true he spread bad rumours about me to his friends.
so whose fault is this? blame it on my 'ego' again?
but at first he threatened me to delete my post. saying that "Jangan sampai saya guna cara kasar. Jangan sampai saya hilang sabar."
and finally he surrendered because he knew he is wrong by saying, "Teruskanlah dengan ego kau sehingga tiada sesiapa yang mendengar apabila kau bercakap".
when he cannot defend himself more, he went with the i-dont-care-attitude because he is utterly beyond wrong.
plus, he even persuade people to hate me. he persuade people to be on his side. he persuade people to support him.

who is EGO now?

3. "James : You're turning into a hypocrite"
[again, a fake name]

another kid showed up with rage a few days ago while i was happily living my life.
again, he/she did not know the definition of 'hypocrite'.
let me give you some help over there.


  [hip-uh-krit]  Show IPA
a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or principles, etc., 
that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions 
belie stated beliefs.

as you can see, i openly stated that i am right.
that shows that i DID NOT pretend to have principles that i did not possess.
which means i am not a hypocrite.
can you give me reasonable reasons of why i am a hypocrite?

instead, they call me EGO when i have my own principles.
one of my principles is, be angelic to people who are kind to you and don't befriends with people who STABBED you behind your back.
show me why i did not practice that principle of mine. why call me "ego" instead?

maybe that's just a reason people make to call me because they can't say anything else.
i am ego because i am right.
that is so 'relevant'. in fact, that is the most 'relevant' thing i've ever heard in my whole 17 years of living.

and for those who did not know the REAL story from the beginning tend to join accusing me as "EGO" or "HYPOCRITE" and etc., you're too 'clever' and 'awesome'. *poker face*
i need to stop this thing by blogging because i am so afraid that this world will have generations of idiots who jump into conclusion without doing some research first.

why should i care if i am not wrong?
[again, people will call me 'ego' by saying this even though i am just stating my facts]

who is hypocrite now? a person who used to act all ANGEL infront of me but is actually a DEVIL in disguise or a person who only want to defend herself from accusations?
think carefully.

without my "ego" [which you blame me that i will not have friends because i am a girl with a big rough hard shiny ego], i would not be able to defend myself.
if i just stayed silent, i would just let people talk bad things about me without fighting for what is right.
if i did not stand for what is right, i would just be a clueless and WEAK girl without dignity who would just let people stomp on her head.
unfortunately, i am not weak.

in fact, i am not that kind of girl who will stay silent when i am back-stabbed.
i will not let a childish person to stomp on my head when i am right.

it is apparent now who is wrong and who is right.
the righteous will always stand in the end.
don't try to straighten a wet thread.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013
wrong time, mucus.

i have a sore throat, a freaking flu and now i'm feeling drowsy after eating two tablets of piritons.
i am not blaming the mucus though since my body's first line of defence is actually exterminating the bad pathogens in my body by secreting mucus that contains enzyme specialized to break down the cell wall of many bacteria. those that are not killed immediately are trapped in mucus and swallowed.
i don't want to sound like a Science geek but yeah, gotta thank my mucus instead of blaming it.

i am supposed to go to pray today but what can i do. i'm feeling uncomfortable and my dearest mucus refuse to stop from falling down. 
to my dismay, they are white in colour instead of green.
green mucus is good because it indicates how many germs have been exterminated.
don't say "Eww".

i'm having a hard time here.
i hope i'll recover my health today because tomorrow i need to attend those important seminars [wah sounds like i'm that sick kunun].

i won't be updating my blog that sooner.
i have to work my ass off since i am getting dumb. UGHHTHRHUHRGUHRUGHRUGHRUGHRUGHUGHRUGHUIKCnadjkchasbncjksavkadkv


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