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Saturday, August 31, 2013
moments of silence when i found out that...

i am determined that i will not continue studying in Form Six.
i have had enough with high school. i want something more exhilarating.
something that can take my breath away and scream out of joy.
too bad and no offense, i don't find being in high school again as exhilarating.

just now i went browsing through about scholarships and the requirements.
i went through the history of it and shockingly found this.

i just found out that the trial, which i took very lightly until just now, is actually VERY important.

. . . . .

a moment of silence please.

. . . . . 

what am i still doing infront of this monitor right now?
i should be studying like everyone else.
but i still have the urge to watch Running Man.

. . . . . 

a moment of long silence please.

. . . . . 

i am so freaking out.

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Friday, August 30, 2013
a few life hacks that probably will make your life easier.

let's put aside the books.

actually i haven't really started studying yet.
i woke up at 7.20AM and while drinking tea, i was browsing through informations about the upcoming History Paper III. but after a while, i was distracted even by Google!
i went on and browsed through pictures of HaHa and Byul's wedding.
who am i kidding?

oh and did i forgot to mention that the SPM Trial is next week?
i am tired of panicking already so i'm just gonna keep calm and study when i have the mood to do so.

anyway, for these past few days, i was busy hacking life.
lots of reliable ways i've found on the Internet so i've got to thank the inventor of computer and internet and also electric!

these are ways that i found very useful in my daily life. and might be useful for your life as well.
feel free to have a stroll down there.

[the most practical life hack for me]

wondering where did i get all of these life hacks from?
im not gonna tell you! HAHA sucker.

nah, just kidding.
you can find all of them from my most current favourite website ever : http://lifehack.org/

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Friday, August 23, 2013
desire to share.

i want someone that shares the same interests as mine.
in fact, i NEED that someone.
i need someone who i can say "What?! You too?!" and not someone who always has something to go against my interests and what i like and dislike.
i want someone who i can share things with.
i want someone who i can describe inspirational things to with details.
i love heart-to-heart talk.
i want someone who opened up without hesitating.

i want to meet someone who is equally insane or more insane than me.
i don't want to live normally. i want to live in the insane way, but in the positive way.

to be honest, i am quite disappointed.
in the end, we can't always have the things that we want.

anyway, one of the things that are able to lighten up my night is this song : 

[Ballad (KJK) + Rap (KG) + Reggae ( HaHa) = ♥ ]

and also, this :

seriously, this is the first Korean show i've ever loved.
the first and the last.
i am not interested in any other Korean entertainments [not interested especially in KPop & etc.] but just RM and some movies and dramas.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013
21 simple suggestions for success :)

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Saturday, August 17, 2013
things i learned about myself

sometimes you know that you can't even understand yourself.
and then you know that it's time to take quizzes at blogthings.com

supernatural powers and et cetera are not needed in determining your personality.
i don't believe in horoscopes and never will because it's just so absurd.
however, i do believe in psychological quizzes.

these are some of the results of the phsycological quizzes i took just now.
i found them very true so i decided to keep it a record here.

yes, if i were a musician, i would play live for hours at a time.
in fact, it was my dream before. a that dream has vanished into thin air.

i believe that i should not be punished for speaking my mind. yes, very true indeed.
it's better than being a hypocrite who says something that is the opposite of the actual thing you wanted to say.

ego doesn't always indicate negative things.
instead, ego stands for one's own determination in striving and fighting for what one thinks is right.

yes, i'm comfortable on my own.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013
i've been super addicted to games.

i need someone to slap me harder straight on my face to get a hold of myself back in reality.
all i do now is procrastinate, procrastinate, and procrastinate.

i gasped in horror as i realised that today is Thursday and next week is school and i can barely remember what i have learned since January.
conclusion : i am as good as a dead meat.

guess what i've been up to this week?
*cries nonchalantly*

even if i told myself over and over again that i've got TWO MONTHS left, the devil inside me will always argue "Come on dudey, enjoy your leisure while you can. Surely you can study 24/7 during school days. Hehehe....."

seriously how can i study if i don't have the right mood to do so?
every time i forced myself to open the book and start doing Additional Mathematics, i can barely process what i've learned.

my brain is getting slower.
and i think it's not because of me.
but it's because of my undisciplined attitude.
and also blame it on the internet.

i feel like banging my head on to something solid right now.

i need an every day motivator.

i said i deserve some leisure. look how the leisure got into me and made my ass lazy.

STOP WISHING and move you ass!

after all these torture, there is a 'FOUR MONTHS of leisure' waiting ahead me.
during that time i can do ANYTHING that i've always wanted to for 24/7.
that is gonna be so heaven.

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Monday, August 12, 2013
finally! for Teacher Asmah :)

i was laughing out of joy when i finally managed to finish this video! :D
the hulk has finally returned into a 'soft' young lady - which is me.


here's the video :D

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i'm turning into hulk

i am so stressed out right now!


i've already gave all my efforts in it and this is what happened!
i feel like screaming

i've already re-edited this video for more than three times but the results are still the SAME!
oh i feel so angry that i'm turning into hulk.

i downloaded an unknown movie editor that i've never used before [obviously],
and it turns out more complicated than it should be!


i am too lazy to learn how to use it because i am so running out of time.
hey don't blame me for procrastinating!
i was not in town for these past few days so i am unable to finish doing this in time.

but i am still gonna try.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013
i deserve a LEISURE this week!

after some thoughts, i finally came into a conclusion.
everyone else is having fun right now and i am the only one who's working my ass off on this script.
not to mention that i have tons of things and plans. all these thoughts are tormenting me and telling me that i've made the worst decision to accept being a director and also not dividing the 24 students into 12 groups and each of the groups will do one script.
URGHTTT why did i thought of this idea only by now.

but no worries, i have already done six chapters and the prologue.
Asmah told me she'll try doing chapter 7 until chapter 12.

hence, right now i officially came into a conclusion that i deserve some fun too!
i worked hard and i deserve a LEISURE!

so yesterday until now i played Visual Novel games and HAHA i love it.
those who are similar to Star Project are the best and i just can't get enough.
i bet Mimi is gonna be thrilled when i tell her this because she is the only one who shares the same addiction as mine! 
[but i bet she already knows about this type of game]
how to stop this addiction?! i cant!

first, take a look at Star Project.


in this game i am actually a star manager.
below is my star :8)

[i can never understand how anime guys are more HANDSOME than real life ones!]

next is RE:Alistair++
[this game needs to be downloaded]
i am actually a girl named Merui who loves playing online games until one day a guy nicknamed Alistair stole a precious item of hers in that game.

[the culprit is among those three guys!]

[this is Travis]

[this is Shiro]

[this is Derek]

i actually like Travis better.

i played more than five Visual Novel games already.
until i came across this one that is called Precal Story.
i only played it for one minute because it is not an ANIME! not cute at all.
i hate bad graphic ones so i stopped playing it.

the reason why i highlight this is because i only then realise how true it is that Additional Mathematics is needed to create a game.

[realise the background?]

this proves that we don't study for nothing.
so if you have ever thought of Additional Mathematics being useless in your daily life, well, you're wrong.
all the subjects have their own advantages.

now i'm back to my leisure. ciao.

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Monday, August 5, 2013
once again expressing my favourite band - Every Avenue

long time ago i've posted something about one of my favourite bands.
the band i'm talking about is Every Avenue.
[click here]

i got so many things to do that i rarely do 'YouTube-ing' anymore.

today i searched for Every Avenue on YouTube and my heart fell over and over again.
all of their songs NEVER fail to make my heart melts.
[i love David Strauchman's sexy voice and the guitarists' skills]

[right now i'm a lot similar to a little fish that's gasping for air. ARGHTTT my nose bleeds!]

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in the middle of the night

picture says it all.

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Saturday, August 3, 2013
my 6 steps towards a positive thinking.

do you know how i am keeping myself positive?
if you don't want to know, then stop scrolling down and get a life.

1. Drink one cold glass of water as soon as you wake up.
actually i learned this from Bubzbeauty to flatten my stomach and it magically works!
scientifically i think it's because by drinking cold water early in the morning, it fasten up our body's metabolic rate.
drinking cold water 30 minutes before having a meal also works because you will feel less hungry and ended up eating in a smaller amount.

happy flat tummy makes a happy me.
a happy me makes a positive life.

i actually feel skinnier than i was last year without even having to break a sweat.
do you know how i happy i was when i found out that my weight was 46KG?!
nevertheless, i know i should still exercise for a bit and that's my goal for this two weeks of holiday.
you see, i don't have time to exercise at all during school days.

2. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables [if possible, eat raw vegetables].
[a picture from Google]

actually i love eating raw and colourful vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbages, sallad, and et cetera.
i don't know 'bout you but for me it makes me feel healthy, energized and thus, positive thinking.

3. Give lots of love to your puppies.
right now i have 8 puppies and 2 dogs altogether but my love for them is still undivided!
[i am more to a puppy lover than a kitten lover.]

so whenever i feel depressed or angry or whatsoever, i would go to the puppies and talk to myself about how cute they are when they sleep.
in the end, i would get to think that there is really more to life than just being plain depressed or angry.
we should know that our life [not this world] can be filled with happiness if we know that we're the one who mend it, rather than having the wrong thinking that we live to suffer and die.
at least this is what i've been telling myself for these past few months.

[a picture from Google]

to see them from sleeping crawling puppies to walking puppies will make my heart just .. i don't know that feeling but i will say, "Awhhhhhhhhhhh so cuteeee~".

4. Wake up as early as 7AM.
i am not a morning person who wakes up as early as 4AM or 5 AM.
but i am surely a morning person who wakes up at 7AM.

i don't know why but currently i am unable to sleep until 9AM or so.
i will usually wake up at 7AM and the feeling of screaming "Good morning sunshine!" to the world is very good.

so as soon as you wake up early in the morning, start work your ass off by making drinks, eat, and listen to happy songs [i eagerly recommend Bob Marley's Don't Worry Be Happy] while reading books.

right now i've been reading Agatha Christie's book in graphic.
it's called a graphic novel and it is indeed very good!
i've already read the original novel of "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" but now i am reading its graphic because the story plotting is very epic and left me speechless.

[picture taken by me. too lazy to click on Photoscape to put tags.]

5. Go to the library.
any library is fine but as for me, i really love going to the public library as i have stated for countless of times.
public libraries provide me peace, especially when there are no teenagers around but only me.

our school's library is actually good and recently i borrowed books [such as above] from it.
however, sometimes it is too crowded and noisy as a result from the students' empty conversations.

anyway, when you feel sad, sit down, calm yourself, take a deep breath and read motivational books!
it works for me everytime.

a proof that i did not only sweet talk to you about this?

[two of my identification cards that enable me to borrow books ; one for the public library and one for our school's library]

all of these steps, i did not create them.
but i really DID them and i am practicing these steps in my daily life.
all of these steps are based from my experience and to share it here would be such an honour.

6. Smile
although people are countless of times telling others to smile, it is hard to do.
especially for a person like me who did not smile when it is unnecessary.

i know that by smiling, it will train a sad heart to smile too.
however, sometimes i forgot that i should always smile.
especially when i have lots of things to plan and think about.

by smiling, it will also help you to let go of the past.
dude, don't dwell with the past as you can never turn back in time.
what happened, happens, all right?
there's nothing more that you can do other than fixing your past by having a better future.

anyway, if you really unable to smile, try watching Running Man. :D

* * *

to sum up all of these, i think i should not stop practicing all these steps but adding my steps day by day.

so get your ass up and be positive!
because a positive life will cause a positive attitude.
a positive attitude will guarantee you a life filled with happiness.
i am not only telling you this but i am actually telling MYSELF too.

don't ever love money.
whenever you think that money can buy you happiness, face the fact that money can't.

most teenagers say "Money can buy me internet so in other words it can buy me happiness".
but will it render you a lifetime happiness?

what if one day you're old enough, let's say 50 years old.
and you have nothing but internet. you're too bored that you don't have partners but only the internet.
sure, you can search for partners from the internet but will they stay true and honest to you?

to say that internet is the big point of happiness, it is a very narrow thinking.
there is more to life than internet and technology.

try having a picnic or a road trip with someone you love, rather than wasting your time sitting down and chatting with someone you 'like' or 'admire' that you have never met before.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

in everything that i say or do, there will always be the reasons behind it.
trust me, there always are.

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not to agree, not to disagree, but to become neutral.

i have learned to be POSITIVE. to be OPTIMISTIC.
don't be judgemental towards other and if a person told me a pessimist story about other people, i should just stay quiet. not to agree, not to disagree, but to become neutral.

if a person is unsatisfied with you, let him/her be because it is their problem, not yours.
as much as i want to please everybody, i can't.
just like what i have stated for countless of times, my life is not about pleasing everyone around me.
if you live that way, then isn't it the same as giving your life away to someone else?

i believe there is more to life.

and oh, meet my beloved bestfriends ever since we're in Year 5.

[the flashlight was killing my eyes!]

although i sometimes think that highschool sucks, sometimes i still think that there is more to it.
just be positive and stay friendly.

[i was about to get shooted!]

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it's me against this world and i don't care.

just thinking about sharing a song that is very relatable :)

Hard days made me, hard nights shaped me,
I don't know they somehow saved me,
And I know I'm making something out of this life they called nothing,
I take what I want,
Take what I need,
They say it's wrong but it's right for me,
I won't look down,
Won't say I'm sorry,
I know that only God can judge me.

And if I make it thru today will tomorrow be the same,
Am I just running in place?
and if I stumble and I fall,
Should I get up and carry on or will it all just be the same?

'Cause, I'm young and hopeless,
I'm lost and I know this,
I'm going nowhere fast that's what they say,
I'm troublesome, I've fallen,
I'm angry at my father,
It's me against this world and I don't care, I don't care.

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-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

after going through hardships, good days will wait for you at the end of the chapter.

"And beauty comes suddenly and the rains have gone"
[Nature by H.D Carberry]

after putting up the midnight oil, i have finally able to relax for a little bit because August test is over and the TWO WEEKS HOLIDAY is coming to the rescue! [or else i might get crazy]

i decided that since today is Friday, i shall not think of the things that i should do.
[e.g. script for drama competition (i suddenly am the director), tons of BM's homeworks, Maths SPM Paper 2012, Bio's homeworks, Physics' notes]
all in all, today is my SUPER lazy day so i'm just gonna spend the rest of my day eating ice cream, drinking cokes and watch the episodes of Running Man that i have missed! [blame the Sem I exam and August test]

for this moment, all that i can think of is, "Oh this is life".
how i wish everytime i feel relaxed, i will never have to think about that fearsome SPM.
how i wish i can say "I've already finished taking SPM" right now.

on one fine morning of two days ago in the car, i was listening to a motivator on the radio making his speech. he's Indonesian. and i can't deny that he is very motivational. but i never get to know his real name.

i remembered that he said, "Long time ago, the handphones are too big that if you ever throw it to a thief, that thief will end up being in a hospital. But nowadays, handphones are too advanced and magical. Question is, when will you ever improve extraordinarily just like the handphones as the time passes by?"

he also said, "My mother always told me when I was young, 'Son, don't dream higher. If you fall, it will hurt'. But actually you should not be afraid of falling down because there is no one who did not fail before becoming successful.".

i am hoping to listen to his motivational speech every morning but unfortunately this morning i did not.
he said that we should be out of our comfort zone.
whenever we're comfortable with our achievement, don't be! because we can achieve higher!
we don't want to be just plain ordinary. we want to be EXTRAORDINARY.

to sum up this life, i learned that we will not live in hardships for the rest of our lives.
surely good days will come to us soon.

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