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Sunday, November 16, 2014
Stuffs that I no longer care about and new stuffs that I care.

Currently my life is just simple, decent and great.
I would not want anything more.
Considering that other people have it worser than me, I consider myself fortunate and I am very grateful with my life as it is right now.

[This is my room. As messy as it could be but if I tidy them up, cantik ah terus]

As much as I want to avoid this thought, I think I ought to tell and MUST say that I no longer care anything related to high school especially things that happen during Form 3.
If you still feel very awkward with me, that is because you have not moved on yet and you're still in your pathetic little life.
Don't be too self-centered as the world does not revolve around you.
I never did care anything about the past or you anymore because I have a BETTER life right now.
I have many other mandatory things to consider and I have to take care of other people's feelings and you're not even one of them.
So suck it all up and stop complaining that you feel very awkward with me.
I never did have deep feelings for you or anything that comes parallel to that.
It was only a puppy love, nothing serious to be considered about. They're nothing but childish stuffs that teenagers do before they learn what's best for them.
Because you will never know if the sea water is truly salty unless you have already tasted it.

Generally, I have no concern about those childish things anymore. 
Boy, there is more to life than just sitting there feeling like you're perfect always the right one and spent your time judging me rather than studying books.
You spend a lot of time talking about me and spreading those poisonous negative words about me to other humans.
Yeah, you spend a lot of time judging me that you forgot to look at yourself. Hey, look at yourself. What did you have right now? Wealth? Job? Good life? Great partner? Right. Nothing.
So instead of judging other people, how about you fix your life first and start thinking about what the future holds.

There. Done. I've said it.
I believe that making mistakes is just a part of growing up.
As Albert Einstein once quoted, "A man who never makes mistakes is a person who never tried anything at all".
In our current imperfect condition, not making mistakes is like not living.
You can never truly learn something and fix it unless you make a mistake.
For an instance, imagine if you're making a cup of coffee. How would you know if it is too sweet or it is okay unless you have gone through "trials and errors"?

I'm not gonna spend the rest of my precious time talking about this stuff that is labeled as "COMMON KNOWLEDGE".
I have had enough dealing with stupid and dumbass people that are filled with absurdity.
I am done trying to tell stupid people how stupid they are because they keep on stupidly thinking that they are the greatest and right people ever.

Maybe before I would freak out about their absurdity and would not believe how could such people  exist.
But right now, my only response is "Oh okay, so go on and think things like that if that makes you happy because all I know is you're just a sadist".
All I want to do now is take care of my own business and keep on loving.
There is no other important thing than love and be loved.

My Checklist : 
1.) I need to maintain my grade and keep on improving myself.
2.) I need to surround myself with positive people because they bring the best out of me.
3.) I need to improve spiritually.
4.) For sure, I need to avoid negative people.
5.) I need to eat healthy foods [Been avoiding Cokes for days now]
6.) I need to finish all my assignments and study for midterm!!

Anywhat, anyhow, University is a GREAT place.
I have met cool people, sad people and douchebags.
But every one of them makes me learn something.
It lets me know of what I should do and what I should not do. What I should say and what I should not say.
I like UMS and the Asasians. Going there is not a bad decision at all.
In fact, I never did feel any regret about this decision.

Semester One (June - September) :

[Outings with tutorial mates for Sem 1 :D]

[Ignore the faceeeeeee]

[Because the guy behind us a.k.a our lab demo and Chemist tutor is everybody's crush]

[Jadi sy pun berpakat sama kawan mau trep candid sama itu Sir. HAHA]

[Huhu :'( Miss them]

[Time MUET Seminar]

Semester Two (October '14 - January '15) :
[And still going...]

[New lab mates. Memang gila juga hahaha]

[Trep trep dulu padahal tumbuk daun seja]

[New Chemist tutor :') I am so gonna score in Chemist. JK LOL]

[I managed to make my own loom bands]

[Went to the beach at UMS a.k.a ODEC]

[Itu seluar bikin spoil. Mcm mau masuk tabasan]

[Spread the loooooooove! :D]

[Tidatau apa kejadian di sini]

[Original candid ah :P ]

[Lepas tu kasi lurus rambut. HEHE]

[Mimang kerja kami pigi tingu movie seja selalu]

[We just met during AGT night and she's so friendly! ;D]

[Haaaaaave you met Jasper?]

[In reality, she's taller than me! Haha pilu rasa hati ini]

[Time sa suda buka heels baru si Sarul minta begambar hish. HAHA]

How will my second semester end and how will my third semester be?
That, you have to find out yourself. :P

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-

recent life

I was hoping to have a great holiday until when I reached home, everything does nothing but stresses me out.
I want to scream "OH MY GOSH".

This house is busy being decorated by mom's most awful skill in designing.
I can do nothing but to gasp in horror as mom picked the worst pattern ever and turned the decorations into a big disaster.
It's not like for wedding at all, in fact, it's like a birthday party.
Too hilarious I can't even laugh.

What the heck with the hanging ball of plastic stars and the plastic flower stickers on the wall.
What the heck is wrong with people.
This little brother screaming like there's no tomorrow and doing inappropriate actions.
Very. Very. Very. STRESSING ME OUT!
I need peace and everything plus everyone in this house freaks me out!

The design is wrong, placement of tables are wrong, the addition of unnecessary elements in the house and lack of necessary elements [which they claimed to be unnecessary].
Me being screamed at by mom for not agreeing with her "decorations".
All those constant nagging with a very high pitched voice. Bikin stress!!
Can't you stop and just finish with your "decorations" ?

just to catch up with my recent life :

[Straighten them up!]

[Beautiful sunset. Poor me very forever alone.]

[Cute little boat we saw by the beach]

[Ana's new pet, Zorro!]

[AGT's rehearsal.]

going out with the girls. BYE :P

0 dropped words~

-ghost whisperer can't be heard-