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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Finally every troublesome thing is gonna end for a while. Well, at least for three months.
I don't know why but blogging used to be where I pour all my inspirations before and now I've grown less to blog. Most of my thoughts are shared through Twitter.
I guess as time passes by, people can get tired of their old hobby.
It's just that blogging everyday doesn't sound appealing to me anymore.

However, I do admit that sometimes I delete some of my tweets that I thought are very negative.
I just can't help it when the same person triggered my anger every single day.
Even though we're blood related, I wouldn't even call her my sister due to her cheap attitude and mentality. She is the full package of negativity that I wish to avoid.
But tell me how do you avoid someone if you're living under the same roof with that person?
I wouldn't even want to breathe the same air with her.
Sometimes I do pity her and want to be kind but most of the time I despise her because she LOVES to provoke me.

A few days before, both of us were in the living room. I was playing game and she suddenly screamed "Ada dua jenis orang di dunia, satu bangang satu palui satu bodoh satu perasan pandai" and walked away.
I be like, "Well bitch, that's not two, that's actually four".
I don't even know what's her problem with me actually. I couldn't even fathom this type of thinking.
Just now, she suddenly screamed "Bullshit! Your words are like trash blah-blah-blah". I didn't even bother to listen. I was about to talk back but then I thought, what is the difference between me and her if I were to act the same way as she did?
I don't need to waste a single word just to justify your stupidity.
Talking to a stupid person is irrelevant.

I need to emphasize the fact that she is 25 years old and people expect her to act more mature.
Again, this has proven that my theory "Age does not define maturity" is valid.

How to avoid negativity from your life? It's simple. Avoid it.
I once read a quote from 9Gag, something like "A ship won't sink unless water comes in. The same with negativity. Negativity won't come into your life unless you allow it to."

As I grow older, there are some things that I don't care to break anymore.
My old principles, I broke 90% of them.
I know it is very unhealthy for me and my life but I don't know why I just don't care anymore.
Have I seriously given up on life?
Have I seriously abandoned my spiritual needs?
Is it because I am with someone that is not good for me?
[I knew the answer is yes. It is always yes. I am always gonna be with the wrong person]

Instead of being too busy seeking for the right person, you should be the right person first.

My daily activities? Ohmygosh.
HAHA. I've been playing Skyrim for five days already and it is the BEST RPG GAME EVER.

I wanted to screenshot my character but then I don't know how.
It's gonna be a hassle if I need to google on how to screenshot in Skyrim.
I was only Level 12 when I defeated Alduin. Whaddup! Hahaha.
I didn't even play cheats.
[Convincing self that bragging in game is okay]

I played it for like 18 hours of the day.
Before I went to bed and soon after I woke up.
I don't care. Call me lifeless or whatever. I LOVE THIS GAME.
This game can only be finished in one month, I guess? Too many quests.

I promise myself that I will start working early June.
I haven't searched for a job yet but I will. Tomorrow.
*Procrastinating at my best*

Again, as usual, I rambled again.
My life has been good so far. So great.
I have learned too many lessons in life.
One of them is to always appreciate your family.
I was rebellious before, I admit it. Like super rebellious, trust me.
But now things have changed. I have changed.
As Mahatma Gandhi said, we must be the change we wish to see in the world.

And here is a picture of potato.

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