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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Short trip to Run-Now with BABES

A few days ago I went to Ranau for a three days two nights trip with my friends.
I came to realise that true friends will accept your flaws and they don't flashback your past mistakes just so they can hate you. True friends don't do that.
And actually I've got to be honest that I am very grateful that there are no "toxic" people in this trip, or else the trip is gonna turn into a disaster.
Very much to my delight, we had a BLAST. It was fun and surely they are going to be my travelling friends next time.

Jadi boleh dikatakan satu Ranau sudah kami round, except for Desa Dairy Farm because we don't have that much time and we've already been there before.

Soooooo, I am going to flood this post with pictures.
Trust me, there were 2,000++ pictures of us and below are my favourites.

[This picture is my favourite!]

I don't really favor being near those fishes because Reason #1 I have a phobia of ocean and Reason #2 I am scared of the fishes' eyes.
However, I managed to overcome my fear.....
Plus the fear of height. We walked through four SUPER HIGH hanging bridges and the hanging bridges are not just normal bridges. I don't know how to explain this. Let's just say it's narrow and scary.
They looked vulnerable as if they could break down that easily.
When I looked down, I realised I was like seriously 3000 metres from ground but there was no turning back and I unconsciously partially screamed "I WANT TO TURN BACK! TAKE MY MONEY!!".
Okay I was annoying. I get it. Fine.

Attempts on being sexy.

It's not like I'm being soft. It's just that I have very soft feet. Trust me.
One time, I walked around the river with barefeet and I ended up having tiny rocks inside my outer skin. I know, eww. And then I have to use a nail clipper to take them all out.

[I still can't get over this majestic waterfall]

Let me tell you a little secret.
I have problems with balancing my body, hence, I cannot ride a bicycle too.
I tried so many times but ended up injuring myself.
In that photo, saya duduk di siring paha si Dane to make me float. HAHAHA.

[Sebuah debola yang bedebah]

Ever since going to this trip, my appetite to eat had increased from 0 to 1000000.
And it has still been going on until right now.
Although before going to the trip, I have achieved my goal which is to lose weight until 44KG.
Yes, a week ago, I was 44KG but I'm not sure about my weight right now.

[Do you know who he is?]

[This picture was taken when I was in a bus going back to Keningau. Whose head is that HAHA]

I also learned that in order to not have negative vibes, you need to have positive vibes.
In order to have positive vibes, you need to be with the right crowd for you.
A crowd that doesn't require you to fit in. You just click with each other.
It's not wrong to want to have positive vibes and avoid people who have negative vibes.

Well, I've got to say that I am not the person who can get along easily with new people.
I don't get too close with new people. I always make sure that there's still a barrier between me and new people so that I am comfortable.
That's why I only want to keep few close friends around me. Friends who I know won't silently judge me and won't claim that they knew me too well.

Anyway, I am going to be 20 years old soon.
I just have this crazy idea that I wanted to try ALL kind of stuffs before turning 20.
Growing old means more responsibility. And while I'm not fully grown yet, I have to have lots of fun.

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