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Monday, November 14, 2016
Update of the year 2016

[since I'll only be blogging once a year. lol jk]

The great news is? I survived these past few weeks. Damn, it has been crazy for me.
It's only Midterm Examination but it already took four weeks.

First highlight is, I colored my hair and I chose the mixture of red and pink because I fancy them.
Too bad, this was months ago, and my current hair is somewhat bronze colored.

Only that, adults tend to judge young people based on their appearances.
If you color your hair, they'll think that "Oh this kid is a rebel"
You walk around with a colored hair, "Oh this kid does drugs, does not attend classes, and stupid"

These kind of judgments are so stupid and beyond all, they are so not true.

I also realized that I got more sexually harassed when my hair is colored.
Why people love to discriminate just because someone likes something that they don't?

You see, most of the criminals have BLACK hair. 
Can you say that they are good people just because their hair is black?
Then what about natural red-headed? Are you saying they are dumb and abnormal?
I don't understand most Malaysians. Seriously.

Next update, I got the residency inside the campus!

[Behind me is my locker]

Fourth update : I found Lang Leav to be sooooooo mainstream.
I have to admit that I hate mainstream stuffs.

 [This is sweet but in my humble opinion, the poems are not that attractive anymore]

Fifth update :
Lab from Tuesday to Friday and sometimes from Saturday to Sunday, and sometimes got extended until night.
Yes, and some people still wonder if I am that busy :D


Taking pictures is the only thing we can do leisurely in the lab..

[Just me doing my shhhhhhhhhhhh]

In that lab, we were working with mutagenic chemicals.
In fact, in that picture I was loading the dye that contains Ethidium Bromide.. which can cause mutations.
So if you hate me and you want to sound educated while talking to me, just say "I hope you got mutated by Ethidium Bromide!!"

[with a tiny bit of screaming on the way uphill]

With my small circle of friends

[This picture does not do the hill justice]

Not-sure-if-this-is-still-an-update Update : The Biotech Night Dinner last April

Next is Biotech Family Day 2016!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand this is what my hair color is turning to be right now.

Last but not least, I just wanna share this here.
I never told people about this, except for my family and some of my coursemates that knew by accident.

The thing is, I don't wanna brag. I don't wanna tell people that I am in the Dean's list for two consecutive semesters. I am not the type to brag.
And mainly it's because this is still far from what I wanted to achieve.

I want a First Class Degree for six semesters. This has only been two semesters.
So maybe when I have achieved it, I will share my happiness publicly.
But as for now, I am still not satisfied.
I don't wanna sound ungrateful, but I just wanna achieve something bigger.

But of course, I am SUPER HAPPY for this.
Because I worked hard for this and I deserve this.

The thing is, in university, you tend to deal with real life problems.
Not the typical heartbroken problems.
Studying while doing assignments while doing presentation while doing lab reports ain't easy.
Even getting 3.5 is hard. 
So I can't say that I'm not proud of myself for achieving more than 3.5

Work hard in silence.
Just like a swimming swan. 
On the outside, a swimming swan looks so peaceful and calm. 
But on the inside, its legs are doing all the hard works trying to stay afloat.

So.... that's all for the update this year.
It's November, and I probably won't have time to update on December since we have Final Examination that month.
So... See you next year!! :D

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