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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
A few things to share being 21

Being 21 years old, I think I've gone through so much than most people at my age do.
But as I recall, I think all those hardships are what made my skin thick, my heart strong.
I didn't regret going through it, although, there are some things that I would want to change as well.

Being the second year student of university, I've learned a lot.
And two of them are ignorance and patience.

Sometimes you may encounter people who disagree with your core value in life.
Sometimes they may express their disagreement and feelings in a way that contradicts with what you think a rational person should behave.
Sometimes they might even do every single thing they can just to tick you off and make you angry.

What I learned is, it is best to just ignore some things.
Even if they tried to use you, for their own benefits, being parasite-like, it's okay.
Even if they think they are fooling you, or oppressing you, it's okay.
Continue to live a quiet life, ignore them and be patient.

But also, try your best to avoid them in any possible way.
Because you can't keep parasite in your life.

Another thing that I've been encountering lately is about relationship.
It's astonishing how some people try so hard to make me convert my religion.
It took them to such a great length, intro trying to make me feel guilty, into trying to tell me that other people did the same thing too.
I just answered, "Yeah too bad for them, but I do love my God", and I ignore the rest of the things they were going to say. 
Some people even thought that if you're single, that means you are desperate or really want to be in a relationship.
I know that in the future, somehow I would start my own family. But that family comes with a condition, that is, to love my God.

I also learned that I got used to live independently, without depending on my family.
However, I got too used to it that I forgot to walk modestly with God.
I thought that I didn't need His help because I can handle the things that I'm dealing with.
Turns out, I was wrong all along. And I just started to realize it this year.
And I started to depend on God.
Let me tell you that I've never been happier.
Now I know how it feels like to be happy that you feel like you're on a hot air balloon.

Before, I used to want to live to have fame, to become rich, to have a big big mansion, to be popular among friends.
But now, all I want is a quiet and a peaceful life.

I think I have a lot more to share, but time's running out. Until then.

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